Corporate Overview by benbenzhou


									 An Information Assurance/Security
         Services Company
  VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small
                  Business (SDVOSB)

 GSA Schedule, VA BPA, ALIANT, ENCORE II, Seaport E,
SDV GWAC: Team SMS, DHS EAGLE: Team AT&T, Maryland
     State Consulting and Technical Services (CATS)

         Top Secret Facility Clearance,
            ISO 9001: 2000 Certified,
      DCAA Approved Accounting System
  Approved Earned Value Management (EVM)
   Specialized and Dedicated IA / Information Security Company
   Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with offices in Washington D.C., Maryland,
    Cambridge MA, San Diego CA, and Tampa FL
   Executive staff experienced in National Security and IA solutions at DoD, DOT, DOC,
    VA, NASA, OPM, DOL, DIA, DHS, NSA, CIA, and Fortune 500 companies
   All staff members possess a Federal Clearance (80% have Top Secret)
   Top-down commitment and accountability to customer success - received
    numerous Agency/Contractor awards and a D&B score of 98 out of 100 for total
    customer satisfaction – Cyber Security
   Experienced in large multi-contractor environments on a diverse range of
   Customer-centric model for delivering system security, IA, and privacy solutions
   Diverse IA staff with experience in systems/software security, including full system
    development life cycle support – conceptualization, design, testing, monitoring,
   ISO 9001:2000 Certified, DCAA Approved Accounting System, TS Facility Clearance
                        Risk/Vulnerability Assessments              Certification and Accreditation (NIST,
                        Third Party Security/C&A (IV&V)              NIAP, FIPS, DIACAP, DCID, NSA,
                         Security Strategy / Roadmap                              CNSS, ISO)

 E-Government (E-Authentication,              Encryption (Evaluating, Testing,                Configuration Management
Identity Provisioning/Management,               Integrating, FIPS 140-2/3)                (assessments, plans, maintenance,
          Secure Portals)                                                                       continuous monitoring)

    Compliance, Financial Audit               Security Requirements Analysis              Training (FISMA, DIACAP, CNSS,
  Procedures and Best Practices                 Security Functional Analysis                NIST, CISA, CISSP, Security
  (FISMA, GAAP, FISCAM, SAS)                (systems/medical/robotics/weapons)             Awareness, Penetration Testing)

 Incident Response and Eradication                Critical Infrastructure and              Full Security SLC/SDLC Support
(Full Response Life Cycle), Security            Key Resource Assessments                    (Initiation through disposition)
  Monitoring – Security Strategy/EA              (SCADA/Legacy/Wireless)                    Risk Management Framework

Wireless Security (802.11X, Fixed           Secure Software / Network Design                   Security Policy Procedure
   Dish, Mesh, Satellite, GPS,                and Implementation (Software                     Standards and Guideline
          Proprietary)                     Assurance Federal, NetCentric, Intell)                    Development

  Penetration Testing (Whitebox /             Physical Security Assessments                        Business Impact
   Blackbox) –Security Control                       Secure System                           Continuity of Operation Plans
   Assessments (SCA) / ST&E                  Telecommunication Assessments                        Contingency Plans
   Data-Driven C&A Templates (DIACAP & NIST)
    ◦ Developed to support the System Development Life-
      Cycle (SDLC) and meet FISMA requirements
    ◦ Customizable / Reduce the C&A process by a minimum
      of 30%
   Security Assessment Tool (SAT)
    ◦ Allows CIO and ISO to track the maturity of their Security
   ATOMIC (sm) Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource
    Assessment Methodology
    (Training/ Consulting/ Testing)
   EA SPP Tool
            Service Coverage
       8%                          Certification and Accreditation

                                   Security Auditing
                                   Continuity Of Operation Plans/
                                   Disaster Recovery Plans
20%                                IA Training

                                   Incident Response

                                   Penetration Testing
                                   Physical Security
                                   Risk/Vulnerability Assessments
 2%                                Secure Network Design and
                        4%         Implementation
      12%          8%              Secure System/Software Quality
For more information please contact:

Mr. Trevor Goering, VP Business Development
Phone: 202-429-5533 or Mobile: 703-981-7847


  GSA Schedule 70 (Prime), VA Telecom and Engineering BPA (Prime), Seaport-e
  (Prime), DHS Eagle (Team AT&T), SDV GWAC (Team SMS), ENCORE II (Team

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