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									          Advanced google maps
                            First Step
 Look at the 7 box of your clients target keyword and see if any
  competitors are using it in their title. If they are it will take you twice
  as long and 2x the work to get to # 1. (where the money is)
 Look at the number of reviews and citations of the top 3 in the 7
  box; you will have to beat them at either reviews or citations.
 Easier to get reviews than citations;I use edmartech from fiverr to
  get me reviews; they have worked for me. I will go over citations/

      Directories later.

 I like to use keyword that gets the most searches in title so client will
  get phone calls; I know some people talk rankings and dominate first
  page; BUT---------------------------------------------
 You can use a longtail keyword with no competition and yes you will
  get the #1 on maps faster; 2-3 weeks; but client may not get many
  calls; get your money as soon as it hits #1,hope the directories work.

Clients want phone calls-period
     Everything you do should be to get phone calls to your clients business

      If you do they will keep paying;if you do not your dropoff rate will be
                                   Around    50%             or Higher!

       These strategies are unique because they get phone calls=happy clients

                                 Second Step
       After you get the tile name address phone # etc. you find a real good
        ranked article for your clients niche.
       You run it through a good spinner and get a 40-50% rewrite; use the title of
        the listing as the article title. Optimize it with a 3-5% keyword density and
        make it about 400-500 words long. Add all links to your blogs in it and link
        to you map lising. You can add all listings in this one article; will show you a
       Go to this directory submission site and sign up: $97-it is worth it
       The link for the 160 directory submissions is on the download page.
       My clients are getting around 20 calls/week just from these directories
       This will keep them happy until map lising kicks in; SAMPLE
   Business Owner Name (Include First & Last Name) Raul Rosano
   Business Name
   Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle
   Business Address (Address, zip code, city)
   1007 North Federal Highway
   Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
   United States
   Business Description
   Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle is amongst the preferred tourist places close to the globe. It is
    clustered by hundreds and possibly a large number of vacationers all through every single season. A
    great place- this attractive vacation spot draws in each youthful and old alike. With ample tourist
    destinations to visit, you ought to possess a fair idea of transportation process to make the trip
    amongst its sorts, enjoyable, thrilling as well as a memorable? Depending on your person price
    range there is an abundance of preference so far as transportation in Fort Lauderdale may be
    involved - to acquire in the town inside the airport in an effort to move inside of. It really is probable
    to just avail the expertise of Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle arrive at city too as to take a look at the
   Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle is undoubtedly an economic, practical plus a terrific technique to
    reach your hotel or vacation to a location within the city. They are readily out there twenty-four
    hours every day. You may get 1 close for the pedestrian bridge or outdoors the airport gate. You
    have got a choice of super shuttle as well. These are uncomplicated to employ and charges are
    strictly according to the distance and also the quantity of folks. It really is more affordable than the
    typical taxi and suitable for many individuals. Basically request amongst the uniformed dispatchers
    inside the kiosk or a worker in gold shirt or blue jacket to employ super shuttle. For the reason that
    the other individuals are now becoming dropped on the way, you may take some time. On the other
    hand you wouldn't thoughts a drive round the enchanting Fort Lauderdale the moment you land.
    The fees get started at $8 and could go as much as $30. This seriously is such as all toll charges but
    does not range from the tip close to 15%.
   If you happen to be organizing to invest your Fort Lauderdale vacation inside the cruise ships,
    thoughts straight for Port everglades. Port everglades transportation ranges from luxurious
    extended limousine services to shuttle services. The taxis are not constantly trustworthy employing
    the cab motorists charging much more compared to actual quantity or simply declining altogether.
   For services back and forth from Port everglades cruise ship devices just select the shuttle services if
    you are a spending budget traveler. Port everglades shuttle services are great and easy for men and
    women that tend not to thoughts discussing an automobile in addition to other groups and investing
    a little far more compared to usual time for you personally to attain the primary harbor, airport or
    other location of preference in Fort Lauderdale. These shuttle services are prompt and readily
    available 24 hrs. each day. Although some time consuming- shuttle services are possibly the very
    best solutions right here.
   Shuttle services as well have varied rates. Do evaluate a few prior to you go browsing for the 1
    which fits into your spending budget. For all those that have hired a certain shuttle services but wish
    to cancel simply because of alternation in program, bear in mind to complete this just before hands
    or else you could possibly finish up getting to spend a great deal more.
   So, pack your bags and thoughts straight for that thrilling Fort Lauderdale beaches that are awaiting
    you on the Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle service.Call: Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle
   1007 North Federal Highway
   Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
   United States
   (954) 606-0760
   Miami Airport Shuttle
   199 E. Flagler Street
   Miami FL 33131
   United States
   (786) 474-3377
   Fort Lauderdale Airport
   757 S.E. 17th Street
   Fort Lauderdale FL 33316
   United States
   (954) 606-6404
   Miami International Airport
   5727 NW 7th Street
   Miami FL 33126
   United States
   (786) 474-3355
   Business Phone Number
   (954) 606-0760
   Fax Number #
   Primary Email Address That Business Uses
   Business Hours
   12:00 am to 12:00 pm 24/7
   Payment Methods (CC, Paypal, Check, etc.) cc,paypal,check
   Category (Try to be specific, list 3 to 4 ranging from most specific to most general) Airport Shuttle
    Service,Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle Service,Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle,Airport Shuttle near
    Fort Lauderdale
   Please Check Any Boxes Relevant To Your Business Below. This Is Not Required, However It Does
    Help Us Submit Your Business To Additional "Hyper-Niche"/"Hyper-Local" Directories That Are A
    Good Fit For Your Business.
   Hotels and Travel
   Professional/Trade License # (if applicable)
   Keywords (Max. 5)
   shuttle,airport,transport
   Website Url
   Image Url
   Image Url
   Video Url
   Social Network URL
   Google Places URL
   Products You Offer (Hamburgers, Pizza, Shoes, etc)
   Services You Offer (Landscaping, Event Planning, etc) airport shuttle services,airport
    transport,shuttle services,transportation
   List the Areas You Serve
   fort lauderdale fl.,miami fl.
   Year Business Was Founded/Established
   2003
   PayPal Transaction ID (to confirm payment)(required) 12J93650H5707591X
   PayPal Email (to confirm payment)(required)

                Google indexed directories(some)
                        Step Three
 Tweaking your listing for fast inclusion
 I have gone over the basics in my previous maps wso; so this is just an
  important technique to get google to look at your listing.
 In the additional details area of lising at bottom of page you can add stuff
 This is where you add all your citations from the directories; the more the
  better. Put links to them;link to your blog or anywhere else; this will get you
  looked at faster: Sample:


                                  Step Four
     Place all content from the directory listing on your blog; as well as all listing
      contact info; header and footer; put images/video from listing on blog/.
     Ping your blog to: pixelpipe and; go to fiverr and use one of the
      vendors who set these up for $5.00.
     Add content to blog with an auto posting plugin;one I use is seolinkvine
     Put keywords on index page; tags etc.;you know this

                                   Step Five
               Show me the money
1 -   setup + blog           500              500
1                                                                     500              500
1         Miami Airport Shuttle-setup + blog                          500              500
1         Ft Lauderdale Airport Shuttle-setup + blog                  500              500

          No extra charges will be incurred to send
          out all my training videos promoted on my
          website. All training search optimization
          videos including written instruction guides
          will be sent to you within 24 hours after
          receiving your $2,000 payment. The only
          things not included for product training are
          the directory listings mentioned in our
          conversation that will be kept private by
          me, Fritz Thorp.
          All projects above to be completed by May
          16th 2011.

                                                              Grand Total:            2000


The above descriptions are keywords for google map listing/titles. ie” Fort Lauderdale
Airport Shuttle and Miami Airport Shuttle. A separate listing will be made for each
keyword on google maps; each listing purchased is guaranteed to show in the google
maps 7 box. If any purchased listing(shuttle in keyword) shows at # 3(c) or higher a
payment of an additional $500 is due immediately within 14 days of invoicing or listing
will be deleted until payment is made. If listing shows at #1(a) an additional $500 is due
(Clients websites will be used for these 2 keywords). (blogs will be developed for these
2 keywords After listing achieves the highest position possible; maintenance work will
be continued for the balance of 12 months( from start of listing) at no charge. Websites
are and

If a purchased listing( no shuttle in keyword) ie” websites or
shows at # 3 or higher a $500 payment is due;if listing shows at # 1 or higher another
$500 is due.(blogs will be developed for these 2 keywords Miami Airport and Fort
Lauderdale Airport) After listing achieves the highest position possible; maintenance
work will be continued for the balance of 12 months( from start of listing) at no charge.
Payments for upgraded ranking listings will be paid within 14 days of invoicing..

After listing achieves the highest position possible; maintenance work will be continued
for the balance of 12 months( from start of listing) at no charge. Our service includes
inputting all necessary images,videos, reviews and citations and will they will be
developed to achieve highest possible position on google maps. Client is responsible
for obtaining mail box addresses( plus receiving a verification postcard from google) and
any paid phone numbers. Clients websites must be made available to add listing data. A
report of rankings will be sent to client weekly on map positions of keywords.

Mailbox Addresses:          


    Keep everything in your name until you get paid( have cc on file to get $
     when listing hits position 4 or 1.
    Use your phone number to track calls,clients lie! A lot(I use pay for it)
    The more searches the keyword gets the more you charge- a restaurant in
     a large city should pay $1000-$2000/listing position= $3,000 minimum
    Remember once the listing is there;they do not need you until it falls
    So get your money

Copyright googlemapsmarketing-Fritz Thorp
Thank You for all your hard work!
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