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                                                                                                    session of the
                                                                                                    General Assembly
                                                                                                    To convene on
United Nations
                                                                                                    13 September 2011

  Statement           H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser
                      Acceptance speech upon his election as President
                           New York, 22 June 2011                           I would like to focus a little on the particular
                      [Spoke in English] It is with great honour that I     importance of the sixth-sixth session of the
                      thank you, my dear colleagues and friends, for        United Nations General Assembly, during
                      electing me by acclamation as President of the        which the world will go through important
                      sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly of        changes and face enormous political, social,
                      the United Nations.                                   economic and environmental challenges. Not
                                                                            a month goes by that we do not hear about a
                      I would like to take this opportunity to acknow-      natural or a man-made disaster and the subse-
                      ledge the leadership of His Excellency President      quent food, security, health and education crises
                      Deiss as President of the General Assembly at         that inevitably follow. At the same time, there
                      its present session. I would also like to thank       are still people under occupation, oppression
                      His Excellency Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon          and injustice, who are yearning for freedom, dig-
                      for his presence today, and to congratulate him       nity and justice. Add to that human rights and
                      on his re-election as Secretary-General of the        peacekeeping operations, sustainable develop-
                      United Nations. Mr. Ban’s re-election is an indi-     ment, the concerns of the least developed coun-
                      cation of the credibility he enjoys. The success of   tries and small island States, the eradication of
                      the Organization over the past five years, which      poverty, South-South cooperation, financing
                      has strengthened the United Nation’s promi-           for development, the final outcome document
                      nent place on the world stage, will no doubt be       of Rio de Janeiro, international trade, dialogue
                      counted among his many achievements. I am glad        among civilizations, the culture of peace, media-
                      that I will work with him during my Presidency        tion, disarmament, combating international
                      of the General Assembly.                              terrorism, system-wide coherence, the scale of
                                                                            assessments for apportionment of the expenses
                      [Continued in Arabic] My election to this high        of the United Nations, and numerous organi-
                      position would not have been possible without         zational and administrative matters, as well as
                      the trust of the Asian Group, of which I am           other sensitive issues.
                      proud and to which I am grateful. I would also
                      like to express thanks for the unlimited support      In addition to these crucial issues, I would be glad
                      from my own Government, the State of Qatar,           to receive your endorsement for the theme that
                      under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh           I am proposing for the high-level debate at the
                      Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the State         opening of the sixty-sixth session, which is “the
                      of Qatar, and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin           role of mediation in the settlement of disputes
                      Hamad Al-Thani, Heir Apparent, as well as             by peaceful means”. I believe that selection of this
                      support from His Excellency Sheikh Hamad              theme will enhance debate and deepen coopera-
                      bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, Prime Minister          tion on this important issue, which lies at the
                      and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this regard,      heart of the work of the United Nations.
                      I would like to welcome His Excellency Mr.
                      Ahmad bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, Minister of            I speak openly as I realize that all these challenges
                      State for Foreign Affairs, Member of the Council      and issues affect the pivotal role of the United
                      of Ministers of the State of Qatar, for his pres-     Nations, its credibility and its existence. Therefore,
                      ence today at my inauguration ceremony.               the integrity, legitimacy, survival and effectiveness
                                                                            of this Organization depend on you all.
  Published by the
    United Nations
    Department of
 Public Information
Respect for diversity and pluralism, regardless of      to presiding over meetings or reading statements;
religion, race or ethnicity, is a principle on which    but I will focus on strengthening the role of the
the United Nations was founded. I am honoured,          General Assembly and improving constructive
therefore, to have been chosen by my dear friends       cooperation between the Assembly and the vari-
from different religions, races and ethnicities to      ous United Nations organs, specialized agencies
serve as President of this Assembly. I pledge to        and other international and regional organiza-
you that I will undertake this important role in        tions. I also aspire to act as a bridge between
a spirit of constructive cooperation and mutual         developed, developing and least developed coun-
respect. I will assume this Presidency with deter-      tries in order to serve the interests of all Member
mination and persistence backed by two dec-             States and the United Nations system as a whole.
ades of experience in the diplomatic corps at the       The focus of my efforts will be on building con-
United Nations. My efforts will be supported by         sensus on major global challenges facing the
a competent team, which I have selected with            world today, including armed conflict, the rights
care and attention and which reflects the very          of peoples to self-determination, hunger, poverty,
diversity in this Hall.                                 terrorism, climate change, the global economic
                                                        and financial crisis, and humanitarian response
Throughout my Presidency, I will work in                to natural disasters.
close cooperation and full coordination with all
Member States and regional groups. It is only           [Continued in English] I will not hesitate to help
through our joint efforts that we can promote           you overcome your differences over these issues. I
the noble goals of this Organization, preserve          will also expect you to shoulder your responsibili-
international peace and security and strengthen         ties as Member States to address these challenges
friendship and good neighbourly relations               with responsibility and professionalism. Here I
between nations and peoples.                            quote Margaret Thatcher: “I do not know anyone
                                                        who has got to the top without hard work. That
The road to success must be founded on the prin-        is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top,
ciple of partnership and on a deep sense of justice     but should get you pretty near”.
and responsibility. I will not limit my Presidency

Published by the United Nations Department of Public Information 11-41682—August 2011—DPI/2571

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