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                                                                                                                                                            Commerce, Texas 75428

March 2011

                                                          A Publication of the Commerce Chamber of Commerce                                               Volume 9 - No.03

Chamber President’s Letter.................. 2

Ribbon Cuttings................................... 3
                                                               2011 Big Event Invitation
                                                               Stew luncheon, entertainment & recognition provided
Profile .................................................. 4      Texas A&M University-Commerce, the City of Commerce and
                                                               the Commerce Chamber of Commerce announce a day of work and
Calendar of Events .............................. 5            celebration to be held April 9, 2011. On that day, the students, staff and
                                                               faculty of TAMU-C and the citizens of Commerce will join together to
Our Town ........................................... 6         improve our community. A stew luncheon will be held at City Park with
                                                               entertainment and recognition of the projects being done at 12 noon.
Bois d’Arc Almanac.............................. 8                Project proposal forms are available at the Commerce Chamber of Commerce
                                                               located at 1114 Main Street. Projects that improve the appearance of the City,
City Connection ................................. 9            the community environment and safety, and or community facilities and resources   Previous volunteers...
                                                               are welcome for submission. Project proposals must be completed
Campus Connection .................... 10-11                   and returned to the Chamber no later than March 30, 2011.
                                                                  The Chamber is specifically inviting all service clubs, social
Member Directory ............................ 13               clubs, student organizations, Greek organizations, church groups,
                                                               business groups, industrial groups, governmental agencies, and
News ................................................ 15       individuals to join in the day’s activities. Organizations may help by
                                                               developing a project, submitting a project to the chamber, organizing
    c o m m e r c e - c h a m b e r. c o m                     workers and resources, and or participating in a project.
                                                                  Nominations are also being taken for additions to Authors Park. For
                                                               more information please contact the Commerce Chamber of Commerce
                                                               at (903) 886-3950 or email us at

                                                                                                                                            make Big Event a success!

      Commerce, Celebrating Our 125th Year
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                                                                       CONN CTION          e                                                                        March 2011

CHAMBER PRESIDENT’S LETTER                                                                               CHAMBER           Board of Directors
                                                                                                          Executive Board
Exciting times are happening at the Commerce Chamber of Commerce. With the successful comple-             President                                            Michael Glas
tion of the annual banquet, it is now time to gear up for the 4th of July Celebration. We are looking     Past President                                       Lisa Arnold
                                                                                                          Secretary/Treasurer                                  Brian McNevin
for volunteers to help with this year’s celebration, so please stop by the chamber office if you are
interested in helping.
                                                                                                          Board of Directors
                                                                                                          Marc Clayton                                         Stan McKee
The chamber is also working on other avenues to promote and educate our membership. Starting
                                                                                                          Blake Cooper                                         David McKenna
soon will be classes in different subject areas to help in your entrepreneurial endeavors. If you have    Kent Holbert                                         Shane Milhorn
suggestions on the subject matter, please call the chamber office and let us know what classes would      Bonnie Hunter                                        Marsha Morrison
                                                                                                          Joanne Izzarelli                                     Michael Odom
be beneficial for you.
                                                                                                          Dr. Dan Jones                                        Linnea Smith
                                                                                                          Jalinna Jones                                        Mike Williams
While there seems to be a lot going on, the Big Event is also around the corner. Please plan to sub-
mit projects and participate in the Big Event on April 9.                                                 E xe c u t i ve D i r e c t o r                      Doug Rohrabaugh
                                                                                                          O f f i c e A dm i n i st r a t o r                  Sheryl Millar
Each day that passes continues to be a success. We are continually looking forward to the future and      Vice Presidents
all it has for Commerce.                                                                                  Finance                                              Mac Golden

Sincerely,                                                                                                The COMMERCE CONNECTION N e w s l e t t e r C o m m i t t e e
Michael Glas, CCoC President
                                                                                                                                             Julie Wadlow
                                                                                                                                            Michael Odom
                                                                                                                                            Dr. Fred Tarpley

                                                                                                          1114 Main Street,
                                                                                                          P.O.Box 290
                                                                                                          Commerce, TX 75429
                                                                                                          f 903.886.8012
                                                                                                          To place an ad in the CONNECTION, e-mail

                                                                                                                                             2207 Culver St.
                                                                                                                                             Commerce, TX 75428


                                                                                         Stay Smart                                

                                                                                                                                             Complimentary Breakfast
                                                                                                                                             Free High Speed internet
                                                                                                                                             Indoor Pool & Spa
                                                                                                                                             Fitness Room
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                                                             CONN CTION   e                                                               March 2011

                                                                                                     Service Opportunities

Calling All Volunteers                                                                                                                         r.
                                                                                                                                        & Ba
     Planning for the 2011 Fourth of July Fireworks and the                                                                      rill
 2011 Bois d’Arc Bash will soon be under way. The Commerce

 Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking dedicated volunteers

 to fill crucial positions on the events planning committee.                                                       Lo
                                                                                                             ly at
 There are many areas in which to participate in including                                               r on
                                                                    New! “
                                                                          French Dip” roast beef & chedda
 but not limited to: marketing/promotions, golf tournament,
                                                                    2203 Culver Street Commerce, TX 75428
 vendors, sponsorships, entertainment, chamber table, parade, | facebook
 activities, games, pageant, and bash trash. We are hoping to       903.886.2121
 get an early start on the planning process this year in order to
 ensure that everything runs as easily as possible. With a large
 amount of volunteers helping to plan these events we can
 ensure that everyone can play a part and that no one person’s                                                          Judy Petty
 part is too time consuming; many hands make light work.

    If you are interested in volunteering to help plan the
 4th of July event, the 26th annual Bois d’Arc Bash, or if
 you have questions regarding volunteer positions, please
 contact the Commerce Chamber of Commerce.

(903) 886-3950 or email us at
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                                                CONN CTION    e                                                                 March 2011

Commerce High School Principal Virdie Montgomery
            ...reflects on the past year and over his recognition as 2010’s Citizen of the Year

Dear Commerce Chamber of Commerce:

   As I reflect on this past year and the tremendous       something in my world… I would more than love to
honor that you bestowed upon me last year as Citizen       make that thank you speech anytime now that I have
of the Year, I am still amazed and humbled by the          recovered from the initial shock of being so honored.
recognition. I think everyone dreams of earning such
honors in their lifetime and having their contributions
to the community appreciated and noticed. I remain                                          May God bless,
amazed at my selection for this honor and so appreciate
the kind words that were said. I think an award of                                          Virdie
this nature allows one to take pride in their work, but
it also serves as motivation to strive for even higher
standards. I believe it also puts the community into
                                                                                          First Baptist Church
perspective and causes one to notice the work of others                                                   On the corner of
who might be selected for this award. I want to thank                                                 Washington and Sycamore

you again for the honor of being selected as Citizen of                                                 903-886-3189
the Year. I am truly blessed to be in the position I am                                            Sunday Morning Bible Fellowship
in as principal of Commerce High School and I can tell                                                         9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                       Sunday Morning Worship
you that it gets my very best each and every day. Your                                                        10:50 a.m.
                                                                                                            Sunday Evening
work in our community makes our job as educators so                                            First Family Bible Study in Small Groups
                                                                                                               6:00 p.m.

much easier and the attention such as this that you give
us only endears us to this community and motivates us
to want to make a difference. You have made a positive
                                                                      Dyer Insurance Agency, Inc.
difference in my life and I am ever so grateful. I look
                                                                        Serving Commerce and the University
forward to the banquet this year to see my successor                                  for over 75 years
for this esteemed honor and I know that this award will
be received with great appreciation and honor. I was
so honored that I was speechless…..which is saying

                                                                        1504 Washington St.,    Commerce, TX 75428
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                                                                                                        CONN CTION       e                                                                                          March 2011

                    Calendar of Events for 2011
Commerce Idol ......................................................................................Feb 23       July 4th Celebration in the Park...............................................................July 4
Commerce Middle School Auditorium — Tickets $5 each
                                                                                                                 Cooper Lake Bluegrass Festival ..........................................................Aug 5-6
Program of Work .................................................................................. Mar 7
                                                                                                                 Harvey Martin Classic @ Cowboy’s Stadium ........................................Sept 17
Party in the Park ................................................................................. Mar 26
Centennial Park — Free Concert — Free Lunch with $5 donation                                                     Annual Chamber Golf Tournament .......................................................Sept 23
The Big Event...........................................................................................Apr 9    Bois d’Arc Bash ........................................................................Sept 23, 24, 25
University, City, County Clean-Up Service Day
                                                                                                                 Bois d’Arc Bash Car Show ....................................................................Sept 25
Commerce ISD Foundation Annual Boots & BBQ Fundraiser ...............Apr 16
                                                                                                                 Halloween in the Square ........................................................................Oct 31
Relay for Life ....................................................................................Apr 15-16
Texas A&M University-Commerce                                                                                    Brunch with Santa ...................................................................................Dec 3
                                                                                                                 Northeast Texas Children’s Museum
Princess Tea ...........................................................................................Apr 17
Northeast Texas Children’s Museum                                                                                Christmas Parade ....................................................................................Dec 1
7th Annual Cowhill Chilifest and BBQ Cookoff .................................Apr 22-23

Aglaia Easter Egg Hunt.......................................................................... Apr 23
Commerce City Park at 11am

                                            Men’s, women’s and childrens’s clothes as
                                            well as household items

                                            Open to the public Mon- Fr
Wo m e n i n n e e d                        9 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                                          1510 Live Oak St., P.O. Box 776                             Phone 903-886-3141
    Non-profit thrift store                 Sat 10 a.m. to 5p.m.                                                      Commmerce, TX 75428                                               800-878-5972
                                                                                                                                                                                   Fax: 903-886-6426
                                            Help support victims of family volence
                                                                                                                                                Commerce’s Hometown Florist Since 1929
                                            2534 Magnum                                                                                                  Gladys Gray, Owner
   Donations welcomed,                      New location in the plaza with Commerce Hardware
   tax receipts available                   903.886.1224                                                                     Fresh and Silk Custom Designs, Gifts & Gift Baskets, Weddings & Special Occasions
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                                                                       CONN CTION                                                     March 2011

                  Our Town
Chamber Schedules Reporters’ Workshop on March 21
B y Fr e d Ta r p l e y

       Organizations and individuals interested in writing news              sponsor this reporters’ workshop. Wonderful things are
   articles for area newspapers will meet in the Commerce Chamber            happening in Commerce, and the city benefits when the
   of Commerce conference room from 4 until 5:30 p.m. on Monday,             public becomes aware of our resources and activities.”
   March 21, to learn fine points of the reporter’s craft. Fred
                                                                                 The free workshop welcomes everyone interested in the topic.
   Tarpley will direct the workshop, and Amber Pompa of the Herald
                                                                             Tarpley, a professional writer, is owner of Word Magic, an editorial
   Banner and the Commerce Journal will be in attendance.
                                                                             services company that has been a chamber member for several years.
          “Almost every organization has an elected reporter,” Tarpley
   said, “but few are getting their stories before the public. A
   skillful report from an organization can become an important
   news item.” However, Tarpley believes that an article beginning,         CHAMBER
   “The Excelsior Club was called to order by President John Citizen        Member Spotlight
   on April 1, 2011” would put readers to sleep if the newspaper
   considered devoting a few column inches to the submission.

         Every organization has dynamic speakers, worthy civic
                                                                            Need something new around
   projects, and milestones to report. Newspapers and other                 the house for Spring?
   media will welcome the information if it is presented properly,
   Tarpley believes. At the workshop, participants will receive             Support these Chamber members for all your
   examples of successful and unsuccessful news releases. Tarpley           remodeling/construction/repair needs:
   will discuss regional media that can help with publicity. He
                                                                            American Eagle Remodeling, 903-886-4430
   will also review changes in journalistic writing since the
   1960s that reporters should consider in their submissions.               DS Precision Builders/Dale Stotts, 903-886-3310
                                                                            Heavyweight Construction, 903-335-0358
      Doug Rohrabaugh, executive director of the Commerce                   Under Construction, 903-886-6893
   Chamber of Commerce, said, “The chamber is pleased to

             Chaney’s TobaCCo sTaTion

                                 We Cash all Types of CheCks
                          WesTern Union               Money orders
                          bUdgegT hoMe                phone serviCe
                          prepaid Cell phones         bill payMenT CenTer

            1601 live oak                                   903-886-8080
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                                                                           CONN CTION   e                                                               March 2011

Sus scrofa Creating Nightmares for Texas Farmers and Ranchers
B y Fr e d Ta r p l e y

       “They are completely out of control,” Gary Patrick frowned. The Campbell      appropriately, and feral pig meat should be thoroughly cooked before it is
  sharpshooter has the advantage of firing rifles from a helicopter, but still       eaten. Some Texas hunters report making tasty sausage from the meat.
  he is pessimistic. As systematically as sinister blobs destroy planet Earth in     Farmers and ranchers sometimes trap the pigs and take them to brokers
  science fiction films, Sus scrofa are gnawing and rooting their way across         who sell them to a Fort Worth slaughter house. After appropriate blood
  forty-eight states. In Texas, where more than two million of them reside, their    testing, the meat is then shipped to Europe as pork chops, ribs, and sausage.
  rampage causes more than $400 million in damages each year. During the                     The most depressing news about feral pigs comes from Mark E.
  time it takes to read this report, the numbers will have increased dramatically.   Mapston, a district supervisor for the Texas Cooperative Extension-Wildlife
         While farmers and ranchers dream of profitable harvests, the nocturnal      Services. The author of “Feral Hogs in Texas” states, “Once feral hogs
  invaders are devouring fields of almost any agricultural crops, leaving            have become established in an area, it is nearly impossible to remove
  potholes as evidence of their digging. While farmers and ranchers sleep            all of them.” He recommends exclusion, snares, live traps, shooting, and
  peacefully, Sus scrofa are increasing their tribe by two litters of four to        aerial hunting, but he finds “no toxicants, repellents, fertility agents, or
  eight offspring every twelve to fifteen months. While farmers and ranchers         biological control agents registered for use against feral hogs in the U.S.”
  tend their livestock and pets, Sus scrofa are feasting on their young lambs,               In Fannin County the National Wild Turkey Federation, Texas
  calves, deer, and fawns, even upon their nesting birds, dogs, and cats.            Parks and Wildlife, and the Caddo National Grasslands sponsored
         Despised by landowners but prized by some hunters, the                      the Lone Star Wild Hog tournament from Feb. 26 to March 6,
  destructive Scus scrofa are more commonly known as feral pigs,                     2011. Participants are required to have a valid hunting license.
  Eurasian wild boars, Russian boars, European wild hogs, wild                               Regular coverage of feral pig threats are reported by the History
  boars, razorbacks, pineywoods rooters, and woods hogs.                             Channel, the New York Times, and many Texas newspapers. Luke Clayton,
         Along with several other distinctions, Texas leads the nation with          writing for North Texas e-News, stated, “I was raised in rural Red River
  50% of all the feral hogs in almost every county from the Panhandle                County, between the Red and Sulphur rivers, and, one might say, I was
  to the Gulf coast. They have been in Texas since the 1680s.                        hunting hogs before hog hunting was cool.” He continued, “Wild porkers
         Today the average boar and sow weigh 130 pounds and 110                     never cease to amaze me; they’re smart. Animal behaviorists rank swine as
  pounds respectively, but the largest adults may reach 400 pounds and               number three on the intelligence scale, just below dolphins. I believe it!”
  be more than three feet tall and five feet long. The squealing critters                    The magnitude of the problem is made clear by the reports of Dick
  can be recognized by their long snouts, coarse hair, straight tails with a         King, a Commerce outdoorsman who has helped his friends control their
  bushy tip, and armored shoulders of two-inch cartilage and scar tissue.            feral pig populations. “During the past three months, I have captured
         Requiring high energy food and plenty of protein, the pigs have been        180 wild pigs in my traps on my 200-acre farm in Hunt County. The pigs
  called opportunistic omnivores, eating almost anything and everything              have taken over. The dumb, ignorant ones wander into my traps, but the
  they encounter. They even cannibalize pigs and shoats. The pigs leave              smart ones stay outside watching the others enjoy the food that lured
  signs of the nightly raids and daytime seclusion in tracks, trails, crawls,        them to their doom. I do not expect to get rid of all of them,” King says.
  rooting, wallows, rubs, and droppings resembling those of a dog.                           Thus, unlike many science fiction stories, the feral pig menace
         Livestock having contact with feral pigs should be vaccinated               appears to be an eerie threat with no known solution.

                                                                                                   CONWAY COMPANY CPAs, PC
  Hydro creates a more viable society by developing natural
  resources and products in innovative and efficient ways.
                                                                                                         ACCOUNTANTS & ADVISORS
  H y dr o Alum inum                                                                                     
  2000 Economic Drive
  Commerce, TX 75428                                                                    Office 903-886-2123                                   1021 Park Street
  (903) 468-5000                    
                                                                                        Facsimile 903-886-6580                             Commerce, TX 75428
 Page 8                                            COMMeRCe
                                                                              CONN CTION                e                                                                       March 2011
                                                                                                                                                                  B y Fr e d Ta r p l e y

Bois d’Arc Almanac

Horse Apples Dispatch Varmints                                                B y Fr e d Ta r p l e y

      What started as old wives’ tales now seem to be established as                              has been collecting local testimonials about the fruit’s success. Lavonne Wells,
scientific facts. The issue involved is whether horse apples from the bois                        Commerce, avows that when she was housemother for Gamma Phi Beta sorority,
d’arc tree (also known as Osage orange and by many other names) can repel                         a cricket invasion was repelled by placing horse apples near the stinking plague.
cockroaches, silverfish, moths, spiders, skunks, armadillos, and the likes.                       Dewayne Bethea, Tyler, interviewed residents in East Texas and along the Gulf Coast to
      Two hundred years ago, Dr. James Long recorded on his Texas expedition                      judge satisfaction with the horse apple’s effect on pests and got positive reports. Jim
that members of his party smeared themselves with the milky juice of horse                        Ainsworth, Commerce, spread horse apples around the perimeter of a barn infested
apples as protection against the torment of wood ticks.” Later, gardening                         by skunks and opossums. Both species went into hiding in other locales, and the
columnists delighted in answering questions about the effectiveness of the                        skunks stopped spraying around his barn. Ainsworth shouts, “Amen!” to the claim
fruit as insect repellents with the put-down: “It seems to be effective if you                    that horse apples control cricket colonies. Others praise the fruit for driving away
drop the heavy ball directly on a cockroach right between its eyes.”                              skunks and armadillos finding refuge under their pier and beam home foundations.
      Scientific research and public demand have changed the skepticism                                Preparation of the insect repellent varies. The whole fruit is sometimes deposited
through the years. Reputable laboratories at Kansas State University, Missouri                    outside or inside. For inside use, the fruit is often quartered and dropped in suspended
Botanical Gardens, and elsewhere have verified the effectiveness of horse                         hosiery so that it cannot discolor a surface. Rubber gloves are recommended for
apples in sending unwanted critters to their deaths or to other refuges. The fruit                handling horse apples because sensitive skin can erupt in contact with the white sap.
fragrance, mild to human nostrils, seems to be deadly to certain insects and                           Online evidence of horse apple success is found in the number of companies
at least irritating to some mammals. Shoppers at Manhattan’s Union Square                         shipping boxes of horse apples to customers seeking repellents. Wealth
Greenmarket buy the bumpy orbs for $1 each to send their lodging intruders                        awaits Northeast Texans who own tons of the bois d’arc fruit every fall. Their
scattering, and they consider the money spent as a good investment.                               crops are just yearning for profits awaiting insecticide enterprises.
      The Commerce Chamber of Commerce in the Bois d’Arc Capital of Texas

                                                     Beverly Sloan, RN                                                                      903-886-2355
                                                     Nocona Clark, RN
                                                  101 Kings Plaza, Suite H
                                                  Commerce, Texas 75428
                                               (903) 886-2666 - Fax 886-3773
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                                                                                  CONN CTION        e                                                              March 2011

                                                                                                            City Connection
Paris Junior College Small Business Development Center                                                      City of Commerce
now offering workshop and free counseling to small                                                          M O NT H LY            R E PO RT
business start-ups                                                                                 •	Residents	can	now	pay	their	water	bills	on	line!	Visit	the	city’s	website	
                                                                                                   at On the front page scroll down until you see the
                                                                                                   link for Online Billing for Water Utilities and Municipal Court Citations.
     The Small Business Development Center at Paris Junior Col-
 lege will offer a workshop and free counseling for starting and                                   •	The	8th	Annual	Cowhill	BBQ	Cook	Off	will	be	held	in	downtown	
                                                                                                   Commerce	April	22	and	23.	The	event	will	begin	on	Friday	night	with	wine	
 operating a small business in the Commerce area during the month                                  tasting,	sponsored	by	the	Northeast	Texas	Chapter	of	the	International	
 of March, according to Director Pat Bell.                                                         Wine	and	Food	Society,	from	5:00	p.m.	–	9:00	p.m.	The	music	will	be	
                                                                                                   provided	by	Amanda	Graves	and	ShutDownTown	beginning	at	8:00	p.m.		
     Live the Dream! will be offered from 2-4 p.m. on Thursday,                                    On Saturday, the cook off will be in full swing. Music will be
                                                                                                   provided	during	the	day	by	Fat	Tuesday.	BBQ	sandwiches,	
 March 10. This free workshop will include information needed                                      hamburgers	and	hotdogs	and	Frito	pie	and	nachos	will	be	sold	
 to start a small business. Topics will include legal requirements of                              to	benefit	CHS	Project	Graduation	2011,	the	CHS	Band	and	CHS	
                                                                                                   Cheerleaders.	For	more	information	visit	the	city’s	website	at	www.
 starting a business including the different forms of business or-                       	or	call	Marty	Cunningham	at	903-886-1125.	
 ganization and their advantages and disadvantages, conducting a
                                                                                                   •	The	Clean	Commerce	Campaign	will	take	place	in	
 feasibility study, writing a business plan, getting a sales tax permit,                           Section	D	on	Wednesday,	March	30.	This	is	for	residents	
 types of financing available for a start-up business, and what lend-                              who reside on the south side of Culver Street, the east side
                                                                                                   of Park Street and the south side of Maple Street.
 ers want to know, as well as information on SBA guaranteed loan
 programs.                                                                                         •	The	Wastewater	Plant	is	open	seven	days	a	week	from	9:00	
                                                                                                   a.m.	until	2:00	p.m.	for	brush	and	limb	drop	off	for	Commerce	
     Free counseling to start or expand a small business is available                              residents only. Due to EPA regulations, lumber is no longer
                                                                                                   accepted.		Residents	are	asked	to	check	in	their	loads	before	
 by appointment in Commerce each Thursday at the Commerce                                          dumping them. Commercial dumping is also not allowed.
 Chamber of Commerce, 1114 Main Street. To register for the free
                                                                                                   •	City	Council	Meetings	are	held	the	third	Tuesday	of	
 workshop or schedule an appointment for free, confidential coun-                                  each	month	at	City	Hall.	The	public	is	invited	to	attend.	
 seling, call the Chamber at 903-886-3950.                                                         Meetings	are	also	aired	on	KETV	Channel	3.

   The Small Business Development Center is funded by the U.S.
 Small Business Administration, the State of Texas, and Paris Junior

Want 1 million people a month
                                                 to see y o u r business
Outdoor advertising reaches people where they live. When you strategically place a billboard
along the I-30 corridor you are reaching a local audience with your businesses message.        The Big Event
We are a longtime Commerce                                                                     A great day to pitch in.
family interested in your
business success.                                                                              Mark your calendars for Saturday
                                                                                               April 9th for the Big Event. Projects
                                                                                               can be submitted to the Chamber.
Call                                                                                           Last year we had record turn out and
972.212.9315                                                                                   a great Steel Drum Band at the after work day
Find out how                                                                                   party. Showing once again how great Commerce
billboard advertising works.                                                                   is when we live, work, learn and play together.
  Page 10                                    COMMeRCe
                                                           CONN CTION         e                                                                        March 2011

                     Campus Connection
Career Development                                                                                   Grad Expo
                                   to host Entrepreneuial Events                                     Coming Soon
B y : G r e g o r y E . S h i r l e y, I I                                                           By: Ashley Johnson

The Amazing Race: Finding Money                  Entrepreneurial Opportunity Fair                    Texas A&M University-Commerce will host a Grad Expo
to Start your Own Business                       (How To Start Your Own Business)                    at 7:00 p.m. on March 31 the A&M-Commerce Metroplex
Since money doesn’t grow on trees, come                                                              Center, 2600 Motley Drive, Mesquite, TX 75150.
find the funds to reach your dream!                                                                  “A&M-Commerce offers a wide array of graduate
                                                 • Why fear downsizing when you                      programs that give students multiple opportunities for
         Tuesday, April 5th                        can be your own boss                              expanding their personal and professional horizons. The
           2:30-4:30pm                           • Empower yourself financially                      Graduate Expo is a great way for interested individuals
                                                                                                     to find out how to chart their course toward the
   Student Access & Success                      • Learn the benefits of working for                 future,” said Dr. Dan Jones, university president.
                                                   yourself, doing what YOU love!
       Visitor’s Center                                                                              “The Grad Expo provides prospective students an
     Career Development                          Come speak with entrepreneurs and learn how         opportunity to meet our faculty and staff, learn more about
        903.468.3223                             they successfully started their own businesses.     our graduate programs and learn about our innovative
                                                                                                     options for those in career transition,” said Dr. Mary Hendrix,
Extreme Makeover:                                                                                    vice president of student access and success. “Students
                                                 Attire: Business Casual                             will learn how to delay education loan payments, build on
Entrepreneurial Edition
                                                 Tuesday, March 29th                                 existing knowledge and skills to forge new career paths
(How To Start Your Own Business)                                                                     and find success in these challenging economic times.”
They did it, why can’t you?                      11:00am-2pm
                                                 Sam Rayburn Student Center-The Club                 In addition, attendees will learn about opportunities
                                                                                                     both online and in-class instruction at the university’s
                                                                                                     branch campuses throughout the Metroplex.
                                                                                                     Students who register and attend the Expo will receive
                                                                                                     a $50 textbook voucher redeemable at the A&M-
                                                                                                     Commerce bookstore (Commerce or Mesquite
                                                                                                     location) with proof of enrollment in three or more
Thursday, March 24th                                                                                 graduate-level credit hours at A&M-Commerce.
                                                 Contact Career Development at                       To register or find additional information, visit www.
Student Access & Success Visitor’s Center
                                                 903.468.3223 for more information          or call 903-886-5163.
Career Development - 903.468.3223

                                                                                              ALL STAR ENTERPRISES
                                                                                             1930 Live Oak Street, Commerce, Texas 75428

                                                                                            Custom Embroidery / Garment Printing

                                                                                                         Promo Products

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                                                                  CONN CTION              e                                                                         March 2011

                                                                        Commerce Independent School District
Orientation Staff Awarded
at Conference B y : A s h l e y J o h n s o n                          CLI makes its annual visit
                                                                       By: Ludonna Smithers
COMMERCE,	TX	-	Texas	A&M	University-
Commerce orientation staff received                  This year’s Commerce Leadership Institute class received a grand tour of Commerce ISD from
multiple	honors	Feb	18-20	at	the	Region	IV	        one of its own classmates--Superintendent Blake Cooper. Cooper explained school finance and how
Conference for National Orientation Directors      school districts landed in the budget crisis they are in. He told the group that he presented the Board
Association (NODA) in College Station.             of Trustees with three budget cutting scenarios ranging from $740,000 to $1.5 million and he had
                                                   received the go ahead to look at cutting $1 million from next year’s budget. Cuts would come from salary
Adria Green walked away with the most              freezes, a reduction in force and other items combining to make a 10 percent cut in the budget.
awards including the Student Leadership
Award and Hollie Smith received the                  The CLI group was taken on a tour of the new administration building and then they traveled by
Outstanding Advisor/Director Award. One of         school bus to ACW and CHS. At ACW, CLI members walked the hallways festooned with student-
the top prizes in undergraduate case study         made self-portraits and 3D artwork. Principal Wes Underwood proudly showed the group his new
competition,	“Best	Problem	Solving	Team,”	         building and lead them to a fifth-grade recorder concert directed by music teacher Angela Neal.
went	to	the	A&M	-	Commerce	team	composed	            At CHS, Principal Virdie Montgomery explained the Friends of Rachel Club and how his
of Christopher Hall, Bridgette Price, Brittany     campus had accepted Rachel’s Challenge of showing kindness and compassion to everyone.
Whitaker, Adria Green and Madris Hall.             By following the example of Rachel Scott, who was the first student killed in the Columbine
The	A&M	-	Commerce	delegation	also	presented	      school tragedy, students at CHS have made the school a better place. Student leaders were on
three conference sessions including “Lion          hand to explain the impact of the initiative, which is in its third year at the campus.
Camp:	Start	Your	Legacy	Today!”	by	Bridgette	        The group finished their tour with lunch from the high school cafeteria. They were
Miles,	Adria	Green,	Jon	Taylor	and	Christina	      impressed with the serve-yourself format and the appealing signage and presentation
Rowland;	“Selecting	the	Orientation	Team”	         brought to the campus by Chartwells, the district’s food management company.
by	Brittney	Johnson,	Jon	Taylor,	Adria	Green,	
Christina	Rowland	and	Bridgette	Miles;	and	                                                CISD                                                  CLI group enjoys
“Making	Transfer	Students	a	Priority”	by	Jon	                                              Superintendent                                        lunch from the
Taylor,	Bridgette	Miles	and	Luis	Franco.                                                   Blake Cooper                                          high school
                                                                                           explains school                                       cafeteria
The	delegation	ended	the	conference	on	a	high	                                             finance to
note,	receiving	the	“Most	Spirited	Award.”	The	                                            members of CLI
award recognizes a school whose quality, level
of participation and contribution best represent                                                                                 Louise Biggs, Voss
                                                                  Fifth grade                                                    and Rene Walker
NODA	and	their	institution’s	spirit	and	values.                                                                                  don 3D glasses
                                                                  recorder artists
                                                                                                                                 to see the special
                                                                  perform for the CLI
                                                                                                                                 artwork displayed
                                                                  class while teacher
                                                                                                                                 at A. C. Williams
                                                                  Angela Neal leads                                              Elementary School

                                                                                        Shop at the            Bargain Box in downtown Commerce
                                                                                                                       1223 Washington Street
                                                                                                        Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
                                                                                          Offering small household items, clothing, books, jewelry and collectibles
                                                                                                                 Donations Appreciated!

                                                                                                             Operated by the Hospital Auxiliary to benefit

                                                                                         Hunt Regional Community Hospital - Commerce
 Page 12                                  COMMeRCe
                                                                  CONN CTION e
                                                                                                                        March 2011

                                                                           Member Spotlight
Orientation Staff Awarded at Conference
By: Ashley Johnson
                                                                           How does your garden grow?
University-Commerce	orientation	
staff	received	multiple	honors	Feb	
                                                                           With help from these Chamber members, that’s how!
18-20	at	the	Region	IV	Conference	                                         Fix & Feed Commerce Hardware, 903-886-7917
for National Orientation Directors
                                                                           Huffman Farm Supply, 903-886-3369
Association (NODA) in College Station.

Adria Green walked away with the
most awards including the Student
Leadership Award and Hollie Smith
received the Outstanding Advisor/
Director Award. One of the top
prizes in undergraduate case study
competition, “Best Problem Solving
Team,”	went	to	the	A&M	-	Commerce	
team composed of Christopher Hall, Bridgette Price,
Brittany Whitaker, Adria Green and Madris Hall.

The	A&M	-	Commerce	delegation	also	presented	three	
conference sessions including “Lion Camp: Start Your
Legacy	Today!”	by	Bridgette	Miles,	Adria	Green,	Jon	Taylor	
and	Christina	Rowland;	“Selecting	the	Orientation	Team”	
by	Brittney	Johnson,	Jon	Taylor,	Adria	Green,	Christina	
Rowland	and	Bridgette	Miles;	and	“Making	Transfer	Students	
a	Priority”	by	Jon	Taylor,	Bridgette	Miles	and	Luis	Franco.

The	delegation	ended	the	conference	on	a	high	note,	receiving	
the	“Most	Spirited	Award.”	The	award	recognizes	a	school	
whose quality, level of participation and contribution best
represent	NODA	and	their	institution’s	spirit	and	values.

            Hunt Regional Medical Center - Greenville
                       Hunt Regional Community
                         Hospital - Commerce
                                                                                         FREE Lock with Unit Rental
                          We’re growing to serve
                 the Commerce community’s health care needs

                                                                                        200 Maple Street                  Unit Sizes
  Hunt Regional Community Hospital          Hunt Regional Medical Center                Commerce,TX 75428                   5’ x 10’
             Commerce                                Greenville
                                               4215 Joe Ramsey Blvd
                                                                                        903.886.8800                       10’ x 30’
       2900 Sterling Hart Drive
                                                   903-408-5000                         Cody Oliver
   Page 13                                            COMMeRCe
                                                                           CONN CTION          e                                                        March 2011

              Business Directory
A C C O U N T I N G – C P A’ s                               CELL PHONES AND SERVICE                               Commerce Economic Dev. Corporation   886-1121
Conway Company CPAs, PC                           886-2123   ACN-Independent Rep.                  903-335-6034
Kenneth Foust                                     886-3106   Wireless TNT (AT&T)                       886-1062    EDITORIAL SERVICES
Naeem Ahmad, CPA.P.C.                         214-808 0551   Russell Cellular                      903-886-3865    Word Magic                            886-6498
ADVERTISING | SPECIALITIES                                   CHILD DEVELOPMENT                                     EDUCATION
Giggles & Grins                                   450-4746   DNJ Learning Center                       886-2414    Texas A&M Univ.-Commerce              886-5081
Hoss Outdoor Adv. | Billboards I-30          972-212-9315    Wee Care at Sha’s Sha’s World Care Center 886-4911    Commerce Independent Schools          886-3755
AIR CONDITIONING|HEATING                                     CHIROPRACTORS                                         Paris Junior College                  782-0330
DMP Services                                 903-274-7637    Beacon Chiropractic                       886-3100    ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS
Ken Parker Service, Inc                      903-886-6990    Jensen Chiropractic                       886-4333    KCC Electric                       903-246-6245
Progressive Air and Heat                     903-886-8322    CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PRACTITIONER                        ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES
AMUSEMENT|ENTERTAINMENT                                      Judy Biggs                            903-413-5086    Kartridge Korner                      886-3312
NE Tx Children’s Museum                           886-6055   CHURCHES                                              EMBROIDERY/PRNTG/PROMO PRODUCTS
Planetarium                                       468-8652   Bread of Life Church of Nazarene           886-1515   All Star Enterprises                  886-0300
APARTMENTS|PROPERTY MGMT                                     Commerce Community Church                 513-2699    EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES
American Eagle Properties                         886-4430   Disciples of Faith Bible Fellowship       886-3644    Kelly Services                        454-4227
Bradford Place Apts.                              886-8855   Epiphany Episcopal Church                 886-7359    ENGINEERS
Charlinda Villages                                886-8807   First Baptist Church                      886-3189    Hayter Engineering, Inc.              785-0303
Churchill at Commerce Apts. (Culver)              886-4444   First Presbyterian Church                 886-3783    FA R M S U P P L I E S
Gant Apartments                                   886-6863   First United Methodist Church             886-3220    Fix & Feed Commerce Hardware          886-7917
Maple Place Apartments                           886-4050    Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship     886-8585    Huffman Farm Supply                   886-3368                           603-319-1712    Healing Waters Assembly of God            886-7112    FINANCIAL SERVICES
Oak Meadows Townhomes                             886-1555   Ridgecrest Baptist Church                 886-6034    Active Wealth Management              455-6956
Oglesby & Associates                         972-742-5099    St. Joseph Catholic Church                886-7135    AIS Financial Services                886-8050
Valentine Properties                              886-8881   Word of Life Family Church                886-0917    Continental Credit                    886-8500
ART GALLERY/STUDIO                                           CLEANERS                                              Edward Jones & Company                886-3333
Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs               217-8050   Country Cleaners                          886-1609    Financial Network Investment Corp     886-2823
ATTORNEYS                                                    COMPUTER SERVICES/FORENSICS                           ViewPoint Bankers Mortgage        903-455-1477
Curtis, Alexander/McCampbell & Morris 455-8113               Wolf Security Analysts                    366-6721    FLORIST
Edgar J. Garrett                                  886-3146   CONCRETE                                              Bickham Florist                       886-3141
The Law Offices of Jim D. McLeroy                 885-6476   B&A Concrete LLC                          886-6845    FOOD STORES
AUTOMOBILE DEALERS                                           D. L. Lennon, Inc.                        886-3174    Brookshires                           886-3252
Commerce Auto Group                               886-4014   CONSTRUCTION                                          FUNERAL HOMES
North TX Hyundai of Greenville                    455-4949   Dale Stotts/DS Precision Builders         886-3310    Commerce Funeral Home/Cremation Serv. 886-8600
AUTOMOBILE SERVICES/PARTS                                    D. L. Lennon, Inc.                        886-3174    Jones-Walker & Son Funeral Home       886-3131
D & E Auto Supply                                 886-8040   Oglesby & Associates                  972-742-5099    FURNITURE
Hoover’s Automotive                               886-7781   CONVENIENCE STORES                                    Affordable Furniture & Etc.           886-6096
J J’s Quick Lube                                  886-8775   Flying L Fast Mart                        886-8091    GOVERNMENT
O’Reilly Auto Parts                               886-1755   New Way                                   886-7684    City of Commerce                      886-1100
Talley Auto Parts                                 886-2191   COSMETICS                                             State Representative Dan Flynn        455-0971
BAKERIES                                                     Mary Kay Cosmetics - Betty Teal Malone 496-2292       GRAPHICS
Sweeties Donut Shoppe                             886-6111   Violet Spell, Avon Cosmetics          903-453-5916    1st Choice Spirit, Grvl               454-8326
Izzy’s Cakes & Bistro                             886-4800   COUNSELING                                            HARDWARE
BANKS                                                        Lakes Regional MHMR                   903-455-5770    Commerce Hardware & Feed              886-7917
Alliance Bank                                     886-3244   Ronald W. Anderson, PhD.                  886-4388    H O M E H E A LT H
Cypress Bank                                      886-7425   COUNTRY CLUBS                                         1st Choice                            886-2666
Guaranty Bond Bank                                886-2274   Sand Hills Golf/Country Club              886-4455    Encompass Home Health                 886-8877
Heritage Land Bank                                455-2835   CREDIT UNIONS                                         Visiting Angels                   903-784-3902
Inwood National Bank                              886-2126   Lone Star Credit Union               800-588-6928     HOME REPAIR/MAINTENANCE/REMODELING
BOOK STORES                                                  DANCE STUDIOS                                         American Eagle Home Maint/Remodeling 886-4430
East Texas Book Store                             886-3248   Li-Sher Dance Studio                      886-6431    Dale Stotts/DS Precision Builders 903-886-3310
BUSINESS DEVELOPEMNT | TRAINING                              DENTISTS                                              Heavyweight Construction          903-335-6034
Center for Applied Leadership                903-886-5086    Cozart’s Dental Office                    886-3081                                          335-0358
CABINET MAKING                                               Mary/Marc McDaniel, DDS                   886-6945    Oglesby & Associates              973-742-5099
Keystone Mfg. Co.                                 886-1551   DISTRIBUTORS                                          Under Construction                    886-6893
C AT E R I N G / M E E T I N G FAC I L I T I E S             Ben E. Keith Company                      886-2158    HOSPICE
The Lodge/Catering Company                        886-7586   Coca-Cola Bottling Co.                903-784-3336    VistaCare Hospice                     454-1107
                                                             ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                  HOSPITALS
  Page 14                                   COMMeRCe
                                                                  CONN CTION         e                                                       March 2011

            Business Directory
Hunt Reg. Comm. Hospital-Commerce 886-3161           Coterie Culture Club                    886-6263    Under Construction                   886-6893
                                                     ORGANIZATIONS (continued)                           RETAIL
HOSPITALS (continued)                                Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs 903-217-8050    Wal-Mart                             886-3108
Hunt Regional Medical Center-Greenville 408-5000     Keep Commerce Beautiful                 453-7201    RETIREMENT/ASSISTED LIVING
HOTEL | MOTELS | B&B’s                               Kiwanis Club                            886-4733    Colonial Lodge Retirement Inn        454-6636
Best Western Monica Royale Inn & Suites 454-3700     Lions Club                              886-4034    Country Homes Estates                886-7754
Bois d’Arc Bed & Breakfast,          903-886-7705    Louise Drake Garden Club                886-6263    ROOFING
Commerce Inn                              886-8756   Masonic Lodge                           886-3549    Decker Enterprises                817-718-3972
Holiday Inn Express, Commerce             886-4777   N. Hunt Co. Retired Teachers Assn.      886-7695    SELF-STORAGE FACILITIES
HOUSING                                              Psychology Club                         886-6078    All-American Self Storage            886-7575
Commerce Housing Authority                886-2046   Republic of Texas Parrot Head Club      366-2737    The Guard House Self-Storage         886-6040
INSURANCE                                            Rotary Club                             886-7047    TANNING SALONS
Diversified Insurance                     886-6943   Silver Leos Writing Club                468-7391    Healthy Glow Tanning Salon           886-0100
Duncan Insurance                          886-2183   Thalian Culture Club                    886-6209    TAX PREPARATION
Dyer Insurance                            886-2131   Woman’s Culture Club                    886-2624    H & R Block                          886-7252
Farm Bureau Insurance                     455-6782   P AY D AY L O A N S                                 TITLE COMPANY
State Farm Insurance                      886-7774   Cash Express                            886-6252    North Texas Title of Hunt County     454-3364
ID THEFT SERVICES | SECURITY PRODUCTS                PECANS                                              TOBACCO
AML - Direct Sales Marketing         214-228-7489    Campbell Pecans                     903-366-1141    Chaney’s Tobacco Station             886-8080
ACN-Independent Rep                  903-335-6034    C&P Bark & Purr                         886-2524    Hill Grain Company                   886-3133
CenturyLink                          800-788-3500    Pet Degrees                             886-8469    TRASH HAULING-COMMERCIAL
LIBRARIES                                            PHARMACIES                                          City Sanitation                      886-2314
Commerce Public Library                   886-6858   Total Care Pharmacy                     886-8888    TRUCKING
LONG TERM CARE/S KILLED NURSING FACILITY             PLUMBERS                                            BL II Logistics L.L.C.               886-2900
Briarcliff Health Center              903-455-8729   Ashley Plumbing                         886-2355    UTILITIES
Oak Manor Nursing Home               903-886-2510    DMP Services                         903-274-9987   Atmos Energy                     800-460-3030
MANUFACTURING                                        RADIO STATIONS                                      FEC Electric                         455-1715
Alliance Carpet Cushion Co.               886-4153   E TX Broadcasting, Inc. (95.9)          885-1546    Oncor Electric Delivery          888-313-6862
Covidien                                  886-3153   KETR 88.9                               886-5848    VETERINARIANS
Hydro Aluminum Metal Products             468-5012   RAILROADS                                           Commerce Vet Clinic                  886-7941
Legacy Housing                            886-7394   Blacklands Railroad                     438-1324    Gregg Animal Clinic                  886-3911
Zurn/Pex Hydronics                        886-2580   RANCHES                                             WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT
MEDICAL SERVICES                                     Oats Ranch                              886-7951    Luminous Productions              903-851-3183
Hulsey Therapy Services                   886-7669   REAL ESTATE                                         WEDDING
Live Oak Professional Ctr.                886-8818   Century 21 First Group                  886-1200    Celebrations-Wedding Cakes           886-3248
Lowery Medical Supplies                   395-4508   Jack Chapin Real Estate                 886-6373    WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR
MENTAL HEALTH                                        RESALE SHOP                                         Sam’s Club, McKinney             469-952-2417
Lakes Regional MHMR                  903 455-5770    Goodwill Industries of NE TX            886-3600
NEWSPAPERS                                           My Sister’s Closet (WIN)                886-1224
The Commerce Journal                      455-4220   The Bargain Box                         886-8306
The Commerce Connection                   886-3950   RESTAURANTS | CLUBS
OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                     Braum’s                                 886-6149
Advantage Copy Systems               903-885-3375    Domino’s Pizza                          886-2116
OFFICE SUPPLIES/PRINTING                             Lone Star Eatery, Grill and Bar         886-2121
Latson Office Supplies/Printing           886-2710   Los Mochis Mexican                      886-8200
Personalized Printing                     886-7173   Lulu’s Burgers                          886-3888
ORGANIZATIONS                                        McDonalds # 10645                       886-7771
A&M-Commerce Alumni Chapter              886-6175    Mi Casita                               886-4000
A&M-Commerce Athletics                    468-3033   Panda Chinese                           886-4008
A&M-Commerce Interfraternity Council      468-3087   Pizza Hut                               886-9600
Aglaia Club                               886-1968   Sonic Drive-In                          886-7166
American Legion Post No. 1                886-8479   The Drunken Mule                        886-3289
Celebrate The Children, Inc.              886-8365   Texas Beach Club                        455-0219
Commerce Bells of The Red Hat Society     886.6547   The Rail                                886-8132
Commerce Classroom Teachers Assn.         886-3758   Wings & Things                       903-886-0707
Commerce Humane Society                   496-2412
                                                     REMODELING REPAIR
 Page 15                                  COMMeRCe
                                                                CONN CTION  e                                                                                                       March 2011

                                                                          Commerce Chamber of Commerce
Episcopal Church gets new home following closure                          Mission Statement
By Scott Harvey                                                           The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote the common business inter-
                                                                          ests of merchants and citizens living and working in the City of Commerce, Texas, and in the
COMMERCE Mar. 3, 2011 (ketr) —The generosity of a                         immediate area; promote the free enterprise system; encourage the commercial, industrial and
                                                                          agricultural development of the City of Commerce and the immediate area; assume a role of
Commerce church will allow local Episcopalians to continue                active leadership in community improvement. The Chamber shall stand for local harmony,
to worship in town after their own church is shut down.                   cooperation, and progress and shall be non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-sectional in its

The lack of a full-time priest and few members was
too much for the Episcopal Church of Epiphany to                          Do
handle, leading to its deconsecrating in January.                           you want to run an ad in the Connection?
To the rescue was the First United Methodist Church of Commerce                          Chamber Membership Levels                                        Connection Ad Rates
who, beginning Sunday, will begin a new Anglican service.                                Student . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 25
                                                                                         Individual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 50
                                                                                                                                                          Running an ad in the Connection is a great
                                                                                                                                                          way to increase your businesses visibilty
                                                                                         Clubs and Churches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 50             beyond the Connection or Chamber
                                                                                         Business Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$150              website Directories.
“There’s this strong community sense in Commerce that our                                (1-10 full-time employees)
                                                                                         Business Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$200
                                                                                                                                                          Display Ad..................................$ 30
                                                                                                                                                          Back Cover Ad...........................$300
needs don’t necessarily fall out along church lines or along                             (over 10 full-time employees)
                                                                                         Hotels, Motels & Apartments . . . . . . . . .$200
                                                                                                                                                          Website Link Fee........................$ 25

faith community lines,” says Valarie Englert, pastor of FUMC.                            Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250
                                                                                         Manufacturers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
“There’s a real shared sense of community and shouldering each                           Utility Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$500
                                                                                         Website Link Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 25
other’s burdens and sharing each other’s joys that I love.”

The new service began on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 9:45 a.m.,             Call 903.886.3950 to join the Chamber today!
led by Pastor Valarie and Associate Pastor Marc Corazao.
                                                                                                                                                                      white logo

Church officials say the initial idea of a new service
was met with overwhelming support.

Harriet Williams, Leadership Team Chairperson at First
United, commented, “I never heard one person say anything
against it, everybody thought it’s what we needed to do. They’re
a part of our community and we consider ourselves just kind                                                                                                                  of commerce

of one step away from Episcopal Church. It was just very
affirming to me for everybody to be so positive about it.”

                                                                                 Oak MeadowsGet Happy
                                                                                150 Maple Street                                    your home!
                                                                                                                            Make us Commerce, TX 75428
                                                                                                                        Oak Meadows Town Homes
           1312 WashingTon sTreeT - CoMMerCe, Texas 75428                                                               150 Maple
                                                                                                               Hours 8:30-5:30 M-F Street
        903 / 886-2126 - fax 903 / 886-4552 - MeTro 972 / 226-0969                                                      Commerce, TX 75428
                           WWW.inWoodbank.CoM                                                               Call or Come by for our
                                                                                                                        M-F 8a.m.-5p.m.
                                                                                                             MOVE-IN SPECIALS
   MeMber fdiC
                                                          EQUAL HOUSING                                                 Susan Oliver, Manager
Page 16   COMMeRCe
                 CONN CTION   March 2011

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