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					College         news

Sir Wilfred Fish Lecture                                closing date for receipt of dissertations, Nvhich is 31st
Thle first Sir Wilfred Fish Lecture will be delivered   December 1975.
at the General Dental Council on Tuesday i8th
March at 5.30 p.m. The Lecturer will be Lord            Donations to the College
Wolfenden.                                              During the past few weeks the following generous
                                                        donations have been received:
Jacksonian Prize                                         £5ooo.oo The Herbert E Dunhill Trust (further
The Council invite the submission of dissertations                     gift)
for the 1975 award of the Jacksonian Prize, which        t Iooo.oo The Providential Clothing and Supply
conisists of the sum of £52.50 and a bronze medal.                   Company Limited
The Prize is open to Fellows and Members of the           .£385.19 The late Miss Florrie Clark (final
College, Fellows in Dental Surgery, and Fellows                      payment of legacy)
ill the Faculty of Anaesthetists. Dissertations must      £200.00 Miss Margaret Stephens (for cancer
be related to a practical subject in surgery.                           research)
   Intending candidates are strongly advised to ob-       £io5.oo Equity and Law Life  Assurance Society
tainl the full regulations from the Secretary of the                 (further gift)
College, who must be notified of the subject pro-         In addition there have been a number of gifts
posed not less than six calendar months before the      under kioo which total £172.00.

The President of the College, Mr RODNEY SMITII, was created KBE in the New Year
Honours List. Honours were also conferred upon the followinig Fellows and Members:
Knight Bachelor                                    ALBERT HOWARD TOYNE FRCS
  EDWARD ERIC POCHIN MRCS                        OBE
KBE                                                SURGEON CAPTAIN KENNETH MORLEY
  FRCS                                             ST JOHN MICHAEL CLIVE BIRT FRCS
KCVO                                                SAMUEL HYMAN COPLAND LDSRCS
CMG                                                 ARKYI, STAVELEY GOUGH FRCS
CBE                                                        LIEUTENANT-COLONEL PETER
   CEDRIC KEITH SIMPSON MRCS                               TURTLE VRD MRCS
                                                                                College news        105
                                                     Th'lie Honorary Gold Medal of the College was
                                                     awarded to Mr Norman Capener in March I974
                                                     'in recognition of his outstanding services to the
                                                     College, and in particular his care of its artistic
                                                     possessions, and   to the community as a whole
                                                     through his work for the Medical Commission on
                                                     Accident Prevention'. The photograph shows the
                                                     President presenting the Medal to him at a special
                                                     ceremony, at which Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors,
                                                     Past President, was also present. This presentation
                                                     was to have taken place at the Annual Meetinig
                                                     of the College in Exeter, but the special ceremony
                                                     was arranged on account of Mr Capener's recent

May-September 1974
The Library is a reference library, but books and     of haemodialysis. 1974.
pamphlets are lent to other libraries. Reference     *BEST,  C H, and TAYLOR, N B Best and Taylor's
works and books used by students attending the        Physiological basis of medical practice. gth ed.,
courses for the Fellowvship Examinations are not      ed. by J R Brobeck I973.
available for loan. Such books are marked with an     BIRNSTINGL, M, ed. Peripheral vascular surgery.
asterisk. Manuscripts and historic texts cannot be    1973.
lent.                                                 BOYD, J D, and HANIILTON, W J The human
I) Modern works                                       PlaceI1ta. I970.
 ABRAMSON, H, ed. Resuscitationi of the inewborn      BRANDT, G, KUNZ, H, and NISSEN, R, eds.
 infant. 3rd ed. 1973.                                Intra- und postoperative Zwischenfalle:
 ADAMS, C W Medical forc-edgc decorations and         III-Extremitiiten und Urologie. I970.
 paintings. 1970.                                    *BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Summary of
*ALKEN, C E, et al., eds. Handbuch der Urologie.      postgraduate diplomas and courses in medicinc.
 VOIS. I-I5. 1959- 1974.                              1974-
 ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND         BROSTOFF, J, ed. Clinical immunology-allergy
 IRELAND. The first fifty years, by H C Edwards       in paediatric medicine. Workshop no. I. 1974.
 and M Morris. 1974.                                  BROWN, J H U, and GANN, D S Engineering
 ATKINS, Sir H, ed. The trcatmcnt of brcast           principles in physiology. I973.
 cancer. 1974.                                        BULBULIAN, A H Facial prosthetics. 1973.
 BADENOCH, A W Manual of urology. 2nd cd.             BULL, T R Colour atlas of ENT diagnosis.
 I974.                                                1974.
 E A, eds. Heart disease in infancy: diagnosis       Modern maniagemenit of meningomyelocele. 1972.
 and surgical treatment. 1973.                       BUNTING, J Charles Darwin. I974.
 BEEBE, H G Complications in vascular surgery.       BUSCHE, K-A Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der
 1973-                                               Neurochirurgie. I970.
 BELL, P R F, and CALMAN, K C Surgical aspects       CAILLIET, R Knee pain and disability. 1973.
io6        College news
*CALNAN, J, and BARABAS, A Writing medical            of teeth. 1973.
 papers. I973.                                        EGER, I Anesthetic uptake and action. 1974.
 CALNE, R Y, ed. Immunological aspects of             EIGHTH SINGAPORE-MALAYSIA CONGRESS OF
 transplantation surgery. 1973.                       MEDICINE 1973. Proceedings. 1974.
 CAMP, A J Wells and their whereabouts. 4th ed.       EUROPEAN DIALYSIS AND TRANSPLANT ASSOCIATION.
 I974-                                                Dialysis and renal transplantation. Proceedings of
 CAMPBELL, J Menzies Those teeth of yours.            the gth Conference. 1972.
 2nd ed. 193 I .                                      FIELDS, W S, and MoossY, J, eds. Stroke. 1973.
 CAMRASS R Oral health survey of Western              FODOR, 0 Fiziopatologia splinei: the spleen, its
 Samoa. 197I.                                          pathophysiology. Symposium: Cluj 1973. I973.
 CASTRO, J E The treatment of prostatic                FORRESTER, D M, and NESSON, J W The
 hypertrophy and neoplasia. 1974.                     radiology of joint disease. 1973.
 CHAKLIN, V D Kostiia plastika. 1971.                  FRANKE, K, UNGER, R R, and PAUL, B Das
  CIIAPCHAL, G, ed. Arthroplasty of the hip. 5th       Schadelhirntrauma in der Notfallpraxis. I973.
  international symposium. 1973.                       FREEMAN, M A R, ed. Adult articular cartilage.
  CHRISTOPHER, F Textbook of surgery. Ioth ed.         1973.
  1972.                                                FREY, R, HUGIN, W, and MAYRHOFER, 0, eds.
  CIBA FOUNDATION. Haemopoietic stem cells.            Lehrbuch der Anaesthesiologie, Reanimation und
 1973-                                                 Intensivtherapie. 3rd ed. 1972.
 CIBA FOUNDATION. Immunopotentiation. I973.            FROST, H M Orthopaedic biomechanics. 1973.
 CIBA FOUNDATION. Ontogeny of acquired                *GANONG, W F Review of medical physiology.
 immunity. 1972.                                       6th ed. 1973.
 COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION. Orthopaedic                  GELFAND, T The hospice of the Paris College of
 training in developing countries. I973.               Surgery. 1973.
 Cox, A G, and ALEXANDER-WILLIAMS, J                   GIANNESTRAS, N J Foot disorders-medical and
 Vagotomy on trial. I973.                              surgical development. 1973.
 CRANEFrELD, P F The way in and the way out.           GOHRBANDT, E, GABKA, J, and BERNDORFER, A, eds.
 Francois Magendie, Charles Bell and the roots of      Handbuch der plastischen Chirurgie. Bd. I,
 the spinal nerves . . . 1974.                         Lieferung 7, Beitrag 4. Lokalanaisthesie, by J
 CRITCHLEY, M Sir William Gowers 1845-1915.            Gabka and H Harnisch. I969.
  1949.                                                GREENLEE, H G Surgery of the small and large
*DAVIS, J A, and DOBBING, J, eds. Scientific           intestine. I973.
 foundations of paediatrics. I974.                     GRMEK, M D Raisonnement experimental et
 DE LORENZO, A J D Vascular disorders and              recherches toxicologiques chez Claude Bernard.
 hearing defects. 1973.                                1973-
 Endoscopy and biopsy of the esophagus and             Orthopidisch-chirurgischer Operationsatlas Bd. V.
 stomach. 1972.                                        Unterschenkel und Fuss, ed. by A Rutt. 1973.
 DEMLING, L, and CLASSEN, M, eds. Endoscopy of         HACKMANN, W D John and Jonathan
 the small intestine with retrograde                   Cuthbertson. 1973.
 pancreato-cholangiography. I973.                      HARRIS, C R S The heart and vascular system in
 DESCOTES, J Les pieges de la chirurgie vasculaire.    Ancient Greek medicine from Alcmaeon to Galen.
  2nd ed. I973.                                        1973-
 DEUTSCH, E Blutgerinnung und Operationen.             HALL, R M Air instrument surgery; addendum to
  1973.                                                vol. I. 1973.
  D1ETHELM, L, et. al., eds. Handbuch der              HARRISON, T R Your future health care. 1974.
  medizinischen Radiologie. 3. Spezielle               HENDERSON, J W Orbital tumors. 1973.
  Strahlentherapie maligner Tumoren, ed by A          *HILL, W C 0 Primates, vol 7-Cynopithecinae.
  Zuppinger. 197I.                                      1974-
  ECCLES, Sir J C Facing reality. I970.                HIMWICH, W, ed. Biochemistry of the developinig
  ECCLES, Sir J C The understanding of the brain.      brain. Vol. I.  1973.
   I973.                                               HOEFFKEN, W, and LANYI, M
  ECCLES, J D, and GREEN, R M The conscrvation         Roentgenuntersuchung der Brust.    1973.
                                                                                College news        I07
 HUMBLE, J G, and HANSELL, P Westminster              MORRIS, G C R Renal hypertrophy after
 Hospital I7i6-I974. 2nd ed. 1974.                    unilateral ureterophlebostomy in the rat. I974.
 HUNTER, R, and MACALPINE, I Psychiatry for the       MIDDLETON, G Dicsel exhaust fumes and lung
 poor. 19 74-                                         cancer. 1974.
*INSTITUTE OF hIISTORICAL RESEARCHI. Corrections      NAGAISHI, C Functional anatomy and histology of
 and additions to the Dictionary of National          the lung. 1972.
 Biography. I966.                                     NAJARIAN, J S, and DELANEY, J P, eds. Surgery
 ISELIN, M, and ISELIN, F Atlas de chirurgie de la    of the gastrointestinal tract. 1974.
 main. 1971.                                         *NETTER, F H Kidneys, ureter and urinary
*JAWETZ,   E, et al. Review of medical                bladder. Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations,
 microbiology. iith ed. 1974.                         vol. 6. I973.
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 engineering. I973.                                   OATES, G D, et al. Stoma care. 1974.
 KIRK, R M1, MAYNARD, J D, and HENRY, A N             OBER, WV B The Sydenham Society (I843-I857):
 Surgery. I974.                                       rise and fall. 1974.
 KUNTSCHER, G The callus problem. 1974.               OFFICE OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. Vaccination.
 LAITINEN, I, V, and LIVINGSTON, K E, eds.            1974.
 Surgical approaches in psychiatry. I973.             OYAMA, T Anesthetic management of endocrine
 Li, C P Anticancer agents recently developed in      disease. 1973.
 the People's Republic of China. n.d. [I973?]         PALLIS, C A, and LEWIS, P D The neurology
 LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES. Diabetes mellitus.      of gastrointestinal disease. 1974.
 7th ed. 1973.                                        PALOYAN, E, LAWRENCE, A M, and STRAUS, F H
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 uirinary tract infections. 1971.                     PEGG, D E, ed. Organ preservation. I973.
 LUND UNIVERSITY. Collected papers of the             PIGNET, J, and TERRACOL, J Les maladies du
 Department of Surgery. 1957-59 and I963-65.          larynx. I 958.
 McDONALD, D A Blood flow in arteries. 2nd ed.        PIPER, D W Introductory pharmacology and
 1974-                                                therapeutics. 1973.
 McFARLAND, J, ed. Basic clinical surgery for        *PRICE, F W Price's textbook of the practice of
 nurscs and medical students. 1973.                   medicinc. I I th ed., ed. by Sir R Bodley Scott.
*MCMINN, R M H, and HOBDELL, M H The                  1973.
 digestive system. I974.                              PUTSEP, E Planning of surgical centres. 2nd ed.
*MIAINGOT, R H Abdominal operations. 6th ed.          1973-
 1974.                                               *RANSOME, J, HOLDEN, H, and BULL, T R, eds.
 MAIR, A Sir James Mackenzie, M.D., I853-1925,        Recent advances in otolaryngology. 4. I973.
 general practitioner. 1973.                          RASHID, A Diseases of the ear, nose and throat.
 MALININ, T I Reversibility of cellular injury due    4th ed. I967-1969.
 to inadequate perfusion. I972.                       RASHID, A Diseases of the pharynx and larynx.
 MARKS, C The portal venous system. I973.             n.d.
 MELLANBY, K Human guinea pigs. 2nd ed.               RAVEN, R W, ed. Cancer at the crossroads and
 1973-                                                the challenge for the future-Marie Curie
MERTENS, R Alexander von Humboldt und                 Memorial Foundation Symposium I972. I973.
Frankfurt am Main. 1959.                             *RAVEN, R W, ed. Modern trends in oncology.
MERTENS, R Eduard Riippell. I949.                     1973-
MILES, A E W Julia Pastrana: the bearded             `-REESE, A J M The principles of pathology.
lady. 1974-                                           1974-
MING, A L L, and YEW, K L, Practical                 REIFENBERG, B Johann Christian Senckenberg in
ophthalmology. 1974.                                 seiner Zeit. I964.
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Leistung der Organismen. I. I970.                    RICHARDSON, R G The abdominal stoma: a
MONTGOMIERY, W WX Surgery of the uipper              historical survey of the artificial anus. 1974.
respiratory tract. Vol. I. 197I.                     RxOBINSON, D H The dangerous sky. I973.
io8       College nlewvs
 RoAF, R, and HODKINSON, L J Basic surgical        BY KHOVSKIY, M L, eds. Machine diagnosis and
 care.   I 968.                                    information retrieval in medicine in USSR. I973.
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   '973.                                           tumours and dysplasias. I972.
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 palate. 1972.                                     pathology. 4th ed. 1974.
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 Symposium on puberty and adolescence. I974.       disease. University of Bristol ChM Thesis.
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 Senckenberg Museums im Grundriss; Chronik der     Untersuchunigen des Zusammenhanges voIn
 Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft   Cholera- und Typhus-Massenerkrankungen mit
  1817-I 966. I967.                                dem Grundwasserstand, in Hinblick auf die
 SCIHAUWECKER, F The practice of ostcosynthesis.   langjihrigen Grundwvasserstandsbeobachtungen
  1974.                                            j G Mendels. 1972.
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 Gesichtschirurgie. XIV. Diagnose und Therapie     Mendels und ihr Milieu sowie der Niederschlag
 der mesenchymalen Tumoren und Hyperplasien        seiner wissenschaftlichen Intentionen und Arbeit im
  des Mund-Kiefer-und-Gesichtschirurgie. 1970.     Bonner Bibliotheken. 1974.
                                                   WHITEHEAD, R Mucosal biopsy of the
*SCURR, C, and FELDMAN, S, eds. Scientific          gastro-intestinal tract. 1973.
  foundations of anaesthesia. 2nd ed. 1974.        WIDOW, W Atlas zur klinischen Diagnostik des
  SIIAHER, R M Complete transposition of the       Brustdriusenkrebs. Atlas on the clinical diagnosis
  great arteries. 1973.                            of mammary carcinoma. I968.
  Shock. 1973.                                     BURCHARDI H Postoperative Friihkomplikationcn
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  STURDY, D E Essentials of urology. I974.          tuberculosis. 1973.
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   research. Vol. I. Origins and policy of the
   Medical Rcsearch Council (UK). 1973.
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   1974-                                            ABERNETHY, J, Surgical observationis on the
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   impairment services teams. [1972].                EDRIDGE -GREEN, F W Memory: its logical
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                                                                                College news        lO9
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   Gifts of books and pamphlets are gratefully ac-      Jurgens Ltd.; Veterans Administration Hospital
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R M SALLAM, FRCS Lecturer in Surgery, Azhar            W Sussex Area (Cuckficld and Crawlcy District).
University Faculty of Medicine, Cairo.                 D A HADLEY, FRCS Consultant Ophthalmologist,
K PAHUJA, FFARCS Head of Departmcnt of                 XV Sussex Arca (Worthing District), Chichcster
Anaesthesiology of South Chicago Community             District.
Hospital and Associate Professor, University of        B WYNN DAVIES, MRCS ConsuIltant in charge
Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, Pritzker School of      of Emergency Department for W Sussex Area.
Medicine, Chicago.                                     M H MORENY, FRCS Consultant Surgcon in
 J F KELLY, FRCS       Consultant Gencral Surgeoni,    General Surgery, Bundaberg General Hospital,
 I,ancaster District of Lancashire AHA and             Bundaberg, Australia.
Westmorland County Hospital.                           H H A GAWICH, FRCS Assistant Professor of
 j R W GUMPERT, FRCS Consultant General                Neurosurgery, Medical School, Benghazi University,
 Surgeon, E Sussex Area (Brighton District) and        Benghazi, Libya.
I   IO     College news
Monday 7                                                 Annual Meeting (3 p.m.).
  DMRT Examination begins.                               Frederic Hewitt Lecture-Professor A Crampton
Wednesday 5                                              Smith-The business of anaesthesia (4 p.m.).
  Election of Fellows in the Faculty to the Board        Anniversary Dinner (745 p.m.).
  of Faculty of Anaesthetists.                         Friday 21
Thursday 6                                               Board of Faculty of Dental Surgery (4.0o p.m.).
  Otolaryngology Lecture-Mr R J Bennett-The            Saturday 22
  discipline of tympanoplasty-the pathological           Faculty of Dental Surgery Scientific Meeting-
  basis (5.30 p.m.).                                     The treatment of the edentulous patient
Tuesday i i                                              (9.30 a.m.).
                                                         Webb-Johnson Lecture-Sir Terence Ward CBE
  Arnott Demonstration-Dr H J Gamble-The                 -Closing the gate to pain (i2 noon).
  connective tissue of peripheral nerves and their     Monday 24
  roots (4.30 p.m.).                                     Final Membership Examination begins.
Wednesday I2                                             Last day for application for Annual
  College Dinner (7.30 p.m.).                            Examinerships.
Thursday 13                                            Tuesday 25
  Ordinary Council (2 p.m.).                             Datc of Council Election announced.
  Arris and Gale Lecture-Mr A E Kulatilake-            Wednesday 26
  Isolated perfusion of canine and human kidneys         Hunterian Lecture-Professor N Thompson-
    (5 p.m.).                                            Autogenous free transplantation of skeletal muscle.
Saturday I5                                              Experimental background and clinical
  Surgery Course begins.                                 applications (5 p.m.).
Wednesday ig                                           Friday 28
  ANNIVERSARY                                          Saturday 29
  Board of Faculty of Anaesthetists (io a.m.).           COLLEGE CLOSED.
  Anniversary Forum-Medicolegal problems in            Monday 31
  anaesthesia (11.30 a.m.).                              BANK HOLIDAY. COLLEGE CLOSED.

Notes on books
Endoscopy of the Small Intestine with                  cndoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.
RetrogradePancreato-cholangiography,                     The book is aimed at the expert and will bc of
International Workshop at Erlangen, I972,              much value to him. It has less to offer to the novice,
                                                       although the section on the hazards and complica-
cdited by L Demling and M Classen. I 43                tions of this type of instrumentation might with ad-
pages, illustrated, Georg Thieme, Stuttgart.           vantage be read by all who aspire to it.
DM 38.
Unlike most edited accounts of international sym-      The Cutting Edge               by R Theodore
posia, this volume is well organized and presented.    Beck. 2I6 pages, I2 illustrations. Lund Huim-
It provides the most authoritative account available
so far of the potentialities and limitations of this   phries, London. £6.
technique. The 114 illustrations are excellent and     London surgeons and all those interested in the his-
give the clearest demonstration of such common         torv of our profession owe a debt of gratitude to the
biliary or paIncreatic lesions as can be revealed by   auwhor, ati architect, former Mastcr of the Worship-

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