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                       As sister cities,
                       Melbourne and Osaka
                       are wonderful places in
                       which to live and also to

                       experience as a visitor.

                       This guide captures the
                       essence of these cities

                       from the viewpoints of
                       their own celebrated
                       designers who provide
                       advice on the very
                       best there is to know
                       about their own city.

                       Just follow the map
local haunts and       dotted with their
daily inspiration
                       to enjoy architecturally
                       significant buildings,
                       stylish shops restaurants
                       and the natural attractions
                       of each city.

www.melbourneand.com   3 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                               local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                               GArrY emerY
                                                               Creative Director, Doctor of              Garry is the creative director of the
                                                               Design Honoris Causa RMIT                 practice and is regarded as one of the
                                                               University, Adjunct Professor             world’s leading designers. he lectures
                                                               RMIT University, Adjunct                  internationally and his work has been
“Melbourne has a kind of ‘European chic’ character, has        Professor Deakin University,              widely exhibited, published and awarded
spectacular cloud formations, grey coloured urban fabric       Hon Bachelor of Arts Sydney               almost everywhere.
with comfortably scaled network of laneways, offset by         Graphics College, Hon
leafy green parks, with excellent coffee everywhere, a         Fellow Australian Institute of
diverse cultural population. It’s an indoor city that prides   Architects, Member of Alliance
itself in culture, the arts and sporting events.”              Graphique Internationale
                                                               80 Market Street Southbank
                                                               Victoria 3006 auStralia
                                                               tel +61 3 9699 3822 Fax +61 3 9690 7371

                                                               Brother Baba Budan                        Best coffee.
                                                               359 little bourke Street
                                                               Melbourne, Vic 3000
                                                               tel: +613 9606 0449

                                                               The Melbourne Supper Club                 A variety of intimate spaces
                                                               161 Spring Street                         and the roof garden with view
                                                               Melbourne, Vic 3000                       to historic parliament building.
                                                               tel: +61 3 9654 6300

                                                               Monaco House                              Contemporary architectural
                                                               22 ridgway Place                          insertion in gritty laneway.
                                                               Melbourne, Vic 3000

                                                               1000 £ Bend                               Eclectic mix of gritty
                                                               361 little lonsdale St                    paraph ernalia, food and
                                                               Melbourne, Vic 3000                       beverage, art and contemporary
                                                               www.thousandpoundbend.com.au              recycled furniture.

                                                               Hosier Lane                               A laneway given over to
                                                               hosier lane                               street art.
                                                               Melbourne, Vic 3000

                                                               5 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
local designers’ inspirational destinations
ess. lAborAtorY                                                                       114 Gertrude St
                                                                                      Fitzroy Victoria 3065 auStralia
                                                                                      tel +613 9495 6112

The Melbourne based Ess. Laboratory,                   Yu-u Japanese Restaurant           High quality Japanese dining. The special
design duo from Japan, have created                    basement                           homemade buckwheat noodles must be
a space that encapsulates their love of                137 Flinders lane                  ordered when making a reservation.
architecture, music, photography, film                 Melbourne, Vic 3000
and industrial objects.
                                                       Doctor Java                        The best organic coffee shop around CBD.
hoshika oshimi established the label in                87a Smith Street
2001. She showed her first collection Sprit            Fitzroy, VIC 3065
of the beehive in Melbourne where she has
since presented her women’s collections.               Lounge Cafe at Sofitel Hotel       Quiet and relaxing space. Nice herbal
her collaborative partner tatsuyoshi kawabata,         25 Collins Street                  tea served. Also the 35th floor men’s
renowned for composing music for television            Melbourne, VIC 3000                toilet has magnificent view.
commercials, animated works and films, soon            www.sofitelmelbourne.com.au
became a part of the design team in 2003.
                                                       ACCA                               Australian Centre for Contemporary
oshimi and kawabata have an obvious                    111 Sturt Street                   Art & The Malthouse Theatre
desire to defy any commercialisation of their          Melbourne, VIC 3006                next door.
work. Surrealistic ideas are translated into           www.accaonline.org.au
unorthodox shapes, unexpected cuts and
forms, and by the same token, ess.laboratory’s
clothes are always wearable and timeless.              E.S.S Laboratory                   Our flagship store.
to them, fashion is not seen as something that         114 Gertrude Street
is superficial but a search for the essence of it.     Fitzroy, Vic 3065
this means both research in the fabric as well         www.ess-laboratory.com
as the investigation of the idea of clothing itself.

                                                       7 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                     local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                     John Denton
                                                     Denton Corker Marshall are          overseas work includes the highly awarded
                                                     internationally recognised          Manchester civil Justice centre and the
                                                     Architects with offices in          Stonehenge Visitors centre as well as
                                                     Melbourne, Jakarta and              australian embassies in beijing (1991), tokyo
                                                     London. Melbourne work              (1987), Jakarta (current project) and the new
                                                     includes the Melbourne              british embassy in Manila (2008). denton
                                                     Gateway, Melbourne                  corker Marshall has won more national raia
                                                     Exhibition Centre, Melbourne        award architecture awards than any other
                                                     Museum and a number of              practice. their most recent competition win
                                                     city office towers such as          is the $170M new engineering and it Faculty
                                                     101 Collins Street.                 for the university of technology of Sydney.

                                                     49 exhibition Street Melbourne
“Melbourne is home – I love living in the CBD.       Victoria 3000 auStralia
It’s a great city to live in – the grey basaltic     tel +613 9012 3600 Fax +613 9012 3601
conservative conceals a vibrant artistic culture.”   www.dentoncorkermarshall.com

                                                     9 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
As a resident of the CBD for nearly 30 years my 5 recommendations start      114 Russell Street           At 114 Russell Street is an interesting
with restaurants. I live in Flinders Lane and there are many restaurants     corner of russell and        refurbishment and extension of an
there but my preferred order close to home are:                              collins Streets, Melbourne   old telephone exchange into apartments.
                                                                                                          The Hero Building by architect Nonda
                                                                                                          Katsalidis is a bold intervention but what
Verge Restaurant + Wine Bar                                                                               interests me is at the bottom. For good
1 Flinders lane, Melbourne                                                                                coffee try the Postal Hall Cafe and for
www.vergerestaurant.com.au                                                                                contemporary Japanese food try Den
                                                                                                          Isakaya – an amazing space in the
Cumulus Inc                                                                                               basement (which we happened to design)   .
45 Flinders lane, Melbourne
                                                                             Webb Bridge                  We won a competition for a pedestrian
Coda Bar + Restaurant                                                        docklands                    and cycle bridge over the Yarra River at
141 Flinders lane, Melbourne                                                                              Docklands. Webb Bridge is an interesting
www.codarestaurant.com.au                                                                                 structure that we designed in association
                                                                                                          with artist Robert Owen and links
Ezard                                                                                                     Dockland north of the river to south
187 Flinders lane, Melbourne                                                                              of the river.

                                                                             The Melbourne Museum         Also seek out the Melbourne Museum
                                                                             nicholson Street             (which we also won in competition around
ACCA                               I sit on the Board of the Australian      carlton Gardens                            .
                                                                                                          10 years ago) An interesting building in
111 Sturt Street, Southbank        Centre for Contemporary Art               www.museumvictoria.com.au/   the Carlton Gardens next to the World
www.accaonline.org.au              whose great exhibitions occur in          melbournemuseum              Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Buildings
                                   an excellent building designed by                                      it contains Australia’s best collection
                                   Wood Marsh Architects. Sitting                                         of indigenous Art but also everything
                                   outside is the sculpture Vault by Ron                                  else from dinosaurs to Australiana.
                                   Robertson Swann which we originally
                                   commissioned for the City Square we
                                   designed in 1976. The sculpture was
                                   controversially removed soon after
                                   installation. The City Square also
                                   subsequently disappeared. Such is life.

                                                                             11 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                      local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                      rob ADAms
                                                      As Director of Design &               and projects in addition to design-research
                                                      Urban Environment for the             based urban projects and strategies, and
                                                      City of Melbourne with more           has attracted over 100 state and national
                                                      than 36 years experience as a         awards for excellence. in 2007, rob was made
                                                      practising architect and urban        a Member of the order of australia for services
                                                      designer, rob has produced            to architecture and urban design and in 2008
                                                      a large number of strategic           became the Prime Minister’s environmentalist
                                                      urban design solutions                of the year at the banksia awards.

                                                      ProF rob adaMS aM                     a champion of both the arts and environmental
                                                      director deSiGn & urban enVironMent
                                                      city oF Melbourne, GPo box 1603       sustainability he has worked to ensure that
                                                      Melbourne 3000 auStralia
                                                      tel +613 9658 9660 M 0411 131 457
                                                                                            good urban design is established as a platform
                                                      rob.adaMS@Melbourne.Vic.GoV.au        for city development into the 21st century.

                  Yarra River                         Carlton Gardens                       Swanston Street

                  The Yarra River has over the        Carlton Gardens and the Royal         Swanston Street is the civic
                  last 25 years had a complete        Exhibition Buildings are world        spine of the city. From the Arts
                  makeover. It is now a river         heritage listed and form a            Centre through to Federation
                  that runs through the city          significant link between              Square, the Cathedral, the City
“Melbourne is a   rather than past it. From           early establishnient and the          Square, Melbourne Town Hall,
city you cannot   Birrarung Marr, Federation          significant park network              the retail core, State Library,
visit in a day.   Square, Southbank, Sandridge        for the city and their use for        RMIT and Melbourne
Its many layers   Bridge, the Casino and the new      festivals and celebrations.           University, a journey along
require time to   Convention Centre, this river       The Exhibition Buildings are          this street on foot or by
discover. ”       has become a major iconic           the sole remaining functioning        tram, gives the viewer an
                  feature for the city with quality   exhibition buildings from             important snapshot of what
                  designed buildings which speak      the nineteenth century.               is important to Melbourne.
                  of a new found confidence
                  in the late 20th Century.
                                                      The Lanes                             CH2

                                                      The lanes in Melbourne are the        CH2 was the first purpose
                                                      informal spaces created out of        built 6 Green Star commercial
                                                      the subdivision pattern in the        office building in Australia.
                                                      nineteenth century. They are          In 2006 a benchmark for
                                                      intimate and unpredictable and        green architecture in Australia
                                                      speak of the many layers of           and has become world
                                                      Melbourne’s inner city culture.       famous for its leadership .

                                                      13 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                              local designers’ inspirational destinations
                              mArY FeAtherston
                              Mary Featherston is               Her design projects include play/learning
                              a design consultant               spaces and interactive exhibitions in
                              specialising in design of         children’s centres, schools and cultural
                              learning environments for         venues. the focus of her research and
                              children and young people.        practice is the relationship between pedagogy
                                                                and design of the physical environment.

                                                                Wth late husband, Grant Featherston, the
                                                                couple won many Good design awards and are
                                                                represented in the collections of several State
                              22 the bouleVard
                              iVanhoe Victoria 3079 auStralia   galleries, the national Gallery of australia
“Melbourne is a surprising    tel/Fax +613 9497 1684
                                                                and the Powerhouse Museum. in 1996 they
city – formal gardens,        www.featherston.com.au            were inducted into the design hall of Fame.
natural bushland, gold rush
buildings and sophisticated
contemporary architecture     Akio Makigawa sculptures
all meet together.”           Sidney Myer Asia Centre
                              Melbourne University, Carlton

                              Capital City Trail
                              bike path beside yarra river

                              nGV aboriginal Gallery
                              the ian Potter centre
                              Federation Square

                              Treasury Gardens
                              Wellington Parade

                              Shell Building & garden
                              Flinders Street, Melbourne

                              15 MELBOURNE&OSAKA

                                                                   brigthon bathing boxes
                                                                   dendy Street beach
                                                                   brighton, Victoria, 3186
                                                                   13km south of Melbourne


image. www.flickr.com/photos/innercreation/   17 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                                                local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                                                shInnosKe suGIsAKI
                                                                                Born in Nara Japan, Mr.                Sugisaki has worked on a wide range of
                                                                                Shinnoske Sugisaki defines             projects including advertising, branding
                                                                                design as the formulation              and information & space design for clients
                                                                                of information and creative            in both the corporate and cultural sectors.
                                                                                impression, with the aim               Actively presenting his experimental works,
                                                                                of achieving clear and                 Sugisaki has been showcased in exhibitions,
                                                                                effective communication.               and has given many lectures in Japan and
                                                                                ShinnoSke deSiGn 2-1-8 tSuriGane-cho
                                                                                                                       around the world. Sugisaki is a member of 
                                                                                chuo-ku, oSaka, 540-0035, JaPan        the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI),
                 “Osaka is not only the ultimate                                Shinn@Shinn.co.JP
                                                                                tWitter: ShinnoSke_S
                                                                                                                       a steering committee member of the Japan
                 “local” city, but also the                                     Facebook: ShinnoSke                    Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), and
                 ultimate “global” city in Japan.”                                                                     a Professor at the Osaka University of Arts.

National Museum of Art           With only one part of the building appearing   Tempozan Junction                      Situated above reclaimed riverland, the
4-2-55 nakanoshima               above ground, the huge body of this museum     5 kousei, Minato-ku, osaka             infinite highways weave to connect the
kita-ku, osaka                   exists underground. Being underground          www.junction.xxxxxxxx.jp/              city and surrounds. The confusing scenery
www.nmao.go.jp/japanese/         makes me calm, and shortens the distance       tenpozan.html                          can also offer a form of urban charm.
home.html                        between myself and the works of art.                                                  The junction is impossible to disentangle.

dojima Samboa                    This bar has been in the same old place
1-5-40 dojima                    for over 70 long years, seemingly existing     bandai Pond                            The Bandai pond is like a mysterious
kita-ku, osaka                   forever. I love to feel the richness in the    3-7 bandai,                            microcosm surrounded by greenery. Living
www.suntory.co.jp/whisky/        moment of a mouthful of highball.              Sumiyoshi-ku, osaka                    nearby in my early 20’s with little money, this
kakubin/totteoki/                                                               www.ocsga.or.jp/osakapark/             pond always seemed to make me feel welcome.
osaka02.html                                                                    hfm_park/11tokusyoku/                  My future back then seemed so far away.
                                                                                flower16.htm                           [Location not displayed on map. Travel by
Views from tenjin bridge         Situated above reclaimed riverland, the                                               train to Tezukayama Station in Sumiyoski
1-1 nakanoshima                  infinite highways weave to connect the city                                           Ward. The Park is adjacent to the station]
kita-ku, osaka                   and surrounds. The scenery varies between
www.panoramio.com/               all four seasons, but also between morning,
photo/27200957                   noon and night within each season.

                                                                                19 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                                                  local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                                                  YuKo ArAKI
                                                                                  Having worked as a                        Ms. araki is a member of the Japan Graphic
                                                                                  graphic designer in a design              designers association and also tokyo typo
                                                                                  company, with experience                  directors club. She currently lectures in
                                                                                  as an art director, Araki                 the department of visual design at kobe
                                                                                  teamed up with an architect               design university, concentrating on design
                                                                                  in 2004 and established                   education as an associate Professor.
                                                                                  ‘Landsat Inc.’ Landsat
                                                                                  offers a total solution for               her main awards are the Japan Graphic
                                                                                  visual design and space.                  designers association new designer’s
                                                                                                                            award, tokyo art directors club award,
                                                                                  landSat inc.
                                                                                  2F, 2-10-41, hiGaShitenMa                 ny art directors club Silver award,
                                                                                  kita-ku, oSaka, 540-0044, JaPan
                                                                                  tel +81-6-6358-8566 Fax +81-6-6358-8610
                                                                                                                            Package design in Japan biennial
                                                                                  www.landsat.jp                            Gold award etc.

                  “A characteristic of Osaka people is their lively attitude      Tenma Aomono Ichiba                       The Tenma Aomono Markets, the
                  and love of all things new. With a strong sense of              (Market) & Kaiwai                         longest shopping street arcade in Japan,
                  economics (i.e., stingy) Osaka people speak straight            Shopping Precinct                         is located right in the centre of Kawai’s
                  from the hip. Osaka people really love food. They are           3 kaiwai, ikeda-cho                       Tenjin Bashi Avenue Shopping Precinct,
                  warm hearted and enjoy comedy / a good laugh.”                  kita-ku, osaka                            where you can experience the Osaka’s
                                                                                                                            energetic city folk. The arcade is
                                                                                                                            crammed with Osaka “soul” food shops.
Tenma Tenjin Hanjotei           Osaka rakugo hall hosts a traditional
& Kame no Ike                   form of comical storytelling. Even if you         Nakanoshima Park at Night                 The Nakanoshima Park is considered
~ Turtle Pond Naniwa            don’t fully understand the language, you          1 Nakanoshima                             Osaka’s water capital. Whilst lovely in
tenma tenjin hanjotei: 2-4-34   will still enjoy this Osaka style comedy          Kita-ku, Osaka                            the daytime, walking along the east side of
tenjinbashi, kita-ku, osaka     purely from its atmosphere. A great thing                                                   the park with views from the lit up Osaka
tel: 06-6352-4874               to after enjoying a few laughs, is to visit the                                             Town Hall at night is highly recommended.
kame no ike naniwa: 2-5-10      Naniwa turtle pond directly opposite the
tenjinbashi, kita-ku, osaka     hall and enjoy some delicious Unagi(Eel).         Patisserie de SAMOURAI –                  If all that strolling around the
tel: 06-6352-3232                                                                 Kitahama GOKAN                            Nakanoshima area has tired you out,
                                                                                  2-1-1 imabashi                            why not take a break at the GOKAN
National Bunraku Theatre        The UNESCO Intangible Cultural                    chuo-ku, osaka                            tea saloon? The pure swiss rolls made
& Opus 1                        Heritage, Ningyojoruri (Traditional               tel: 06-4706-5160                         of rice are my special recommendation.
national bunraku theater:       Japanese puppet show)and Bunraku                                                            Built in the Taisho period (1912-1926) ,
1-12-10 nipponbashi                                          ,
                                (Traditional puppet drama) are                                                              the atmosphere of the retro modern
chuo-ku, osaka                  performed at the National Bunraku                                                           GOKAN building is great to experience.
tel: 06-6212-2531               theatre, which was designed by Kisho
opus1: 1F, 3-3-29 kozu          Kurokawa. After enjoying a National
chuo-ku, osaka                  Bunraku show, why not sample the
tel: 06-6649-6067               Chinese cuisine ‘Opus 1’ located nearby.
                                                                                  21 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
local designers’ inspirational destinations
KAnA YoshImI                                                                                 Tennoji Garden ‘Keitakuen’    ‘Keitakuen’ is an elegant Japanese Garden
                                                                                             chausuyama-cho, tennoji-ku    that is connected to the erstwhile Mitsui
                                                                                             osaka (10 mins from           financial group, which still stands in the
                                                                                             “dobutsuen-mae” Station       middle of Tennoji Garden, with superb views
                                                                                             of Sakaisuji (Subway) line    of the pond from Azumaya. Hardly even
                                                                                             tel: 06-6771-8401             known even by the Osaka locals themselves,
                                                                                                                           this is a little secret healing spot for me.

                                                                                             kombu doi                     A long established store selling sea kelp
                                                                                             7-6-38 tani-machi, chuo-ku    (Kombu)– Japanese food staple - culture
                                                                                             osaka 542-0012                for over 100 years. With almost ritualistic
                                                                                             tel: 06-6761-3914             belief towards kelp, Kombu Doi passes
                                                                                             www.accaonline.org.au         on the cultural passion of Japanese soup
                                                                                                                           stock as something “real”. ‘Juubai Dashi’
                                                                                                                           (10 Times Concentrated Soup Stock)
                                                                                                                           is made of wild bonito and selected kelp,
                                                                                                                           provides that typical Japanese food flavour,
                                                                                                                           and highly recommended as a souvenir.

                                                                                             Shitennoji Naniwazuke         Originally ceasing operation during Japan’s
                                                                                             Nishimura                                                  ,
                                                                                                                           Edo period (1603 ~ 1868) the farm-
                                                                                             1-12-10 Shitennoji            ing of the traditional Naniwa Vegetables
“OSAKA ROCKS!                           A copywriter and producer, I deal with               Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0051    was later re-established, now pickling
Need to smile? –                        copywriting in the fields of distribution            Tel: 06-6772-665              them in the old fashioned method. Taking
Come to Osaka!                          and fashion, writing with a sense of                                               advantage of their simple make-up, the
Wanna eat REAL food? –                  feminine sensitivity.                                                              exceptional taste of the pickled vegetable is
Come to Osaka!                                                                                                             evident, just like enjoying a simple salad.
Bored with life? –                      i also contribute to the editing of various books
Come to Osaka!”                         & magazines, writing interview articles as well.     Shimayan                      Shimayan is a family operated Japanese style
                                        i am the manager of an internet networking           6-12-8 Tani-machi, Chuo-ku    bar (Izakaya)run by a chic Kimono-clad
                                        website called bunkajin for cultural folk            Osaka 542-0012                lady and three family members. This is place
oSaka Store co.ltd., kanariya ltd.
1-10-16 ShitennoJi, tennoJi-ku, oSaka
                                        and creative people in the kansai region.                                          where you can sample traditional Japanese
tel 06-6775-1708                                                                                                           home style cooking and enjoy the nostalgic
M 090-1958-3699
Fax 06-6775-1707
                                        Since 2009, i have been active in branding osaka,                                  Showa period (1926-1988)atmosphere.
yoshimi@kanadesu.com                    helping make it a lively place for new business,
www.rakuten.co.jp/osakabaiten/          such as starting an online business called osaka     ‘Tozaiya’ Chin-Don            With vibrant clothing, musical instruments &
kana yoShiMi’S buSineSS cataloGue
                                        Store: the Selected best of kansai. We have          Style Ad Agency               town-crier like spruiking, plus a lively per-
www.bunkajin.jp/bunkajin/yoshimi/       selected everything from osaka style food and        tozaiya : 6-3-27 tani-machi   formance to draw public attention, Chin-Don
                                        traditional art pieces, through to creative goods.   chuo-ku, osaka 542-0012       Ya is a traditional form of Japanese street
bunkaJin: ProducinG cultural PeoPle                                                          tel: 06-6764-1984             advertising for shops and businesses. With a
in kanSai reGion
www.bunkajin.jp/                        using the online store, we have developed a                                        total member base of 22 performers, Tozaiya
kana yoShiMi’S bliSSFul MadaMS diary
                                        new style of product distribution, which has                                       is the largest Chin-Don group in Japan, and
www.ameblo.jp/canariya/                 gained much attention and popularity.                                              their office is based in Karahori, Osaka.
                                                                                             23 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                  local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                  murAtA chIAKI
* Hers Experimental Design Laboratory             after graduating from the                  Murata systemitises practical design role-
* METAPHYS Chief Executive Officer                osaka city university, Faculty             play, such as the development of product
* Professor at Kyoto University of Art & Design   of engineering, department                 design by psychological behavioural analysis
                                                  of applied Physics in 1982,                ‘behavioral design’, ‘design Management
                                                  Murata established the                     Strategy’, ‘design asset Value concept’
                                                  hers experimental design                   and so on.
                                                  laboratory in 1986.
                                                                                             in 2005 Murata announced a consortium
                                                  herS exPeriMental deSiGn laboratory inc.   design brand at the Milan Salone
                                                  1-5-22, MukoGaoka, toyonaka-Shi, oSaka
                “I believe that Osaka is the      tel +81-6-6854-3387                        international Furniture Fair called
                most individual and interesting   Fax +81-6-6854-3386
                                                                                             ‘MetaPhyS’ which has been picked
                city in Japan.”                   www.metaphys.jp                            up by media as a new business model.

                                                  Shin-sekai                                 Shin-sekai, meaning “New World” in
                                                  ebisu-higashi, naniwa-ku                   English, is not a new place. It is an OLD
                                                  osaka-shi                                  downtown, which has a extremely local
                                                                                             atmosphere. Visit small bars or restaurants
                                                                                             and enjoy Osaka’s soul food like ‘kushikatsu’.

                                                  DOGUYA-SUJI                                The shopping district where you can
                                                  Shopping District                          find EVERY kind of professional-use
                                                  Sennichimae, naniwa-ku                     cooking supplies at reasonable prices.
                                                  osaka-shi                                  Just a window-shopping will be fun.

                                                  HOSTEL 64 Osaka                            An affordable price hostel which was reno-
                                                  3-11-20 Shinmachi, nishi-ku                vated from an old retro-building built in 1964.
                                                  osaka-shi                                  Great accessibility to the center of Osaka.

                                                  Shitennoji Temple                          Shitennoji Temple is the oldest national
                                                  1-11-18 Shitennouji                        temple in Japan. On 21st in every month,
                                                  tennouji-ku, osaka-shi                     a huge flea market is open, where you
                                                                                             can find many kinds of things from
                                                                                             daily-commodities to Japanese antiques.
                                                                                             Just browsing will be fun enough.

                                                  Umeda-Sky Building                         Definitely one of the most outstanding items
                                                  1-1-88 ooyodonaka, kita-ku                 of architecture in Osaka. The “Floating
                                                  osaka-shi                                  Garden” observation deck is spectacular
                                                                                             with great views over Osaka day or night.
                                                  25 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                                             local designers’ inspirational destinations
                                                                             mAsAo FuKuhArA
                                                                             Professor - Design and               1996 built Japanese Garden at the royal
                                                                             Environmental Planning                      botanic Gardens. kew u.k.
                                                                             Faculty – Osaka                      2001 Won Gold and best in Show for
                                                                             University of Arts                          Japanese Garden at the rhS
                                                                                                                         chelsea Flower Show u.k.
                                                                                                                  2003 built Japanese Garden at rothschilds
                                                                                                                         Museum of art in the South of France
                                                                                                                  2005 redesigned rock Garden at
                                                                                                                         rhS Wisley Gardens u.k.
                                                                                                                  2010 held design Workshops in
                                                                                                                         Melbourne, australia
                                                                                                                  2010 built Japanese Garden at
                                                                             ‘Fu’ landScaPe deSiGn                       eskisehir turkey
                                                                             ShiMo SakaMoto 6-32-6
                                                                             otSu city, ShiGa PreFecture, JaPan   books: Japanese Gardens built around
                                                                             tel +81-77-578-2206
                                                                             Fax +81-77-578-2319
                                                                                                                         the World (Gakugei Publishers)

Tenmatenjin-hanjõtei           This is a small building with gaily lit       Dõtonbori                            This is the name by which the area in
34-1-2 tenjin-bashi, kita-ku   lanterns. Situated close to Tenman Shrine     chuõ-ku district                     Osaka’s Chuõ-ku district is known. It
osaka 530-0041                 to the west side and the local Tenman                                              runs along a 2.4 metres long canal linking
                               shopping mall to the east and this small                                           the Kizu river flowing through Osaka
                               site is surrounded by a variety of bamboos.                                        and the Higashi-Yokobori river, and
                               Architect: Tadanasa Tano;                                                          typifies the famous Kuidaore(literally
                               Landscape: Masao Fukuhara                                                          ‘eat till you drop’)food culture of Osaka.
                                                                                                                  There are many different restaurants
Okonomiyaki Marumi             At this restaurant in Osaka, theowner                                              here including the Kani Doraku
1-5-6 tenjin-bashi, kita-ku    makes fried noodles and okonimiyaki                                                Restaurant with a large mechanical
osaka 530-0041                 filled to overflowing with delicious                                               moving crab that is great fun to look at.
                               vegetables. Marumi is the sort of small
                               restaurant that’s always bustling             Jan-Jan-Yokochõ                      This local shopping mall runs along the
                               and friendly.                                 3-chome ebisuhigashi                 eastern side from north to south. It is the
                                                                             naniwa-ku, osaka 556-000             most vibrant place in all of down town
Keitaku-en Garden              This is a Japanese garden in central                                               Osaka, and there are numerous restaurants
(located in tenno-ji temple)   Osaka, located to the east behind Osaka                                            serving okonomiyaki*1, yakitori*2 and
108-1 chasuyama-cho            City Art Gallery. Work on the garden                                               kushiyaki*3. Tsutentaku Tower gives
tenno-ji-ku, osaka             began in 1908 and when it was completed                                            a sweeping view of Tennõji-temple.
                               in 1917 it was renamed Keitaku-en                                                  *1 pancake cooked on a hot plate with
                               (garden). The designer and builder of                                                 bean sprouts, cabbage noodles
                               the garden was Kohei Ogawa(familiarly                                                 and meat, or seafood
                               known as Ueji). Keitaku-en(garden)                                                 * barbecued skewered chicken pieces

                               is modelled on a Daimyõ garden.                                                    * barbecued skewered meat, vegetables etc

                                                                             27 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
                                                                                local designers’ inspirational destinations
                  “As Japan’s “second city”, there exists                       YoshImAru tAKAhAshI
                  an anti-mainstream consciousness in
                  Osaka that is based upon the culture of                       As a graphic designer,                   Some of his main achievements to date are
                  the common people. There is therefore a                       Takahashi conducts                       that of Silver award at new york art directors
                  nurturing consciousness of freedom and                        research into absorbed                   club, bronze Prize at new york Festival,
                  creativity not bound by any hierarchy.”                       visual communicative                     Judges choice at asia Graphics awards.
                                                                                expression that is
                                                                                synonymous with                          amongst other material, takahashi has
                                                                                Japanese culture.                        written a book published the Museum für
                                                                                                                         kunst und Gewerbe (Museum of art and
                                                                                                                         design) hamburg titled ‘Fuzzy communication’.

Ryuo Shrine                      Situated right in the median strip of a very                                            takahashi’s current postings include;
8 taiyuji-cho                    large road, you can find a very obvious                                                 Visiting professor at osaka university
kita-ku, osaka                   Ginko tree that stands alone together                                                   of arts Graduate School Principal of
                                 with a tiny little shrine. In spite of being                                            kokokumaru co. ltd, Member of Japan
                                 nonsensical, its mystery is very attractive.                                            Graphic designers association inc. Member
                                                                                                                         of tokyo typo directors club Member
HEP NAVIO Ferris Wheel           With a diameter of 75 metres spanning up                                                of Japan typography association inc.
heP naVio, 5-15 kakuda-cho       to the 7th floor of a fashion building, you                                             Member of new york type directors club
kita-ku, osaka                   can find a massive Ferris wheel that, even
tel: (06) 6366-3634              though it is not on the top of the building,
                                 cuts through into the building itself and
                                 interestingly boards from the 3rd floor.
People Shaped Streetlights       In Nishishinsaibashi you can find very
kaiwai, 1 nishishinsaibashi      tall streetlights about 6m tall which are
chuo-ku, osaka                   shaped like people; the light becomes
                                 the face, and the signs supported by two
                                 hands. Every streetlight pole takes on a
                                 different pose which is really fascinating.
ddd gallery                      The “ddd” gallery is a specialty graphic
ddd gallery, nanba ss building   design gallery. A precious gallery,
1-17-28 Minami horie             widely revered in Tokyo and world-
nishi-ku, osaka                  wide designer circle, the “ddd” gallery
tel: (06) 6110-4635              is famous for very special exhibitions.
Gallery itohen                   A place of debut for young modern
Gallery itohen, 2-14-18          artists, itohen is a gallery / book café.      yoShiMaru takahaShi kokokuMaru co. ltd
                                                                                7-2 MinaMi oGi-Machi
honjonishi, kita-ku, osaka                                                      kita-ku, oSaka, 530-0052, JaPan
                                                                                tel +81-6-6314-0881
tel: (06) 6292-2812                                                             Fax +81-6-6314-0806

                                                                                29 MELBOURNE&OSAKA
Brought to you by the
Department of Foreign
Affairs & Trade, The City
of Melbourne, The City
of Osaka and The Design
Institute of Australia.


                            City of Osaka
                                                                             Project concept by Kathy Demos
                                                                     Project management by Geoff Fitzpatrick
                                                                 Japanese coordination by Shinnoske Sugisaki
                                                                               Design by etc. (graphic design)
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