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 Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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Courses Offered

Master in Public Health                                 G.R. No. 7-003 s. 1987 – DRO
Master of Arts in Education                              G.R. No. 274 s. 1999 – DRO
Master of Arts in Nursing                                G.R. No. 068 s. 1963 – DRO
Master of Arts in Teaching                               G.R. No. 342 s. 1968 – DRO
Master of Science in Information
                                                           G.R. No. 341 s. 1968 – DE
Master of Science in Mathematics                         G.R. No. 022 s. 1988 – DECS
B.S. in Accountancy                                      G.R. No. 0035 s. 1982 – DCO
B.S. in Biology                                          G.R. No. 016 s. 1990 – CCO
B.S. in Business Administration                            G.R. No. 151 s. 1969 – DE

B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management                        Ladderized 4, 3, 2 years
B.S. in Civil Engineering                                G.R. No. 005 s. 1990 – DCO

B.S. in Computer Engineering                               G.R. No. 018 s. 1970 – DE

B.S. in Computer Science                                  G.P. No. 002 s. 2002 – CCO
B.S. in Criminology                                      G.R. No. 0036 s. 1982 – DCO
B.S. in Electronics & Communications
                                                        G.R. No. T-024 s. 1992 – DRO
B.S. in Hotel & Restaurant
                                                        G.R. No. T-003 s. 1987 – DCO
B.S. in Information Technology                           G.R. No. 150 s. 1969 – DRO
B.S. in Nursing                                            G.R. No. 314 s. 1968 – DE

B.S. in Occupational Therapy                          G.R. No. HER-005 s. 2001 – CRO
B.S. in Physical Therapy                                G.R. No. T-023 s. 1994 – DRO
B.S. in Psychology                                       G.R. No. 001 s. 1985 – DRO
B.S. in Public Administration                         G.P. No. HET-138 s. 2000 – CHED
Bachelor of Arts                                     G.R. No. HER-060 s. 1996 – DROO
Bachelor of Elementary Education                      G.R. No. HER-001 s. 2000 – CRO
Bachelor of Secondary Education                          G.R. No. 014 s. 1992 – DRO Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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    Doctor of MedicineC                                         G.R. No. 129 s. 1976 – DE

    Secondary (High School)                               G.R. No. HER-O11 s. 1996 – CHED


    Angeles University Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit educational institution, was established
    on May 25, 1962 by Mr. Agustin P. Angeles, Dr. Barbara Y. Angeles and family. After only less
    than nine years of successful operation, the Institution was granted University status on April
    16, 1971 by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.
    On December 4, 1975, the University was converted into a non-stock, non-profit educational
    foundation -- a decision of the founding family motivated by the sincere desire to perpetuate
    the missionary commitment of providing relevant and quality education to the Central Luzon
    region. Concomitant with this decision , the Angeles couple and their children, namely, Rosario,
    Lutgarda, Emmanuel, Antonio, Jesusa, Josefina and Lourdes executed a Deed of Donation of
    their shareholdings in favor of the foundation as starting fund which resulted to the
    relinquishment of their ownership and proprietary rights. AUF was incorporated under Republic
    Act No. 6055, otherwise known as the Foundation Law, and is a tax-exempt institution
    approved by the Philippine government. All donations and bequests given to the AUF are tax
    On February 14, 1978, AUF was converted into a Catholic University making it the first in
    Central Luzon. Another historical event that took place on February 20, 1990 was the
    inauguration of the five-storey, 125-bed AUF Medical Center which now serves as the teaching,
    training and research hospital, the first ever in Central Luzon.
    Today, AUF has the highest percentage of faculty with graduate degrees in the region, and
    among the highest in the Philippines. These qualifications are the foundation for its vaunted
    quality instruction and research, as evidenced by:
   Autonomous Status since 2003;
   Institutional Quality Assurance Monitoring and Evaluation (IQUAME) certification from the
    Commission on Higher Education (CHED);
   Accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities
   ISO 9001-2008 Certification by TUV-SUD;
   Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education
   Center of Excellence in Education Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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   Center of Development for Computer Engineering
   Center of Development in Nursing
    Now on its 48th year of operation, AUF has a total of 64 academic programs supported by
    state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, aimed at addressing the growing needs of the global
    academic community.

    AUF Timeline
    Establishment of the Angeles Institute of Technology (AIT) on May 25
    Opening of the High School Department and the Colleges of Commerce, Liberal Arts and
    Education, and Engineering.

    Formation of AIT Band
    Opening of Department of Air Science and Tactics

    Launching of “Study-Now-Pay-Later Plan” for poor but deserving students

    Establishment of the Graduate School

    Accreditation of AIT by US Veterans Affairs

    Election of Senator Jose J. Roy as Second Chairman of the Board

    Opening of the Guidance Counseling and Placement Center

    AIT gets university status and renamed Angeles University (AU)
    Mr. Agustin P. Angeles becomes First Chairman of the Board
    Dr. Barbara Yap-Angeles assumes office as First University President. Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award
in Social Education

College of Nursing emerges as a separate unit
AUF Rondalla and Dance Troupe organized

Establishment of Center for Research and Development

Founder and First President Dr. Barbara Yap-Angeles passes away on March 25
Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles takes oath as 2 nd University President
Conversion of AU into a Catholic University- the first in Central Luzon and the 14 th in the
Creation of the Office of Student Affairs

Conversion of AU into a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation
Formation of the AUF Concert Chorus

Opening of the Institute for Small Scale Entrepreneurship (ISSE)
Blessing and Inauguration of the Barbara Y. Angeles Hall.
College of Criminology emerges as a separate unit

Opening of the College of Medicine and Computer Technology Center
Center for Christian Formation emerges as a separate unit
College of Arts and Sciences emerges opens as distinct unit separate for the College of

Inauguration of Educational Technology Center
Formation of the Angeles University Development Foundation (AUDF) in Dallas, Texas which
provides management and financial assistance to AUF. Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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“Bigay Puso Project” for the poor and disadvantaged launched in December

Msgr. Oscar V. Cruz becomes 3 rd Chairman of the Board

Inauguration of the St. Joseph Building and the Our Lady of Lourdes Hall. The latter, which
houses the University Libraries was constructed under the auspices of the USAID- Association
of Schools and Hospitals Abroad ( ASHA )

Former Philippines President Diosdado P. Macapagal is elected as 4 th Chairman of the Board

Inauguration of the AUF Medical Center;
College of Allied Medical Professions opens
Formation of the Office of Community Extension Services

Center for Human Resources Development and the Office of Publications and Alumni Affairs
emerge as separate units.

Co-founder and First Chairman Agustin P. Angeles passes away on March 5
Fire destroys San Lorenzo Building on March 15
AUF Health Program introduced

Inauguration of the new San Lorenzo and San Agustin Halls
The Outstanding Students (TOS) Awards launched as an annual search

College of Nursing and Arts and Sciences granted Level II accreditation by PAASCU
AUF becomes founding member of the Association of Universities of Asia and the
Pacific (AUAP) in Bangkok, Thailand. Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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AUF inaugurates the International House
Use of the internet is introduced as a new student-personnel service

Philippines Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo becomes 5 th Chairman of the Board
Department of Health names AUF as cleanest campus in Region III

Msgr. Paciano B. Aniceto becomes 6 th Chairman of the Board
Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles was elected as President of the AUAP- the first Filipino to assume said
AUF hosts first international conference, the Third AUAP General Conference
President Joseph E. Estrada appoints Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles as Member of the Preparatory
Commission on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) in September

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) identifies AUF as the Center of Development for
Excellence in IT Education in Central Luzon
US Department of Education grants AUF Title IV Eligibility and Certification
Inauguration of the Information Technology Training Center (ITTC) which was donated by the
American people through the USAID- Association of Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)

Philippine Council for Non-Government Organization Certification (PCNC) accredits AUF
CHED grants AUF Deregulated Status
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appoints Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles on March 13, as
President and Chief Executive Officer of Clark Development Corporation, concurrently serving
as President & CEO of Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) and Director of the North
Luzon Railways Corporation (Northrail). Mrs. Maria Loreto Angeles-Canlas assumes office as
Acting President

AUF celebrates 40 th founding anniversary with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as Guest of
Honor and Speaker. “The Struggle” is unveiled, “The Garden” blessed and inaugurated Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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AUF hosts the 1 st ASEAN Student Leadership Summit in cooperation with the AUAP, National
Youth Commission and the ASEAN Foundation
Membership of AUF to the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU)
Blessing and inauguration of the AUF-IS Covered Court
AUF starts offering Caregiver Program

AUF earns Autonomous Status from CHED, joining the 40 others out of the 1,300 colleges and
universities nationwide
Creation of the Office of University Placement Services, Office of University Relations, Center for
Culture and the Arts, and the AUF Professional Schools
Board of Trustees approves establishment of the College of Law
Blessing and dedication of the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Computer Laboratory, Library and
Canteen of the AUF Integrated School
BS Accountancy Program granted Level I Accreditation by the PAASCU
Groundbreaking of the AUF Professional Schools Building on November 14

Blessing & Inauguration of DWAU 104.1 FM with Mr. Ron Nethercutt as Station Head
Dr. Ricardo P. Pama assumes office as Acting President of the University while Dr. Emmanuel Y.
Angeles continues his term as President of Clark Development Corporation
Re-Accreditation of AUF by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) for another 5
BS Pharmacy, BS Tourism and BEEd in Special Education were added to the roster of academic
Blessing and inauguration of the AUF Professional Schools Building and Groundbreaking of the
AUFMC Expansion Project on December 16 with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as Guest of
Honor and Speaker

The Board of Trustees appoints Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles as First University Chancellor and Dr.
Ricardo P. Pama as Third University President on February 10 during its 59 th Regular Meeting.
Both take oath of office on May 25 in solemn investiture rites presided over by President Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo at the Holiday Inn Resort, Clark Field.
Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles retires from public service on March 16
The AUF Repertory Theater is established with Prof. Tony Mabesa as resident director
AUF introduces Wi-Fi internet access in the campus Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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PAASCU grants Level III accreditation to the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Education
The AUF College of Medicine opens its first ever extension campus at the Saint Andrews
International Academy in Pune, India on June 29.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appoints Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles as Member of the
Consultative Commission to propose revisions to the 1987 Constitution on
September 12.

AUF inaugurates College of Law with retired SC Associate Justice Jose C. Vitug as Founding
Dean on May 20
BS Nursing, BSBA Management & Entrepreneurship and BSBA Marketing get Level II Re-
Accreditation by the PAASCU on May 31.
The AUFMC inaugurates its Center for Diagnostic Imaging on April 29 which houses a brand
new 16-slice CT Scan Machine worth Php 44 million obtained under the GSIS Hospitalization
Support Program
AUF introduces the tradition of staging the annual Flores de Mayo in cooperation with SM City
Clark on May 25
The first ever in Angeles City, the AUF Overpass is blessed and inaugurated on
June 21.
The College of Nursing produces 48 topnotchers in the June 2006 Nurse Licensure
Examinations – the first ever in the history of a Nursing school in Central Luzon.
Texas Instruments – Philippines donates the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, inaugurated
on August 18.
The AUFMC Wellness Center opens on August 22 which offers various programs for busy
The AUF Concert Chorus stages series of performances in Macau from October 18-22 on the
occasion of the 25 th anniversary of the Universidade of Macau and the 7 th General Conference
of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP).
College of Engineering starts offering BS Engineering Management

AUF hosts the 2 nd ASEAN Student Leaders’ Summit and Cultural Festival on January 22-26
The College of Computer Studies is identified by CHED as a Center of Excellence in IT Education
on April 1 – the only one in Central Luzon, and the 5 th among only nine COE’s nationwide.
The College of Engineering introduces BS Avionics Engineering Technology as a new curricular
offering. Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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The College of Law offers the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Program for the
very first time in March.
AUF celebrates its 45 th Founding Anniversary on May 25 and the 100 th Birth Anniversary of its
Founder and First President, Dr. Barbara Yap-Angeles on December 4.

AUF earns ISO 9001:2000 Certification from TUV-SUD on March 6.
AUFMC inaugurates the AUFMC Doña Evangelina M. Macapagal Medical Tower on July 9 with
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
AUF Chancellor Emmanuel Y. Angeles is appointed as Chairman of the Commission on Higher
Education on September 1. Now a member of the Arroyo Cabinet, he has resigned from all his
positions at AUF and AUFMC.

AUF earns from CHED another 5-year re-accreditation as an Autonomous University on March
AUF is admitted as a guest team in the 85th Season of the National Collegiate Athletic
Association (NCAA) hosted by San Beda College; opening ceremonies held on June 27 at the
Araneta Coliseum
CHED names AUF as a Zonal Research Center in Region III
AUF inaugurates the AUF Residences on June 12.
Successfully passed Category A (Teaching) of CHED’s Institutional Quality Assurance through
Monitoring and Evaluation (IQuAME) on October 14, 2009
Identified as a Center of Development for Computer Engineering by CHED on October 14, 2009.

Address : Macarthur Highway, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009
Telephone : (045) 888-2663 to 65
Fax : (045)845-1491
E-mail :


Scholarships and Grants
AUF believes that "no one should be denied education due to poverty", hence, the following
scholarships and financial grants are extended to deserving students:
Entrance Scholarship Angeles University Foundation(AUF)
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   Barbara Yap - Angeles Scholarship (for honor graduates)
   Agustin P. Angeles Scholarship (barangay scholars)
   Academic Scholarship
   Activity Grants ( performing artists & athletes)
   Service Grants ( working students )
   PNP Scholarship Grants
   AFP Scholarship Grants
   Study-Now-Pay-Later Plan

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