“Through the Eyes of the Beholder” This project encompasses by xumiaomaio


									                                  “Through the Eyes of the Beholder”

This project encompasses where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. As you
brainstorm about the written portion of this assignment think about your struggles, what motivates you,
and your aspirations.

Step 1: Outline important details of your life that includes your past, present, and future. Use the
following ideas to elaborate on the details of your outline.
         Past:       Who raised you
         Present: School information
                     Ongoing or new struggles
                     Who or what inspires you
         Future:     Where do you see yourself
                     Plans for college
                     Career plans
                     Where do you plan to live
In addition to your past, present, and future, think about your connection to Hope in the Unseen. How
does your life compare or contrast to the main character or particular situations in the book. Use details
that provide support. This information should be reflected in your presentation.

Step 2: Now that you have created the outline for your essay, begin writing the first draft. Create a
thesis statement that will determine the content of your paper. Support and elaboration will come from
your outline in step one.

Step 3: Type the final draft. Be sure to adhere to forthcoming APA guidelines.

Step 1: Using disposable cameras, take pictures that reflect the details of your outline. There should be a
connection in your pictures as documented in your outline that represents your past, present, and
future as well as your connection to Hope in the Unseen. The camera is property of DC Achievers and
will be collected. If lost, you are responsible for the replacement of the camera as well as your own
pictures for the project. You are allowed to use your own camera in lieu of the disposable camera if you
wish. You are not allowed to you use the camera on your cell phone.

Step 2: Create a visual presentation with the pictures you have taken on your camera. You can present
your pictures in the form of a PowerPoint, poster, collage, Movie Maker, webpage, or any format
approved by the instructor ahead of time.

Class Presentation
You will be presenting this assignment in front of your peers. Prepare notes on flashcards to guide you
through your presentation as you will not be allowed to read your paper. Your Note cards should
contain bulleted information from your outline. Be sure to include the connection you made to Hope in
the Unseen. DO NOT cut and paste your paper to your note cards.

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