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					                                                                                                      Be Still
time      0:00:00       0:00:03         0:00:28        0:00:58           0:01:13                          0:03:08            0:04:08                          0:05:08          0:05:38 0:06:08                0:07:38
seconds             3              25             30               15                               115                 60                               60               30         30                  90                         90
Water                   drops start gradually          suddenly                                           filter out         gently ripple water while                                                        sparse drops
                        sparsely increase              drops are                                                             speaking
                                    density            sparse again

Readers                                                say: "I speak                                                         Hoa and Tom: "I spoke to                                     Tom plays           "past" text. Hoa and
                                                       to you" once in                                                       you when you were born"                                      recorder after      Tom pass the text to
                                                       turn. punctuate                                                       once in unison during                                        John starts         each other the first
                                                       with a drop.                                                          Tako's first low note                                        whistling. Start    time, then read it again
                                                       Hoa leads.                                                                                                                         lowish, then get    together but not
                                                                                                                                                                                          higher              coordinating

Singers                                                very softly                                                                                                                        Sing 9th and 10th above tako. Bleed in
                                                       echo readers                                                                                                                       each note. Eventually whistle. Fade out
                                                                                                                                                                                          before Readers say: "I spoke to you at
                                                                                                                                                                                          your first song"

Tako                                                   very softly                                        filter in          primordial melody                harmonics        pulsing harmonics              fade out
                                                       echo readers

Philip                                  slap holes with finger,          improvise, starting very      filter out
                                        mimicking water drops            simply, but adding complexity

Lesley                                                                                                    quickenings        birth

Prana     fade in       fade out                                                                          fade in                                             fade out

                        A               B              C                 D                                E                  F                                G                H          I                   J
                                                                                                        Be Still
time      0:09:08        0:10:08           0:11:08                                    0:12:38           0:12:53                 0:13:53                 0:14:23              0:16:23                  0:17:23         0:18:23
seconds             60                60                                         90               15                       60                     30                   120                       60              60               60
Water                    drops             ripple water al will                                                                                         sparse drops                                  shhhhhh

Readers                  "present" text.   Katie and Eli join in. Gradually                                                     Intermittent            Hoa ripples          "future" text. In        shhhhhh         banshees
                         Hoa & Tom         increase density of spoken text,                                                     shhhh, spot Tako        water                order, pass verses
                         choose random     Ripple the water with your hand.                                                     then fade out with      intermittently,      until once through
                         passages and      Start incorporating past text too.                                                   him                     Tom plays            text
                         do not            Throw the words "Be Still" into the                                                                          recorder with Phil
                         coordinate        mix.

Anne      "Be Still Know I am God."        Random notes on "oooh" vowel.                                After Lesley sings    add grace notes and filter out                                          pass 5/4       banshees
          Dovetail even the beginning      Don't change notes on a single                               2nd "Be Still", sing                                                                          rhythm on
          and ending of this phrase.       breath. Occasional "present" text or                         "Be Still Know I am                                                                           shhhh at tempo
          Stop after Tako comes in         say "Be Still"                                               God". Do not dovetail                                                                         120, Evolve to
          late for the word "still"                                                                     between repetitions.                                                                          6/4, then just
                                                                                                                                                                                                      shhhh again

Tako                                                                                                                            shhhhhh fade out                                                      shhhhhh         banshees
                                                                                                                                after Lesley is

Philip                                     fade in. have flourishes, but focus                                                                          Play with Tom        keep playing after shhhhhh               banshees
                                           on G and Eb. Eventually play and                                                                             about 45             text begins, but very
                                           Eb flutter tone to cue Lesley.                                                                               seconds after he     sparsely and
                                                                                                                                                        starts to play.      inconspicuously.
                                                                                                                                                                             Finish before
                                                                                                                                                                             reading is done.

Lesley                   tension           growing tension, prana will be             sing "Be still"                           last "Be still" after                        death, sing                              any residual
                                           getting louder. desire for peace.                                                    hearing shhhh                                primordial melody                        tension may be

Prana                                      fade in                                                                                                                           fade in                  fade out        fade out

          K              L                 M                                          N                 O                       P                       Q                    R                        S               T
          Be Still

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