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                                                The Outsiders Vocabulary

connotation, denotation, infer, bleak, nonchalant, gingerly, rueful, savvy, conform, sage (Not the herb!)

1. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and _____________.

2. I handled the delicate vase very ____________.

3. Even though he may not be "book-smart" he has a lot of ___________ about the world.

4. Not every member of a group _______________(s) exactly to our image of that group.

5. The landscape of the moon is lifeless and very ________.

6. My grandfather gave me some very _______ advice

7. "I shouldn’t have done that," he said with a _______ sigh.

8. The detective tried to _________who the criminal was from the clues he left behind.

9. Though their (a) connotations/denotations are similar, the words nosy and curious have very different

(b) connotations/denotations.

10. My friend has a lot of basketball _______. He just seems to have a natural feel for the game.

11. I touched the bruise on my cheek ____________.

12. The coach accused me of being too __________ at practice. He thought I should take the game more


13. After the accident, her outlook on life became very___. She seemed to have no hope any more.

14. I wish I had done my homework," I thought__________(ly).

15. I was able to ______ the meaning of the word from the way it was used in the sentence.

16. A person who doesn’t like to ____________ to the group is often called an outsider.

17. The _____________ of a word is its dictionary definition.

18. The _____________ of a word is what it makes you think of.

19. Two-Bit nodded his head _____(ly), and said, "It would have been wiser to have someone pick you up."
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aloof, elite, dumbfounded, ornery, contemptuous, gallant, foreshadow, stereotype

1. He wasn’t unfriendly, just a little __________.

2. The soldiers __________(ly) rode into battle to defend their homes.

3. The small children were getting a bit _________ and needed a time-out.

4. He looked at the criminal ________(ly). This guy deserved any punishment he got.

5. Sometimes an author will ____________ what will happen next.

6. I was ____________ when we found the treasure. I never thought we would.

7. He thinks he is part of an ________ group of people who are "better" that the rest of us.

8. Dally seems like the _____________ of a greaser. Pony doesn't seem like the type.

gingerly, elite, gallant, contemptuous, aloof, stereotype, bleak, dumbfounded, foreshadow, nonchalant, ornery, savvy

1. "The Socs were always behind a wall of _________(ness), careful not to let their real selves show through."

2. At the end of Chapter Two, Pony says, "I know better now." This is an example of ___________(ing), where the author
hints that something will happen to change Pony's mind.

3. If you make the Scholar List you are a part of the educational ________.

4. "Two-Bit __________(ly) offered to walk the girls home--the west side of town was only about twenty miles away."
(What a gentleman!)

5. "'No...' Two-Bit said, ___________. 'No, Ponyboy, that ain't got it wrong...'" (Two-Bit was almost

6. "Mickey Mouse was a dark-gold buckskin, sassy and _________, not much more than a colt."

7. "'Okay,' Pony said _____________(ly), 'might as well.'" (He was trying to act tuff for the girls.)

8. "'Who is it?' Two-Bit asked. 'The F.B.I.?'...'No,' Cherry said ________(ly), 'it's Randy and Bob.'" (Things look hopeless.)

9. Dally spat ___________(ly) as he thought of what the Socs did to Johnny.

10. Dally is the ___________(ical) greaser, but Pony is not.
Name _________________________________
dogged (adj), indignant, conducive, wistful, implore, subside, acquit, leery, vain

1. I _____________(ed) my mom to let me go to the movies.

2. I was _______________ when Dad blamed me for breaking the lamp instead of my sister.

3. Pony was ________________ when he thought of what life might be like in the country.

4. I am ________________ of someone who promises me something for nothing.

5. She is known for her _______________ determination. She never gives up.

6. Listening to the stereo is not ________________ to studying.

7. The jury _____________(ed) the man, and he was set free.

8. The storm finally _____________(ed), and the sun came out.

9. He is very _______ about his appearance. He is always checking himself out it the mirror.

elude, ironic, credible, incredulous, credulous, facade, premonition, bootleg

1. I tried to act cheerful, but it was just a ________. I was really depressed inside.

2. Pony had a __________ that something bad might happen in the old church.

3. The criminal ran through the alley to __________ the police.

4. Cherry was ___________ that Dally tried to bring her a Coke. She couldn’t believe it!

5. My mom didn’t think my excuse was ____________. She didn’t believe a word of it.

6. His friend gave him a ___________ copy of the video game.

7. It was ____________ that the police station was robbed.

8. The ___________ kid from the country was an easy target for the savvy con-man from New York.

9. Latin root: cred = ___________
Name _________________________________
incredulous, fathom, premonition, gingerly, credible, irony, elude, savvy, foreshadow, facade, gallant, credulous

1. Maybe Dally’s cold unfeeling exterior is simply a ______ that hides his true feelings.

2. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still __________(ed) me.

3. As Pony entered the scary old church, he had a ____________ that something bad might happen.

4. The boys ran away because they thought the police would not find their story ________; they thought the fuzz would
believe the Socs, and not some greasers.

5. An obvious mistake on Mr. Coward's "Perfect" web page is an example of __________.

6. Pony's jaw dropped ____________(ly) when Cherry said she might fall in love with Dally.

7. It is very _________(ic) that Cherry seems to have fallen for Dally.

8. He was such a smooth talker, I __________(ly) fell for his scam.

9. The bank's ___________ was cracked and damaged by the wind, but the inside was fine.

10. The Socs ran to _________ responsibility for their actions.

wistful, rueful, irony, subside, indignant, acquit, implore, facade, leery, conducive, dogged, fathom, nonchalant

1. "You’re hungry?" he said ___________(ly), "I'm the one who hasn't eaten all day!"

2. Johnny persisted ___________(ly) in asking about his parents.

3. "If only I had a million dollars," I thought __________(ly).

4. The students __________(ed) the teacher to go easy on them.

5. My parents were a little ______ about the crowd I was hanging out with.

6. Pony looked at Johnny _________(ingly). "Please don't cut my hair!"

7. "It's not fair!" I cried ___________(ly).

8. Johnny would probably be ________(ed) on the charge of murder.

9. A good attitude is very __________ to doing well in school.

10. The team's _________ defense is what kept them in the game.

11. A savvy person is usually more _______ than a credulous one.

12. Moisture and heat help create an environment _________ to the growth of bacteria.

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