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									                                                           WORLD CUP
 Newsletter Date 01 May 2009                                        WHEN HISTORY IS MADE,
 ISSUE 1                                                            WHERE WILL YOU BE ?
   Inside this issue:          THE COUNTRY - SOUTH AFRICA                                            South Africa's big task begins
 The country              1                                                                          - Reuters
                               Location and size                all year round.                      South Africa will soon begin work
 safety                   1                                                                          on its stadiums for the 2010
                               South Africa is located at the   Provinces, towns                     World Cup finals and the costs
 Garden route             2    southern-most tip of the         and cities                           should run to about 6 billion rand
                               African continent. It is a                                            ($A1.14 billion), the head of the
 weather                  2    country bordered by two          The country is divided into nine     local organising committee told
                               oceans: to the east, the         provinces, namely Gauteng,           parliament.
 cities                   3    warm Indian Ocean & to the       Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Free            The tournament is expected to
                               west, the Atlantic Ocean.        State, North West, Western           inject billions of rand into Africa's
 Must do’s                4    South Africa shares its          Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern         largest economy and create
                               borders with Namibia in the      Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.              badly-needed jobs in a country
 topography               4    north-west, Botswana and                                              with an unemployment rate
                               Zimbabwe in the north, and       The capital of South Africa is       officially estimated at over 25
                               Mozambique in the north-         Pretoria in the Gauteng province.    percent.
                               east.                                                                 "The World Cup will deliver an
                                                                Parliament is located in Cape        overwhelming positive outcome
                                                                Town.                                in economic terms," Danny
                               South Africa has 3000 kilo-
                               metres of beautiful coastline.   The judicial capital is Bloemfon-    Jordaan said.
                               The east coast is washed by      tein, in the Free State province.    Jordaan, speaking to a commit-
                               the warm Mozambique                                                   tee debating a special Sports
                               current flowing south from       The major cities are Johannes-       Measures Bill, said the building
                               the Equator, while the west      burg, Cape Town and Durban,          of four new stadiums and the
                               coast is washed by the cold      followed by Port Elizabeth,          refurbishment of a further four
                               waters of the Benguela           Bloemfontein and East London.        would all be under way by
                               current moving northwards                                             January.
                                                                There are 11 officially recognised   He said construction of a new
                               from Antarctica.
                                                                languages, most of them indige-      stadium in Port Elizabeth would
                               South Africa is 1,219,090        nous to South Africa. However,       begin in October, to be followed
                               km2 which is bigger than         English is the most widely used,     in November by work on a major
                               Germany, France and Italy        and is spoken almost every-          revamp of Soccer City, the
                               combined.                        where, including airports, hotels    Johannesburg venue where the
  NOTHING BEATS                                                                                      2010 final will be played.
                                                                and shopping malls. All road
  BEING THERE                  Because of its size, wide        signs and official forms are in      Cape Town's new stadium will
                               range of latitudes,              English. Other major languages       have a 70,000 capacity with a
                               neighbouring ocean currents      are isiZulu, isiXhosa and            retractable roof, Jordaan said,
                               and notable variety of to-       Afrikaans, a derivative of Dutch.    and is earmarked to host one of
South Africa                   pography, South Africa offers                                         the semi-finals.
                                                                Some northern Europeans find it
Potential Qualifiers           reliable, warm holiday desti-    easy to under-                       Soccer City, which already has a
                               nations in a variety of locals   stand Afrikaans.
                                                                                                     capacity of 75,000, would be
Australia        Italy                                                                               increased to a new capacity of
Germany          Greece                                                                              104,000. It will host the opening
UK               Holland       How safe is South Africa:          where it is less safe to visit,    game and the final of the 2010
Spain            France        South Africa is as safe for        especially alone. This is true     World Cup.
                               tourists as any other major        for any country and city           A total of three million tickets will
With the experience of                                            worldwide. The most                be sold for the 2010 tournament,
                               destination in the world, pro-
                                                                                                     one third for the South African
World Cups since 1994          vided of course that the usual     important thing therefore,
                                                                                                     market, one third for international
along with European            sensible precautions are           is to be educated about the        fans and the other third reserved
Championships, UEFA            taken. Internationally, key        areas to be avoided. These         for marketing partners and FIFA.
Cup Finals, European           commentators such as the           areas are not regarded as          Jordaan said South Africa ex-
League games & Club            US State Department and UK         tourist sites. The rate of         pected 350,000 visitors for the
World Championships -          Foreign Office have officially     crime against tourists in          tournament in 2010, way down
We know we are the             described South Africa as a        South Africa is, in fact, lower    on the numbers in Germany.
                               “low risk” destination from        than many other countries          "This is because of our
most qualified in
                                                                  of the world, even those           geographical position and the
Adelaide to arrange            the point of view of crime.
                                                                                                     cost of long distance travel," said
your World Cup 2010            However, as with any desti-        with a reputation for being
arrangements !!!.              nation, there are some areas       safe.
 Road network                                                     THE WEATHER
 The road infrastructure
 is world-class backed            THE WEATHER                        the weather is mild all           In Mpumalanga & Limpopo
                                                                     year round, but can get           provinces, activities are
 by highly sophisticated          Climate summary                    cold at night during the          not quite as time
 roadside assistance                                                 autumn and winter
                                  Dry, warm-to-hot                                                     dependent.
 services, that is                summers with cold, dry             months (March to August).
 reassuring for                                                      Durban, the biggest port          Having said that, spring
                                  winters are experienced in
 customers interested in                                             and surfing paradise, is          and autumn are best for
                                  Gauteng, the Northern
 a “fly-drive” holiday. In                                           hot and sometimes humid.          hiking, as summer can be
                                  Cape, the North West and
                                                                     In Cape Town, the                 very hot.
 addition, all the major          Free State.
 car rental companies                                                weather is usually warm,          In the Drakensberg
                                  Hot, humid summers with            but temperamental. If
 have 24-hour assis-                                                                                   (KwaZulu-Natal), summer
                                  balmy, warm winters are            you’re visiting from the
 tance offices.                                                                                        thunderstorms can be
                                  characteristic of Limpopo          northern hemisphere, just         dangerous and there is
                                  Mpumalanga, & KwaZulu-             remember: when it’s win-          occasional snow in winter.
                                  Natal.                             ter over there, it’s summer       In the Cape, the winters
                                                                     in South Africa. Don’t for-       can be wet, so hiking is a
Service in South Af-              A Mediterranean type cli-
                                                                     get to bring sunglasses,          bit more difficult, but of
                                  mate, with warm-to-hot,
rica                                                                 sunscreen and a hat.              course there is so much
                                  balmy summers and chilly
                                  winters with rain are what         South Africa is a fabulous        else to do. If you want to
General service levels
                                  visitors can expect in the         all year-round destination        linger on the beaches,
throughout the tourism and
                                  Western Cape and Eastern           so it depends on what you         mid-summer is the best
hospitality sectors in South
                                  Cape.                              want to do. The best time         time to do so, bearing in
Africa have vastly improved,
                                                                     for game watching, for            mind that everyone else
and are on the whole of a         Snow does fall in some
                                                                     instance, is early spring         will be there too. The
very high standard. More          parts of South Africa, but
                                                                     (August to October). The          beaches of KwaZulu-Natal
training is being done, bring-    usually only on the highest
                                                                     Southern Right whales can         are warm and sunny, even
ing new entrants to the in-       peaks, or on the extraordi-
                                                                     be seen off our coasts            in mid-winter.
dustry up to speed on what        narily high Alpine pastures
tourists need, and                                                   from about mid-June to
                                  of “Southern Africa’s
                                                                     the end of October, and
                                  Tibet”, the traditional Afri-
                                  can Kingdom of Lesotho.
                                                                     the Humpback whales              IMPORTANT LINKS
                                                                     from August to December.
                                  (For this reason, snow
                                                                     Scuba diving is generally        Stadiums:
                                  skiing is not a major activ-
                                                                     best from April to Septem-
                                  ity in South Africa -
                                                                     ber, and so is the surfing,      destinations/stadiums
                                  though there is a popular
                                                                     but neither is limited to
                                  fully fledged resort on the                                         Host Cities:
                                                                     these times. Flowers are
                                  Free State border).                                       
                                                                     at their best in August and
                                  South Africa experiences           September, River rafting
                                  one of the highest num-            in the Cape is better at
                                  bers of “sunshine hours”           the end of winter (August
                                  per year of any country in         and September), while in
                                  the world. Summery,                KwaZulu-Natal it is best in
                                  without being sweltering.          summer (late November-
                                  In the country’s commer-           February).
                                  cial heart, Johannesburg,

What happens if my customer falls                                 Most popular attractions among Australians are Cape Town’s
                                                                  Victoria and Albert Waterfront, Table Mountain Cableway, the
ill or is injured while on holiday?                               Wine Route, Cape Town Central City, Cape Point, Kruger
                                                                  Park, Robben Island, Cape of Good hope & the Garden Route.

South Africa is a global         a large network of               What about the                   How easy is it to meet
leader in a great many           public & private
                                                                  Zimbabwe situation?              and mix with South
medical disciplines. In          hospitals countrywide
fact, South African              offering excellent               Zimbabwe is a sovereign          Africans from all
trained doctors are              service. However,                African state that does not      communities? -
sought after all over            customers must have              form part of South Africa.       Very easy indeed. Most South
                                 adequate health                  Zimbabwe’s recent prob-          Africans speak English, so it is
the world, so this
                                                                  lems have caused world-          easy to converse with people
should give an                   insurance to cover the
                                                                  wide concern, but this has       wherever you go. South Afri-
indication of the                fees which private               in no way negatively im-         cans are generally open,
standard of medical              hospitals charge.                pacted on South Africa as a      friendly people who enjoy wel-
care available. There is                                          tourist destination.             coming visitors.

Page 2                                                                                                             WORLD CUP 2010
                              phy and topography. This       drive inland to investigate
THE CITIES                    creates a stunning diver-
                              sity of regions within the
                                                             the longest wine route in
                                                             the world, sampling excel-
                              Western Cape, each with        lent vintages along the
                              its own special character.     way. The oldest vineyards
The Western Cape                                             date back to the 1660s,
                              The Cape metropole cov-        but the wineland area is
Key experiences:
                              ers Cape Town, Table Bay,      continuously expanding.
•   Cape Town                 Clifton, Camps Bay,            The entire stretch of wine
                              Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and      country is picture perfect,
• Scenic beauty and tran-     False Bay.                     dotted with quaint historic
quility: Cape Point, West                                    towns, with an abundance
Coast, winelands, Garden      The Cape winelands, the
                              longest wine route in the      of excellent country food,    Africa's time in 2010 -
Route                                                        and some of the world’s
                              world, is famous both for                                    Reuters
• History and culture:        its excellent wines and the    finest wines to taste.        The countdown to the first World
Robben Island, the Bo-        natural beauty of its lush                                   Cup to be staged in Africa has
                                                             There are several ideal       begun.
Kaap                          valleys, that are sparkling    weekend getaways in the       In the southern hemisphere winter of
                              green in summer and            Cape interior. One such       June and July 2010, South Africa
Snapshot of the Western
                              cloaked in warm, rusty         place is the Victorian spa    will host the biggest single cultural,
Cape                                                                   social and sporting event in the
                              colours in autumn.             of Matjiesfontein, right on   world and the only certainty at this
Capital: Cape Town                                           the edge of the desert.       distance is that it will be a very
                              The Breede River Valley is
                              a region of rivers, fruit      Founded by an innovative      different tournament to the 18th
Population of Cape Town:
                                                             Scottish immigrant,           finals that ended in Germany.
1 million, Provincial popu-   orchards and vineyards.                                      Already scepticism has been aired
                                                             Matjiesfontein comprises a
lation: 6,3 million                                                                        doubting South Africa's ability to
                              The West Coast is dotted       stunning Victorian hotel      stage the event but the president
Area: 129 370 km2             with charming white-           and pub, just two hours       Thabo Mbeki was emphatic about
                              washed fishing villages.       from Cape Town.               his nation's capabilities when he
Percentage of the total                                                                    spoke to reporters.
area of South Africa: 0,6%    The Cape Peninsula com-        Other seductive towns         "We have absolutely no doubts we
Percentage of GDP pro-        prises the spectacular Ta-     include Darling and Rie-      will stage a very successful World
duced in the Western          ble Mountain System,           beeck Kasteel. These          Cup in 2010. We will succeed in
                                                                                           organising a World Cup to FIFA's
Cape: 9.8%                    which continues inland         towns have become the         satisfaction and for millions of fans
                              with the Hottentots’ Hol-      hideouts of sophisticated     across the globe," he said.
Principal economic sec-       land and Boland ranges         urbanites and artists seek-   "It is important for the whole conti-
tors: Tourism, publishing,    sheltering a magnificent       ing respite from the rat      nent of Africa and we are very con-
manufacturing, ostrich and    market gardening and           race. They are ideal desti-   scious that we dare not, and cannot
poultry farming, fishing,                                                                  fail. Some people might have al-
                              viticulture agri-industry.     nations for a day’s ex-       ready aired their scepticism but they
fruit, grape and wine pro-    Washed by two oceans,          ploratory drive outside       will see in four years time that Afri-
duction The Western Cape                                     Cape Town.                    cans can do this.
is the most popular tourist   residents and visitors alike                                 "They will see that Africa can dis-
province - with good rea-     have a vast choice of          Further up the coast, the     charge its responsibilities the same
son. Cape Town, the           beaches and pretty coastal     small city of George is the   as every other continent."
                              villages offering excellent    capital of the Garden         South Africa have already staged
“Mother City”, is one of
                                                                                           the cricket and rugby World Cups
the world’s top destina-      seafood restaurants and        Route and a veritable         and the African Nations Cup but the
tions to visit.               marvellous scenery.            magnet for golfers.           football World Cup is far larger than
                                                             Knysna and      Plettenberg   all of those events rolled in to one.
Reminiscent of other stun-    The splendour of the                                         There are also real fears in the
                                                             Bay are the most popular
ning coastal cities such as   Western Cape is best en-                                     international community over the
                                                             destinations on this scenic
Monaco and San Fran-          joyed by leisurely drives.                                   indiscriminate nature of urban vio-
                                                             coast. Further inland, the    lence in South Africa's cities, of
cisco, with its spectacular   The peninsula has several
                                                             Karoo town of Oudtshoorn      inadequate transport links between
scenic drives, the Western    breathtaking views such
                                                             is famous for its ostriches   cities and worries of traffic manage-
Cape offers a fantastic       as Chapman’s Peak Drive,                                     ment systems in them.
                                                             and the enchanting Cango
assortment of irresistible    Hout Bay, the Constantia                                     These are the usual worries raised
                                                             Caves are waiting to be
experiences.                  winelands, Fish Hoek,                                        before most World Cups and Olym-
                                                             explored.                     pic Games and are not unique to
                              Simonstown and Kalk Bay.
Much of the province’s                                                                     South Africa but they do not help its
                                                             The Cape is the perfect       cause after a World Cup in a country
appeal lies in its geogra-    Alternately visitors can
                                                             venue for a wide range of     where these problems were almost
                                                                                           non-existent. "Of course the 2010
                                                                                           World Cup will not be the same as
                                                                                           this one but the World Cup in South
    South Africa’s neighbours                                                              Korea and Japan had its own char-
                                                                                           acter too," FIFA president Sepp
                                                                                           Blatter said on Sunday.
    South Africa is surrounded by a several attractive and varied coun-                    "What is important is that we already
    tries, many of which offer high quality travel products and experi-                    know the South African World Cup
                                                                                           will raise more money than the 2006
    ences. These countries are: Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, the in-                     World Cup and that the market
    dependent       African Kingdom of Swaziland and Zimbabwe. South Af-                   supports South Africa."
                                                                                           "It will be a World Cup played to the
    rica also totally surrounds a second traditional African territory, the                sound of African drums and all of
    mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. It is a common requirement for travel-                    Africa will be supporting it."
    lers, new or          experienced, to seek a multi-destination holiday in
    southern Africa. South Africa affords this opportunity.

ISSUE 1                                                                                                                  Page 3
The Western Cape’s “must-do’s”
Cape Town
Nestled in the shadow of Table Mountain and broadly cosmopolitan, this incredible city is many things to many people. So
whether it’s culture, wine, scenery, the Houses of Parliament, the beach, or the many wonderful leisure activities available
here - Cape Town will capture the heart and soul of all who visit.
Table Mountain
Set against the backdrop of Cape Town, the mountain rises to 1 073m above sea level and can be seen from all over the city.
It is one of the few mountains in such close proximity to a city. For the adventurous traveller, there are several hiking routes
that lead to the summit; alternatively one can make use of the cable car that takes just three minutes to reach the top. Once
on top, one is treated to some of the most breathtaking views that South Africa has to offer. Mountain-top dining can be en-
joyed at the bistro or café and there is also a souvenir shop.
Cape Floral Kingdom
Fynbos is the richest biome of the floral kingdom and takes up a large part of the Cape region. Even though it is the smallest
of the world’s floral kingdoms, it has the greatest biodiversity. Taking up an area of over 90 000km2 or 35 000m2, it has
about 9 000 plant species, of which about 6 000 are endemic.
The Cape winelands
Although there are a number of wine growing areas in South Africa, the bulk of South Africa’s wine comes from the area clas-
sically called “the winelands”, which includes Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek. The wine route is complemented by a host
of restaurants, coffee shops and attractive guest houses with wonderful menus and extensive wine lists. The scenery is spec-
tacular, with dramatic green mountains a backdrop to the wine estates which also boast the best Cape Dutch and Georgian
architecture in the country. This is where it all seems to hang together - the vines, the oak trees, the whitewashed, gabled
houses and even the red and white roses planted next to the vines.
Nature reserves in the area offer guided trails for short walks or extended hikes.
Horse or wagon rides through several of the wine estates offers something different.
The Oude Libertas Amphitheatre and the Spier Theatre, both in Stellenbosch frequently host classical and contemporary mu-
sic, theatre and dance festivals.
Robben Island
This is where Nelson Mandela and other African National Congress members such as Walter Sisulu were detained during the
apartheid struggle. The island is 13km off the shore of Green Point. Today Robben Island is a museum honouring the coura-
geous individuals who were imprisoned there. It is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including over 100 bird species. On
1 December 1999, UNESCO declared the island a World Heritage Site.
Cape Point
This is the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula. While it might not officially be the place where the Indian and Atlantic oceans
meet (the official meeting point has been declared to be at Cape Agulhas - the southernmost point of Africa), it is still one of
the most spectacular headlands in the world. Needle-sharp and steep-sided, Cape Point lords it over a sometimes wild and
stormy sea. On bright summer days, it is sunny and pleasant with pretty fragrant flowers all around. The point is at the far
end of the Cape Peninsula National Park. Your customers can reach it by car, bus, and for the more adventurous, bicycle tour,
ending in a walk to the viewpoint. The truly adventurous may like to join a sea kayak trip around the point - which can only
be undertaken in perfect weather.
Situated about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, Hermanus is famous for the fantastic sightings of Southern Right whales
from June until the end of October. It’s not even necessary to go out on a boat, as these huge mammals are clearly visible
from the cliff-top walk. A pair of binoculars is always useful but even without, keen watchers can get a pretty good view of
the whales as they frolic in the bay.
As fascinating as the whales are, there is more to Hermanus. The diving is good, there is a small, dedicated sea kayaking
operation, and the local golf course, that is not a links course, is particularly scenic with lovely views of the sea.
The tiny but prolific Kogelberg Nature Reserve is botanically rich and diverse, with over 1 600 species of plants, about 150 of
which are endemic, in an area of only 18 000ha.
The Walker Bay wine region has some of the most southerly vineyards in the world and a tasting trip is well worthwhile.
Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront
This is one of the prime attractions in Cape Town, offering a world-class shopping experience and an interesting variety of
restaurants, cafés, bars and exciting nightspots. The V&A Waterfront also boasts some of South Africa’s best hotels on the
marina as well as the Two Oceans Aquarium.

 Southern Africa is shaped like an enormous shield, mostly consisting of a huge inland plateau that is edged by a steep es-
 carpment. Much of these inland highlands are flat, with the exception of the great mountains of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands,
 which have the evocative Zulu name of “uKhahlamba”, meaning “Barrier of Spears”. The grandeur of this range is evident
 from the height of the tallest peak in the region, the mighty Thabana Ntlenyana, which is 4m higher than the Matterhorn in
 the Swiss Alps. These mountains are also called the Drakensberg, a word which in Afrikaans means “Dragon Mountains”.
 These are much younger mountains than those of the Cape, of which Table Mountain is the best-known feature. The terms
 “Highveld” and “Lowveld” apply to two distinct inland regions: the Highveld being the elevated central plateau forming much
 of the interior, reaching an altitude of some 2 000m. The “Lowveld” refers to the lower altitude regions of the country
 further north towards the Limpopo River Valley, which forms the international border with Zimbabwe. South Africa lies within
 the high pressure, sub-tropical belt. This, combined with its varied landscape, the size of the southern African landmass, and
 the height of the interior regions, creates a wide variety of climates that suit just about every need at any time of the year.

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