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									      Taking Proper Care Of Your Eye

                       A large number of people suffer from a variety of
                         eyesight problems. They might range from the
                           simple to the complex. Each problem will have its
                            own level of severity and each problem would
                             show how important it is to take proper care of
                             your eyes. One of the most common eyesight
                             problems is the ones that require you to wear
                            spectacles and contact lenses. They are short-
                          sightedness and long-sightedness. These are 2 of
                        the most prevalent problems occurring in all parts
                      of the world. Though there have been many claims to
                        the contrary, there has never been any long-term,
                            proven cure for these 2 problems. They have
                            been only symptomatically treated by the use of
                            spectacles and lenses and this would require the
                           person to wear these for several years. The use of
                          lenses could lead to itching of the eyes and the use
                     of spectacles could lead to the eyes going into sockets
and a small deformation of the nose as time goes on. Of course, if you
manage to lose your lenses, that presents an entirely new problem.

Another common eyesight problem is
called as conjunctivitis and it is usually
prevalent in dry areas with lot of dust
around. Yours truly has had a few
experiences of this disease. It all starts
with a slight reddening of the eye.
Sometimes, it isn’t too severe and it
goes away if you wash your eyes with
clean water 6-7 times a day but
sometimes, it becomes quite severe and
wouldn’t go away. It would then lead to
severe reddening of the eyes followed by

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swelling. Once, one of my eyes which was severely affected simply closed
shut. There was some watering too. There is no other choice in these cases
and you need to rush to a doctor who would check your eyes and probably
suggest a couple of drops of couple of medicines to treat this eyesight
problem. If properly applied, you will see dramatic improvement within a day
and you should be full alright within 3 days.

                                       Other eye vision problems include
                                       glaucoma and cataract. Other than
                                       conjunctivitis, cataract is one of the
                                       most prevalent problems and it usually
                                       affects people who are old. As with all
                                       eyesight problems, cataract also needs
                                       to be treated as quickly as it can be
                                       else it might even lead to loss of vision.
                                       This problem mainly arises due to
clouding of the eye lens. The signs of this problem start with blurry vision,
glare and it may also affect the vision during nights. One of the best ways to
treat this would be to go in for surgical procedure. It is a short procedure
that is done quite frequently and it basically involves the replacement of the
eye lens with a new lens.

Patients who have undergone this surgical
procedure have reported dramatic improvement
in their vision and this procedure to correct the
eyesight problem has a very high rate of
success. As with any illness, prevention is
always better and it is necessary to note any
changes in vision immediately and attend to it
by a visit to the doctor.

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