Saving Lives by Not Driving Drunk by allen.cutler


Driving may be your way of independently dealing with the stresses of life, but don't ever forget that if you get behind that wheel, you endanger more than just your own life. In this article you will learn how important it is to protect yourself and others from a wrongful death by not drinking and driving.

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									Saving Lives by Not Driving Drunk
One of the saddest stories ever told was the story of a local Utah man who lost his entire family to a
single incident involving a drunk driver. Gary Ceran and his family were on the road on Christmas Eve
when their car was hit by a drunk driver, killing his wife and two children.

The Consequences of Driving Drunk
An evening of celebration transformed became
one of suffocating grief as everyone that he
held dear to him was lost to him in one instant.
And it all happened because of the choices of
one man.

Driving may be your way of independently
dealing with the stresses of everyday life, but
don’t ever forget that if you get behind that
wheel, you endanger more than just your own
life. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, and not just for the people on the other side of the
drunk driving.

Should you swerve into another lane, your brain won’t register the headlights of an oncoming car until it
is far late. You realize what’s going on and jerk just moments before a collision.

That’s often not enough time to avoid accident and injury. Drinking impairs your vision and reaction

The headlights of an oncoming car aren’t real to you until you’ve had a few seconds to look at them. The
same is true of changing traffic lights and upcoming turns in the road.

You are much more liable to miss important information that could save your life and the lives of others
when you are impaired to this degree. When you miss it, you risk the wrongful death of many Utah

A Story from a Movie
The sad story is told in the movie Forever Strong of a teenager named Kurt who was wrongfully killed
because he was trying to serve someone. Kurt insisted on helping a woman on the side of the road
change her tire.

At that time a drunk driver came screaming around the corner. Unfortunately, he cut the corner a little
too tight and clipped Kurt, causing injuries that would take his life within just a few hours.

It is one of the most touching parts of the movie. You grow so attached to his strong, giving character in
the space of just an hour.
If you were affected by his story, just imagine how you would feel should that happen to someone you
have known and loved for years—like your wife, or children. What grief would you experience when you
found out?

Contemplating the Effects
How wronged would you feel for the death of a loved one? How angry would you be if you found out
that it was because someone else decided to selfishly drive after drowning their sorrows in the bottle?

You would likely be furious that someone would endanger the lives of others so. Most people would feel
the same way.

Although, Gary Ceran decided to forgive the driver of the truck unconditionally, others are less forgiving
for the wrongful death of their family members. Don’t ever consider getting behind the wheel after

Should you be the cause of so much grief, you would not only be tormented with the memory for the
rest of your life, but you would also be likely pursued for wrongful death in the Utah court system.
Protect yourself from these things by not drinking without a designated driver.

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