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					     Vol. XIX No. 3                                           N8480 Moh He Con Nuck Road, Bowler WI 54416                                                     February 1, 2011
   Mohican News Briefs                          Tribal Member Only Web                                 Permeable                                                     Permeable
                                                                                                       Membrane                                                      Membrane
                                                Site Coming Soon
                                                By Susan Savetwith – Reporter

                                                A secure website is being created for the
                                                exclusive use of Stockbridge-Munsee
                                                Tribal members to view Tribal Council,
                                                Board, and Committee meeting minutes.

                                                To enter the website, Tribal Members will
                                                provide a personal email address to obtain
Stockbridge-Munsee Health and                   a User ID and password. Stockbridge-
  Wellness Center Pharmacy                      Munsee internal work emails will not be
   Automated Telephone Call                     allowed. Tribal members should contact
    System - What to Expect                     the Enrollment Office via email at
By David Axt - Pharmacist              and pro-
To give our patients the option to call         vide their personal email address, name
prescription refills and leave voice             and date of birth. Name and date of birth
messages for the pharmacy 24 hours              are required in order to establish Tribal
any day, we have installed an automated         Membership.
telephone call system (IVRx).
                                                The tribal member will then receive user
The system was installed on January 8,          identification and a password along with
2011. From then until February 7, 2011, we      instructions on how to log in to the website
                                                and a contact number for assistance. The
will run the IVRx only when the pharmacy
is closed. This will give all of our patients   password received will be a temporary                          Membrane Cross-Section
immediate access to this 24-hour service.       password until Tribal members log on
It will also give our staff some time to        for the first time. At that time they will be   Wastewater Treatment Facility Information Updated
work with the system before we have             prompted to change their password. And         (Editor’s Note: Vice-President                    requirements,” he added. It also allows
the automated telephone call system on          of course, passwords will be able to be        Greg         Miller     has       secured         the water that is used by the community
during both open and closed hours.              changed and/or retrieved on an as needed       additional technical information                  to be returned to the same watershed
                                                basis. There will be functions on the log      not available at the last press                   from which it is pumped, ensuring that the
Beginning on Monday, February 7, 2011,          in screen to change the password at any        deadline that we are including to                 local aquifer will not be depleted by their
we plan to have the IVRx active both when       time and to recover forgotten passwords.       give you a better overall picture                 activity.
the pharmacy is open and closed.                                                               of the project). The Stockbridge-
                                                In addition, Tribal members will be required   Munsee Community has approved use                 The selected technology is a membrane
What to expect to hear if you call when the     to agree to the following confidentiality       of an advanced wastewater treatment               bio-reactor (MBR) from Ovivo, a global
pharmacy is closed:                             statement, “I understand that, as a member     technology that will be the first of its kind in   supplier of wastewater process equipment.
A. You will hear a short welcome message        of the Stockbridge-Munsee Community,           the State of Wisconsin. “Our tribe stands         The MBR is a new form of an “activated
that will change from time to time.             I am authorized to access the material         for people of the waters that are never           sludge” treatment system that is more
B. Next, you will hear automated                contained on this webpage. I understand        still,” said Greg Miller, Vice President of       typically used in large cities. What makes
instructions telling you specifically how        that I am not authorized to share my access    the tribe. “Water is very important in our        this treatment system special is that rather
you can use your telephone. These will be       information for this webpage with anyone       culture. We want to return the water we           than being separated from the residuals of
your general options:                           else. I agree to keep all information posted   use in the world in the best condition we         the treatment process by gravity, treated
Press “1” if you want to place a refill          on the website confidential, except that I      can for future generations.”                      effluent is strained through a fine-pore
request (you will need a prescription           may discuss it at meetings of the Tribal                                                         membrane. The pore openings are only
   Refill continued on page Six:                 Council, Committees and Boards and             The Community turned to MSAProfessional           0.4 microns in diameter. In comparison, a
                                                with other tribal members. I understand        Services (Baraboo, Wisconsin) for the             single strand of human hair is 100 microns

                                                that the failure to maintain confidentiality    design of a wastewater treatment facility         wide.

                                                of this information will result in me being    that will take nitrates out of the water. An
                                                denied access to the system and that the       improved facility also was needed to meet         “The biological part of the process is
                                                Tribe may seek other relief against me.”       their needs for an increase in wastewater         engineered to remove nitrogen, which
                                                                                               flow resulting from the October 2010               when in the form of nitrate can be harmful
                                                Tribal Boards and Committees who feel          opening of the North Star Mohican Casino          to infants. After this, the effluent is drawn
                                                that it would be inappropriate for their       Resort and other planned facilities.              through the membrane, leaving the water
                                                meeting minutes to be on the Web Page                                                            free from particulates, including bacteria
                                                must provide their reasoning to the Tribal     “Community representatives wanted                 and viruses, resulting in the highest
                                                Council.                                       to make a giant leap forward with their           quality of effluent achievable,” explained
                                                                                               wastewater technology,” said Greg                 Gunderson.
                                                Tribal Council will designate which board      Gunderson, P.E., MSA Professional
                                                and committees will place their meeting        Services project manager. “Our design             “This is the first time this technology
                                                    Web continued on page Six:                 will result in effluent that exceeds federal         Waste continued on page Six:

                                                                            Ads                  pg 14-15            Elders                      pg 4
                                                 What’s                     Community            pg 10               Family                      pg 7
                                                                            Directives           pg 12-13            Health                      pg 11
                                                 Inside                     Dot Davids           pg 5                Voices                      pg 2-3
February 1, 2011 Page 2
       From the desk of President, Kimberly Vele
                                         message from a dear friend.
                                                 My first thought after
                                         reading the email was how grateful                         Life’s Simple Seven
                                         I am to have this wonderful friend,    What is the number one killer of      Physical Activity: The American
                                         and second, that the message was       Americans? If you guessed heart       Heart Association recommends at
                                         so powerful, I should share it with    disease, you are right! This is why   least 30 minutes a day, five times
                                         someone. I believe that all things     February is proclaimed American       a week. You can even split up
                                         happen for a reason, so, in all its    Heart Month.                          those 30 minutes into two or three
                                         irony, here is part of her e-mail to                                         segments of 10-15 minutes each.
                                         me:                                    There are seven health and
                                                                                behavior factors that impact          Healthy Diet:
         Gardens are therapeutic for             “If you plant honesty, you     cardiovascular     health;  the       Consume less than 1,500 mg of
me. In warmer weather, if I have         will reap trust.                       American Heart Association calls      sodium per day and eat at least five
a particularly stressful day, I relish           If you plant goodness, you     them “Life’s Simple Seven.”           servings of fruits and vegetables a
the idea of scooting home a little       will reap friends.                                                           day.
early, shucking off my work clothes              If you plant humility, you     These steps can help add years to
in exchange for my comfortable           will reap greatness.                   your life:                            Know your Numbers:
grubby clothes and heading off to                If you plant perseverance,                                           Blood pressure should be below
my garden to dig and weed and            you will reap contentment.             1. Don’t Smoke                        120/80 mm Hg, total cholesterol
meditate.                                        If you plant consideration,    2. Maintain a Healthy Weight          should be under 200 mg/dL, and
         Until the weather breaks, I     you will reap perspective.             3. Engage in Regular Physical         fasting blood sugar should be
have to satisfy myself by reading                If you plant hard work, you       Activity                           below 100 mg/dL.
about gardens instead. My current        will reap success.                     4. Eat a Healthy Diet
installment is Ellen Sandbeck’s,                 If you plant forgiveness,      5. Manage Blood Pressure              Stockbridge-Munsee Health and
Eat More Dirt, a book about              you will reap reconciliation…          6. Take Charge of Cholesterol         Wellness Center
growing and tending to an organic        So, be careful what you plant now:     7. Keep Blood Sugar (Glucose) at
garden. This past week, after            it will determine what you reap           Healthy Levels                     Community Health Department
a particularly trying day, I was         later.”
reading my gardening book for a                                                                  Youth Group Pizza Sale
little escape when my computer                  I am not certain who
signaled a new e-mail. Curious,          authored this, but the message is      Sunday, Feb. 6th, Super Bowl Sunday. You MUST place an order to
and in need of a break, I checked        nourishing.                            get one. Supreme (pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers) are
my inbox and there was a beautiful       Kim                                    $7.00; Pepperoni are $6.00; Plain cheese are $5.00. Can be picked
                                                                                up at church from noon-2:00 on the 6th. You can order from one of the
                                                                                kids or send me a message. All proceeds go to their Pine Ridge trip
     AA Meetings at Lloyd Fredenberg’s -                                        this summer. Thanks!
    Sundays at 7 p.m. - W13350 River Road                                       Melinda Shriner
                                                                                Phone: (715) 793-4975         Email:
    Express your thoughts and opinions. Let your voice be heard.                                                     The Mohican News is published
     We welcome your letters to the Editor and the Community.                                                        twice monthly by:
                                                                                Band of Mohican Indians                Stockbridge-Munsee Community
                    Community Voices                                                                                   PO Box 70
                                                                                                                       N8480 Moh He Con Nuck Road
 Letters of opinion can be dropped of at Mohican News in the Tribal
                                                                                                                       Bowler, WI 54416
Offices or can be mailed to:                                                               PUBLISHER:                   Telephone: 715-793-4389
                                                                                 Stockbridge-Munsee Community
                        Mohican News                                                                                  Mohican News welcomes articles,
                                                                                            EDITOR:                   letters, photographs, and any pub-
                      N8480 Moh He Con Nuck Road                                            Jeff Vele                 lishable items of interest to Native
                                 PO Box 70                                                                            Americans. All materials to be re-
                             Bowler, WI 54416                                         STAFF REPORTER:                 turned should be accompanied by
                   e-mail:                                    Susan Savetwith                a return self-addressed envelope
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                                                                                                                                      MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                February 1, 2011 Page 3

Regarding article by Walking Eagle.     Tribal Members,

The complaint is that Councilman                 Yes, the lady that wrote the
Scott Vele accepted a donation          article about me in the last issue
for Mid West Alliance of                of the Mohican News was correct;
Sovereign Tribes (MAST) in              but only part of the story did she
violation of a code of conduct.         tell. I confirmed that MAST had          Letter to the Editor                   secondhand smoke are also more
                                        accepted sponsorship’s from                                                    likely to suffer from symptoms of
MAST is an organization of 34           Walsh Bishop after their contract       Every day, children in our community   respiratory irritation like cough,
tribes across four states, governed     was signed with the Stockbridge-        are exposed to secondhand smoke        excess phlegm, and wheezing.
by a Board of Directors made up         Munsee tribe.         I made this       in their own homes. The Wisconsin      Secondhand smoke can lead to
of members and officers of each          confirmation at the last two tribal      Tribes Putting Prevention to Work      a buildup of fluid in the middle
member Tribe. The Vice President        council meetings on December            Program of the Stockbridge-            ear, the most common cause of
is a Tribal Chair, Treasurer is from    21, 2010 and January 4, 2011. I         Munsee Community believes that         childhood operations requiring
Oneida, secretary is from Michigan,     have made a lot of motions during       if parents learn the facts about       hospitalization.
and Executive Director is Scott Vele.   Tribal Council meetings (look back      secondhand smoke and its health
Walking Eagle (WE) claims               at the Directives) and I have made      effects on children, they’ll do the    Most people know someone
that Councilman Vele accepted           almost every single motion on           right thing and take their smoking     with a child who is asthmatic
donations     for     MAST       from   the change orders for the casino        outside.                               or experiences periodic health
Stockbridge-Munsee              (SM)    project.                                                                       problems.   The only way to
Contractors. Did Scott ask for                   As I said at the last two      To help educate parents and            reduce the damaging effects
these donations? Did he use             tribal council meetings I should not    caretakers of young children           of secondhand smoke is to
them for himself? What does             have voted on the motions where         about the risks of secondhand          encourage smokers to not smoke
WE expect the SM Council to do          Walsh Bishop was concerned. I           smoke, the WTPPW Program, a            around young children.
in order to remedy this issue she       also said I was not bought and nor      coalition of health professionals
has brought to them? Were these         was my vote bought. In looking          has launched a public education        Although it seems like a simple
donations given to MAST officials?       back at the Directives, I see that      and awareness-building campaign        solution, this action will have an
                                        I voted against one of the motions      on secondhand smoke.                   enormous impact on the lives of
WE states that SM Council               for a change order as presented                                                their children. If you are a parent,
confirmed        these   violations,     and reviewed by the owner’s               The science supporting smoke-        caregiver, or grandparent of a
does she mean that SM Council           representative.                         free environments for children is      small child, remember to keep
approved before or after the                     I hold my oath of office as     strong. The U.S. Environmental         children away from cigarette
actions? Does that indicate guilt       elected by you very seriously! This     Protection Agency (EPA) estimates      smoke, even if it means taking
on the part of the SM Council??         is perception and people are using      that secondhand smoke (also            your own cigarette break outside.
Libel and slander are both ways to      it to their advantage. In 2007          known as environmental tobacco         For more information about the
defame, and destroy reputations,        Walsh Bishop gave fifteen hundred        smoke) is responsible for between      health effects of secondhand
also to sway others to your way of      dollars towards the total budget of     150,000 and 300,000 lower              smoke and for upcoming events,
thinking. Writing defamatory words      thirty three thousand dollars for the   respiratory tract infections           call Lenore “Punkin” Shepard at
can be libel, spoken words are          tribal leaders meal in Washington                                              715-793-5029.
slander, unless there is absolute       D.C.; in 2008 they gave fifteen          in infants and young children
proof of truth in what is written.      hundred dollars towards a meal for      under 18 months of age annually,       Yours Sincerely, Lenore M.
                                        the tribal leaders at Pine Hills with   resulting in between 7,500 and         Shepard, WTPPW Tribal
I am in no way trying to stop           a total budget of thirteen thousand     15,000     hospitalizations each       Coordinator, Stockbridge-Munsee
Walking Eagle from exercising her       dollars; and, in 2010 they gave         year.     Children exposed to          Health & Wellness Center
right to free speech, or of speaking    fifteen hundred dollars for a meal
her mind, but sometimes, when you       for the tribal leaders meeting with
downgrade others, it is a reflection     a total budget of seven thousand        Longhouse Dinner
of yourself. Also leaves you            seven hundred dollars in Prior
open to an appearance in Court.         Lake, MN.                               Tonight I had dinner at the Long       poured it into a crust. Someone
Eleanor R. Martin                                It has been insinuated         House Restaurant. The food was         forgot to tell those chiefs that you
                                        that I personally took money from       terrible.                              have to add eggs, cream, sugar
                                        Walsh Bishop and this is not true.                                             and spices to it before it goes into
Spring & Fall Cleanup                   I have served this tribe and its        They were serving Beef stew meat       the crust to be bake. Was that
Spring and fall clean up is now a       members for a long time and if this     and gravy, chicken breast; baby        awful?! The cake they had there
thing of the past! Our new waste        action has caused me to lose the        carrots, mashed potatoes, red          was dry. No flavor to it. The apple
company will provide us with a          faith of those who have supported       potatoes, plus a mess that looked      pie looked bad, real bad. I passed
large item day once a month.            me throughout the years - so be it      like stir fry.                         on that.
                                        and perhaps I won’t be returned to
Every third Thursday of each            my elected seat. But, I won’t be        The beef was so tough that I could     Now they say we have chefs in the
month you can put your clean up         crushed because I speak my mind;        not eat it. A person should have       kitchen working there. Where on
items out.                              nor will I be controlled by others      been able to cut it with a fork. I     gods green earth did they get them
                                        lurking in the dark attempting to       tried with my knife and it still was   from because they really need to
Not everything will be free; see        advance their agendas.                  hard to do.                            go back to school and learn how
the price list below for items with                                                                                    to cook?
fees:                                   Thank you,                              The gravy was like water. My
•Furniture: $15.00                      Scott R. Vele                           gosh, anyone should be able to         The tribe needs to buy them a
•Appliances: $15.00                     Tribal Council Member                   make gravy. I have to say they did     slow cooker so they can cook
•Freon: $35.00                                                                  not wreck the mashed potatoes.         those so called beef tips and get
•Microwave, TV, Computer Mon-                                                   Those were good and so was the         them tender. I worked more then
  itors 17 in and smaller: $15.00
                                        Wisconsin Home Energy                   bun.                                   forty years in restaurants and
•Microwave, TV, Computer Mon-           Assistance Program                                                             never saw the like of what they put
  itors 18in and larger: $25.00         Runs through May 15, 2011               Now for the chicken breast; those      out there tonight. And if anyone
•Carpet: $10.00/roll (5ft long rolls)   How to Apply                            were tough also; and dry. I just       thought that the food there was
                                        Households must complete a              could not believe that they would      good then you’ve never eaten
Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal            Home Energy Plus application            serve food like that.                  great food. Let’s get the food there
W18238 Eland Rd                         through the local WHEAP agency.                                                to taste and look like something so
Eland, WI 54427                         N8705 Moh He Con Nuck Road              I decided to have desert. What         people will want to come back and                     Bowler, WI 54416                        a mistake that was. They had           eat there again and again.
P(715)253-2619                          Crystal Malone: (715)793-4862           pumpkin pie. It was like they took
                                        After hours call: (715)881-0618         the pumpkin out of the can and         Betty Parmentier
February 1, 2011 Page 4
                                                                              Budget WorkShop                       Workshops are free and open to
                                                                                                                    the public!
                                                                              Wednesday                             Attendee gifts NO LONGER given.
                                                                              February 23, 2011                     Your attendance will place your
                                                                              4:45 pm (meal)                        name in a drawing for a large prize
                                                                              5:00 pm Session starts                at the end of the season. (Prize to
                                                                              Held at the Housing Office             be announced at a later date).
Carbon Monoxide Threat Wisconsin Now          to
    Grows in Winter    Recycle Used Oil Filters                               Linda Olson, Family Living Educa-     It really helps for you to pre-reg-
                                                                              tor from the UW Extension Office       ister so we can provide enough
New law requires carbon mon-          MADISON--          “Each       year,    in Shawano will do this presenta-     food, drinks and seating! Call us
oxide detectors in dwellings.         Wisconsinites throw away an             tion.                                 at 715-793-4219.
MADISON – With the return of          estimated 187,000 gallons of oil                                              We look forward to hearing from
below zero temperatures and           in used oil filters and 1.6 million      Come and learn the important          you!
an upcoming state law requiring       gallons of oil in oil absorbents,”      things to look at and how to set
carbon monoxide detectors in          says Jack Connelly, solid waste         up and follow a budget so you         Sponsored by the Division of Com-
residences, health officials today     program coordinator for the             don’t have to live pay check to pay   munity Housing and UW Extension
reminded everyone to be aware of      Wisconsin Department of Natural         check.                                Program
the dangers of carbon monoxide        Resources waste and materials
(CO).                                 management program. “Oil is a           Youth Field Trip
                                      valuable, reusable material. By                                               Come learn about the best gardens,
Earlier this week, a malfunctioning   recycling filters and absorbent          Stockbridge-Munsee Youth are          lawns and landscapes. The bus
furnace caused several people in      material, used oil can be extracted     invited to attend the Madison         will leave early on the 12th from
Rock County to be rushed to the       and reused.”                            Garden Expo on February 12,           the Mohican Family Center.
hospital with potentially dangerous                                           2011.
levels of CO exposure.                A new law bans the disposal of                                                Sign up by contacting Lynne I.
                                      used automotive oil filters and oil      If you are interested in learning     Miller, Tribal AmeriCorps Program
“The presence of carbon monoxide      absorbent materials in landfills in      or have a green thumb, sign up        Volunteer and After School
in homes is more common than          Wisconsin as of January 1, 2011.        to go on this trip. We will drive     Program Staff Member, Mohican
people realize, especially during     The ban covers everyone in the          down in the ASP black van. We         Family Center at 715-793-4085
the cold weather months,” said Dr.    state, including homeowners,            are encouraging four or five youth
Henry Anderson, Chief Medical         farmers, businesses, industrial         who are interested to sign up.        The After School Program will
Officer in the Department of Health    operations, and others.                 They are invited to bring along       cover the costs. We hope this
Services. “The easiest way to                                                 a parent or guardian adult who        group will take a leadership role in
                                      The oil filters and absorbents ban       can team up with the youth for a
protect yourself and your family is                                                                                 planning our summer community
                                      is intended to keep these materials     self guided tour.
with a carbon monoxide detector.”                                                                                   garden projects.
                                      out of Wisconsin landfills and
                                      out of the landfill leachate that is
On February 1, 2011, a new law        collected from landfills and often
requiring carbon monoxide (CO)        treated at municipal wastewater

                                                                                Thinking about College?
alarms to be installed in all one-    treatment facilities.
and two-family dwellings takes
effect. Newly constructed homes       Filters    also     contain    steel
will require CO detectors that        components that can be recycled.
are directly wired to the home’s
electrical service and existing
                                      Recycling the approximately nine
                                      million filters that currently enter
                                                                                      Ready to start applying?
homes may use battery-powered,        the landfill will save more than 4.5
stand-alone detectors.        State   million pounds of steel for reuse.                   Then you won’t want to miss
law currently includes a similar
requirement     for    multi-family   Recycling options for oil filters                          this free program:
dwellings.                            and oil absorbent materials are
                                      available throughout the state.             2 pm to 4 pm — Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011
Detectors work like smoke alarms      Many businesses that perform oil
to alert you to dangerously high      changes will accept used oil filters.           at the College of Menominee Nation
levels of carbon monoxide.            Some communities allow used oil
Battery powered portable CO           and oil filters to be collected at                  State Hwy 47/55 in Keshena
detectors are also available for      their waste transfer stations or at
use away from home. Health            specific collection sites.
officials recommend installing CO                                                                 Who should attend?
detectors on every level of your      People should contact their                     High school students accompanied by a parent/guardian
home and near sleeping areas.         local recycling program for more                   Adults who are planning to start or return to school
                                      information. “Motor Vehicle Items”
CO is a colorless, odorless gas       category and select oil filters or oil                      What should you bring?
that can be emitted from poorly       absorbents) on the University of                     Bring your questions and 2010 tax information
functioning or unvented furnaces      Wisconsin Cooperative Extension
or other gas powered home             Solid and Hazardous Waste                                     What will you gain?
appliances. Outdoor appliances        Education website.                           This statewide volunteer program lets you speak with financial
such as portable generators,                                                       aid professionals and get free on-site assistance completing
heaters, and stoves, can also         Used filters may also be used as                        your Federal financial aid (FAFSA) form.
create dangerous levels of CO         a fuel supplement in an approved
in cabins, campers, tents, and        municipal solid waste combuster.                For CMN event information call:
hunting and fishing shacks.            Oil absorbent materials may be
                                      taken to an approved biopile at a
                                                                                      Nicole Fish – 715 799-6226, ext 3039
Symptoms of CO poisoning are flu-      landfill, used as a fuel supplement
like and include headache, fatigue,   in an approved municipal solid                  Lee Ann Schreiber – 920 965-0070
dizziness, shortness of breath,       waste combuster, or recycled.
nausea and mental confusion.          More information on the ban,
High levels of exposure may lead      including more information on                   For more on statewide events
to more serious health problems,      what the ban covers is available in             of College Goal Sunday visit:
including loss of consciousness       a oil filter and absormant recycling   
and death.                            media kit on the DNR website.
                                                                                                                                      MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                February 1, 2011 Page 5

                                                                              of the American Indian. The last        or nine years old when I lived with
                                        This sad letter opened a flood of      time I head from Helen was about        them a short while in Madison in
                                        memories.       Helen Scheirbeck,     two years ago when she was plan-        the 1960s. Mary’s letter brought
                                        from the Lummi tribe in North         ning to come see Bernice. Then          back many memories.
                                        Carolina, had considerable influ-      I had a letter telling me she was
                                        ence in our tribe in the late 1960s   moving to Ocean City, Maryland.          A Celebration Ceremony of Life for
                                        and early ‘70s. She was a special                                             Helen M. Scheirbeck will be held
                                        friend of my sister Bernice whom      This week, I received a letter dat-     Monday, March 1, at 6:00 PM in
                                        she had met at the American Indi-     ed January 13, 2011 saying, “Hi-        Washington DC at the Smithson-
                                        an Chicago Conference which five       It’s Mary-Helen M. Scheirbeck’s         ian National Museum of the Ameri-
                                        of us attended in 1961. But Helen     daughter. . .I’m not sure if you’ve     can Indian.     If anyone from our
                                        was into community and leader-        heard yet, Mom passed away Dec.         community is in Washington DC at
                                        ship programs.       In fact, when    20, 2010. She had suffered that         that time, I hope you will attend.
                                        she was hired at the University of    terrible massive stroke June 8, ’09     I will be there in spirit, remem-
                                        Wisconsin Extension, the unit she     that had left her a total care pa-      bering my friend, teacher and co-
THAT REMINDS ME                         headed was called the Center for      tient.   Daughter Mary was eight        worker Helen M. Scheirbeck.
                                        Community Leadership Devel-
When one gets “older,” about ev-        opment-CCLD. These were the
erything you see or hear reminds        early days of the so-called Poverty   Fulfilling Our Promise in Indian Country
you of something else. For ex-          Programs. One of the goals was
ample, this late afternoon about        to get “grassroots” people involved   By Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
5:00 o’clock, as I was driving home     on County Boards and Commit-          Two      years    ago,     President    and, as an additional incentive,
from North Star Casino, the gray        tees.                                 Barack Obama vowed that this            transfers will trigger government
full moon appeared in the east. In                                            administration would work with          payments into a $60 million Indian
just a few minutes it was a beau-       That required a lot of training for   Native Americans to empower             scholarship fund.
tiful, brilliant orange glow. As I      ourselves and for communities.        tribal governments, fulfill our trust
drove toward this glow, trying to       County Boards were not too will-      responsibilities to tribal members      Second, Congress approved four
keep my eyes on the traffic com-         ing to share the decision-making      and help tribal leaders build safer,    Indian water rights settlements -
ing toward me, and the deer that        power. That was also when Helen       stronger, healthier and more            totaling more than $1 billion - that
leaped across the road in front of      invited me to join the staff. CCLD    prosperous communities.                 will deliver clean drinking water to
me, who do you suppose crossed          staff worked with the Stockbridge-                                            tribes in New Mexico, Arizona and
my mind?                                Munsee Health and Wellness            Today we took a giant step              Montana. For these communities,
                                        Committees as they were plan-         toward fulfilling that promise           the permanent water supply
It was Neil Armstrong, the fa-          ning to build the new Health Cen-     with Congressional approval of          will offer economic security and
mous Astronaut, who had visited         ter down on Hwy A.                    five major settlements for Indian        end decades of water allocation
the moon. I wondered what Neil                                                country that are nothing short of       controversy and contention among
Armstrong was thinking if he hap-       CCLD staff trained a group of our     historic.                               neighboring communities.
pened to be looking up into the         people to be small group facilita-
sky. As I turned the corner and         tors for community projects. They     First, Congress has authorized the      Administration support for four
headed north, the ice and snow on       also worked with the community        Cobell settlement, an agreement         water rights settlements in a single
the road grabbed my attention. I        when they took over the Bowler        that will resolve the 14-year, highly   Congress is unprecedented. The
drove carefully for I remember the      School for a half day. You may re-    contentious class action lawsuit        settlements reflect the willingness
time that Jimmy and Arlie Davids’       member Ken Lehman, Bob Bright,        regarding the U.S. government’s         of the parties, including state, tribal
oldest son, who just happened           Donald Duxbury, Bill Thomas, Hel-     trust management and accounting         and other stakeholders, as well as
to have a chain in his car, pulled      en Brunner and others.                of individual American Indian trust     this administration’s commitment,
me out of the ditch after I skidded                                           accounts. The settlement honorably      to work together constructively
braking for a stop sign.                Helen took me to Lummi country        and       responsibly       addresses   rather than stay locked in an
                                        (Pembroke, North Carolina) where      long-standing       injustices    and   endless cycle of litigation.
I stopped at our mailbox and found      I did some training with a group in   demonstrates President Obama’s
the usual stack of fund-raising let-    a place called (of all things) Red    commitment to reconciliation and        The Obama administration is
ters (I have one hundred four so        Springs. I think Helen Scheir-        empowerment for Indian nations.         making progress along a wide
far) and one personal letter. It        beck’s influence was felt at UW-                                               front in fulfilling the president’s
starts, “Hi-It’s Mary-- Helen Scheir-   Extension even though she had         The settlement also establishes a       pledge to our First Americans,
beck’s daughter. . . I’m not sure if    moved on to Washington DC and         $1.9 billion fund for the voluntary     investing hundreds of millions of
you have heard yet –Mom passed          became involved nationally in edu-    buy-back        and     consolidation   recovery dollars in new schools
away Dec. 20, 2010.”                    cation and in the National Museum     of fractionated land interests          and roads, strengthening tribal
                                                                              to     address      the    continued    law enforcement, improving Indian
      Waste, Fraud and Abuse Website Released                                 proliferation of thousands of new       education and speeding land into
                                                                              trust accounts caused by the            trust to expand tribal resource
Madison – Governor Walker’s Commission on Waste, Fraud and Abuse              division of land interests through      bases.
released a website today that allows citizens to send in suggestions to       succeeding generations and for
the commission on ways government can reduce wasteful spending.               other trust related activities. The     Native Americans must be full
                                                                              land consolidation program will         partners in our nation’s economy,
The website can be reached by visiting         provide individual Indians with an      thrive in safe communities, and
and clicking on the Commission on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse link on the         opportunity to consolidate and          have equal access to quality
left-hand side.                                                               transfer divided ownership interests    education and health care.
                                                                              to their tribal governments, where
“Making government leaner and more efficient is challenging work that          they will remain in trust for the       Step by step - as with the passage
will require innovative thinking and new ideas,” said Governor Scott          benefit of tribal communities.           of Cobell and the four historic
Walker. “Many of the best ideas come from the private sector, so we are       Individual Indians will receive         water rights settlements - we are
asking the public to send in their suggestions to make our government         cash payments for these transfers       getting there.
February 1, 2011 Page 6
Web continued from page One:           Refill cont from page One:                Waste cont from page One:
                                       number for this).                        will be applied to a wastewater            Stockbridge Munsee
minutes onto the Web Page. The         Press “2” if you are a doctor’s office    facility in Wisconsin,” Gunderson              Community
Tribal Council may determine           (you will hear this, but it doesn’t      added. “This $3.1 million facility is      2011 Temporary Food
whether the minutes will be posted     apply to you).                           expected to meet the Community’s             Handlers Training
on a case-by-case basis or may         Press “3” if you want to check if a      wastewater treatment needs for
make a blanket exemption from          prescription is ready (you will need     the next 20 years. Construction will    Wednesday March 16,10 a.m. to
the posting requirement.               a prescription number for this).         begin this winter and it should be      Noon; Wednesday June 15,10 a.m.
                                       Press “4” if you would like to leave     operating in August 2011.” While        to Noon; Thursday Aug 11,2 p.m.
This web site is being created         a message for the pharmacy staff         it is new to Wisconsin, membranes       to 4 p.m.; Friday Aug 12,10 a.m.
to provide Tribal members with                                                  have been in use for wastewater         to Noon,; Wednesday Sept. 21,10
access to information that has         What to expect to hear if you call       treatment in Japan, Europe and          a.m. to Noon. All classes will be
not been made available to them        when the pharmacy is open:               elsewhere in the US where a very        held at the Stockbridge-Munsee
because of space issues in the         A. You will hear a short welcome         high quality effluent is required.       Health & Wellness Center.
paper or preference issues of          message that will change from
Tribal Council. Hopefully the web      time to time.                            Besides the groundbreaking use of       Per Tribal Code, Food Handler’s
site will fulfill those information     B. Next, you will hear automated         the MBR, the Community’s facilities     Training and a Food Sales Permit
needs or provide an avenue that        instructions telling you specifically     also needed to be completed in          is a requirement prior to selling food
can be improved upon to provide        how you can use your telephone.          record time, Gunderson said.            products within the Stockbridge
all the information Tribal members     These will be your general               “What typically takes three years       Munsee Community.
want.                                  options:                                 to complete will be done in two
                                                                                years. We were able to shave            Food Handler’s training is made
It’s back…the Nike N7                  Press “1” if you want to place           one year off the typical time frame     available five different times a year.
                                       a refill request (you will need a         through use of integrated project       Training is for anyone interested
Native fitness shoe incentive           prescription number for this).           delivery, with the assistance of our    in safe food handling or planning
program.                               Press “2” if you are a doctor’s office    sister company, MSA-IPD. Some           to work a future food sale. This
                                       (you will hear this, but it doesn’t      parts of the project were under         requirement does not apply to pot
Would you like to earn a FREE          apply to you).                           construction while others were          lucks or other events where food
pair of Nike fitness shoes?             Press “3” if you want to check if a      still in design,” he explained. For     products are not being sold.
                                       prescription is ready (you will need     example, the needed equipment
Now through March 31st 2011,           a prescription number for this).         was ordered and in fabrication          For first time Food Handler’s as
Native American patients of the        Press “4” if you would like to leave     before the contractor was selected      well as the experienced Food
Stockbridge-Munsee Health &            a message for the pharmacy staff.        to install it.                          Handler’s that need to renew their
Wellness Center who are diabetic                                                                                        training (which is every 2-years)
and pre-diabetic can earn a free       Press “0” if you want to talk directly   Miller noted that since humans are      must register to attend one of the
pair. All you have to do is make 3     to a member of the pharmacy              about 70% water, “we are what           above listed trainings.
visits:                                staff.                                   we drink. It is the common bridge
• See dietitian, Mary Murray, R.D.                                              that holds us all together and is       For more information and/or to
   Phone: 715-793-5006                 Once you are familiar with which         important to our tribe.” He further     register for the training please
• Diabetes nurse educator, Elena       number to press for a particular         described water as one of the           contact Nancy Miller-Korth, Health
   Cox, R.N. Ph: 715-793-5060          command, you can then press              essential elements of life.             Director or Bonnie Welch, S/M
• Exercise at the Family Center        that number without waiting for                                                  Safety Manager at the Health
   or get a Fitness assessment         the entire message to play. For          True to their name, the Stockbridge-    & Wellness Center at 715-793-
Please call us at the above number     example, if you call when the            Munsee community is not standing        4144.
to schedule an appointment. Only       pharmacy is open and you want            still when it comes to the quality      The value of something isn’t de-
40 pairs of shoes will be available.   to talk directly to a member of the      of their water resources, but is        termined by how much it appreci-
Thanks to the Special Diabetes         pharmacy staff, you should then          moving ahead with their plans to        ates, but by how much it is appre-
Program for Indians and Preventive     press “0” at any time to reach a         provide a truly sustainable solution    ciated.
Health grant for this program.         member of the pharmacy staff.            for the use and return of their water           Kent Crockett
                                                                                to the environment.                                    Alachua, Florida
                                        Lai Lonnie K., Linda R., Jess B., Tonya R. & Lynne M. “Teens/Tweens may call Jess or Tonya for a ride after
 February 2011                          school” Healthy Snacks Are Served Daily ~ Planned activities are subject to change based on the needs of the
 After School Program                   youth and availability of resource persons. # 715-793-4085
            Monday                     Tuesday ~ Youth Day       Wednesday ~ Teen Day                 Thursday ~ Tween Day                   Friday
                                                              1                           2                                      3
                                        TRAILS Nutrition Ed.    Craft or Science Activity            Fitness Fun
                                                                                                                                     Movie & Popcorn
                                          “Healthy Heart”       Shrinky Dinks                        Games in the Gym
                                                                                                                                     Point Day
                                       Community Health Staff   Healthy Eating/Diabetes              Healthy Eating/Diabetes
                                                                @5:30pm (Teens)                      @5:30pm (Tween)
                                7                               8                                9                          10                           11
 Jeremy & Our Language              TRAILS Nutrition Ed             Craft Polymer Clay               Fitness Fun                     Movie & Popcorn
 Games/Computers                                                    or Magic Science Activity        Joe- 4H Woodworking             12th ~ Field Trip ~
                                                                    Binge Drinking & Life            Binge Drinking & Life           Madison “Markets &
                                                                    Skills @ 5:30pm (Teens)          Skills @ 5:30pm (Tween)         Gardens Expo”
                                                                                                                                     Call Lynne #793-
                                                                                                                                     4085 for details
                               14                              15                               16                          17
 Misti & Our Language               TRAILS Nutrition Ed             Papercraft Bookmaking            Fitness Fun                                          18
 Games/Computers                                                    Paper Airplanes                  Hula Hoops                      Movie & Popcorn
                                                                    Texting & Driving @              Cell Phones in School @         Point Day
                                                                    5:30pm (Teens)                   5:30pm (Tween)
                               21                              22                               23                             24                       25
 Jeremy & Our Language              TRAILS Nutrition ED             Craftfoam or                     Fitness Fun                     Movie & Popcorn
 Games/Computers                                                    Piecrust Science Activity        Jump Ropes & Tumbling           Teen Lock-In “Safe
                                                                    UWGB Recruiter & Life            Drugs Presentation @            Dating~Alcohol/
                                                                    Skills @ 5:30pm (Teens)          5:30pm (Tween)                  Drugs” 8pm-8am
           Misti & Our Language                                                                                                      Saturday. Get your
           Games/Computers                                                                                                           ermission slips in
 28                                                                                                                                  early.
                                                                                                                                                                  MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                                            February 1, 2011 Page 7
USDA Home Loan Program Can Be a
Great Deal for Rural Home Buyers
Shawano, WI – With an abundance                  opportunities, we are helping
of homes for sale in most of the                 to improve the quality of life for
country, buyers continue to have                 Wisconsin residents during these
plenty of choices and lots of                    hard times.”
bargaining power. Unfortunately,
for many, being able to take                     USDA Rural Development’s Rural                Property Eligibility on the right               USDA        Rural      Development’s
advantage of the current housing                 Housing Direct Home Loan Program              hand side of the screen.                        mission is to increase economic
market and purchase a home can                   offers 100 percent financing with                                                              opportunity and improve the
be difficult. The down economy                    no down payment required for low              USDA       Rural    Development’s               quality of life in rural communities.
continues to make it hard for                    and lower income individuals or               Rural Housing Programs offer a                  Further information on USDA
individuals and families to save                 families at a 4.5 percent interest            broad range of homeownership                    Rural Development and programs
for a down payment, extinguishing                rate. These loans are made directly           assistance available to individuals             offered or for your FREE pre-
dreams of homeownership.                         through USDA Rural Development                and families who wish to or currently           qualification, call your local USDA
                                                 and are offered for a period of 30-           live in rural areas, cities, and                Rural Development Office at 715-
With the help of the U.S.                        38 years. The repayment on the                communities. The Rural Housing                  524-8522 ext 4 or by visiting our
Department of Agriculture (USDA)                 loan may be subsidized by the                 Program area of USDA Rural                      website       at    www.rurdev.usda.
Rural Development’s No Down                      Federal Government, based on the              Development has the ultimate                    gov. USDA Rural Development
Payment home loan programs,                      household income. Direct loans                goal of providing affordable                    is an equal opportunity provider,
those dreams of homeownership                    may be made for the purchase                  homeownership opportunities to                  employer and lender.
may still come true.                             of an existing home or new home               Wisconsin residents.
Stan   Gruszynski,     Wisconsin
State    Director,    announced                  The amount loaned is determined                                                      Attention Pregnant WIC
today the availability of funds                  on repayment ability of the borrower.
for Homeownership Loans to                       The number of dependants and                                                              Participants:
Wisconsin residents.                             buyer’s income are also factors
                                                 in the loan package. Loans made                                                 After your baby is born you both
“While some take owning a home                   under this program are to families                                              need to be WIC certified.
for granted, there are a number                  with income 80% below the
of people through the State that                 median income level of the county                                               Call Mary Murray 793-5006 to
homeownership remains just a                     where they live and who would not                                               schedule an appointment for the
dream. Considering the current                   otherwise qualify for a conventional                                            next WIC day.
economic climate of the Nation                   loan. Median income is calculated
and because finding financing for a                and some expenses are taken                     It may be a while between your baby’s birthday and
home in rural areas can be difficult,             into consideration. County Income               the next WIC day.
achieving this dream may seem                    limits for the programs are posted
nearly impossible. But, USDA                     on the USDA Rural Development                   Plan to breastfeed as much as you can, WIC only
Rural Development can help,”                     Wisconsin website at, http://www.               provides some of the formula you may need.
said Gruszynski. “By opening the       
doors to more homeownership                      rhs/ and clicking on Income and

  Sunday               Monday                            Tuesday                    Wednesday                      Thursday                        Friday                Saturday
 Youth 3rd-5th                                                               1                            2                            3                            4                5
 grade            Homework help daily              Noonball                        Noonball                    Noonball                     3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   Open Gym
 Tweens 6th-8th   @ 4:30                           1-4 Sewing Circle              3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   & Fitness                    6-2
 Teens 9th-12th                                    3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition &   & Fitness                    & Fitness                    4:30 Homework Help
                                                   Fitness                        4:30Homework Help            4-4:45 Karate 7-12 yrs
                                                    4:30Homework Help             6-8:30 Teen Night            6-8:30 Tween Night
                                                   6-8:30 Youth Night
             6                               7                               8                            9                          10                           11                12
                  10 Hdstart to fitness             Noonball                       Noonball                     Noonball                                                  Open Gym
                  Noonball                         1-4 Sewing Circle              3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   6-2
                  3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition       3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition &   & Fitness                    & Fitness                    & Fitness
                  & Fitness                        Fitness                        4:30Homework Help            4-4:45 Karate 7-12 yrs       4:30 Homework Help
                  4:30Homework Help                4:30Homework Help              5:30 Teen Swim Trip          6-8:30 Tween Night
                                                   5:30 Board Mtg.
                                                   5:30 Swim Trip 3rd-6th
            13                           14                                15                            16                          17                           18                19
                  10 Hdstart to fitness             Noonball                                                    Noonball                                                  Open Gym
                  Noonball                         1-4 Sewing Circle              10 Hdstart to fitness         3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   6-2
                  3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition       3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition &   Noonball                     & Fitness 4-4:45 Karate      & Fitness
                  & Fitness                        Fitness                        3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   7-12 yrs                     4:30Homework Help
                  4:30Homework Help                4:30Homework Help              & Fitness                    6-8:30 Tween Night           6-8 Movie Time
                                                   5 Cooking Class                4:30Homework Help            5 Family Fun Night
                                                   6-8:30 Youth Night             6-8:30 Teen Night
            20                           21                                22                            23                          24                           25                26
                  Closed                           Noonball                       10 Hdstart to fitness         Noonball
                                                   1-4 / 5:30-8 Sewing Circle     Noonball                     3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition   Open Gym
                                                   3:30-4 Circle of Nutrition     3:30-4 Circle of             & Fitness                    & Fitness                    6-2
                                                   & Fitness 4:30Homework         Nutrition & Fitness          4-4:45 Karate 7-12 yrs       4:30Homework Help
                                                   Help                           4:30Homework Help                                         6-8 Movie Time
                                                   5 Teen Bowling Trip            6-8:30 Teen Night                                         9PM-8AM Teen Lockin

            27                      28
                  10 Hdstart to fitness
                  Noonball           3:30-
                                                                            MOHICAN FAMILY CENTER RECREATION
                  4 Circle of Nutrition &
                                                                                                       February 2011
                                                                                                                                                        SUBJECT TO CHANGE
                                        Happy 1st Birthday
                                                                                                                   Beatles Rock
                                        Madeline, our little                                                        Band party
                                        peanut!                                                                     with Music
                                        Love Always,                                                               Amanda Hein.

                                        Mom, Grandma                                                                Part of the
                                        and Grandpa,                                                                  Bowler
                                        Auntie Tracy,                                                               Elementary
                                        Uncle Weston, and                                                             School
                                        cousins.                                                                     Rewards

The employees selected as Employee of the Month for the month of November 2010 at North Star Mohican Casino Resort were Brendan
Price, Food & Beverage Department; and Shandy Madosh, Cage Department.
Many Trails of the Mohican Nation
Mohican History Conference 2011
           October 7th & 8th
Call for Papers or Oral Presentations
The Stockbridge-Munsee Historical Committee invites the submission
of proposals for papers or oral presentations on Mohican Nation Stock-
bridge-Munsee history and or culture. Topics may include but are not
limited to the following:

      •   History of Moh He Con Nuck in Wisconsin
      •   Mohican-Munsee Language
      •   Family Circle Stories and History
      •   Mission School Stories
      •   History of the Arvid E. Miller Library/Museum
      •   Removal from Red Springs to Bartleme Wisconsin
      •   Land Claims/Farm Security Administration (FSA) land
      •   Who are the Stockbridge Indians?

     1. To share with others the stories of how contemporary Mohican-
        people began to explore their identity, culture and history.
     2. To involve young people in the exploration and study of their
     3. To build a deep pride in our heritage.

Deadlines: Send all communications to Jo Ann Schedler: schedler@
       February 15, 2011
         200 to 250 word, double spaced abstract (Title of ten words
         or less) or outline of oral preseantion plus brief biographical
       March 1, 2011
         Notification of those accepted.
       August 15, 2011
         Complted text of paper or outline of oral presenation.

The Historical Committee of the Mohican Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee
requests that presenters be aware that the conference audience will be
made up of community members, teachers, youth and elders. Schol-
arly papers shall be written and presented in understandable language
with conference objectives in mind.

Conference Information: Jo Ann (715) 787-4788 ++General info: (715)
787-4270, Arvid E. Miler Library/Museum N8510
Moh He Con Nuck Road, Bowler, WI 54416
February 1, 2011 Page 10
                                                                               is a more serious medical condition     can keep an infant warm using your
                                                                               and requires emergency medical          own body heat. If you must sleep,
                                                                               assistance.                             take precautions to prevent rolling
                                                                                                                       on the baby. Pillows and other soft
                                                                               If (1) there is frostbite but no sign   bedding can also present a risk of
                                                                               of hypothermia and (2) immediate        smothering; remove them from the
                                                                               medical care is not available;          area near the baby.
Winter Weather FAQs                                                            proceed as follows:
From Roger Miller Community              groin—using an electric blanket,       ● Get into a warm room as soon         Older adults often make less
Preparedness/Bioterrorism                if available. Or use skin-to-skin        as possible.                         body heat because of a slower
Coordinator                              contact under loose, dry layers        ● Unless absolutely necessary,         metabolism and less physical
                                         of blankets, clothing, towels, or        do not walk on frostbitten feet      activity. If you are more than
What is hypothermia?                     sheets.                                  or toes—this increases the           65 years of age, check the
When exposed to cold temp-             ● Warm beverages can help                  damage.                              temperature in your home often
eratures, your body begins to lose       increase the body temperature,         ● Immerse the affected area            during severely cold weather.
heat faster than it can be produced.     but do NOT give alcoholic                in    warm—not         hot—water     Also, check on elderly friends and
The result is hypothermia, or            beverages.                               (the temperature should be           neighbors frequently to ensure
abnormally low body temperature.       ● Do not try to give beverages to          comfortable to the touch for         that their homes are adequately
Body temperature that is too low         an unconscious person.                   unaffected parts of the body).       heated.
affects the brain, making the victim   ● After body temperature has             ● Or, warm the affected area using
unable to think clearly or move          increased; keep the person dry           body heat. For example, the          What should I do if I get stranded
well. This makes hypothermia             and wrapped in a warm blanket,           heat of an armpit can be used to     in cold weather?
particularly dangerous because           including the head and neck.             warm frostbitten fingers.             ● Tie a brightly colored cloth to the
a person may not know it is            ● Get medical attention as soon          ● Do not rub the frostbitten area        antenna as a signal to rescuers.
happening and won’t be able to do        as possible.                             with snow or massage it at all.      ● Move anything you need from
anything about it.                                                                This can cause more damage.            the trunk into the passenger
                                       A person with severe hypothermia         ● Don’t use a heating pad, heat          area.
Hypothermia        occurs    most      may be unconscious and may not             lamp, or the heat of a stove,        ● Wrap your entire body, including
commonly        at    very    cold     seem to have a pulse or to be              fireplace, or radiator for warming.     your head, in extra clothing,
environmental        temperatures,     breathing. In this case, handle the        Affected areas are numb and            blankets, or newspapers.
but can occur even at cool             victim gently, and get emergency           can be easily burned.                ● Stay awake. You will be less
temperatures (above 40°F) if a         assistance immediately. Even if                                                   vulnerable to cold-related health
person becomes chilled from            the victim appears dead, CPR            Note: These procedures are not            problems.
rain, sweat, or submersion in cold     should be provided. CPR should          substitutes for proper medical          ● Run the motor (and heater)
water.                                 continue while the victim is being      care. Hypothermia is a medical            for about 10 minutes per hour,
                                       warmed, until the victim responds       emergency and frostbite should            opening one window slightly to
Who is most at risk for hypo-          or medical aid becomes available.       be evaluated by a health care             let in air. Make sure that snow is
thermia?                               In some cases, hypothermia              provider.                                 not blocking the exhaust pipe—
Victims of hypothermia are most        victims who appear to be dead can                                                 this will reduce the risk of carbon
often:                                 be successfully resuscitated.           It is a good idea to take a first          monoxide poisoning.
 ● Elderly people with inadequate                                              aid and emergency resuscitation         ● As you sit, keep moving your
   food, clothing, or heating           What is frostbite?                     (CPR) course to prepare for cold-         arms and legs to improve your
 ● Babies sleeping in cold             Frostbite is an injury to the body      weather health problems. Knowing          circulation and stay warmer.
   bedrooms                            that is caused by freezing. Frostbite   what to do is an important part of      ● Do not eat unmelted snow
 ● Children left unattended            causes a loss of feeling and color      protecting your health and the            because it will lower your body
 ● Adults under the influence of        in affected areas. It most often        health of others.                         temperature.
   alcohol                             affects the nose, ears, cheeks,
 ● Mentally ill individuals            chin, fingers, or toes. Frostbite can    What is the wind chill effect?          What is the best clothing for
 ● People who remain outdoors          permanently damage the body,            As the speed of the wind increases,     cold weather?
   for long periods—the homeless,      and severe cases can lead to            it can carry heat away from your        Adults and children should wear:
   hikers, hunters, etc.               amputation.                             body much more quickly. When            ● a hat
 What are the warning signs for                                                there are high winds, serious           ● a scarf or knit mask to cover
   hypothermia?                        What are the warning signs of           weather-related health problems           face and mouth
 Adults:                               frostbite?                              are more likely, even when              ● sleeves that are snug at the
 ● Shivering/exhaustion                At the first signs of redness or pain    temperatures are only cool.               wrist
 ● Confusion/fumbling hands            in any skin area, get out of the                                                ● mittens (they are warmer than
 ● Memory loss/slurred speech          cold or protect any exposed skin—       For a Wind Chill Chart (shows the         gloves)
 ● Drowsiness                          frostbite may be beginning. Any of      difference between air temperature      ● water-resistant coat and shoes
 Infants:                              the following signs may indicate        and perceived temperature and             several layers of loose-
 ● Bright red, cold skin               frostbite:                              amount of time until frostbite            fitting clothing
 ● Very low energy                      ● A white or grayish-yellow skin       occurs), Wind Chill Calculator, and
                                          area                                 information on the updated Wind         Be sure the outer layer of your
What should I do if I see               ● Skin that feels unusually firm or     Chill Temperature Index, see www.       clothing is tightly woven, preferably
   someone with warning signs             waxy                                     wind resistant, to reduce body-
   of hypother-mia?                     ● Numbness                                                                     heat loss caused by wind. Wool,
If you notice signs of hypothermia,                                            Why are infants and older               silk, or polypropylene inner layers
take the person’s temperature. If      Note: A victim is often unaware of      people most at risk for cold-           of clothing will hold more body
it is below 95°, the situation is an   frostbite until someone else points     related illness?                        heat than cotton. Stay dry—wet
emergency; get medical attention       it out because the frozen tissues       Infants lose body heat more easily      clothing chills the body rapidly.
immediately.                           are numb.                               than adults; additionally, infants
                                                                               can’t make enough body heat             Excess perspiration will increase
If medical care is not available,      What should I do if I see someone       by shivering. Infants less than         heat loss, so remove extra layers
begin warming the person, as           with warning signs of frostbite?        one year old should never sleep         of clothing whenever you feel too
follows:                               If you detect symptoms of frostbite,    in a cold room. Provide warm            warm. Also, avoid getting gasoline
● Get the victim into a warm room      seek medical care. Because              clothing and a blanket for infants      or alcohol on your skin while de-
  or shelter.                          frostbite      and     hypothermia      and try to maintain a warm indoor       icing and fueling your car or using
● If the victim has on any wet         both result from exposure, first         temperature. If the temperature         a snowblower these materials
  clothing, remove it.                 determine whether the victim also       cannot be maintained, make              greatly increase heat loss from the
● Warm the center of the body          shows signs of hypothermia, as          temporary arrangements to stay          body.
  first—chest, neck, head, and          described previously. Hypothermia       elsewhere. In an emergency, you            Weather cont on page Eleven:
                                                                                                                                         MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                  February 1, 2011 Page 11
Bitter Cold Weather Puts Livestock & Pets at Risk
Roger E. Miller, Community                at least twice a day.
Preparedness Coordinator                • Walking — Keep your dog
                                          leashed. Snow and ice can
Bitter cold weather’s not just            make it difficult for dogs to
uncomfortable for pets and                follow a scent, so they may lose
livestock – it’s a danger and owners      their way and be wandering in          requirements increase about 1              or muddy hair or fleece loses
need to protect their animals, says       bitter cold. Protect their paws        percent for every degree that              insulating ability and actually
Wisconsin’s humane officer.                from sharp ice and salt, either        the temperature falls below 20             cools the animal as it dries.
                                          with booties or by cleaning            degrees F. Horses’ nutrition
“Extreme cold weather poses all           their paws thoroughly when                                                     • Transportation — When hauling
                                                                                 requirements increase below
sorts of threats. Animals can suffer      they come inside. Short-haired                                                   animals, especially calves and
                                                                                 45 degrees F.
from hypothermia, frostbite and           dogs need sweaters outdoors in                                                   swine, cover openings in the
other cold weather injuries, and          extreme cold weather.                • Water — Provide access to                 vehicle box to cut wind chill and
harsh conditions can weaken their       • Grooming — Wet, dirty, matted          fresh water – not frozen streams          keep rain out, but allow some
immune systems, leaving them              coats cannot insulate against          or snow – daily. Stock tank               air to pass over the animals for
vulnerable to illness. You need to        the cold, so be sure your              heaters and frost-proof waterers          ventilation.
think about extra nutrition, access       animals are well-groomed, but          will ensure than livestock get
to water, plenty of good bedding,         not shaved. After bathing an           enough to drink.                           Provide a deep bed of dry straw
and proper shelter for both pets and      animal, dry it thoroughly before                                                  for calves younger than 4 weeks
livestock,” says Dr. Yvonne Bellay        letting it outdoors.                 • Bedding — Keep plenty of dry               or for any swine. Be especially
of the Wisconsin Department of          • Cars — Bang on the hood                bedding to insulate udders                 careful with animals recently
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer           before starting the car on cold        and     legs    from     frostbite.        brought in from warmer climates
Protection.                               days to startle any sleeping           Moisture Long hair or fleece                that may not be acclimated.
                                          animals that may have sought           insulates only when it is dry. Wet
She offers these tips for pet
owners:                                   shelter there. And remember,
                                          don’t leave your pet alone in a                     Vitamin D Recommendations
• Food — Outdoor pets need                vehicle. It may freeze to death.
  more food, of good quality, in        • Sleeping — Even indoor animals
  cold weather to produce body            needs a warm place to sleep,           The Institute of Medicine has re-       Salmon is a good source of vitamin
  heat.                                                                          leased new vitamin D and calcium        D. Try this salmon recipe to include
                                          off the floor and out of drafts.
• Shelter — Outdoor animals need                                                 dietary reference intakes or recom-     more vitamin D in your diet.
                                          This is especially true for old or     mendations of how much we need
  a dry house that’s large enough         ill animals.                           every day. This came after the U.S.     Roasted Salmon with Maple Glaze
  for them to stand, sit, turn around                                            and Canadian governments asked
  and lie down comfortably, but         For livestock     owners,    Bellay                                              ¼ cup maple syrup
                                        advises:                                 the I.O.M. to review the research       1 minced garlic clove
  not so large that its normal body                                              on calcium and vitamin D in health      ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  heat is lost. Line the bottom         • Shelter — Generally, a 20-mph          promotion. Based on the results         2 pounds salmon, cut into 6 fillets
  with dry, nonabsorbent material         wind is about equal to a 30-           the I.O.M. was charged with revis-      ¼ t salt
  that won’t get wet, matted, and         degree drop in temperature.            ing intake recommendations. The         Dash black pepper
  frozen. Marsh hay works well;                                                  new recommendations for vitamin         Mint leaves or parsley for garnish
                                          Make sure animals have a place         D are: 600 international units for
  leaves and fabric do not.               to get out of the wind, even if it
• Water — Don’t make your                                                        people 1 – 70 years old and 800         Directions:
                                          is just a windbreak or a three-        IUs for those 71 or older. This is an   Preheat oven to 450oF. Rinse and
  outdoor pets rely on ice or             sided shelter, and that other          increase from previous recommen-        pat dry salmon. Lightly coat a bak-
  snow for water, because the             buildings don’t deflect wind and        dations which ranged from 200 –         ing pan with olive oil.
  animal has to expend too much           snow into the shelter.                 600 IUs depending on age. Only          Over low heat mix together maple
  body heat melting them. Use                                                    evidence related to bone health         syrup, garlic, and balsamic vinegar
  an inexpensive heater that sits       • Food     —    Livestock     kept       was used to write the new dietary       just until hot; remove from burner.
  right in the water bowl to prevent      outdoors will need more food           recommendations. While there is         Pour half of the mixture into a small
  freezing. If you can’t do that, fill     than usual – and good quality          evidence that supports vitamin D’s      bowl for basting, set 2nd half aside.
  the bowl with fresh, tepid water        food. As a general rule, nutrient      role in other health conditions such    Place salmon in baking pan. Brush
                                                                                 as cancer, depression, autoim-          salmon with maple syrup mixture.
Weather cont from page Ten:               remember these safety tips:            mune diseases, heart disease, and       Bake 10 minutes, brush again,
                                        ● Store a multipurpose, dry              others for now the I.O.M. conclud-      bake 5 minutes more. Repeat until
                                                                                 ed that more research is needed         fish flakes easily (145oF) about 20
Do not ignore shivering. It’s an          chemical fire extinguisher near
                                                                                 before these can be considered in       – 25 minutes. Plate salmon fillets.
important first sign that the body is      the area to be heated.                 nutrient recommendations.               Gently dust with salt and pepper.
losing heat. Persistent shivering is    ● Do not burn paper in a                                                         Pour 2nd half of maple syrup mix-
a signal to return indoors.               fireplace.                              With this press release came an-        ture on salmon. Top with garnish
                                        ● Ensure adequate ventilation            nouncements that most people are        and serve.
What should I eat and drink               by opening an interior door or         consuming the right amount of vi-       Makes 6 servings. Nutrition Facts
during periods of extreme                 slightly opening a window if you       tamin D and no more is needed to        per serving: 314 calories, 25g pro-
cold?                                     must use a kerosene heater.            meet the new recommendations.           tein, 21g carbohydrate, & ~ 985
                                        ● Use only the type of fuel your         This may have seemed confusing          IUs of vitamin D.
Eating well-balanced meals will           heater is designed to use—don’t        as prior to a few months ago the
help you stay warmer. Do not              substitute.                            message was most people aren’t          Recipe adapted from http://www.
                                                                                 getting enough vitamin D.     
drink alcoholic beverages—they          ● If your heater has a damaged
cause your body to lose heat              electrical cord or produces                                                    recipes/NU00431/METHOD=print
                                                                                 Still many researchers disagree
more rapidly. Instead, drink warm,        sparks, don’t use it.                  with the new recommendations.           Citations:
sweet beverages such as hot             ● Use fireplaces, wood stoves,            After reviewing studies on post-        http://www.adaevidencelibrary.
chocolate to help maintain your           and other combustion heaters           menopausal women and older              com/conclusion.cfm?conclusion_
body temperature. If you have             only if they are properly vented       men, the American Dietetic Asso-        statement_id=251040
any dietary restrictions, ask your        to the outside and do not leak         ciation concluded that 400 – 800
doctor.                                   flue gas into the indoor air            IUs a day is not likely to prevent      trition/DRIVitDCalcium.aspx
                                          space.                                 deficiency in certain individuals.
How can I heat my home                  ● Make sure chimneys and flues            For now it is important to under-       Dietary-Reference-Intakes-for-
safely?                                   are cleaned periodically.              stand that the current recommen-        Calcium-and-Vitamin-D/DRI-Val-
                                                                                 dations are based only on promot-       ues.aspx
                                        ● Do not place a space heater
                                                                                 ing bone health and more may
● if you plan to use a wood stove,        near things that may catch on          be needed for lowering the risk of      Mary Murray, Stockbridge Munsee
  fireplace, or space heater, be           fire, such as drapes, furniture,        other health problems.                  Registered Dietician
  extremely careful. Follow the           or bedding.
  manufacturer’s instructions and
February 1, 2011 Page 12

                                                                                                                         students are eligible only as
                                                                                                                         continuing undergraduate or
                                                                                                                         continuing technical college
                                                                                                                       • Two (2) sealed letters of
                                                                                                                         recommendation, one from
                                                                                                                         a teacher, employer or other
          Bowler School District Staff Biologies                                  Wisconsin Indian Education             professional familiar with your
                                       grades in one building so it lets you       Association Scholarship               academic potential. No family or
                                       meet the staff from PK through 12th         Application 2011 – 2012               relative letters of support.
                                       grade – and see how the students                                                • A one-page typed only personal
                                       progress through school.                SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT:                       essay focusing on how you will
                                                                               • $1,000 ($500/semester)                  apply your education.
                                                                               Four (4) scholarships will be           ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS
                                                                               awarded, one (1) in each of the         WILL BE REVIEWED. THEY WILL
                                                                               following categories:                   BE SCORED AS FOLLOWS:
                                                                               • New or continuing student             • Letters of Recommendation 10
                                                                                 attending a vocational/technical/        Pts.
                                                                                 tribal college.                       • Personal Essay 25 Pts
                                                                               • Entering freshman at a four-year      • GPA
                                                                                 college.                                   2.5 – 2.99 5 PTS
                                                                               • Undergraduate at a four-year               3.0 – 3.49 10 PTS
Name: Wade Turner                                                                college      (second    semester           3.5 – 4.00 15 PTS
                                                                                 freshman, sophomore, junior or        Maximum possible points: 50
Position at Bowler School: 3rd-        Name: Susan Rosenow                       senior)                               Students scoring 25 points or less
grade teacher                                                                  • Graduate or Ph.D. student.            will not be considered.
                                       Position at Bowler School:              REQUIREMENTS:                           No applications will be returned.
Spouse/Children: Wife: Maria,          7-12 special education para-            Must be a Wisconsin resident and        APPLICATION DEADLINE:
(married 11 years); Children: 2        professional                            provide proof of Tribal Enrollment.     March 21, 2011
daughters: Vanessa, 10, 4th-                                                   APPLICATION PROCEDURES:                 Faxes will not be accepted!
grader; Lexi, 5, kindergartner         Spouse/Children: My husband             To complete the application process     SEND COMPLETE PACKET TO:
                                       Roger and I have been married for       for this award, the applicant must      Virginia     Nuske,      Scholarship
Years in Bowler School District:       31 years. We have four children:        provide the following:                  Coordinator
This is my 11th year. I’ve primarily   Roger Jr., Tammy, Jason and             • Completed Application form.           WIEA
taught 3rd grade, but I have also      Tonya. I’m proud to add that            • Copy of current or most recent        P.O. Box 910
taught a multiage 1st- and 2nd-        they graduated from Bowler and            school transcript. GED/HSED           Keshena, WI 54135
grade classroom and was a SAGE         then from college. We have one
teacher in the elementary. I’ve        granddaughter, Kensington, and
coached junior varsity football for    two grandsons, Kobe and Urban.
five years and was middle school
basketball coach for a year.           Years in Bowler School District:
                                       I have been at Bowler for 19 years
Memorable        moments       and     as a special education para. During
events at Bowler: I just like to       this time, I also helped work with
treasure each and every day            sporting events, cheerleading and
here at Bowler. Each day offers        the PTCO.                               On Tuesday, January 4, 2011,            K Terrio and seconded by Scott
a unique set of challenges and                                                 the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal           R Vele to approve the revised
rewards. In the classroom each         Memorable         moments        and    Council held a Regular Tribal           Collection Financial Agreement
year the annual Wax Museum is          events at Bowler: It has been           Council Meeting and at that             Policy number 202BUS10022.
memorable because the students         awesome to watch my children            time the following motions were         Motion carried.
put in so much work, and they can      and yours grow through the years        made and carried:                       FY2011 ROYALTY BUDGET
showcase this to most of the other     as it is “one” building. Attending so                                           MODIFICATION REQUEST-Mike
elementary students and staff. In      many excellent plays and musicals       APPROVAL OF AGENDA-                     Olujic- Motioned by Douglas W
football, having our varsity team      produced here and being a co-           Strike: Meeting Minutes and             Huck and seconded by Joe Miller to
play a game in Camp Randall            advisor for the class of 2003 with      Timber Contract                         table the request until the financials
Stadium at UW-Madison. Also,           Mr. A. Also, our music department       Add: Audit Report to Executive          are presented to the Tribal Council
attending Lambeau Field for our        for many years has won numerous         Session and WIEA Donation               for September, October, November
annual class field trip since my        awards and is exciting to hear          Request to Regular Session.             and December of 2010 and until
father, who is a tour guide, enjoys    perform.                                Motion by Bob, second by Greg to        we can do a quarter review of
seeing my classes each year. I                                                 approve the agenda as amended.          the fiscal year 2011 budget and
also enjoyed seeing my very first       Interests/Hobbies:      I   enjoy       Motion carried.                         possibly bring back modifications
3rd-grade class I had in 2000          cooking and baking. I also like         TRIBAL       FINANCIALS         FOR     back at that time. Roll Call: Scott
ultimately graduate last year.         to work on counted cross-stitch         POSTING-                                no, Terrie abstain, Bob no, Greg
                                       projects,  composing      poems,        Motioned by Joe Miller and              no, Doug yes and Joe yes. Motion
Interests/Hobbies: I like to stay      reading and watching the Packers        seconded by Douglas W Huck              defeated. Motioned by Gregory
active by playing basketball,          and Brewers, of course.                 to post the Stockbridge-Munsee          L Miller and seconded by Scott R
jogging and any other participatory                                            Community Tribal financials for          Vele to hold off the royalty budget
sports that may be available at the    What do you like best working           November 2010.                          modification request until Friday,
time. I also coach my daughters’       at Bowler? First of all, it is an       Roll Call: Scott abstain, Terrie yes,   at such time we can get together
basketball and soccer teams            honor and privilege to have the         Bob yes, Greg yes, Doug yes and         and have two months financials
throughout the year. Being a former    opportunity to work alongside           Joe yes. Motion carried.                and hold it off until then. Motion
journalist, I also enjoy writing and   with so many great and talented         PROCLAMATION-                           carried.
occasionally do free-lance stories     teachers. Getting to help students      Motioned by Terrie K Terrio and         REVISED REVENUE AUDITOR
for area newspapers. I also officiate   of which I have seen many               seconded by Joe Miller to approve       JOB DESCRIPTION-
basketball and football games.         graduate and become successful          the proclamation for James Davids,      Motioned by Douglas W Huck and
                                       adults. This small school has           effective January 4th, 2011. Motion     seconded by Joe Miller to approve
What do you like best working          become a second family, and its         carried.                                the job description for the Revenue
at Bowler? I like the friendly staff   is wonderful to be part of a caring     REVISION OF COLLECTIONS/                Auditor as presented. Revisions
who often go out of there way to       and supportive staff. “Enter to         FINANCIAL          AGREEMENTS           include:
help you. I also like having all the   Learn – Learn to Achieve!”              #202BUS0022- Motioned by Terrie         Directives cont on page Thirteen:
                                                                                                                                          MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                                                 February 1, 2011 Page 13
Directives cont from page Twelve:       President Vele                         departments and Koonz &                  or her designee be, and hereby
Reports to Finance Manager,             Motioned by Scott R Vele and           Beauleau Lake Association and the        is, authorized and directed to
adding Resort where necessary           seconded by Gregory L Miller to        Fox River Wolf Watershed Alliance        execute the First Amendment
in the position description, adding     approve the request of GLNEA, to       to expand shore line restoration         to the Enterprise Plan on behalf
under qualifications #2: Two             host the GLNEA Meeting October         partnership. Motion carried.             of the Community, and be it
years experience in accounting is       6&7, for the Stockbridge-Munsee        USE         &      MAINTENANCE           further resolved, that the actions
required, #3: Audit experience is       Tribe and to set aside part of the     AGREEMENT W/NAIHRV-                      taken by Stockbridge-Munsee
preferred, #5: Must have excellent      donation line item for the use of      Motioned by Scott R Vele and             Community officers and personnel
computer skills, including Excel,       that conference. Motion carried.       seconded by Terrie K Terrio to           in connection with the matters
Word and Microsoft Office and #8:        SHAWANO AREA COMMUNITY                 approve the Use and Maintenance          addressed in these resolutions be,
Must be able to work in a fast paced    FOUNDATION- Tabled.                    Agreement         between          the   and hereby are, ratified, confirmed
environment where teamwork is           FINANCIAL        PRESENTATION-         Stockbridge-Munsee Community             and adopted as actions of the
essential. Motion carried.              Doug Huck                              and the Native American Institute        Stockbridge-Munsee Community.
RESOLUTION:         ROOM        TAX     WALSH BISHOP CRIMINAL                  of Hudson River Valley, for              Second concurs. Motion maker
ORDINANCE-Doug Huck                     INVESTIGATION-Doug Huck                President’s signature.         Motion    amends motion changing: January
Motioned by Douglas William             Motioned by Douglas W Huck             carried.                                 1, 2007 to January 1, 2009.
Huck and seconded by Joe Miller         and seconded by Joe Miller to          LAW ENFORCEMENT PENSION                  Second concurs. Motion carried.
to post the proposed amendments         authorize the Tribal President to      PLAN-John Miller. Motioned by            EMPLOYEE WAGE ANALYSIS-
to Chapter 57-A, the Room Tax           send a letter to Shawano County        Joe Miller and seconded by Douglas       John Miller. Postponed until next
Ordinance for a 30-day posting.         District Attorney and applicable       W Huck to adopt resolution 015-          council meeting.
Roll Call: Scott no, Terrie no, Bob     federal agencies stating that the      11, now therefore be it resolved,        REQUEST FOR FUNDS FOR
no, Greg no, Doug yes and Joe           Tribe did not consent to the work      the Tribal Council authorizes that       CONSTITUTION          COMMITTEE
yes. Motion defeated.                   contained in the December 15,          effective on February 1, 2011, the       TRAINING- Motioned by Terrie
EXECUTIVE SESSION-                      2010 Walsh Bishop invoice and          Employer Matching Contributions          K Terrio and seconded by Scott
Motioned by Scott R Vele and            to state in the letter that criminal   for law enforcement employees            R Vele to approve the budget
seconded by Robert Chicks to            charges be pursued on behalf of the    as identified by the Tribe shall be       request out of Tribal Council travel
go into Executive Session Motion        Stockbridge-Munsee Community.          as follows: Employer Matching            line, for the three members of the
carried at 5:53 PM. Motioned by         Motion maker amends motion             Contributions      in      Employee      Constitution Committee to attend
Robert Chicks and seconded by           to include: pending legal review       Contributions, up to a maximum           training that the Bureau is putting
Scott R Vele to come back into          by the Tribe’s legal department.       Matching Contribution equal to ten       on and they are paying for, so
session. Motion carried at 6:53         Second concurs. Roll Call: Terrie      percent (10%) of Compensation.           we don’t have to pay the training
PM. Motioned by Douglas W               no, Bob yes, Greg no, Doug yes         Be it further resolved, the tribal       fee, which is per person. Motion
Huck and seconded by Gregory L          and Joe yes. Council Member            employees with the following             carried.
Miller to purchase a table of eight     Vele was not present during this       position descriptions, or in positions   COMPLAINT                 AGAINST
at the Shawano County/Country           agenda item. Motion carried.           subsequently identified as being          TRIBAL PRESIDENT & TRIBAL
Chamber dinner provided it is not       SEPTEMBER GM’S REPORT                  law enforcement positions, shall be      TREASURER- No action taken.
already funded though Pine Hills,       WITH CASINO AND BINGO                  eligible for the Employer Matching       COMPLAINT AGAINST TRIBAL
Motion carried.                         FINANCIALS-         Motioned     by    Contributions as identified under         COUNCIL MEMBER SCOTT
WIEA- Jolene Bowman. Motioned           Douglas W Huck and seconded            this Resolution: Law Enforcement         VELE- No action taken.
by Scott R Vele and seconded            by Gregory L Miller to approve         Manager, Investigator(s), School         EXECUTIVE SESSION- Motioned
by Terrie K Terrio to approve the       the September GM’s Report with         Liaison Officer(s), Deputy(s), and        by Gregory L Miller and seconded
request of the Education Director       Casino and Bingo financials.            Conservation Warden(s). Be it            by Robert Chicks to go into
to come out of donations for            Motion carried.                        finally resolved, the Employer            executive session. Motion carried
the Wisconsin Indian Education          OCTOBER         GM’S      REPORT       Matching Contribution established        at 8:57 PM. Motioned by Scott
Association. Motion carried.            WITH CASINO AND BINGO                  by this Resolution shall apply for       R Vele and seconded by Terrie
OPEN SESSION-                           FINANCIALS           Motioned by       the law enforcement employees            K Terrio to come out of executive
                                        Douglas W Huck and seconded            identified herein instead of the          session. Motion carried at 9:55
ADJOURMENT-         Motioned by         by Gregory L Miller to approve the     employer matching contribution           PM.
Gregory L Miller and seconded by        October GM’s Report with Casino        established under Section 5.1(b)         While in Executive Session
Scott R Vele to adjourn. Motion         and Bingo financials.         Motion    of the Plan. Roll Call: Scott yes,       discussion was held on an ICWA
carried at 7:31 PM.                     carried.                               Terrie yes, Bob yes, Greg abstain,       issue, a Legal Issue, a Contract
                                        NOVEMBER GM’S REPORT                   Doug yes and Joe yes. Motion             Issue, Complaint that President
                                        WITH CASINO AND BINGO                  carried.                                 Vele did not participate in and
On Tuesday, January 18, 2011,                                                                                           a Personnel Issue that was
                                        FINANCIALS- Motioned by Scott          -OPEN SESSION-
the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal                                                                                           withdrawn. Motioned by Terrie
                                        R Vele and seconded by Douglas         NATOW: Appointment of Tribal
Council held a Regular Tribal                                                                                           K Terrio and seconded by Joe
                                        W Huck to approve the November         Representative to Board- No
Council Meeting and at that                                                                                             Miller to credit a Tribal Member’s
                                        GM’s Report with Casino and            action necessary.
time the following motions were                                                                                         Mohican Gas account after an error
                                        Bingo Financials. Motion carried.      JOB DESCRIPTION: Public
made and carried:                                                                                                       has been found. Roll Call: Scott
                                        FY2010 CASINO AND BINGO                Relations Manager Apprentice-
APPROVAL OF AGENDA-                                                                                                     yes, Terrie yes, Bob yes, Greg
                                        AUDIT- Motioned by Terrie K            No action taken at this time, a
  Motioned by Scott R. Vele and                                                                                         yes, Doug abstain and Joe yes.
                                        Terrio and seconded by Gregory L       working meeting will be scheduled
seconded by Robert Chicks to                                                                                            Motion carried. Motioned by Scott
                                        Miller to accept the 2010 audit of     for this item.
approve the agenda as posted                                                                                            R Vele and seconded by Terrie
                                        the casino and bingo.                  FIRST         AMENDMENT            TO
and to my complaint in executive                                                                                        K Terrio to go along with Legal’s’
                                        Motion carried.                        ENTERPRISE 401K PLAN-John
session. Roll Call: Scott yes, Terrie                                                                                   recommendation in an ICW case,
                                        JOB DESCRIPTION: Food and              Miller. Motioned by Scott R Vele and
yes, Bob yes, Greg yes, Doug no                                                                                         that it remain in Shawano County
                                        Beverage Manager- Motioned             seconded by Joe Miller to approve
and Joe no. Motion carried.                                                                                             and that the Child Protection Board
                                        by Scott R Vele and seconded           for signature resolution 016-11,
MEETING MINUTES- Motioned by                                                                                            and ICW, should remain active for
                                        by Terrie K Terrio to approve the      which is the first amendment to
Joe Miller and seconded by Scott R                                                                                      overview. Motion carried.
                                        request of the General Manager         the enterprise 401k plan. Motion
Vele to approve the Regular Tribal                                                                                      Motioned by Gregory L Miller
                                        and Human Resource Manager             maker amends motion to add:
Council Meeting minutes, Tuesday,                                                                                       and seconded by Terrie K Terrio
                                        from the North Star Casino to          now therefore be it resolved,
December 7, 2010, Special Tribal                                                                                        to renew Buck Martin’s Lobbying
                                        approve the proposed revisions to      that the First Amendment to the
Council Meeting minutes, Friday,                                                                                        Contract with a performance
                                        the Food and Beverage Manager,         Stockbridge-Munsee Community
December 17, 2010 and the                                                                                               review clause at three months.
                                        as presented. Motion carried.          Enterprise 401(k) Plan, effective
Regular Tribal Council Meeting                                                                                          Roll Call: Scott no, Terrie yes,
                                        BEAULEAU & KOONZ LAKE                  as of January 1, 2007, be, and
Tuesday, December 21, 2010.                                                                                             Bob yes, Greg yes, Doug no and
                                        TREE DROP PARTNERSHIP-                 hereby is, authorized, approved
Roll Call: Scott yes, Terrie yes,                                                                                       Joe yes. Motion carried.
                                        Motioned by Joe Miller and             and adopted in the form presented
Bob yes, Greg yes, Doug abstain                                                                                         ADJOURNMENT- Motioned by
                                        seconded by Douglas W Huck to          to the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal
and Joe yes. Motion carried.                                                                                            Scott R Vele and seconded by
                                        authorize the partnership between      Council this date, and be it further
DONATION REQUEST- Great                                                                                                 Douglas W Huck to adjourn.
                                        the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe,          resolved, that the President of the
Lakes Native Elder Association-                                                                                         Motion carried at 9:59 PM.
                                                                               Stockbridge-Munsee Community
February 1, 2011 Page 14

       Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee
             Program Available at BAY BANK
  Homeownership in Indian Country
                                                                                                                                                                                                         BONNIE’S PLACE
  In 1992, Congress established the Section 184 Indian Housing Loan
  Guarantee Program. The program was designed to offer homeown-
  ership and housing rehabilitation opportunities for eligible Native
  American individuals, families, tribes, and Tribally Designated Hous-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Grill & Dining
  ing Entities. (Including Indian Housing Authorities) on their native
  lands and within and approved Indian area as defined in HUD P.I.H.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bowler, Wis.                                                 715-793-4457
  Notice 2004-19.                                                                                                                                                                                                             TAKE OUTS AVAILABLE
  Section 184 Program Highlights                                                                                                                                                                                                DAILY SPECIALS
  * Nationwide program on trust land, allotted trust, or fee simple land.
  In Wisconsin, Tribal Members may obtain financing through the 184                                                                                                                                    New Menu                                                                    Weddings
  Program for properties located on or off the Reservation.                                                                                                                                           Expanded Dining                                                          Anniversaries
  * Refinancing available
  * Purchase and rehabs
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Daily Specials                                  Est. 2002                   Birthdays
  * New construction including manufactured homes                                                                                                                                                      Seating up to 100 • Check us out on the web
  * Low down payment
  * No maximum income limits
  * Flexible underwriting                                                                                                                                                                                                            MG Tree Service
  * 1% guarantee fee at closing can be financed into loan
  * No private mortgage insurance required                                                                                                                                                            Tree Service:                  Also Land Clearing
  * Up to 30 year fixed rate financing at conventional rates!                                                                                                                                           Branch removal                     & Landscaping
                                                                                                                                                                                                      to full tree     Michael Gardner
  Any Native American or Alaskan Native that is a member of a                                                                                                                                         removal.       (Home)715-793-3823
  federally recognized tribe or an Alaskan village is eligible for a
  Section 184 loan. To obtain additional information or to apply
  for a Section 184 loan, please contact a mortgage specialist at                                                                                                                                     Free Estimates                      Fully Insured
  Bay Bank. Apply online at:
  Bay Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vele Construction
  2555 Packerland Drive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “Lifetime Guarantee”
  Green Bay, WI 54313
  1-920-490-7600                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jeff Vele, Sr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    W13593 Putnam Lane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bowler, WI 54416
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sample photo only

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Order a New 2011 Home!!!                                      715-793-4648
                                                                                                                                                                                                                3 Bedroom, 2 Bath                               Roofing, decks, doors, windows,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              1,120 sq ft for $39,995                              flooring, siding and soffit,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Family Room                                bathroom remodeling.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           1,600 sq ft for $47,900                              Excellent work and reasonable

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Builder’s Division
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “Since 1946”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1100 VELP AVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   GREEN BAY, WI
Activation at time of service required. Applicants must be 18, have a physical address and participate in at least one state program as noted on the Tribal Lifeline application. Service not
asvailable in all areas. Participants must cerify eleigibility to receive Tribal Lifeline discounts and eligibility must be re-verified annually. Promotional phone subject to change. Prices do not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                TOLL FREE (866) 433-1442
include taxes, fees or other charges. An E911 fee or Police & Fire Protection fee charged on all service lines. The amount or range of taxes, fees and surcharges vary and are subject to              Prices subject to change - Order out home - 2010 Model
change without notice. See retail location or for details. Other restrictions may apply.
                                                                                                         MOHICAN NEWS
                                                                                                  February 1, 2011 Page 15

 Hoffman’s Gamble Store                                       First National Bank
         1108 Main St., Gresham                                         Bowler – Wisconsin – 54416
             (715) 787-3289                                                   (715) 793-5200
Duct Cleaning, Outdoor and Indoor Wood                                  Bowler, WI and Tigerton, WI
    Furnaces Open Daily at 7:30 a.m.                 Safety. Soundness. Strength.
We are the “hot” place to be for all of your         Our basic mission
heating sales and service! Need updates              As your community bank, our basic mission is to provide
 on your forced air hydronic, and wood               you with a safe place to keep your money, a good place to
heating equipment? Hoffman’s Gambles                 have it grow, and a trusted place to borrow it. This has never
                  has it!                            changed. It never will.
                                                     Strength. Safety. Soundness. We will never forget our basic
                                                     mission. We will never forget our commitment to you!
Be sure to check out the selection of out-           “Here to Serve All Your Banking Needs”                Each Depositor Insured to at least $100,000

door and wood furnaces for your comfort.
For quality products and friendly service,
                                                     Open your account today!
  Hoffman Gambles is the place to go!                Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
 Serving the Community for 55 years!!!               Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Little House Portables
Septic Service
* Septic Tanks
                                                     Hot Food                    Hours               Tru Native
* Holding Tanks                                      Pizza Slices             6 AM - 12 AM           Clothing
* Grease Traps                                       Egg Rolls                   Daily               Native Threads
* Dry Wells                                          Pretzels                 Gift Certificates
* Jetting & Steaming of sewer pipes                                       Mohican Apparel is Back
* Inspections and Evaluations                        Pop, Chips,          W12140 County Highway A
                                                                                                  Gas, Meds,
                                                                             Bowler, WI 54416
      Residential, Commercial                        Candy & Nuts
                                                                              715-787-4070                  Dry Goods

       24-Hour Emergency
                                                      Continued Progress in All Minority Communities
           715-787-4464                                      Van Ert Electric Company, Inc.
                                                    Locations in: 7019 W. Stewart Ave., Wausau, WI 54401
                                                                    (715) 845-4308

           Pine Hills                                               2000 Progress Way, Kaukauna, WI 54130
                                                                    (920) 766-3888
                                                                    1250 Carter Drive, Kingsford, MI 49802
                Golf Course &                                       (906) 776-1122
                                                    We fully and actively support equal opportunity for all people, regard-

                 Supper Club                        less of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.

               Hwy 47 north of Shawano on Hwy G
               north of Gresham.
               For reservations call:715-787-3981         Catch your customers by placing your
                                                          advertisement here in the Mohican
                                                          News for as low as $15 per issue!
Friday Night 4:30 - 9:00PM

All You Can Eat Fish $12.95
                                                             ll 7

Land and Sea Buffet $14.95

Saturday Night     4:30 - 9:00PM

Prime Rib Buffet $18.95

Sunday 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Champagne Brunch $11.95
                                                                                       Budget Auto                             USE YOUR
                                                                                          PLU$                                 RETURN…
                                                                                                       AVE N WAUSAU
                                                                                         4308 STEWART AVE. IN WAUSAU
                                                                                              S    A   AV
                                                                                                                                WE WILL
                                                                                       • NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED!
                                                                                       • We Use Over 12 Banks & Credit Unions!   HELP
                                                                                       O V E R 5 0 Ve h i c l e s To C h o o s e F r o m - M o r e A r r i v i n g D a i l y !

                                                                                       ‘99 Dodge Ram Quad     ‘99 Ford F-150 EXT CAB     ‘00 Ford Expedition 4x4     ‘03 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ,
                                                                                             Cab, 4x4                   4x4                Eddie Bauer Edition,            4x4, leather
                                                                                           91,000 MILES           LOADED! $6,990             Leather, Loaded!              MUST SEE!

                                                                                      7 Pass., Leather,    ‘98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ‘01 Chev K-1500 Ext. Cab,           ‘01 Chrysler Town &
                                                                                 2 Durangos to choose from    Limited 4x4 leather       4 Door, 4x4, Z-71                  Country Van
                                                                                     starting at $3,990          VERY CLEAN!               JUST IN!                      LOADED! $4,970

                                                                                          ‘03 Dodge Ram       ‘01 Chrysler Sebring LXI        ‘06 VW Jetta             ‘00 Dodge Intreped
                                                                                           Crew Cab, 4x4              leather               SPECIAL PRICE!            3 TO CHOOSE FROM!
                                                                                           TEST DRIVE!                $4,210

                                                                                          Service Department Specials!
                                                                                           Full-Service featuring ASE Certified
                                                                                            Te c h s. F R E E P i c k - u p a n d D e l i v e r y
                                                                                          $19.95 OIL CHANGE   Call us 715-393-4005

                                                                                         ‘01 Chevy K-1500        ‘00 Chevy Venture         ‘96 Chevy 1500 4x4             ‘99 Toyota Camry
                                                                                         Ext. Cab 4x4 Z-71           Van, 7 Pass              Silverado 4x4                    $3,870
                                                                                            MUST SEE!                 JUST IN!               SUPER CLEAN!                    Low Miles

Bowler Elementary Rewards Party for students who had good
behavior for the 2nd quarter (one detention or less) were able
to pick from a wide variety of fun activities. Top: Let’s Exfoliate                      ‘94 Chevy 1500         ‘08 Chevy 2500 HD              ‘06 Mustang              ‘03 Cadillac Deville

Our Faces - 5th-grade teacher Anne Smith. Bottom: Sand Art                                     4x4
                                                                                           VERY NICE!
                                                                                                                  ALMOST NEW!
                                                                                                                                                Very Sharp
                                                                                                                                                MUST SEE!
                                                                                                                                                                          White Diamond
                                                                                                                                                                          CHECK IT OUT!
- 1st-grade teacher Gloria Steinberg                                                            HE
                                                                                         ON T                            5-Year/100,000 Mile Warranty Available On All Vehicles
                                                                                           S POT G!
                                                                                       FINA                            715-393-4005
                                                                                       4308 Stewart Ave., Wausau (Just West of Wausau Mine Co.)

Sunday              Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday                                   Thursday                         Friday                     Saturday
                                                           1                                      2                               3                              4                             5
February                              Elderly Steering
                                                               7 p.m.
                                                                                                       Editorial Board
                                                                                                       Housing Board

 Community                            10 a.m.
                                      Tribal Council
                                                                                                       12 p.m.

                                      5 p.m.            Garbage/Recycling News Deadline
     6                            7                   8                 9                10                                                                     11                           12
                                    Fire Department     Core Planning
                                    4:45 p.m.           11 a.m.
                                    Language & Culture Fish & Game
                                    MFC Board           5 p.m.
                                    5 p.m.              Garbage/Recycling
           13                    14                  15                16                17                                                                     18                           19
                                                                          Land Committee
                                                                          4:30 p.m.

                                      Tribal Council                           News Deadline
                                      5 p.m.                 Garbage/Recycling Garbage Lg. Items
           20                    21                       22                23                 24                                                               25                           26

                Health Board
                2 p.m.
                 Sachem’s Day                            GarbageRecycling
           27                28 Note: Large Item Day is Feb. 17; call 715-253-2619 or 888-804-8556 to get on the pickup list. Pricing is
                                as follows: Furniture: $15.00; Appliances: $15.00; Freon: $35.00; Microwave, TV, Computer Monitors 17
              Mohican Veterans in and smaller: $15.00; Microwave, TV, Computer Monitors 18in and larger: $25.00; and Carpet: $10.00/
              5 p.m.            roll (5ft long rolls)

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