Environmental Air Pollution

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					Course 44. Environmental Air Pollution (Web Course)

Faculty Coordinator(s) :

                     1.   Prof. Mukesh Khare

                          Department of Civil Engineering

                          Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

                          Hauz Khas New Delhi -110 016

                          Email :

                          Telephone : (91-11)        Off   :   26591212

                                                     Res :     26591547, 26859284

Detailed Syllabus

Class                                                      Hours*           Assignments**
Introduction to the course.
                                                                      In class: short essays,
Air pollution: A Retrospective.                       2 hours         explore web site

Air pollution: sources & types and effects on
biosphere.                                             5 hours                    -
National & International air emission standards;
air pollution emission inventory; emission factor;
air quality index; air pollution control laws
                                                       6 hours
Stake holder analysis – role of CPCB, MoEF, DoI,
NGOs & major R&D institutes.                           2 hours        Paper # 1 (due)

Introduction to air pollution meteorology              10 hours                       -

Gaussian plume dispersion model: theory
and application.                                       7 hours        Paper # 2 (due)
Air pollutant monitoring and control: SO2,
NO2, particulates, Hydrocarbons                       5 hours         Paper # 3 (due)
Urban air pollution: sectoral analysis; trends                        Paper # 4: term
in major cities of India and government                5 hours        assignments - case study
initiatives.                                                          (due).
Introduction to indoor air pollution                   3 hours                    -
Global effects of air pollution: Green house
effects, acid rain and ozone layer depletion;          5 hours        Final exam # paper (due)
international agreements for mitigating global
air pollution effects.

* Hours are tentatively fixed.

** Tentative mid term assessment stages and final examination.

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