Edmonton Condominiums, Maxx Urban Condos Over 40% Sold Out by maxxurbancondos


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									    Edmonton Condominiums, Maxx Urban Condos Over 40% Sold Out

Maxx Urban Edmonton condos are currently over 40% occupied. This project was instituted by BCM Developments as
part of a revitalization plan of the 105th Avenue area in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Homeowners are recognizing the
value in this up-and-coming area as the city’s redevelopment plans of the area start to take shape.

These revitalization plans have added much-needed parks and green spaces to the area that expects to see a total of
7,000 new residents in the near future. The emphasis on this area will be on making it a downtown destination that is
safe, walkable and environmentally-sensitive.

BCM Development’s Maxx Urban Living Edmonton condominiums have attracted a large number of permanent
residents to the area because of the project’s great prices and contemporary West Coast architecture. There are condos
available that are one or two bedrooms with a variety of different layout possibilities in the six floors and terrace units.

The suites feature quartz countertops, modern doors and trim, in-suite laundry facilities and a variety of urban modern
finishes throughout. The construction is done with the environment in mind, and there is a secure open courtyard within
the unit itself for residents to enjoy. Many of the suites also have sunrooms, patios or even a terrace if they are located
on the 6th floor of the project.

Interested purchasers need to be aware that there is a limit to how long these units will still be available for sale, as
buyers are snapping up the great deals before the area becomes as popular as it is expected to be. The changes to the
area are now starting to take place, making potential buyers increasingly interested in the Maxx Urban development.

About the Company:

BCM Developments is a family-run real estate development business that is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They
currently have four different projects going on in the Edmonton area including The Zen, Maxx Urban Living, Fuzion and
Corner 1 Towers.

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