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									Sherwood Financial Advisors, Lettin & Company, Inc., Help Create
Direction And Purpose For Your Portfolio

Sherwood, OR, 22-AUGUST-2012 - Lettin & Company Inc and Robert E Lettin,
Sherwood Financial Advisor, are pleased to announce that customized
client portfolios are available through the expertise and knowledge of
the financial firm. The firm of Lettin & Company was formed in 1997. The
owner offers a lengthy educational and experience base as a registered
investment advisor and representative.

He is associated with Matson Money team. The Cincinnati, OH money group
offers a Nobel Prize winning approach to investment efforts. The firm has
weathered the financial stresses of 1987, 1990, 1999, 2001 and 2008 in
remarkable form. More than six decades of research underpin the
investment system used by Lettin. Speculation is, simply, removed from
the process of investment.

The principles underlying Lettin's approach include lower cost, manage
risk, rebalance portfolio and let the free markets work. Expressed in
this manner, the process seems simple, but the element of expertise
brought into the implementation is what sets this approach apart from
similar advisory firms.

Speaking in a recent interview, Lettin expressed his philosophy of
operation, "Our firm does two very important things: we give purpose and
direction to your investment portfolio. And then, I give you the
strength, stability and courage to see it through."

Learn more about the registered investment advisory service offered by
Lettin by visiting the website at today.
Members of the press and others who have questions about the Matson Money
techniques or about other aspects of this specific press release are
encouraged to contact Robert Lettin at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Robert E Lettin, Registered Investment Advisor and

Company Name: Lettin & Company, Inc.

Address: Sherwood, Oregon 97140

Contact Telephone Number: (503) 925-0554

Toll Free Contact Telephone Number: (877) 777-0705

Contact Fax Number: (503) 625-1620



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