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									Corporate Travel
   Profile of Business Traveler
• Uses negotiated fees
• Needs expert documentation advice for
  international trips
• Wants airline class-of-service upgrades
• Rents a car
• Stays in a standard or deluxe hotel
• Needs access to an emergency travel service
  24/7 to make changes in route
             WHAT DO THEY NEED?
     Corporate Travel Agency
• Planning business trips for large
• Technology plays an important part in an
  agency’s ability to handle corporate travel.
  (fax, voice mail, internet, email, computer
   Nature of Corporate Travel
• Last minute demand to go
• Last minute change of plans
• Consistent demand for prompt and
  efficient service
• Ticket delivery and producing seats on
  sold out flights are expected
          Corporate Agencies
          Method of Payments
• Most common: corporation pays agency a
  management fee or a transaction-based fee
• Large companies employ in house travel
  managers to oversee the efforts of the corporate
• Agencies work with company travel managers to
  establish and enforce company policies and as
  part of this function, furnish management
       Questions an Agency Must Ask A
    Corporation Before Taking on an Account
• What is the best estimate of your travel volume?
• How many travelers?
• Where are they based?
• Who are the primary travelers and how often do
  they travel?
• What are the most common city pairs used by
  the travelers?
• What is the average length of the trip?
    Questions an Agency Must Ask A
 Corporation Before Taking on an Account
• What is the domestic/international travel ratio?
• Which travel vendors do you prefer? Why?
• How do you plan to pay for your travel
• Do you have a corporate credit card program?
• Do you have an in-house travel coordinator?
• Do you require 24-hour emergency travel

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