Positioning as an Authority for Marketing Success by TengkuKimiTengkuHakimie


									                       Positioning as an Authority for Marketing Success

Online users are searching the Internet for information, products, and services every minute of
every day. With the intense competition and wealth of information available on the Internet,
people do not want to spend their time visiting a site that they do not believe is high quality,
credible, and worthy of their time. They’ll allow you 8 seconds to grab their attention and that
starts the beginning of a relationship – or breaks it.

Proven marketing tactics become increasingly valuable today with the increased competition
and skepticism of many web users. If visitors do not perceive a site is high integrity, they quickly
click their heels and scamper to another website because they know there are many more.

But people who believe your site has something valuable to offer and that is highly credible will
stay around long enough to learn more. They’ll search your content for more information and
as they become more intrigued by the content they begin to trust you and what you have to
say. If you’ve deployed a marketing tactic that establishes your credibility, you are ahead of the

Think about your own buying patterns. If you do not believe you can trust a business, you are
most likely to avoid stopping by to browse the products. It doesn’t matter if the business is
offline or online. You want to know that you are talking to an expert in the niche.

And that’s how online web users feel too.

There are too many credible resources for them to waste their time on a site that does not
meet their expectations of quality and credibility.

So, exactly how do you increase your credibility and attract a wider audience?

First of all, you must position yourself as an authority and as someone who truly understands
what the customer needs. You must quickly develop a sense of authority by including valuable
information, data, statistics, and compelling content on your website. It’s not just about the
product you have to offer, but it’s about your own ability to respond to their needs and

And it’s about your personal experience with the particular niche.

Having credentials related to a particular field can go a long way towards increasing credibility.

But so can experience and connections through a network of similar experts. Many marketers
fear the mention of other experts in their field because they assume they will lose business to
them. But people appreciate a marketer who is confident enough to talk about others who
offer solutions. It actually increases your credibility and helps build a sense of loyalty.
When people know they can come to you for answers and that you will also redirect them to
other credible resources, they are most likely to see you as a partner. Having relevant links to
reputable websites that also offers information and solutions on a particular niche actually
increases your credibility as an expert in the field.

In today’s world of technology, people have a vast array of resources available to them through
the Internet. They don’t have to settle for one product or service anymore. They have freedom
and flexibility to shop around and if they do not believe your site or products are credible, they
will do exactly that.

Before you lose another customer to the click of a mouse, check your own content and
information to see if it exudes confidence and credibility. If not, it’s time for an over-haul of
marketing tactics that position you as an expert in the field.

Marketing tactics that include positioning yourself as an authority are more likely to land you at
the finish line as the winner.

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