How to use a Bow and Be like Your Favorite Heroine/Hero in the Movies by thecrossbowstore


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									 How to use a Bow and Be like Your
Favorite Heroine/Hero in the Movies

PSE Razorback 62" Recurve Bow   PSE Stalker 60" Recurve Bow
• The archer is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in any
  kind of movie. From epics like the Lord of the Rings which
  featured the elven archer, Legolas to the Chronicles of Narnia,
  Robin Hood and others the archer is stereotyped as either the
  smartest character or the most skilled. Recently, a movie
  featured a female archer who used her skills with the bow
  and arrow to not only win a tournament but also win the
  hearts of the millions of people who watched her trials and
  tribulations during the contest.

      PSE Blackhawk 60" Recurve Bow

       - Draw Weight: 35, 40, 45, or 50 lbs
       - Axle to Axle: 60"
       - Dexterity: Right or Left Hand
• This seeming upsurge in the popularity of archers and their
  weapons of choice, the bow and arrow, has caused a new
  found interest for the sport of archery. However not a lot of
  people know that there are also various kinds of bows out in
  the market right now. For anyone who is interested to try out
  archery, as either a sport or as a hobby, it is important that
  they learn a couple of things about these weapons. They also
  need to make sure that they are able to take care of their
  weapons and be responsible in using it because these
  weapons are quite dangerous. There is an ever present need
  to take care of these weapons whether it is a traditional bow,
  a recurve bow or even a compound bow.
• Also, for parents who want their children to take up a hobby
  or a sport should make sure that they properly guide their
  children if ever they were to choose archery. A bow, whether
  it is a recurve bow or a compound bow, in the hands of child
  who is not properly guided by his or her parents will surely
  have trouble with it. Yes, the bow may be quite old, but it still
  has quite the charm and deadliness to be able to get people’s

        PSE Optima 56" - 66" Recurve Bow

       - Color: Blue or Red
       - Draw Weight: 15 to 35 lbs
       - Axle to Axle: 56'', 62'' or 66 "
       - Dexterity: Right or Left Hand

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