“The News at Lake Carolina” by xumiaomaio


									Volume 9      Issue 3            “The News at Lake Carolina”                                              Sept. 3, 2010

                                     Great Gator                 Upcoming Dates for your Calendar
                                                                ♦   Sept. 6th            Labor Day Holiday
                                    Thank you to                ♦   Sept. 10th           Fall Fundraiser
                                    the Manville                                         Due
                                      and Ladd                  ♦   Sept. 17th           Family Night At
                                     families for                                        the Book Fair
                                    their help in               ♦   Sept. 17th           PTO Family Fun
                                   beautifying the                                       Night 6:30 pm
                                   planters at the              ♦   Sept. 24th           Non-Uniform Dress
                                   entrances and                ♦   Sept. 24th           Fall Picture Day
                                     the cottage                ♦   Sept. 24th           Interims Issued
                                       porches!                 ♦   Sept. 29th           1/2 Day
                                                                                         Dismissal 12:00

                                                 TALENT SHOW TIME!
              Have you got talent? Can you recite a poem, juggle, do gymnastics, cheer, play an instrument, dance,
              or sing? We are looking for twenty students from Kindergarten through third grade and twenty stu-
              dents from fourth and fifth grade to participate in our 8th annual LCE Talent Show. All interested appli-
              cants can sign up VIA EMAIL to FANDLCANNON@AOL.COM at noon on Wednesday, September 15th,
              2010. It is required that you list your child's talent and music choice if applicable. For example, if your
child is singing but you do not list the song title, the application will go to the bottom of the pile, and there is a
chance that your child will not get into the show. Because we do not allow duplicates, music choice is a first come
first serve basis. All acts have a three minute limit. All acts participate in the Grand Finale. Grand Finale practice
will be at 7:30 a.m. every Tuesday morning for K-3 starting October 5 and 7:30 a.m. every Thursday morning for
4th & 5th starting October 7 (About five practices in all). These practices are necessary to learn the Grand Finale
dance. If you are new to LCE and have questions, please call Laurie Cannon at 803-351-8846. Below is a sample of
what the EMAIL application should look like:
Student's Name and Grade:
Teacher's Name:
Parents Name and contact number:
Best Parent contact email address:
How do you get to school in the morning: Bus Walker Car Rider
Do you eat breakfast at school:       Yes   or   No

           The PTO is looking for sponsors for our upcoming Family Fun Night on Friday, Sep-
           tember 17th. Your $25 donation will be used for bingo prizes and will entitle you to
           a small advertisement in the Communigator. Your business or event will also be ac-
           knowledged during the game. Your 2' x 3' advertisement can be used to promote
           your business or a special occasion (like a child's birthday or honor roll achieve-
ment). If you are interested in participating, please send your $25 check payable to LCE PTO
along with your business card or other announcement no later than September 10th.

Name:      ____________________________

Phone: _____________________

Email Address:          ___________________________
                        Medication Alert                                       As you know safety trumps every-
                      Reminder for the Fall                                    thing at the Lake! We need your help
                                                                               in our parking lot! Please park in des-
            If your child will need to take medication at school,
                                                                               ignated parking spots ONLY. There
            the district medication policy must be followed. Medi-
cations should be in the original container with the student’s
                                                                               is ample parking space on the Kelly
name and instructions for administration on the label. For pre-      Mill side of our school. Please cross only at
scription medications, a medication permission form must be          designated cross walks, we need to set a good
completed by the parent and signed by the child’s doctor in or-      example for our students! Please do not park
der for the medication to be given at school. These forms are
                                                                     in designated “Special Parking” or “Child De-
available in the health room. When sending in over the counter
medications (Tylenol or cold medications) for your child, please     velopment” Parking spots. We know you join
send a note with written permission and instructions for giving      us in making safety our #1 priority at the Lake!
the medication. Again, the medication must be in the original
container.                                                                  WORLDS OF WONDER at LAKE CAROLINA
All student medications are kept in the health room, unless          Ever WONDER how lightning is made? What makes our
specified in writing by a physician and the parent after talking     sodas fizzy? Or how a magnet can tell us where to go?
with the nurse. Medications should be brought to the health
                                                                     In this series of classes, you will make your own motor-
room upon arrival to school. Thank you for your cooperation.
                                                                     ized color wheel, alter your voice with amazing movie
Kathy Waldrep, RN                                                    effects, make your own soda and watch fireworks that
                                                                     “burst” in the classroom! In Mad Science you’ll explore
                                                                     an exciting and different topic each week. With cool ex-
                                                                     periments, hands-on discovery and take home projects
                                                                     we guarantee a “hair-raising” good time! Our MAD SCI-
             Al and Allie at Work                                    ENCE after school enrichment programs engage young
                                                                     minds with exciting hands-on activities, cool demos and
                                                                     inquiry-based discussions. In every class, children build
                                                                     a fun and educational take-home to fuel their future sci-
Parents who are willing to share their career experiences            ence explorations and continue learning at home.
 with students can volunteer to take one of the school’s
stuffed mascots to work. When at work with a Gator par-              Themes include: Harnessing Heat, Sonic Sound, Op-
  ent, Al and Allie bring their camera and journal. After-           tical Illusions, Mission Nutrition, and more!
 wards, students get to share their parents’ work experi-
                                                                     School: LAKE CAROLINA ELEMENTARY
   ence with Al and Allie at work on the WLCE Morning
                                                                     Details: Monday, 3:15-4:15 PM
  Show. To enter the weekly Al and Allie at Work draw-
                                                                     Dates: 9/13/10 to 10/18/10
ings, please email Mrs. Skinner the information below or
                                                                     Duration: 6 classes
    complete the form and return it to the front office.
                                                                     Cost: $79 ($84 after 9/10/10) – Register On-Line
                                                                     Today at madscience.org/columbia or call us for
                                                                     speedy registration at (803) 739-2122
_____________________________________________                                       Counselor's Corner
                                                                     From time to time, I receive information about commu-
Job:                                                                 nity resources that may be helpful for families. Recently,
_____________________________________________                        I discovered Camp Rainbow. It is a free, one-day be-
                                                                     reavement camp for children and is available to any child
                                                                     in the community who has experienced the loss of a
Place of Employment:                                                 loved one. The camp is sponsored by Community Home
                                                                     Care & Hospice and will be on Saturday, September 18,
_____________________________________________                        from 10:00 to 5:00 downtown at St. Timothy's Episcopal
                                                                     Church. It is designed to be an uplifting day full of
                                                                     games, crafts, and other fun activities that teach positive
Contact Number:                                                      coping strategies. For more information, please email
                                                                     me at jskinner@richland2.org.
                                                                     I've also enjoyed getting to know all of the great Gator
                                                                     students during guidance classes so far this
Student(s) Names:                                                    year! They have all been such wonderful active listen-
_____________________________________________                        ers! I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the stu-
                                                                     dents in the weeks to come, and am excited about an-
                                                                     other wonderful year of guidance!
                                                                     Mrs. Skinner

                            Please support our school Fundraiser!
               The Fall Fundraiser is the Main Fundraiser for the school
       Reach our $20,000 Goal and the whole school attends the Magic Show

                                                                                  Sale End September 10th
    Sell   5 Items Bouncing Putty
    Sell   10 Items Silly Bands                                         Delivery will be the week of October 25
    Sell   20 Items Participate in the Pig Race
                                                                       Need additional sale booklet or order
    Sell   30 Movie and Moe’s
                                                                            form check at the front Office
    Top School Seller:
    $100 Gift Card
                                      Meet Your SIC Candidates
Sean Buckley
Sean Buckley is a Wealth Management Banker and Vice President with Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management
Americas Bank Group.
Sean joined Bank of America in November of 2008 and has worked in the banking industry for over 10 years, serving
as a Client Manager in the Wealth Management Groups for SunTrust and Wachovia Bank. Sean began his career in
the financial industry with Paine Webber (UBS) serving as a Financial Advisor for 6 years. He continues to hold his
Series 7, 66, License. Sean obtained a B.S. in Urban Studies & Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University in
Richmond, Virginia.
Sean and his wife, Dianne, have been married for six years and have three children, Jameson 5, Chase 4 and Logan
Grace 2. The Buckley family moved to South Carolina four years ago from Richmond, Virginia and currently resides
in Harborside of the Lake Carolina Development.

Erin Kennedy
My name is Erin Kennedy and I grew up in Washington, Pennsylvania which is about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh.
After graduating high school I attended Bradford School of Business and studied Travel and Hospitality. When I fin-
ished business school I worked as a teacher’s aid in a couple of schools for special need children. In 1998 I met my
husband through our jobs and we moved to Columbia a year later where I worked for Hope Aviation as a reception-
ist. In 2001 I started working for Premier Health Systems. During my five years of employment there, my husband
and I were married and had two children. We decided in 2006 it would be best for our children if I stayed home with
them. I have been a stay at home mom since leaving Premier and now both of our children are in school. Zachary 6,
is in Ms. Kramer’s first grade class and Taylor 5, is in Mrs. Struthers kindergarten class. I now have more time to
donate to the school in any way possible.

Rita Baranwal
Rita Baranwal and her husband Peter Johnson are the parents of two children, Sanjay and Amiya, currently at LCE.
They moved to Columbia 3 years ago and specifically to Lake Carolina for the excellent reputation of LCE. Rita is
currently the manager of the Materials and Fuel Rod Design group at Westinghouse. She is a graduate of MIT and
the University of Michigan and holds bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in materials science and engineering
from these institutions. She is also an adjunct faculty member at University of South Carolina. Rita has also co-
authored numerous publications and holds two patents related to material microstructures and properties. Since
moving to Columbia, she has volunteered for the USC Science and Engineering Fair and United Way. Prior to moving
to Columbia, she volunteered for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and Regional
Science Fairs in Pittsburgh, PA,

Susan Toth

Susan Toth is a Licensed Master Social Worker who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs bringing newly returned veter-
ans from Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom to services within the VA. Susan has worked for the VA’s Read-
justment Counseling Service/Columbia Vet Center for the past six years. Vet Centers specialize in counseling combat veterans
for the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other situations resulting from service in combat.

Susan is a veteran herself of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2004), Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991) and Op-
eration Just Cause in Panama (1989-1990). She served on Active Duty at Fort Bragg, N.C., where she was Airborne with 23
parachute jumps. Susan also served as a Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves, 108th Training Division.

Susan holds a B.A. in English from Texas A&M University, an M.A. in journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington, an MBA
from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and her Master in Social Work from the University of South Carolina. She is
currently working toward her clinical social worker license (Licensed Independent Social Worker-Clinical Practitioner) in the state
of South Carolina.

Susan’s professional career has been varied and exciting. She has worked as a business writer for the Rock Hill Herald and in
public affairs for Brunswick Nuclear Plant, Carolina Power & Light Co. (Progress Energy), in Southport, N.C. During the late
1990s and early 2000s Susan was a Series 7 Licensed Registered Representative (stockbroker) for Morgan Stanley in Wilmington,
N.C. During that time, Susan served as treasurer for the Wilmington Jaycees, secretary for the Wilmington East Rotary Club and
on the board of directors for Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. for New Hanover County.

Susan’s son is Graham Toth, a fifth grader in Mrs. Rodriguez’s class. Graham plays baseball and was a catcher for the 2010
Dentsville All Stars. He works hard at improving with his sport and as a person with his travel team, the Big Leaguers, based at
the Welcome to the Big Leagues Baseball Academy on Bush River Road.

Below you will find the candidates for the 2010-2011 SIC. Please select TWO candidates. Ballots must be
returned by the end of the school day on Wednesday, Sept. 8th. Please return ballots to your student’s
teacher or to Mrs. Antonini in the front office. Please submit only one ballot per family.

              Sean Buckley

              Erin Kennedy

              Rita Baranwal

              Susan Toth

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