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					Policies –Large Church
Structure, Staffing &
Personnel Policies & Issues
Helpful Resources

  Ron Chandler, Leader
   Pastor for Administration
   Germantown Baptist Church
“Does It Come on Disk?”

                          1996 Farcus Cartoons Inc

• Who’s here ?
• Who Am I ?
• Approach to this Session
  – Personal Experiences from the group
  – Questions and comments
Today’s Outline & Resources

• Available online at
• Follow Conf Logo link
• You will find
  – Powerpoint outline
  – Resource links
  – Other helpful information
Manual and Handbook

• There is a difference
• Policy Manual is the complete
  reference, more for supervisors
• Employee Handbook is a
  compilation of parts of the policy
  manual for the employee
What is a Policy Manual?

• Employee relations direction to
• Procedures
• Rules
• Policies
For whom is it meant?

• Supervisors
• Some Employees ?
• “Policy Manual” is usually mostly for
• “Handbook” is for employees
Is it a contract?

• Policies must exist within the
  framework of various federal &
  state laws governing employment
Two-edged sword

• Can be used in court against
• Some policies can be targeted as
  being sexist, racist, or
Is the policy manual a

• Employers may find that they have a
  contract without intending one.
• Usually the result of court
  interpretation of statements in the
  manual as promises.
• Careful wording IS important

• Legal review is essential
• Always reserve the right to:
  – Make changes at any time
  – Interpret and administer the policies in
    light of changing circumstances &
Should policies be written?

• Not always, BUT usually
• Why?
  – Unwritten policies lead to
    • Misunderstandings
    • Poor morale
    • Internal conflict
• Written policies cut down on the
  number of redundant questions
• Helpful in legal proceedings, as long
  as it is followed
Generally, what should be in
the Manual?

• Payroll & benefits
• Leave policy
  – Vacation, sick, conference, mission
    trips, holidays, jury duty, maternity,

• Perks
  – Tuition reimbursement plans
• Principles of work
• Harassment
• Supervision
• Pay / Payroll
• Schedule
• Inclement Weather & Civil Emergency
• Retirement age
• Termination
• Organizational chart / levels of staff
• Benefits
• Disclaimer
  – “This manual is intended for use by
    supervisors and managers only and should not
    be distributed and shared with nonsupervisory
    employees. This manual does not constitute a
    contract of employment with any employee,
    supervisor, manager, or a contract for any
    benefits, procedures, or policies described
    herein. This manual supersedes any prior
    handbooks or policy statement regarding the
    matters described. The church reserves the
    right to revise this manual at any time.”
  – A policy manual should be updated whenever
    a policy is added, deleted, or changed
Frieze Resource Library

  – Policies & Procedures Manual
Frieze Suggests this
Handbook outline

• Welcome
• Church History
• Missions Statement
• Doctrinal Beliefs
• Introduction
Employment Section
Source: Frieze Consulting

•   Equal Employment Opportunity
•   Employment at Will
•   Staff Structure
•   Employment Classifications
•   Minister Qualifications for Special Tax Provisions
•   Employee Status for Federal Income Tax Purposes
•   Immigration Law Compliance
•   Probationary Period
•   Employment of Minors
•   Employment of Relatives
•   Life Threatening, Infectious and Communicable Diseases
•   Church Members Who Are Employees
Compensation Section
Source: Frieze Consulting

•   Pay Periods
•   Advance of Pay
•   Bank Deposit Plan
•   Time Sheets
•   Overtime
•   Replenishment Time
•   Payroll Deductions
•   Garnishments
•   Lost Paychecks
•   Staff Gifts
•   Honorariums Paid to Staff
•   Shifting Income to a Family Member
•   Work Made for Hire
•   Final Paycheck
•   Confidentiality of Salary and Wages
Workplace Guidelines
Source: Frieze Consulting

•   General
•   Employee Photos
•   Personal Appearance and Dress Code
•   Open Door Arrangement
•   Parking on Church Facilities
•   Recording Time Worked
•   Tardiness and Absence
•   Inclement Weather
•   Leaving Office during Regular Hours
•   Break and Lunch Periods
•   Staff Meetings
•   Personnel Files and Records
•   Brievances and Complaints
•   Making Suggestions
•   Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment
Workplace Guidelines-                           continued

•   Personal and Romantic Relationships
•   Drug-Free Workplace
•   Sale of Personal Merchandise
•   Employee Family Members
•   Outside Employment and Activities
•   Personal Mail
•   Personal and Ethical Responsibilities
•   Financial Integrity
•   Conducting Tours
•   Counseling Sessions
•   Confidentiality of Church Information
•   Copyright Infringements
•   Access To and Removal of Church Property
•   Issuance of Church Property and Equipment
•   Use of Church Telephones
Workplace Guidelines -                              continued

•   Use of Telephone Credit Cards
•   Use of Long Distance Access Number
•   Use of Church Computers and Internet Access
•   Use of Church Software
•   Email Usage
•   Use of Fax Machines & Copiers
•   Rented Vehicle Insurance
•   Service on Church Committees & Ministry Teams
•   Cashing of Personal Checks
•   Personally Owned Property
•   Personal Use of Church Stationary
•   Food and Drink
•   Postings on Church Bulletin Boards
Workplace Guidelines -            continued

• Expense Reimbursements
• Workplace Violence
• Workplace Safety & Security
• Criminal Background Checks
• Volunteer Service
• Miscellaneous Responsibilities of
Source: Frieze Consulting

•   Vacation
•   Holidays
•   Leaves of Absence
•   Sick Leave Days
•   Section 125 Cafeterial Plan
•   Anniversary Recognition
•   Retirement (Annuity) Participation
•   Short Term Salary Continuance
•   Social Security
•   Workers’ Compensation Insurance
•   Federal and State Unemployment Programs
•   FirstChurch Academy Tuition Subsidies
Benefits-               continued
Source: Frieze Consulting

•   Continuing Education & Professional Memberships
•   Educational Assistance Plan
•   Dependent Care Assistance Plan
•   Health Reimbursement Arrangement
•   Church Cellular Telephones, Pagers, Laptop Computers, PDA’s
•   Meals Provided in Church Cafeteria
•   Commuting and Parking Fringe Benefits
•   Bonuses for Cost Saving Ideas
•   Shared Leave Donation Program
•   Spiritual Retreat Day
•   Relocation upon Time of Call/Employment
•   Ministering to Staff Members
•   Ministerial Staff Activities
•   Minister’s Housing Allowance
Benefits-                   continued
Source: Frieze Consulting

• Minister’s Taxes and Financial
• De Minimis Fringe Benefits (Minor)
• Highly Compensated Employees
Performance Standards
Source: Frieze Consulting

• General Information
• Personnel Memo
• Leadership Position Descriptions
• Performance Evaluations
• Transfers and Promotions
• Terminations
• Retirement
Acknowledgements to Sign
Source: Frieze Consulting

• Employee Statement of
  Acknowledgement and Receipt of
  Employee Handbook
• Use of Church Computer and Internet
• Acknowledgement of FirstChurch Code of
• Safety Code of FirstChurch, Inc.
Supporting Attachments
Source: Frieze Consulting

• FirstChurch Code of Ethics Policy
• Safety and Protection Policy
Writing the manual

• Research and compilation
• Costs
• Organization
• Clarification
• Rough draft
• Numbering / sections
• Approvals
Writing tips

• Should be easily readable and organized
• Avoid legalese and technical jargon
• Use short simple sentences
• Be clear, not fuzzy
• Say what you mean (don’t insinuate promotions when
  there is no structure)
• Be consistent throughout
• Get 3rd party review
• Legal review

• All supervisors
• Signed statement / receipt of
• Employee orientation
  – Signed statement or receipt

• Periodic
  – Legal
  – Practical
  – Congregational
  – Retreat review

• HR Link
• Can be downloaded at
• look for conference logo for link to
  download page
Trends and Hot Topics

• Human Resource departments
• Legal & Tax Reviews
  – Recent experiences
• Websites and listserves
• Copyright issues (Link)
• Intellectual properties and creative rights
• Spouse Travel (Link)
Hot Topics – Church Admin
1.       Human Resources
2.       Legal & Tax Reviews
     •      Private Contractors
3.       Websites, List Serve
4.       Copyright Issues
5.       Intellectual Properties, Creative Rights
6.       Employment Contracts for Pastors / Staff
7.       Conflict Resolution
8.       Conflict of Interest
9.       Ethics in Business
10. Stewardship Trends
11. Foundations / Endowments
12. Purchasing Organizations
13. Lifetime Learning
Hot Topics - Secular
1. Web Source National Assoc of Colleges & Employers
2. Retention/Succession strategies
3. Budget realities
4. Conflict resolution
5. Understanding, managing, and
   motivating others
6. Coaching and mentoring
7. Engaging high performers
8. Career development trends
9. Lifelong Learning
Hot Issues in HR for 05-07
1.   Building your leadership pipeline is a must (must have a slate of high potential leaders)
2.   Leadership must be dispersed (leadership must be a role rather than a function. Over the next few years, HR
     leaders will focus on creating an organizational culture that demands leadership of all employees)

3.   Employment branding gets you the talent you seek (No market is more competitive than the market
     for employees. The war for talent is fierce and is likely to become more so with the massive numbers of employees retiring in
     the next five years.)

4.   Organizations must capture a bigger portion of the employee mindshare (For instance, pay
     raises may be a great short-term motivator, but motivational theory research shows that money satisfies only to a certain
     extent. After that, people look for meaning in their lives)

5.   Organizational must exceed the rate of change (Competition today is between the processes different
     organizations use to ensure that their employees are trained and up-to-date. In high-performing organizations such as GE and
     Pepsico, in which CEOs personally drive the learning agenda, learning cascades down throughout )

6.   Get ready for a heterogeneous workforce (Recent immigration patterns have sharply internationalized our
     labor force. This, combined with the fact that baby boomers will soon retire at a predictable high rate, means that our
     workforce will comprise a higher proportion of visible minorities. Some companies have already begun investing heavily in
     formally ingraining diversity into their culture. )
7.   Managers must communicate effectively with employees (Line managers, who tend to focus on
     bottom-line results, often need reminders about the importance of ongoing communication with staff. Employees’ levels of
     motivation are dependent on how well line managers communicate. It’s not about sending numerous e-mails; it is about
     effective face-to-face communication. When the going gets tough, effective communication is key. It can make all the
     difference between a motivated staff with a positive attitude and an unmotivated, disgruntled group of people. )

8.   Measurement leads to credibility (rather than measuring the number of people hired, we should focus
     on the quality of people hired. How well do they help the organization innovate, change, and deliver other
Helpful Websites

  – State HR Answers and Tools online

  – Society for Human Resource
Other Resources

• NACBA Reading List   link

• Books and websites
13 Core Competencies –
Certification Centers
     Title                                                Session

1. Personnel / Human Resource Management 1
2. Staff Development                                      1
3.   Congregational Ldshp                                 1
4.   Theology of Stewardship                              1
5.   Office Management                                1
6.   Information Management                               1
7.   Property Management                                  1
8.   Strategic Planning                               2
9.   Financial Management                                 2
10. Stewardship of Self                               2
11. Legal / Tax Matters                               2
12. Christian Perspectives & Theology of the church       2
13. Theology of Church Administration                     2
1-Personnel /Human
Resource Management                          (8hrs)
•   Employment Law
•   ADA - Family Medical Leave
•   Definition of Roles & Duties
•   Supervision – Performance Reviews
•   Search, Interview, Hire, Evaluate
•   Background Checks - Physical Drug Test
•   Termination
•   Compensation & Benefits – Recognition
•   Personnel Policies & Procedures
•   Sexual Harassment
•   Contractual Agreements for Employment
•   Workers’ Compensation
•   OSHA
•   Unemployment Compensation
2 - Staff Development                    (6hrs)

•   Team Building/Development - Mission
•   Improving Staff Performance – System Theory
•   Paid and Unpaid Staff
•   Interpersonal Relations
•   Communication, Conflict Resolution
•   Supervisory Development
•   Accountability
McDonnell Douglas DC-3

• Greatest airplane ever designed
• Introduced in 1935
• Ushered in the era of commercial air
• 1st plane that supported itself
• 1st plane that supported itself
DC-3 brought together 5
critical component
technologies              – each an important part of the whole

• Variable pitch propeller (made engine more powerful at
  all speeds)

• Retractable landing gear (reduced drag)
• Lightweight molded body construction
  (stronger and faster)

• Radial air-cooled engine
• Wing flaps – new innovation
Today – 5 new “component
technologies” - disciplines
• Systems Thinking – discipline of the whole and not
• Personal Mastery – discipline of
   – Continually clarifying vision
   – Developing patience
• Mental Models – things that influence how we
  understand the world and how we take action
• Building Shared Vision
• Team Learning
The Fifth Discipline         Peter Senge

• “Most changes in organizational structure
  are piecemeal reactions to problems.
  Real designers are continually trying to
  understand wholes. Just as the DC-3
  designers had to integrate the 5
  component technologies, crucial design
  work for leaders of learning organizations
  concerns integrating vision, values, and
The Fifth Discipline

• Strategies for Building a Learning
   5 Dysfunctions

Dysfunctions                    Evidence
1. Lack of Trust                Invulnerability
2. Fear of Conflict             Artificial Harmony
3. Lack of Commitment           Ambiguity
4. Avoidance of Accountabilty   Low Standards
5. Inattention to Results       Status & Ego
Positive Approach to Team

• They trust one another
• They engage in unfiltered conflict around ideas
• They commit to decisions and plans of action
• They hold one another accountable for delivery
  against those plans
• They focus on the achievement of collective results
Suggestions for Overcoming

•   Dysfunction 1
    – Personality profiling
        • Birkman
        • Myers Briggs
•   Dysfunction 2
    – Mining
•   Dysfunction 3
    – Deadlines
•   Dysfunction 4
    – Publish goals and standards
    – Simple progress review
    – Team rewards
Keys to Team Building

• Annual planning & Leadership
  development retreat
• Quarterly staff meetings offsite- 2
• Weekly staff meetings on site
• AdHoc topical meetings
The Boundaryless
Structure: The Boundaryless

• Reveals how leaders can use new
  technologies to shift from a “top
  down” mentality to those that rely
  on creating stretch goals, shared
  mindsets, and empower employees
• Information – encouraging greater access
  across all boundaries
• Authority – giving people at different
  levels the power to make decisions
• Competence – helping people develop the
  skills they need to succeed
• Rewards – giving people the incentives to
  achieve shared organizational goals
Focus On

• Results
• Accountability
• Tough decision making
The essence of the 21st
Century is

• Speed
• Flexibility
• Integration
• Innovation
To achieve success, you must
reshape the 4 types of
• Vertical (Organizational floor & ceiling) –
  hierarchical levels, titles, status & rank
• Horizontal (Internal walls) – function,
  division, unit, groups
• External (External walls) – suppliers,
  customers, communities
• Geographical (Cultural walls) – time,
  space, language – ESL

• Sufficient permeability of
  boundaries to allow for quick
  adjustment to changes in the
• What are those quick changes in a
  church / non-profit environment?
Leaders of boundaryless
organizations should provide
and be proficient in
• Information access
• Empowerment of people to make
  independent decisions
• Competence – help people develop the
• Rewards – shared incentives that
  promote goals
Create a “Learning Culture”

• Shared mindset – to what extent does
  your organization promote learning?
• Competence – to what extent do we have
  competencies that promote learning?
• Consequence – to what extent do your
  appraisal systems encourage learning
• Governance – to what extent do your
  organizational structures promote
• Capacity for change – to what extent do
  our work processes and systems
  encourage learning?
• Leadership – to what extent do leaders
  demo a commitment to learning?
“Forgive me father, for I have
                                 1996 Farcus Cartoons Inc
The Path of Least
 Resistance for
The Path of Least Resistance
for Managers
• Organizational energy moves along the path of least
• Change that doesn’t follow this path will not work
• The underlying structure of anything will determine its
  path of least resistance
   – The route of the bison in the old west was determined by
     the topography
   – You may have the structure of a racecar or a rocking chair
• We determine the path of least resistance by creating
  new structure
   – GBC Missions story
GBC Missions

• Calling of Pastor – former
• With regard to missions, church
  – Had no vehicle
  – No funds
  – No vision
Created new structure

• Called a Missions Pastor
  – Developed leadership
  – World view
  – Generated own funding (DC-3)
  – Proved its value
  – Impacted rest of the structure
  – Snowball effect
  – Personal involvement
Ten Steps to a
10 Steps

•   Assess your learning culture
•   Promote the positive
•   Make the workplace safe for thinking
•   Reward risk-taking
•   Help people become resources for each other
•   Put learning power to work
•   Map out the vision
•   Bring the vision to life
•   Connect the systems
•   Get the show on the road
10 Steps to Learning
Organization – 16 Principles
that promote learning
•   Prime the mind to be self directed – people help themselves
•   View mistakes as steps to continuous learning
•   Willingness to rework organizational systems
•   Develop steps to grow self-esteem, morals and organizational commitment
•   Celebrate the learning process
•   Celebrate all learners equally
•   Encourage the sharing of knowledge among piers
•   Encourage the learner to structure their own learning
•   Teach the process of self-evaluation
•   Don’t place limits on anyone’s intelligence
•   Acknowledge that everyone learns differently
•   Encourage people to discover their own learning
•   Cultivate each employee’s abilities
•   Make learning logical, moral and fun
•   Give opportunity for dialogue and discussion
•   Everything is subject to re-examination and investigation
 Now Discover
Your Strengths
Now Discover Your Strengths

• Gallup Organization
• Focuses on hiring and employee
  development according to strengths, not
• Evaluation tool via internet
• Prehire testing and evaluation
• GBC and other church use
Conclusion –
GBC Structure
                                                                                      Senior Pastor

                                                                        Adm Asst

                                                                                     Executive Pastor

                                                                           Pastor                             Pastor
                                                                           for                          for Evangelism and
                                                                        Counseling                      Pastoral Ministries

Past or f or Administ rat ion               Pastor for Discipleship                       Pastor for Missions                 Pastor for Music & Worship         Pastor for Recreation
                                                                                        and Volunteer Ministries

         Assoc Admn Pastor                               Past or                                    Secretaries                        Associat e Past or f or           A ssociat e P ast or
                                                   Preschool Minist ries                            and Interns                         Music & Worship                         f or
                                                                                                                                                                            Recreat ion

                                                                                                                                            Direct or of                     Direct or of
         Director of Plant and Properties                  Associate Director                                                             Children's Music              Fit ness & Wellness
                                                         of Preschool Ministries

                                                                                                                                         Past or f or Media                 Direct or of
                    Full Charge                            Weekday Preschool                                                                                                 Facilit ies
                    Bookkeeper                                    Director

                                                                                                                                            Secret aries                    S ecret aroes
                       Clerks                            Pastor for                                                                         and Interns                     and Interns
                 Stewardship and                   Childhood Minist ries

             and Interns                                   Associate Director
                                                         of Childhood Ministries

            Food Service
              Director                                   Past or f or
                                                         Junior High

   Director of Church Information
                                                            Associate Pastor
                                                             for Junior High

                                                        Past or f or
                                                        Senior High

                                                            Associate Pastor
                                                             for Senior High

                                                    Past or f or Singles

                                                            Associate Pastor
                                                            Singles / College

                                                       Past or f or
                                                      Married Adult s

                                                        Past or f or
                                                       Senior Adult s
Team Building

• Survey – how many are office managers”
• Periodic Team Building
  – Issues & answers
  – Door prizes
  – Celebrate special occasions
  – Change titles
  – Pay hourly
  – Give training

• As Managers
  – Managing people is the most
    challenging task we have
  – Challenges
    • Motivation
    • Relationships / Conflict resolution
    • Proficiency
    • Efficiency
Work With Me
Work With Me – Resolving
Everyday Conflict in Your
• ERI Model
  – Emotion – calm the emotions
  – Reason – Assess, understand, evaluate
  – Intuition – possible solutions and

• Overcome emotional baggage,
  getting feelings out of the way
• Clearing up communication
  problems that destroy the
• Be a good listener (list on p. 50)
Reason – types of difficult
•   The Exploder
•   The Complainer
•   The Sulker
•   The Sensitive Soul
•   The Warrior
•   The Pusher
•   The Judge / Critic
•   The Steamroller
•   The Control Freak
•   The Clock Watcher
•   The “By The Book”
•   The “Tit for Tatter”
•   The “Do-It-My-Wayer”
•   The Naysayer
•   The “Super-Agreeable” Flake
•   The Procrastinator
Other Difficult Types

• The Sniping Sneak
• The Space Case
• The Gossip
5 Conflict Styles

• Competing
• Collaborating
• Avoiding
• Accommodating
• Compromising
The Valuable
Successas An Admn Asst
relies on the ability to:

• Learn when to say no
• Learn how to ask for what you want
• Learn to be direct
• Learn to value and stand up for yourself
• Learn to be accountable
• Learn to think beyond the immediate task
Paradigm Shift

• Page 16
   Building A
Partnership With
   Your Boss
When are you your own
worst enemy?

• When you have an unclear view of
• Blindness to the impact we have on those
  around us
• Our flawed personal logic
• The strong pull of our personal history
The Leadership
“But everything
should be done in
a fitting and
orderly way”

• I Corinthians 14:40
Business Ethics
(for Churches)
• Complying with rules, policies,
  procedures, laws, and expectations.
• How the actions of those involved
  affect the organization, community,
  and society as a whole.
• Applying Scriptural Principles
• Using Intentional Integrity
In Conclusion

• Be a learner
• Don’t isolate yourself or your
• Conquer change
• Focus on your strengths
• Grow!
“After 25 years of loyal service, all I have
is a crummy gold watch and $3 million
dollars in office supplies.”
                                     1996 Farcus Cartoons Inc

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