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					File View Pro
Open Any File
               About Us
• Solvusoft Corporation (formerly Celeritas Software
  Company), a leading producer of award-winning utility
  software, is a US-based software company serving
  millions of customers in 150+ countries worldwide.
• We are a privately-held, family-owned company which
  allows us to focus only on the needs of our customers -
  without the interference of shareholders and other
  outside influence.
• We listen constantly to our customers and their first
  hand feedback.
• This results in our drive to continually improve our
            What is PPS File
PPS file is highly recommended file to scan
your PC for invalid registry your entries. A file
with the PPS file extension is a Microsoft
PowerPoint 97-3003 Slide Show file.
If you don’t have a power point then
Microsoft has a free PowerPoint viewer use
their download site to search for it.
         How to Open a PPS File
• Finally... there is a way to open ANY file1 on
  your computer - without constantly having to
  buy expensive and complicated programs
  (many costing $500 or more).
• FileViewPro lets you open all kinds of files -
  videos, music, photos, documents, and much
  more. There's no need to buy several programs
  when ONE program does it all. Never struggle
  to open a file again!
               Contact Us
• Technical Support:
• Phone Support: (702) 441-0754, 8AM-5PM
• Mailing Address:
  Solvusoft Corporation
  ATTN: FileViewPro
  848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #3321
  Las Vegas, NV 89107

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Description: file view pro helps you to format your file. without this file you can't open this file. if you want to open this file you have to download this software.