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									Ulysses Vocabulary
     English Department
  Bidwell Jr. High School
1. Outcast

A person rejected or thrown out
The Cyclops prayed to Poseidon that
 when Ulysses returned home that he
 would be forgotten and an outcast.
2. Universal

True or suitable in every situation
It is universal that a red light means stop
 and a green light means go.
3. Scapegoat

An innocent person who takes the blame
 for others
Tom’s little brother was the scapegoat for
 the huge mess his friends made at the
4. Odyssey

A long journey with lots of adventures and
The Adventures of Ulysses is an
 adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey; it is
 full of adventure and misfortune.
5. Embark

To start something, especially something
 new, difficult, or exciting
We all embarked on the new adventure of
 seventh grade.
6. Appease

To make someone less angry, or to stop
 them from attacking you by giving them
 what they want.
John appeased the angry dog by throwing
 him a piece of meat.
7. Whimper

To cry; whine; weep
Ulysses' men whimpered like children as
 the cyclops approached.
8. Exile

Banishment, not being allowed to return
When the solider committed a crime, he
 was exiled from the country.
9. Bleak

Hopeless; depressing; barren
Because of all of the hardships Ulysses
 faced, he thought the future looked bleak.
10. Rendezvous

Prearranged meeting
The men would rendezvous on May 9th at
 exactly 2:30 p.m.

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