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2012 Oregon Trail Project


									               Travel the Trail!

What:         Perspectives on Westward Expansion
              (a.k.a. Chapter 12 Project)

Who:                   Many different travelers on the Oregon Trail and in the West
              (a.k.a. St. Giles 7th Graders)

When:         The period of the 1830s-1840s
              (The whole project is due Friday, March 30, 2012)

Where:        Why, OREGON, of course! If you travel to the West, you’ll meet some mighty
              nice folk, and learn about their experiences on the journey.

Why:                   To gain more insight into the many different reasons why people
              Westward at this time.

Details: Your job will be to tell the story of someone traveling to the West. You will assume
the role of that person. You could be:

      Member of a family of settlers or pioneers
      Someone moving to California as part of the gold rush
      Native American
      Mountain Man
      Missionary
      Texan settler
      Other “characters” are acceptable. When in doubt, check with Mrs. Galise!
In your project, you must include the following information:
      Intro—create a name and identity for your “character”
      Other people you meet along the way
      Your reasons for moving to the West
      Interesting locations (nature, towns, etc.) that you pass along the way
      Difficulties or problems you face on your journey or once you reach the West
      What daily life is like
      Conclusion: What you do when you reach the West

This must be a research-based project. You need at least FOUR INFORMATIONAL sources
(NO Wikipedia!). You may use your textbook as one of the sources if you’d like. You MUST
submit a bibliography that is properly formatted along with your project.

You have several different options for telling your “story.” You may choose any one of the
following formats:
      Power Point
      Scrapbook
      Journal or Diary
      iMovie (If you choose to do an iMovie, you must have narration or lots of
       titles/captions—not just pictures!)
      If you have any other ideas, please check with Mrs. Galise first!

             This project is worth 100 points and is due Friday, March 30, 2012
                       ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE SEE MRS. GALISE!! 

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