soraida ramos and ashley irvin flower painting rubric by cuiliqing


									                                              Assessment Rubric – 100 points.
                                                                            Class Period:
Student Name:
                                                                                           Date Completed:
Assignment: Soraida Ramos & Ashley Irvin flower painting
              Excellent                           Good                          Average             Needs Improvement     Unacceptable

                 A                                  B                              C                        D                  F
              92-100                             84-91                           75-83                    70-74              0-69

    Painting/picture is colorful.   Paining/picture includes subject     Painting/picture has a     Has a subject,        Lost focus.
    Fills page. Painting            required (flower). Colorful, fills   subject. Colorful, fills   some colors.
    includes subject that is        page, doesn’t blend. Has water,      page. Doesn’t blend,       Doesn’t fill page,
    required (flower). Colors       has shadows. Dramatic and            has no shodows, no         doesn’t have
    blend together. Dramatic        unrealistic.                         water. Its not dramatic    shadows or water.
    and unrealistic.                                                     but its unrealistic.       Its not dramatic or
    Hasshadows of rees in                                                                           unrealistic and
    background/water. Picture                                                                       colors don’t blend.
    is on water.
    Student Grade:                  Student’s reasoning:

    Teachers Grade:                 Teacher’s reasoning:


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