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Dear Parent_ - Download Now DOC


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									                                     Park Cities Presbyterian Church
                                    The Florida Trip • May 26–June 1, 2012

Dear Parents,

We’re looking forward to spending a week with your children in Panama City Beach, Florida! We’re returning
to the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center with well over 200 students and more than 40 chaperones (at
least 1 leader for every 6 students). We plan, prepare, and pray with the hope that the Lord will use this trip in
every student’s life. We’re grateful for your prayers, and we appreciate your support. With a group this large,
we want to communicate clearly so that parents and students understand our expectations for the trip. Please
talk through these rules and boundaries with your child before the trip so that we are all on the same page
and can have an incredible week at the beach. (Please note that we will have at least one adult leader in every
room of students. Our leaders go through a screening process and training for the trip. We highly value and
personally know our adult leaders.)

    •   We do not allow tobacco, alcohol, or drugs on PCPC trips. No smoking whatsoever is allowed.
    •   Girls: In terms of swimwear, only modest 1 piece swimsuits or modest tankinis will be allowed.
        Parents, please help your daughter select modest swimsuits for the trip. Stomachs, breasts, and
        bottoms need to be well covered. If your daughter’s swimsuit is not modest, we will ask her to
        change or wear a t-shirt to cover up her body. We want our clothing choices to glorify the Lord
        and to serve others who would look to us as an example.
    •   We prohibit guys from being in girls’ cabins and girls from being in guys’ cabins.
    •   Students may never leave the retreat premises unless they are with an adult leader.
    •   Students must attend all meetings, respect adult leadership, and follow the rules of Laguna Beach
        Christian Retreat Center.

In the past we have been forced to fly a few students home at their parents’ expense when these rules have
been broken. We hope and pray that this will not happen but want to inform the parents of our expectations.
Thank you for communicating clearly with your children in advance.

Departure Information
The buses will depart at 7:00 am sharp on Saturday, May 26, from the parking lot behind La Duni at the
intersection of Oak Lawn and Wycliff. We suggest that you get there at least 15 minutes early. The buses will
return to the same parking lot on Friday, June 1, by 3:00 pm. Students are allowed to bring snacks for the
bus ride.

Payments & Refunds
If you have not yet paid in full for the trip, final payment for the trip is due no later than Friday, May 4. As a
reminder, the trip costs $535. If your child is no longer able to come on the trip and you need to cancel his or
her registration, we will be able to give you a partial refund of $335 up to Friday, May 4. Any cancellations
after May 4 (starting May 5) can only be refunded $200.

Release Forms
You will find two release forms printed on colored paper included in this letter. If you have already sent these
in, please ignore these forms. We MUST have these on file before your child can come on the trip. You may
mail them, fax them, or drop them off with the church receptionist in the main church building. Our address
is PCPC: Attn Youth Ministry/4124 Oak Lawn Ave/Dallas, TX 75219, and our fax number is 214-224-2598.
Please return these forms to the offices NO LATER than Friday, May 4 .

                                            Continued on back…
What to Bring
Bedding: bring a pillow and bring your choice of a twin/double sheet, blanket and/or sleeping bag
Clothes: bring t-shirts, shorts, shower shoes, other shoes, socks, underwear, etc.
Modest swimsuit (1 piece and/or modest tankinis for girls)
Toiletries and any medications
Bath towels and beach towels
Money for 4 fast food meals while traveling and for snacks during the trip
(There is a little snack shop on the retreat center’s property that is open during the day and night.)
A Bible and a pen

*Please Read—Other Travel Arrangements*
If your child is NOT riding the bus and is flying in or out of Panama City Beach or is getting picked up at the
retreat center, please do the following:

1. Make necessary shuttle arrangements to and from the airport by May 14. Due to the increased number of
   students flying, we regret that we can no longer guarantee that counselors will be able to pick-up or drop-
   off a student at the airport. We have called Roger at the transportation service listed below (A Airport
   Transportation) informing him that you will be calling. Please do not wait until the last minute to make
   your child’s transportation arrangements.

2. Provide your child with adequate cash beforehand. The airport at Panama City Beach is approximately
   35 minutes away from the retreat center. It costs $40 total to transport one to three people. If four or
   more students are riding together to or from the airport, it will be $15 per person. As we receive flight
   information, we will contact families of students traveling at or around the same time so shuttles can be

3. We need to know if your child has any sort of special travel arrangements, whether it is a flight or a
   special drop off or pick up in Florida. Please email Lily Riemer (lily.riemer@pcpc.org) today with your
   child’s special travel arrangements (flight info, pick up info, drop off info, etc). Thank you!

    **Please note that American Airlines does not fly into Panama City, Florida, but Delta and Southwest fly there.
    When booking flights, search for “Panama City, Florida,” or use the airport code “ECP.”

Grace and peace,

Brent Baker
Director of Youth Ministries, PCPC

Important addresses and phone numbers

TRIP CONTACTS:                                                  RETREAT CENTER:
Brent Baker 214-535-5981                                        Laguna Beach Christian Retreat: 850.234.2502
Josh Keller: 214-793-5146                                       20016 Front Beach Road
                                                                Panama City Beach, Florida 32413

AIRPORT SHUTTLE: Roger at A Airport Transportation Service: 850.236.4400

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