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									There are many reasons to sell laptop computers these days. For one, the economy has
put a crunch on everyone, and any excess electronics we have laying around the house
are put to better use by putting a few extra dollars in our pockets. There are also
reasons beyond just needing some extra spending cash like newer technology, bugs
and viruses slowing down your computer, lack of what are now essential aspects of
laptops (like high definition capable disc players, built-in webcams and USB and
memory card slots

New Technology

New computers come out seemingly every day, each an improvement on an earlier
model, and each even more expensive. Though there are times when there is a lull in
big advancements, it is sometimes the little ones that separate you from the fellow tech
junkies and their cooler computers. Graphics cards and the updates that are required of
them to keep up with today's cutting edge games by themselves necessitate upgrades
of the laptops themselves on a regular basis. There is a seemingly endless stream of
new apps, gadgets and add-ons that computers, laptops in particular seem to have.
Keeping up with that crowd can be costly and time consuming. Many people prefer to
sell laptop computers so they can use some of that money towards keeping up with the
newest technology.

Sell Laptop Computers that Broke

Of course, there is also the situations that arise when a laptop suddenly goes kaput. Be
it by damage or a virus, laptops (more so than their desktop brethren) are susceptible
to an early dismissal from the world of working computers. In the race to build lighter
and more mobile laptops, the shell has gotten somewhat more fragile, leading to
mounds of unwanted broken laptops every year that have nowhere to go.

Sell Laptop Computers Instead of Throwing Them Away

That is, of course, if you don't try to sell it. Some try to sell laptop computers for parts,
but that rarely works out as the value they get is only based on whatever part the
person buying it is willing to pay. The rest of the machine is either mangled, and now
unusable, or added on as a gift at a low or non-existent price because there is no
reason to have it without the part the buyer wanted. The other option is to just toss it
which, while being sad because of the money and time spent on it is also incredibly
wasteful and harmful to the environment. Ironically many people toss their old laptops
to buy ones that are 'eco-friendly', thereby allowing their old one to sit in a landfill.

How to Sell Laptop Computers

There are a couple ways that you can sell laptop computers, but there is only one that
really is worth the time.

The first route, and the most publicized one is the auction website option. The hassle of
putting things up on one of these sites is maddening enough, but then the bidding
process, and under-bidding at that, is rough on electronic sellers. Even if your laptop is
in tip-top shape, it's hard to get market value on an auction site, and even if you do,
there is no guarantee they will actually pay up, leaving you to go through the whole
process again.

The second route is listing websites. Popular listing sites are fun to browse through
sometimes, but unless you know exactly what you are doing can be a maze of insanity,
especially if you live in a big city with a large online presence.

Then there are the spammers. Spammers are automated responses sent to the sellers
emails that have nothing to do with the actual post and are always a scheme to get you
to visit some website (usually a low-brow establishment hunting for your credit card
number) and fork over enough of your personal information that they can either plaster
you with more spam or at worst take your identity.

The third and most effective way is to use online companies that buy used electronics.
One such website, CashforLaptops.com, provides fair value prices and easy to use
interfaces that help you get what you need and get it for a guaranteed amount.

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