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cover final - DM Healthcare


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									                                                                                            “WHEN WELLNESS BLOSSOMS,
                                                                                                 LIFE WILL TOO”

Corporate Office
DM Healthcare LLC - P.O. Box 8703, Dubai, UAE. Tel: + 971 4 3933033; Fax: + 971 4 3933936
Web: w w w.dmhealthcare.com
                     PAGE 1-2     PAGES IN OUR STORY
                     PAGE 3-4     A WINDOW

                     PAGE 5-6     CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

                     PAGE 7-8     VISION AND MISSION

                     PAGE 9-10    A CONTINUING LEGACY

                     PAGE 11-12   TRANSITION:
                                  DR MOOPEN’S GROUP TO DM HEALTHCARE

                     PAGE 13-14   THE DNA OF DM HEALTHCARE

                     PAGE 15-16   BIG ON CARE

                     PAGE 17-18   A STAR IS BORN

                     PAGE 19-20   THE FUTURE

                     PAGE 21-22   ASTER HOSPITAL

                     PAGE 23-24   ASTER MEDICAL CENTRE

                     PAGE 25-26   ASTER DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE

                     PAGE 27-28   ASTER PHARMACY

                     PAGE 29-30   MEDCARE

                     PAGE 31-32   EUROHEALTH SYSTEM

                     PAGE 33-34   OASIS HEALTH NETWORK

                     PAGE 35-36   ASSOCIATE HOSPITAL : MIMS

                     PAGE 37-38   NEW FRONTIERS OF CARING : GCC

                     PAGE 39-40   FRONTIERS OF CARING : U A E

                     PAGE 41-42   FRONTIERS OF CARING : SULTANATE OF OMAN

                     PAGE 43-44   FRONTIERS OF CARING : QATAR

                     PAGE 45-46   NEW FRONTIERS OF CARING : KSA

                     PAGE 47-48   NEW FRONTIERS OF CARING : INDIA

                     PAGE 49-52   AWARDS & ACCOLADES

                     PAGE 53-54   CORE MANAGEMENT TEAM

                                                                            PAGE 02
           “THE FUTURE
           IS HOW YOU
           DEFINE IT”
           Quality Healthcare is the need of an increasingly discerning population the world over.
           In its quest for excellence, DM Healthcare provides comprehensive healthcare of the
           highest quality in the geographies they operate in.

           The seeds of the future were planted by Dr. Azad Moopen, a doctor turned
           entrepreneur, in 1987 in Dubai. DM Healthcare has since blossomed to become
           one of the leading healthcare conglomerates of the Middle East and India in a
           quarter century.

           By understanding the healthcare needs of the populations they serve, the Group
           is now able to anticipate and exceed expectations. A continuous pursuit for technological
           improvements with highly skilled professionals, allow the Group to set benchmarks
           in the healthcare industry.

           Headquartered in Dubai, the DM network presently consists of 80 establishments,
           providing primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare with management and
           consultancy services. The Group is in the midst of exponential expansion in the
           GCC and India with the number of units set to grow to 300 by the year 2015. The
           hospital, clinic, diagnostic and pharmacy verticals of the Group are being
           consolidated under a single brand - Aster.

           The MIMS Hospitals at Calicut and Kottakkal, which are Associate Hospitals of the
           Group under the Chairmanship of Dr. Moopen, are the preferred tertiary referral
           centres in North Kerala. The iconic 'DM MedCity at Kochi’ is envisioned to become
           a major destination for Medical Value Travel in the world. The DM-MIMS Medical
           College at Wayanad shall signal the entry of the Group into Medical Education.

                                                                                                       PAGE 04
                     IS ALL ABOUT LOVING CARE
                     RENDERED WITH A WARM
                     HUMAN TOUCH”
                     Dr. Azad Moopen (MD),
                     Chairman, DM Healthcare

                     The heart of our endeavor is to bring quality healthcare at an affordable cost closer
                     to the people we serve, delivered with care and compassion. While recognizing
                     the importance of constant technology upgradation, we lay great focus on the
                     men behind the machines. We strongly believe that healthcare is all about loving
                     care rendered with a warm human touch. Recruiting, training and retaining highly
                     skilled healthcare professionals who are compassionate is our greatest challenge
                     and asset. Quality Assurance is another very important cornerstone of the organization.

                     Healthcare is now considered a sunshine sector, which has proved to be recession
                     proof in turbulent times. The GCC and Indian healthcare markets together are
                     projected to grow to a whopping US$ 150 billion by 2020 from the present US$ 45
                     billion. We are gearing up to become one among the leaders in this geography by
                     2015. Aster, which consolidates our 4 key verticals catering to the middle income
                     population, will be the key driver in the future of the Group, while brands like
                     Medcare shall have opportunities in the premium segment.

                     Whilst healthcare is considered an industr y with profits for sustainability of
                     investments, maintaining the human face of this noble profession is the core. I strongly
                     believe that profit should be a byproduct and not a goal in healthcare. I also feel
                     that healthcare and philanthropy are two sides of the same coin and as a responsible
                     corporate, a helping hand to the underprivileged in the society is as much a duty as
                     a responsibility of all those who are active in this domain.

                     Knowledge is the future. In our quest for excellence, we will be allocating significant
                     resources to Medical Education and Research.

                                                                                                                PAGE 06
                     “A SYNERGY OF THOUGHT
                     AND ACTION, PROPELLED BY
                     A PASSIONATE TEAM LEADS
                     TO EXCELLENCE”

                     THE VISION
                     To become the leader in the deliver y of quality healthcare at an affordable cost
                     in the geographies we ser ve, by establishing the largest network of medical
                     facilities, with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who excel in care
                     and compassion.

                     THE MISSION
                     • Become the preferred provider of comprehensive healthcare at an affordable
                     cost to the people we serve.

                     • Nurture a committed and passionate team of healthcare professionals to carry
                     forward the mission.

                     • Achieve exponential growth harnessing human, technological and financial

                     • Hold firmly onto the quality and ethical values of the noble profession.

                     • Contribute in the field of Medical Education and Research with a quest for
                     acquiring and imparting knowledge.

                     • Provide assistance to the underprivileged, as part of the corporate social
                     responsibility in accomplishing a compassionate mission.

                                                                                                         PAGE 08
                      “WHERE HISTORY IS NOT
                      THE PAST BUT
                      A LIVING REALITY”
                      Since it s humble beginnings more than t wo de c ades ago, the s tor y of
                      Dr. Moopen’s Group has been one of caring and growing. The recipe of success is
                      to exceed the expectations of millions of patients and customers who repose their
                      trust in experienced hands.

                      Indeed, a commitment to care with which cure is delivered has led to the
                      recognition of the Group by the Governments led by visionary leaders.

                                                                                                          PAGE 10
                                                      “CHANGE IS THE ONLY
                                                      THING THAT IS CONSTANT”
                                                      With a legacy that was built through a clarity of purpose, consistency of thought

                                                      and delivery of care exceeding expectations, Dr. Moopen’s Group laid the foundation

                                                      of an organization that would grow into a great one.

                                                      As the network grew across the GCC and India, it was felt that the source of the

                                                      brand identity and the name should take the inspiration from the vision of the

                                                      founder while reflecting the exponential growth of the domain.‘DM Healthcare’

                                                      was the logical evolution of this heritage.

                                                                                                                                            PAGE 12
                           “CARING IS
                           IN OUR GENES”
                           Caring captures the essence of our origin and existence. Be it innovation or integration,
                           technology or treatment. Experience or expertise. The DNA of the Group has
                           always been and will continue to be, care with a human touch. What is inscribed in
                           our DNA is what we pass on to the new torch bearers of care. We carry and
                           transfer this to the team, across the geographies we operate in. Across the GCC
                           and India. Across 23 years of commitment. Across yesterday, today and tomorrow.

                                                                                                                       PAGE 14
              “CARE IS A TONIC THAT
               ASSURES HEALING”
              The brand promise of DM Healthcare is based on making a big difference.
              A product truth coming from a legacy of trust that has grown by demonstration.
              More than a ‘USP’ it is an ‘ESP’ – Emotional Sensory Perception.

              ‘Big on Care’ inspires us to usher in cure with a human touch. It permeates every
              aspect of our services and constantly interfaces with internal and external
              audiences everywhere, every time.

              Dealing with nearly 12,000 patients a day, which translates to 4 million patient
              episodes a year is big, but the ‘Care’ being given is even ‘Bigger’.

              ‘Big on Care’ reflects the scale and scope of DM Healthcare –the ability of one of
              the largest healthcare providers in the GCC and India to connect with its customers
              with compassion and commitment.

              More than an expression, ‘Big on Care’ is a mantra, a mission, a calling for every
              one in our organization. It projects a commitment, that takes ‘Care’ to all the aspects of
              healthcare across all segments of society, by a caring and compassionate team.

                                                                                                           PAGE 16
                        “LIKE A FLOWER IS TO
                        NATURE, ASTER,
                        THE NEW STAR IS TO
                        Aster is inspired from the Greek word for ‘star’. Aster also means Numero

                        Uno – the Number One.

                        Belonging to one of the largest, well loved, flower families, Aster connotes the

                        Group’s promise to enrich life with love and care. Bringing alive the expertise,

                        the value, the technology and best medical practices synonymous with

                        DM Healthcare.

                                                                                                           PAGE 18

             THE GROUP’S VITAL
             VERTICALS IN THE

             Aster, consolidates and spearheads the four vital verticals of DM Healthcare,

             integrating the hospitals, clinics, diagnostics and pharmacies of the Group, spread

             over 5 countries at 90 locations; a number slated to grow to 300 by the year 2015.

             Aster Hospitals, Aster Medical Centres, Aster Diagnostic Centres and Aster

             Pharmacies will cater to the burgeoning middle and upper middle-income

             segments of the population. Aster will be the main driver for the Group in the

             future, as these demographic segments constitute about 80% of the customers of

             the Group. Strategically, this is considered the best route to become a global player

             in the healthcare universe.

                                                                                                     PAGE 20
                 “CARE AS SPECIAL
                 AS IT GETS”
                 Aster Hospitals will serve as general hospitals catering to the need for high end
                 secondary and tertiary care.

                 They will operate as the ‘hub’ for interfacing and integrating the Aster circle of
                 comprehensive healthcare.

                 Aster Hospitals at each location will have some centres of excellence with
                 cutting-edge technology. Internationally trained doctors, skillfully supported by a
                 dedicated para-medical and support staff, will take Care to the next level.

                                                                                                       PAGE 22
                       CLOSER TO
                       Building on the reputation and the goodwill of the large number of
                       MedCentres and neighborhood family clinics of the Group, as a
                       gateway to good health, Aster Medical Centres will continue bringing
                       quality healthcare at an affordable cost within everyone’s reach. Aster
                       Medical Centres will offer comprehensive healthcare in a customized,
                       friendly atmosphere. Depending on the neighborhood, the size and
                       specialties vary from small 4 doctor clinics to large 25 doctor medical
                       centres. Special programs for lifestyle diseases like diabetes and preventive
                       check up programs are available.

                       Excellent team of doctors and medical staff who communicate and
                       understand diverse patients’ needs with a caring touch will be the
                       unique selling proposition.

                       All major Insurance companies will be empanelled and customized
                       initiatives for Corporate tie ups will be promoted.

                                                                                                       PAGE 24
                          “EARLY DETECTION IS
                          THE FUTURE OF
                          With early detection becoming a prescription for the future of cure, Diagnostic
                          Centres are playing an increasingly important role. Aster Diagnostics makes a winning
                          start by merging Medinova Diagnostic Centre into its fold. It will thereby offer the
                          world’s most coveted Joint Council International Quality Accreditation to the
                          region. Medinova was the first diagnostic centre in the Middle East to be accredited by
                          the JCI. Conferred for meeting international quality in healthcare standards for
                          laboratory services and organization management, Aster Diagnostic Centres will
                          continue to deliver by strict checking of work flow, staff knowledge, quality of
                          machines and environment.

                          Aster Diagnostic Centres benchmark themselves against international standards to
                          become the preferred choice. These premium centres will support doctors in giving
                          accurate investigative reports in time, under one roof. Aster Diagnostic Centres will
                          aim for online imaging, investigation processing and prescribing, and state-of-the-art
                          automated pneumatic system for automatic blood samples transfer. Use of
                          teleradiology enabled scanning and image transfer will allow doctors to read and
                          scan x-rays even at their homes.

                                                                                                                    PAGE 26
                 MORE THAN
                 Aster Pharmacies build on over two decades of leadership by innovation in
                 pharmaceutical retailing. Aster Pharmacies are designed to be a one stop shop
                 for quality medical and allied products at the best prices, in a refreshing environment.

                 A uniform identity ensures a familiar customer experience at ever y location.

                 Apart from the prescription drugs, Aster Pharmacies stock a wide variety of
                 nutritional, baby care, lifestyle and beauty products with staff who can guide
                 customers on diet, nutrition, and medical equipment.

                 Innovative and value added ser vices like ‘Any time Medical Ser vices’ to deliver
                 products at home any time, online purchase, regular updates on healthcare,
                 information on offers, schemes and promotions by e-mail and SMS ensure
                 Aster Pharmacies offer ‘much more than medicines’.

                                                                                                            PAGE 28
                   “EXCELLENCE IN
                   TERTIARY CARE FOR A
                   MULTINATIONAL SEGMENT”
                   Medcare Hospital, Dubai’s premium private hospital located in Jumeirah is the first
                   medical facility in the new Dubai area to offer advanced medical care and
                   emergency ser vices. The attaining of the Joint Commission International (JCI)
                   accreditation - which is considered the gold standard for quality accreditation in
                   healthcare domain – within only 7 months of commissioning the hospital, is just
                   one of the many achievements and successes of Medcare.

                   Ongoing expansion plans will see an increase in its inpatient care facilities to 150
                   beds, transforming Medcare to a specialty acute care hospital. As part of a wider
                   diversification program, a number of peripheral Medcare Clinics have been set up
                   across Dubai and several more are in the pipeline. International affiliations with
                   advanced medical institutions abroad are also being considered.

                   Medcare has taken great efforts to source the best of multinational, multilingual
                   medical and paramedical staff.

                                                                                                          PAGE 30
                    “HARNESSING KNOWLEDGE
                    IN THE HEALTHCARE DOMAIN,
                    THROUGH CONSULTANCY
                    AND MANAGEMENT”
                    Eurohealth System FZ LLC is a unique healthcare consulting, outsourcing and
                    management company, with operations in the Middle East and India. Located in
                    Dubai Healthcare City, Eurohealth System is strategically positioned to be a part of
                    the futuristic healthcare vision of the Region.

                    Proven expertise in successfully managing a network of healthcare facilities
                    enables Eurohealth System to offer comprehensive consultancy services to
                    investors in the healthcare sector. Eurohealth System along with its global partners
                    is one of the first companies in the UAE region to cater to an international market
                    with excellent services in healthcare consulting and management.

                    Eurohealth System has an exclusive healthcare HR consultancy division
                    emedhr.com, the healthcare human resources consulting division which source,
                    screen, advice, recruit, train and develop doctors, nurses and allied health workers
                    depending on the demand and supply dynamics of the healthcare human
                    resources market. Leveraging our ready access to the vast pool of professionals
                    and wide network of healthcare providers enables prompt and practical
                    placement solutions, while protecting the interests of both the candidates and the
                    employers through professional integrity and ethics that we value.

                                                                                                           PAGE 32
                       “OASIS IS A TOTAL SOLUTIONS
                       PROVIDER FOR INFORMATION
                       TECHNOLOGY TO PROVIDERS
                       AND INSURERS IN
                       HEALTHCARE INSURANCE”
                       Oasis Health Network is an independent provider network management organization
                       providing solutions to healthcare providers, healthcare insurers and third party administrators in
                       the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Co-operative Council. Oasis Health Network has
                       over 10 years’ experience in the development and management of provider networks
                       and healthcare risk management.

                       Oasis’ area of operation includes managing healthcare risk, creating sustainable
                       healthcare products and solutions with unparalleled efficiency.
                       Oasis Health Network is able to tailor risk management solutions to the unpredictable
                       and volatile nature of the healthcare market by integrating information technology
                       systems. Oasis takes pride in building, nurturing and developing relationships. With
                       insurance playing an active role in the future in evolving, developing markets, Oasis will
                       be able to offer flexibility to insurance companies and clients with workable and
                       customized solutions.

                                                                                                                            PAGE 34
                           “IF YOU WANT TO BUILD
                           A TOWER, START
                           BY LOOKING AT THE SKIES”
                           Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences,(MIMS) was established in 2001 by a group of
                           NRI professionals and businessmen under the Chairmanship of Dr. Azad Moopen,
                           driven by a passion to bring international healthcare within the reach of the local
                           community, it has since then, grown to be the destination for patient referrals by
                           doctors in the Malabar region.

                           MIMS Hospital, Calicut is a 600 bed super specialty hospital built at a cost of US$
                           25 million with over 40 disciplines. The lead doctors and consultants bring with
                           them international expertise. MIMS is also fast growing into a healthcare tourism
                           destination for international patients from the Middle East and neighboring Asian
                           countries as its reputation has grown. MIMS is the first NABH Accredited
                           Multi-Speciality Hospital in India.

                           MIMS has 12 fully equipped operation theatres and has the facilities to conduct
                           open heart surgeries, beating heart surgeries, kidney transplants, joint replacement
                           surgeries, spine surgeries, cochlear implants and neurosurgery. The emergency
                           and trauma care is supported by 24 hours diagnostics and a state-of-the-art blood
                           bank with component separation facility. MIMS is the only hospital to have a mobile
                           ICU and an advanced transport support for critical patients.

                           MIMS is poised to grow through setting up of satellite hospitals, the first of which
                           has been established at Kottakkal. Further growth is being planned by investments
                           in education and R&D facilities. MIMS Charitable Trust subsidises the healthcare
                           needs of economically backward communities.

                                                                                                                  PAGE 36
                            “TO BE A LEADER,
                            YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS BE
                            ONE STEP AHEAD OF OTHERS,
                            BOTH IN VISION AND ACTION”
                            Growth through innovation is essential for leadership. But more than size, exploring
                            new horizons and embracing new technologies are just as important.

                            DM Healthcare expansion will consolidate the gains and spread the network in
                            the GCC and India for both vertical and horizontal growth.

                            NEW FRONTIERS OF CARING
                            GULF CO-OPERATION COUNCIL COUNTRIES.
                            Expansion in the GCC will be achieved by increasing the number of facilities in
                            already represented countries and entering the unrepresented.

                            Major part of the growth is envisaged in the hospital sector with 12 hospitals in
                            various GCC locations by the year 2015. Major investments are planned in Saudi
                            Arabia which has a huge potential for healthcare establishments. Kuwait and
                            Bahrain will also have the Aster network soon.

                                                                                                                   PAGE 38
                      UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
                      With a vision and a mission to bring quality healthcare within reach, what began

                      from a single clinic over two decades ago, has grown into one of the largest

                      healthcare groups in the UAE.

                      DM Healthcare is headquartered in the UAE and has its maximum presence in the

                      country. The Group already has 2 hospitals, 29 medical centres and 42 pharmacies

                      in UAE, with a Consultancy and IT division. It has been a 360 degree approach,

                      across primary, secondary and tertiary care.

                      Today, DM Healthcare has emerged as a gateway to good health with its

                      various Community Good Health Programmes (CGHP) and other CSR initiatives

                      like health camps.

                      The excellent team of doctors, medical staff who understand diverse patients’

                      needs, hospitals to cater to high end secondary and tertiary care, modular clinics,

                      innovative pharmacies and advanced diagnostics have made DM Healthcare

                      a leading name for quality and trust. A commitment, that has earned DM Healthcare

                      international recognition through numerous quality accreditations and awards.

                                                                                                            PAGE 40
                      SULTANATE OF OMAN
                      The blueprint of Aster expansion for Oman is impressive considering the large size
                      of the country.

                      DM Healthcare currently has two operating hospitals in Muscat and Sohar
                      along with 4 medical centres and 4 pharmacies. The Aster Hospital in Sohar is a
                      high end super specialty hospital, part of the DM Healthcare‘s network in Oman.

                      DM Healthcare is the first private sector organization to be recognized by the
                      government organizations, all major oil companies, corporates and embassies.The
                      Vision 2015 of the Group includes 3 hospitals, 15 medical centres and 1 pharmacies
                      under the Aster vertical with an additional investment of US$ 27 million.

                                                                                                           PAGE 42
                      DM Healthcare expanded its operations to Qatar in the year 2003.

                      With the rapid expansion of the country, DM Healthcare too expanded with its clinics
                      in the Industrial Area in 2007 and Medcare Clinic in the year 2009.

                      As a part of Vision 201 DM Healthcare is all set for a major expansion. The plan is to
                      establish a 50 bed Aster Hospital, 5 Aster Medical Centres and 12 Aster Pharmacies at
                      an investment of US$ 30 million in major towns like Al Khor, Al Rayyan and Al Wakra in
                      the near future.

                                                                                                               PAGE 44
                          The population of Saudi Arabia, is slated to grow from 24 million to 30 million by the

                          year 2016. The private healthcare sector is poised for tremendous growth due to the

                          entry of health insurance.

                          DM Healthcare, which has already registered a company under the Saudi Arabian

                          General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is forging a partnership with local companies.

                                                                         5             5
                          The overall plan is to establish 5 hospitals, 1 clinics and 1 pharmacies in the Kingdom,

                          at an investment of SR 250 million by the year 2015.

                                                                                                                     PAGE 46
NEW FRONTIERS OF CARING   INDIA.                                                                                AADHAR HOSPITAL, KOLHAPUR, INDIA

                          India, with 1.2 billion population is a huge opportunity with a large demand supply   DM Healthcare has found a like-minded partner in Aadhar Hospital, a name that
                          gap in quality healthcare with an increasing middle income population. It is the      has gradually gained the trust of the people in India over the past decade.
                          home ground for the Group which has strong roots in the mother country.               Established in 1996 with a vision to set up a multi-specialty medical centre in
                                                                                                                Kolhapur City, Aadhar nursing home has grown from initial 50 beds to about a
                          DM Healthcare will establish clusters of ‘Hub and Spoke Hospitals’ in the Tier II     100 bedded multi-speciality hospital.
                          and III cities, aiming to have about 4000 beds under its ownership by the year        This medical centre has steadily progressed and established itself as one of the
                          2015 in India. Most of the hospitals will be acquired or established as brown         premier medical setups ser ving the community in and around Kolhapur district
                          field projects. The Group is already active in Maharashtra with hospitals at          including adjoining Sindhugarh, Ratnagiri, Ichalkaranji, and Goa. They have
                          Kholapur. Ophthalmic Centres in NCR Delhi, IVF Centres in South India are some        earned a reputation of being the most easily accessible and affordable with the
                          other niche areas being explored.                                                     best contemporar y medical faculties in the region.
                                                                                                                DM Healthcare has invested in Aadhar Hospital and is a majority stake holder in
                          The DM MedCity at Kochi, a green-field venture, with an investment of US$ 300         the JV between the two. Both are working together to bring in the much
                          million when completed, will be attracting patients from the world over. Phase I of   needed upliftment in healthcare standards and quality of medical care in Southern
                          the Project with a 500 bed Quaternary Care Hospital, Medical Convention Centre,       Maharashtra. A special emphasis is being given on developing processes to
                          Hotel and Apartments will be built at a cost of US$ 150 million on a 40 acre land     deliver reliable patient care. Advanced medical technology has been
                          already acquired by the Group. This iconic project will have many Centres of          introduced to further improve healthcare deliver y standards. Medical and
                          Excellence in various specialties, catering to national and international patients.   paramedical teams are being strengthened further with availability of qualified
                                                                                                                staff on a 24 X 7 basis. The DMH – Aadhar team is working together to develop
                          The Medical College at Wayanad is another major green-field project of the Group      the perfect blend of technology, clinical expertise and personalised care.
                          which will have a 500 bed hospital in 2 years.
                                                                                                                For further information visit HYPERLINK "http://www.aadhar.net" www.aadhar.net.
                          The 600 bed MIMS Hospital at Calicut and 150 bed MIMS Hospital at Kottakkal is
                          run by a public limited company under the Chairmanship of Dr. Azad Moopen, with
                          a 30% stake by DM Healthcare.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    PAGE 48
MedCity @ Kochi                                                                     Functional Model of MedCity @ Kochi
DM Healthcare is coming up with an iconic project MediCity @ Kochi spread across    Core Hospital: Anchor Hospital
40 acres in the picturesque town of Cheranellur, Kochi. MedCity @ Kochi will be a   The Anchor Hospital will play a pivotal role in this unique project. It will have the
conglomeration of multi super specialities led by renowned & exceptional medical
                                                                                    following facilities:
practitioners drawn out from across the globe
                                                                                    Patient care beds, day care beds
                                                                                    Emergency care/ trauma care
                                                                                    ICU beds
                                                                                    Centralised imaging unit

MedCity @ Kochi at a glance                                                         Centres of Excellence (COE’s)
First phase investment planned to the tune of Rs. 500 crores to be commissioned     MedCity @ Kochi will have 10 Centres of Excellence (COE’s) to support Anchor
                                                                                    Hospital. These centres will be managed & operated by reputed and exceptional
in 2012.
                                                                                    medical centres across the world.
International Architects Team of HKS to design, plan and execute this project.
Project planned in over 2 million sq ft structure.
500 beds to be commissioned during the first phase.
MedCity @ Kochi will create a spectrum of clinical care of the highest standards
available to patients in India & abroad.
                                                                                    Urology and Nephrology

                                                                                    For further information visit www.dmhealthcareindia.com
                     “RECOGNITION OF
                     BREATHES INSPIRATION
                     FOR MORE ACTION”
                     The leadership philosophy of DM Healthcare is to be an incubator for higher
                     standards in healthcare. Raising the bar of Care always, DM Healthcare sets the
                     benchmark by believing that in the race for excellence, achievement is the best award.

                     DM Healthcare has to its credit a rich history of recognition through Awards and
                     Accolades for excellence in healthcare.


                     Dr. Azad Moopen received the Government of India’s most coveted honour for
                     Overseas Indians – The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, presented by the Honourable
                     President of India . The Award recognizes the exceptional and meritorious contribution
                     of Dr. Moopen in the healthcare sector in the GCC and India along with his leadership
                     role in many philanthropic and social activities.

                     Dr. Azad Moopen received the prestigious Arab Health Award for ‘Outstanding
                     Contribution of an Individual to the Middle East Healthcare Industry’. He is the rst
                     and only recipient so far of this Award.

                                                                                                              PAGE 50
                                               Medcare Hospital, Dubai received the Joint Commission
                                               International (JCI) accreditation, for meeting international
                                               quality standards in medical services, within 7 months
                                               of commissioning the hospital which is a record.

Dr. Azad Moopen with
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
                                               Medinova Diagnostic Centre, Dubai becomes the rst
                                               standalone laboratory in the Middle East to be accredited
                                               by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

                                               MIMS Hospital, Calicut, an Associate Hospital of
                                               the G roup re ceived the Fir s t NA BH A ccreditation

Dr. Azad Moopen with Dr. Manmohan Singh,       for Multi specialty Hospitals in India.
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

                                               Union Medshop, the Group’s anchor pharmacy,
                                               received Dubai Quality Excellence appreciation award
                                               in retail services.

Dr. Azad Moopen with Mr. Bill Clinton,
Former President of United States of America
                                                                                                              PAGE 52

DM Healthcare has a registered office in India and a Free Zone holding Company in UAE for their GCC Operations. Majority
stake in the Company is owned by Dr. Moopen and his family. India Value Fund, a prominent Indian PE firm holds a minority
stake. The prominent local Regency Group and Group Director Mr T.J Wilson hold small stakes.

At the operational level, the Group has its headquarters in Dubai with country level offices in all countries of operations in the
GCC. Our corporate office in Mumbai takes care of the India operations.

                           T.J Wilson, ACA
                           Group Director-Finance & Administration

                           An expert healthcare administrator with more than two decades of experience in healthcare finance and
                           administration, in India and the UAE, Mr. Wilson joined the Group as Financial Controller in 1998 and went on to
                           become General Manager-Finance and Administration in 2003. He has been instrumental in transforming the vision
                           of the Group in growing and becoming one of the largest healthcare providers in the Middle East and India.

                           Ala Attari, BA, BS, MBA, PMP
                           CEO, Medcare Hospital

                           Ala Attari has over 20 years of experience in the field of hospital management and healthcare administration.
                           He has initiated numerous projects for leading hospitals in the US and UAE and has been a consultant in the field
                           of operations management and radiology applications. Mr.Ala has several qualifications from leading
                           universities in United States of America in the field of administration, HR and project management.

                           Anupam Verma, MBA
                           CEO, DM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. India.

                           Anupam Verma, an MBA with specialisation in marketing, has two decades of healthcare experience in different
                           corporate hospitals in India. He served Hinduja Hospital as Director for a decade. He is spearheading the India
                           operations of DM Healthcare and its network expansion across India.

                           Keshavdas, ACA , AICWA
                           CFO, DM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., India

                           Keshavdas has over 22 years of rich experience in Finance & Administration departments of reputed
                           organisations in India and abroad including Shaw Wallace, Ernst & Young, ICRISAT, MIMS etc. Prior to joining DM
                           Healthcare, Keshavdas was working as the CFO of DP World, Kochi. He is based at DM Healthcare at Kochi and
                           is in-charge of the Finance functions of the Indian Operations.

                           Dr. Sanjiv Malik, MS, MBA
                           Executive Director – Hospitals & Consultancy, DM Healthcare

                           One of Asia's leading strategist and coach on various aspects of healthcare management, Dr. Sanjay Malik was the
                           Regional Director of Max Healthcare prior to DM Healthcare. Dr. Malik is currently Hon. Board member of NABH
                           (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers) and also an Executive Director of MMR Eye
                           Institute. He was also the former editor of an Afro Asian Journal of Opthalmology and serves as a guest faculty to
                           various prestigious business schools in India and Abroad.
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