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					                                    SHEFFIELD FACULTY

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at 9.00pm on Tuesday 15th May 2012, in the Manor
Suite, Tankersley Manor Hotel, Barnsley. The meeting was preceded by an excellent talk entitled
‘Sex and the Tudors’ given by Lesley Smith, Curator of Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire and an
Elizabethan women’s historian. Lesley was dressed as Mary Queen of Scots and there is a lovely
photograph of us all on the Sheffield Faculty website under News.

1.     Present: Drs Angier, Brittain, Campbell (Chair), Buchanan, Ekdawy, Hubbard, Kasaraneni,
       Lee, Moss, Neal, Oughton, Ologun, Polkinghorn, Rowell, Shum, Vicary and Bob Burgin our
       new lay representative.

       In attendance: Marilyn Lidster – Administrator and Mrs Michelle Polkinghorn
2.     Apologies for absence: Drs Bhatia, Pohl, Platts and retrospectively Dr Janet Hall.

3.     Minutes of the 2011 AGM: These had been placed on the website previously and available
       at the meeting. They were approved as a correct record.
4.     Matters arising: There were no matters arising.
5.     Annual report of the Faculty Board: This had been prepared by Dr Elizabeth Angier and
       the Provost thanked her for preparing this report and said it was an excellent summary of the
       past year.

6.     Annual Finance Statement: The annual accounts were presented to the meeting. Marilyn
       reported that the Faculty finances were sound.

7.     Election of Provost of the Faculty: Dr Polkinghorn was elected as Provost to succeed
       Anita Campbell. He would also chair the Faculty Fellowship Committee recognising the
       importance of Fellowship of the College. Marilyn was presented with a wonderful bouquet
       of flowers from Dr Campbell as this would be her last AGM after twenty three years of
       service to the College.
8.      Election of Council Representative and Deputy: It was unanimously agreed that Dr Janet
       Hall would continue as our Representative on Council and Dr Ivan Appelqvist would be our
       Deputy Representative. Dr Hall had done a good job over the past year and was prepared to
       carry on.

9.     Election of Faculty Board: Barnsley. Drs Heyes had resigned, and Drs Appelqvist and
       Mitchell will remain on the Board. There is one vacancy for the Barnsley area.
      Rotherham Drs Polkinghorn, Andrew Lee and Gerda Pohl were re-elected to serve a further
      Worksop Dr Jenny Stephenson to remain, there are therefore two vacancies for this area.
      Chesterfield Dr Louise Moss and Dr Bhatia were re-elected for a further term leaving one
      vacancy in this area.
      Doncaster Dr Liz Angier, Faculty Chair was re-elected and Dr Ben Jackson to remain. Dr
      Karena Platts had resigned and Dr Katharine Rowell would take the vacancy for Doncaster.
      She would also continue as our First 5 representative.
      Sheffield Drs Hall, Buchanan and Gallagher to remain. Drs Campbell and Smithson were re-
      elected. This left one vacancy for the Sheffield area as Marilyn had been unable to contact
      Dr Richard Hills. Dr Lucie Brittain would take the remaining vacancy as we need six
      representatives for the Sheffield area.

      Dr Claire Vicary had been co-opted earlier in the year to be our AiT representative but as she
      was expecting a baby in the summer she would like to step down for the time being. We had
      two volunteers to be AiT representatives. Dr Rachel Hubbard would be our AiT
      representative and we would co-opt Dr Krishna Kasaraneni to the Faculty Board. Marilyn
      pointed out that while the College Review was taking place, and Faculty Board
      Constitutions had not been updated we were, within reason, allowed to manage the positions
      on our own Board. We welcomed Bob Burgin as one of our new lay representatives. We had
      also appointed David Briggs.

10.   Presentation of the Kathy Phipps Memorial Prize: Diana Ekdawy treated us to an
      excellent presentation of her audit while in her final year module in general practice on the
      feverish child under five years of age. She suggested a template as a trigger to monitor
      criteria and one of the practices represented said how a similar idea had prompted their
      practice to change their management system which had resulted in a much higher percentage
      rate of success. Dr Polkinghorn presented Diana with her prize.

11.   Any other Business: Dr Polkinghorn once again thanked Marilyn for her many years of
      service, including how helpful she had been to him during his time as Chairman of the

12.   Date of next Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 14th May 2013

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