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									                                               TIDEWATER Z CAR CLUB
                                          Z CAR ASSOCIATION OF RICHMOND

           240Z, 260Z,

                                         CC—FLAT O

   280ZX, 300ZX Z31,
      300ZX Z32                   350Z
                                                                                                   Volume 11, Issue 7
                                                                                                            July 2005

                     2005 CONVENTION DATES Update
                             AUG 15 - AUG 19

Hello gang!                            That's why we've painstakingly
I just got back from our regu-         taken the time to ensure a stel-   Any questions? I hope not, but if
lar convention meeting in              lar event and a lot of value for   you do
Syracuse today.                        your hard earned dollars. Our      www.zccaconvention.com. Reg-
Things are moving along very           team's goal is to show you an      ister now, some event spaces are
smoothly. We are fine tuning           incredible New York moment.        limited and going quickly.
a wide variety of events and it        I promise the moment will last
is really shaping up to be a fun       all Z week long.                   Chris Holmes
time for all. In my mind there                                            ZCON 05 Motorsports Co-
is nothing more inviting or            Weather it's whisking off to       Chairman
captivating than NY's Finger           the enchanted Boldt Castle on      ZCON 05 Finance Chairman
lakes region.                          Alexandria bay, Cruising to        518-857-1924
Rolling hills, huge crystal            Cooperstown to hang with the       csholmes@nycap.rr.com
lakes, The history and incen-          legends of baseball, taking a      Midnight 300ZX
tive of Watkins Glen, Vintage          chance at the casino, ripping
wineries, the list goes on.            up the asphalt at Thunder road,                                                    Inside this issue:
                                       or taking the time to sip the
                                                                                                          Club Officers                   2
Lets face it, taking a vacation        fruits of nature at world re-
is always a fun and costs a            nown wineries, Syracuse is the
few bucks. We know that.               place to be in August 05.
                                                                                                          TZCC Minutes                    3
                                  Z Dyno Day Results…                                                     Zis n Zat                       3
                                                                                         By Jim Setzer
                                                                                                          ZCAR Zoomings                   4
Well, I have to say that the event was a great suc-   Roy Armstrong - 78 280Z
cess. We had almost a dozen cars in every cate-       Jim Setzer - 03 350Z                                Upcoming Events                 5
gory except 240Z-280ZX Stock. Everyone who            Joshua Agle - 04 350Z
                                                                                                          Meet Wayne Lewis                6
said they were going to be there did show up,         Randy Green - 04 350Z
including new faces from some of the Internet         Fred Buoni - 78 280Z                                Show Photos                     7
forums. Here’s a list of participants in the order    Todd Wagner - 03 350Z
they ran on the dynamometer.
                                                      There were some pretty impressive numbers
Harry Bradley - 77 280Z                               posted, including the discovery of one of those
Jim Robinson - 90 300ZX TT                            "Freak" stock motors – Randy pulled 242 HP in
Nick Talbot - 03 350Z                                 bone stock configuration - lucky man! Jim
Eiji Hosomi - 73 240Z                                 Robinson’s latest find twin turbo automatic
Mark Wood - 03 Sentra Spec-V                                                      (Continued on page 2)
                                       PAGE 2                                                  TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

                                                  Club officers
                                   TZCC                                                          ZCAR
President             Maribeth Cupps              (757)587-5170       President         Todd Wagner                  (757) 851-8098
Vice President        Todd Wagner                 (757) 851-8098
                      zfixers@widomaker.com                           Vice President    Theo Hartman
Treasurer             Frank Hudson                (757) 867-7698
                      cajun38@cox.net                                 Treasurer         Todd Wagner

Secretary             Kim Setzer                  (757) 587-5170      Secretary         Randy Frommater

Membership Chairman Paul Hollander                (757) 483-9745      ZCCA Liaison      John Csomay                  (804)739-5586
                    P.hollander1@charter.net                                            csomay@comcast.net
Tech Chairman         Todd Wagner                 (757) 851-8098
ZCCA Liaison          zfixers@widomaker.com

Newsletter Editor     Paul Hollander              (757) 483-9745

Motorsports           Jim Setzer                  (757) 587-5170

Web Master

Club Historian        Patti Hollander             (757) 483-9745

TZCC Store Mgr.

CCCHR Rep.            Steve Smith
CCCHR Pres.           stevettzx@cox.net           (757) 483-5026

(Continued from page 1)                                                 'freak motor' 350Z
looks as good on paper as it does on the road. Roy Armstrong's          I managed to squeak by Todd Wagner by 4 ponies to take
Gold Medallion winning 78 280Z is always a beautiful site to see        Modified category - Todd's been tinkering I can see.
and this was it's first time on a dyno. Nick showed off his new         Josh took the Sport Tuned category by only 6 HP over Jim’s
Kinetix Plenum – you can brush your teeth off your reflection on        Twin Turbo
that thing. Josh’s body kit is really aggressive and now he’s got a     Nick took the Ultra-Mod category by 3 horses over Eiji's ill-
great baseline as he starts on engine mods. Harry's been working        tuned crate motor 240Z
hard on his 77 280Z and gotten it up to 202 HP - very impressive.
Eiji's 240Z w/JDM custom crate motor and 6 Makuni carbs (yes,           Most of us were able to stay the whole day, and we retired to
the same ones that come on hogs) was a beautiful site, and              Hooters afterward for a frost cold one and some wings. The
sounded like a monster on the machine, but he couldn't get it           50/50 raffle netted $37 for the club’s ‘Make-A-Wish’ contribu-
leaned out so he made ONLY 250 to the wheel. Todd showed off            tion and fattened Jim Robinson’s wallet by the same.
his mad Z skills by adjusting Fred Buoni's mechanical MAF sen-
sor on the fly to excise some horrible knocking demons.                 Thanks to everyone who came out and dyno'd their cars.
                                                                        Thanks to Abacus Racing for giving us a killer deal at their
Rob and the rest of the guys at Abacus were first rate. They only       facility, and thanks to the following sponsors for providing us
took a short 30 minute break for lunch, and gave us a tour of their     with door prizes:
facility, including their restoration shop, their race shop (GT1,       Advance Auto Parts
GT2 and GT3 cars) and their top notch machine shop (they can            Outback Steak House
do anything there except grind cranks.) Their head mechanic             Tidewater Z Auto Service
showed me a VQ block that they resleeved down to 3.0 liters for         Bap Geon Auto Parts
their next GT3 project. Hmmm….                                          Cramer Tire

Randy took top numbers in 300ZX-350Z stock category with his
                                PAGE 3                                                     TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

                                              Tzcc Minutes
Meeting Call to Order                           Motorsports                                unteered, presented and visited the
                                                Jim Setzer presented the results           show!!!
Maribeth Cupps called the meeting to            from the June 5th SCCA Autocross
order at 8:10pm and introduced the              at Pungo, which had eleven TZCC             ZCCA Convention
board members and guests.                       participants, three more than May.         The ZCCA Convention will be held
                                                He also presented the Z Challenge          August 15th-19th in Syracuse, New
Visitors                                        results. There will be a Dyno Day          York at the Wyndham Hotel.
William Eric Walleden 95 300ZC                  at Abacus Racing on Saturday,              Online registration is available at
Rick Torrey             91 300ZX-TT             June 25th from 10:00am to 4:00pm.          www.zccaconvention.com Paul
Nick & Jordan Talbot 03 350Z                                                               and Patti Hollander will be heading
Nathan Shardin, son of Ellis Sharadin.          Car Club Council of Hampton                up a caravan to the convention.
A motion was presented and seconded             Steve Smith, president of the              Activities
to approve the May TZCC minutes as              CCCHR, mentioned the Legisla-
written.                                        tion Meeting to be held August             June 18th & 19th TZC & THSCC at
                                                27th at the Virginia Beach Central         Roebling Road
The Treasurer’s Report was provided             Library with more details to come.         June 25th        Dyno Day at Aba-
by Frank Hudson with an ending bal-             There is a Wings and Wheels Car            cus Racing
ance of $2721.71 in the checking ac-            Show to be held in September.              July 3rd         Cookout at the Set-
count and $1000.50 in the savings ac-           Location to follow.                        zer’s
count.                                                                                     July 17th        Yorktown River-
                                                Car Show                                   walk
Announcements                                   The 2005 TZCC Car Show was a               August 15th-19th ZCCA Conven-
                                                success!! There were 45 cars               tion
Angela and Dale Brown have retired              judged and $1400.00 raised from            September        Pig Roast at the
from Newport News Shipbuilding.                 the auction to donate to the Make-         Shell’s
Congratulations!!                               A-Wish Foundation. Z cars from             October 22nd Richmond ZCAR
                                                Richmond, Northern Virginia,               Car Show
Unfinished Business                             Pennsylvania and Greenville at-            October 23rd     Angela’s Cookout-
                                                tended. Thank you to all that vol-                 (Continued on page 4) TZCC Minutes

                                  Z i s N Z at                                                 TZCC Treasurer’s
Birthdays this month:                         the dates to p.hollander1@charter.net.
7/2      Mark Wood                                                                                      Checking Account
7/8      Sis Ambrose                                                                    Previous
                                                                                        Balance             Apr-05         $2,763.68
7/16     Amanda Murphy                        We’ve missed many of you at the meet-
                                              ings in the past few months. We are
                                                                                                        Checks &
7/17     Mike Zwick                                                                                     Payments           ($724.97)
                                              looking forward to a lot of activities in
7/17     Steve Smith, CCCHR President         the months to come. We’ll begin cele-                     Deposits &
7/19     Bryan Pilati                         brating the 10th Anniversary of the                       Other Cred-
                                              Tidewater Z Car Club in October with                      its                  $831.00
7/21     Patrona Stanley                      several activities sure to meet every-    Ending
7/28     Phillip Gentles Sr.                  one’s tastes. Hope to see you at these
                                                                                        Balance                       $2,869.71
                                              events and at the meetings.
7/29     Lisa M. Marshall                                                                               Savings Account
                                              Remember, a club is only as good as its
7/30     Phillip G Thayer                     members and every member is impor-
                                              tant.                                     Balance               Apr-05       $1,000.00
7/31     Kathleen Kirsch
                                                                                                        Interest               $0.25
If your birthday is not listed, please send                                             Balance                            $1,000.25
VOLUME 11, ISSUE 7                                                                                                        PAGE 4

                                                 ZCAR zoomings
                                       Doingz of the Z Car Association of Richmond

ZCAR zoomings                                                 drew a lot of lookers.
Doinz of the Z Car Association of Richmond                    June 26th – Sunday - Tech Clinic at Randy’s House – The time
                                                              will be 1:00pm and the address is 4532 Shanto Ct., Richmond.
Minutes of ZCAR Meeting June 20th at Famous Dave’s            Members were reminded that there will also be a BBQ so be-
taken by Secretary Randy Frommater.                           sides your overalls, bring your appetites! BYOB. An e-mail
                                                              with a map link to MapQuest will be sent out towards the end
27 members and guests were in attendance.                     of the week. Some members took a printer map that Randy just
                                                              happens to have left over from February. It will probably still
President Todd Wagner called the meeting to order at          work even though it’s over four month’s old.
7:45pm.                                                                 Scheduled projects: Cold Air induction kit and
                                                                        grounding kit on the Cormier 350Z
Welcome new members Bobby King and his ‘88 300ZX                                              Rear shocks on Randy’s new daily
and Marybeth Forester and Pete Rotteveel and their ’04                  driver, a Silver ’87 300ZX
350Z                                                                                          Overview on how to use a Volt/
Also welcome guests Jeff Fortunato with an ’03 350z, Jeff               Ohm Meter
Gray with a ’90 300Zx, Blake Gray and his ’86 280ZX                                           Open season on picking Todd’s
Turbo, John Nayhew with a ’78 280ZX, Greg Smith and                     brain
his ’04 350Z and finally, visiting Dave Collins from Flor-    July 24th – Saturday – 2:00pm, Club picnic – This is usually a
ida, Ron Poehman                                              good opportunity for calendar picture shots so plan on being
                                                              there. This will be held at David Collin’s home. More details to
There was a call to accept the minutes of the last meeting    follow.
as written and all present were in agreement.                 August 14th -19th – National Z Car Convention in Syracuse,
                                                              NY. If you haven’t already, make your hotel reservations soon,
Treasurer’s report: We started with a balance of $2730.12,    the places are filling up fast!
had to write a check for $120.50 which leaves a current       September 11th – Sunday - Still no takers? Kruz is toying with
balance of 2609.62.                                           the idea of a historical cruz that we think might be fun AND
                                                              educational. You go Kruz!
Old Business:
                                                              Not discussed or mentioned at tonight’s meeting but still very
Review of upcoming events:                                    much a part of our yearly calendar are the following events:
The June 4th Cruz In at the Hardees on Rt.10 had a good
turn out. There were seven Z cars representing the club and                                     (Continued on page 9 - ZCAR Minutes)

(Continued from page 3) TZCC Minutes
Beginning of 10th Anniversary Cele-
                                                                                       Z C A R Tre a s u re r ’s
bration                                                                                       Report
Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm to the                                                   Previous              Oct-04        1500.80
parking lot to look at cars.                                                         Balance

                                                                                                          Checks         387.20
                                                                                                          & Pay-
                                                                                                          Deposits       1143.00
                                                                                                          & other
                                                                                     Ending Balance                      2256.60
                          PAGE 5                                                          TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

                                              Upcoming Events
                                                   Date / Time Where Event

Date / Time Event                                                               Where
 13-June-05 TZCC Z Club Meeting                                                  Frankie’s Place For Ribs
   Monday                                                                        Fairfield Shopping Center
   7:00 PM                                                                       Virginia Beach, VA
 20-Jun-05    ZCAR Club Meeting Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
   7:00 PM                                                                       Richmond, VA 23236
 26-Jun-05    ZCAR Tech Clinic                                                   Randy Frommater's Residence
   Sunday     Get your car fixed up under the guidance of our tech guru          4532 Shanto Ct.
   1:00 PM    Todd.                                                              Richmond, VA 23237
 4-July-05    Celebrate the 4th at the Setzer’s                                  Jim & Kim Setzer
   Monday                                                                        909 Corrente Ln
   7:00 PM                                                                       Virginia Beach, VA 23456
 11-July-05   TZCC Z Club Meeting                                                Frankie’s Place For Ribs
   Monday                                                                        Fairfield Shopping Center
   7:00 PM                                                                       Virginia Beach, VA
 18-Jul-05    ZCAR Club Meeting                                                  Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
   7:00 PM                                                                       Richmond, VA 23236
 24-Jul-05    ZCAR Summer Picnic                                                 David & Sandra's Collins'
   Sunday     ZCAR Photo Session. Bring your Z, park it on the lawn and          2713 Windingdale Dr
   2:00 PM    take pictures for next year's Z calendar.                          Richmond, VA 23233-7565
  8-Aug-05    TZCC Z Club Meeting                                                Frankie’s Place For Ribs
   Monday                                                                        Fairfield Shopping Center
   7:00 PM                                                                       Virginia Beach, VA
 14-Aug-05    ZCCA Annual Z Car Convention                                       Syracuse, NY
   Sunday     Aug.15th-19th. This is the biggest Z Car event in North
              America. This year it's within driving distance. Plan to take a    ,
              week off and join the ZCAR convoy to New York State.
 15-Aug-05    ZCAR Club Meeting                                                  Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
   7:00 PM                                                                       Richmond, VA 23236
 12-Sep-05    TZCC Z Club Meeting                                                Frankie’s Place For Ribs
   Monday                                                                        Fairfield Shopping Center
   7:00 PM                                                                       Virginia Beach, VA
 19-Sep-05    ZCAR Club Meeting                                                  Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
   7:00 PM                                                                       Richmond, VA 23236
 16-Oct-05    ZCAR Fall Foliage Tour                                             Skyline Drive
   Sunday     Drive your Z on the back roads and ebjoy the fall colors at the   same time. Date is tentative.
 17-Oct-05    ZCAR Club Meeting                                                  Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
                                                                                 Richmond, VA 23236
 22-Oct-05    ZCAR Z Toberfest                                                   Pence Nissan
  Saturday    4th Annulal ZCAR Show. Get your Z ready for this "Peoples          11841 Midlothian Turnpike
  10:00 AM    Choice" event.                                                     Midlothian, VA 23113
 23-Oct-05    TZCC Halloween Bonfire                                             Angela Brown's Residence
   Sunday     10 Year Celebration/Bonfire at Angela Brown's                      113 Arabian Trail
                                                                                 Smithfield, VA 23430
 21-Nov-05    ZCAR Club Meeting                                                  Famous Dave's Barbecue
   Monday                                                                        10201 Midlothian Turnpike
                                                                                 Richmond, VA 23236
 27-Nov-05    ZCAR Gimmick Rally                                                 to be determined
                                PAGE 6                                                     TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

                                                                                                                    by Jim Robinson

Name: Wayne Lewis                                                  keep motivated with my project and to be able to show up at
Profile:                                                           club events and meetings with a Z until my project is fin-
           Hometown/how long in this area/why moved here:          ished. I’ve gotten good tips from Roy.
           Flint, MI, then Raleigh, NC, then here in Virginia
           Beach for 7 years. Moved to follow job opportuni-       Q. How did you come to like Z’s?
           ties.                                                   A. My neighbor had a ’77, not running, and he gave it to me
                                                                   in November, 1998. I drove it around the cul-de-sac with
           Job: CAD technician (computer-aided drafting)           frozen brakes and that’s when I got hooked. I parked it and
           Age: 39                                                 began its restoration. (I call it “8 years and 8K.”)

           Family: 2 sisters, Mom and a dog named Maggie           Q. Wow! What dedication! You drove the car basically once
                                                                   and were hooked, motivated to undertake a lot of work, went
           Color of your Z(s): 1. Solar yellow 1977 280Z           to club meetings for inspiration, and bought another ’77 as a
                                  2. Balloon blue with custom      daily driver. What’s new on your horizon?
                    primer overlay 1977 280Z                       A. These cars have changed my life. I autocross the daily
                                                                   driver and love every minute of it and wish to road race it at
           Automatic or standard: Both are standard 5-speeds       least once. The events are shaping how my restoration pro-
                                                                   ject is now proceeding (suspension, etc.). I have Z parts in
           T-tops/slick top/convertible: Both slick tops           every room of my house, even the bathroom (bachelors can
                                                                   do this).
           Turbo/twin turbo/nonturbo: Nonturbos
                                                                   Q. Let’s talk about the club and what you like about it. Why
           Any modifications: Bushings, seats and wheels           did you join?
                                                                   A. I’ve gone to a few car events like recently the Pomoco car
           Odometer reading: 70,133 on the blue 280                show. But the club has been a source of inspiration for me to
                                                                   keep going. The members have Datsuns and all models of
           Vanity plates: My Otr Z on the blue 280                 Z’s, and its nice to be in a social setting such as Frankie’s
                                                                   where I can tap into one group for (say), mechanics (Roy)
           Nickname for car: Lucy (sounds like Blue Z)             and another group for (say), autocross. I’m looking forward
                                                                   to all the events the club offers!
           Car a daily driver or just for special events: Both
                                                                   Q. I like your enthusiasm for the club and the cars. What’s it
           Favorite detailing products (waxes, soaps, towels,      like for you to finally be driving a Z?
           favorite detailing tip): Wesley’s on tires              A. The car brightens up my day. Every minute behind the
                                                                   wheel peels off the frustration of work. I only need a full tank
           Favorite foods: As long as it doesn’t crawl on the      of gas and no traffic to make my day special. Point the car
plate!                                                             and she complies.

           Favorite night out/restaurant: Alexander’s and          Q. What would you like to see the club do?
           Steinhilber’s, or my backyard grill doing steak, corn   A. I’d like to see more spur-of-the-moment impromptu get-
           and vegetables                                          togethers. I might not be able to come but spontaneity mixes
                                                                   up the once-a-month meetings and planned events.
           Favorite day trip: Blue Ridge Mountains
                                                                   Q. Any last thoughts? (And thank you for the interview.)
Q. Hi, Wayne. I’ve seen you here and there at meetings.            A. My two Z’s have been a good change in my life. I’ve been
When did you join TZCC?                                            aware of them all my life but wouldn’t buy one out of respect
A. Well, I’ve come to the meetings now and then over a five-       for my Dad, who worked for Buick in Flint, MI. After he
year period, but became a member in December, 2004. I              passed away in 2003 I felt I could go ahead with becoming a
needed the inspiration of the club and its members to keep         Z owner. The Z’s held a mystique for me since I grew up. I
me going on my project, my yellow 280Z.                            long for some nice road trips with good company. I’ve never
                                                                   forgotten my first drive in one and that feeling comes rushing
Q. Is that car now finished?                                       back whenever I’m behind the wheel.
A. No, but I bought the blue 280 in May of 2005 as a way to
                                PAGE 7                                          TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

The Friday night get together at The County Grill.

                                                                  From one extreme ….

    … to the other

                                                     See Henry at POMOCO Nissan for this 35th Ann. model.

 It’s a gas guzzler!                                                           All photos by Dan Brown

VOLUME 11, ISSUE 7                                                                                                      PAGE 9

  Jul 04

                                07/05                                                                                            11/05

(Continued from page 4) ZCAR Minutes                             mum, we should put together a color catalog of ZCAR prod-
October 22nd – Saturday -Richmond Z Car Show at Pence            ucts.
Nissan on Midlothian
We haven’t ruled out a second event like and autumn drive        The meeting was adjourned at 8:12pm
along the Blue Ridge Parkway?
November 27th – Sunday - We’d really like another Gim-           As usual, the unofficial meeting continued in the parking lot
mick Rally, still waiting for a volunteer(s).                    for upwards to an hour after the meeting was adjourned. This
December – The famous (or is that infamous) Christmas            tends to be very informative
party/club meeting combo. No date or host set yet. Any vol-
unteers?                                                         Also, the word on the street is that everyone is pleased with
                                                                 our new meeting place.
Todd called for New Business items and some new and old
members asked about the ZCAR items for sale. Todd gave a         best regardZ
review of what is available and some potential custom appli-
cations. A question came up as to why we don’t have a regu-      Randy
lar inventory as Tidewater displayed at there show. It was
explained that our budget is not as large as Tidewaters yet so
holding inventory is not practical. However; it was agreed
that we could possibly sell more items at out October car
show if the items were available immediately instead of hav-
ing to order them. Randy and Todd agreed this might be true
and would get with Theo and consider this issue. At a mini-
                            PAGE 10                                                     TZCC—FLAT OUT—ZCAR

                                      Preferred vendors
      Tidewater Z Auto Service                   800-247-2793                     (NISMO) parts
Special consideration given to club             Banzai Motor Works
members.                                            301-937-5746
           757-587-5170                        East Coast Z Car Center
Powder Coating, Polishing, Custom                    757-543-6608
Manufacturing—Roy Armstrong              25% to Z Car Club members
      Steve Millen Sports Cars
                                                                                               Advertising Rates
       (714) 540-9154 ext. 138                    Victoria British
Ask for Adam. Discount varies by part              1-800-255-0088                 Advertising rates are as follows:
and order.                               Free catalog                              Business card:       $10.00 per quarter
                                         www.VictoriaBritish.com                   ¼ page               $20.00 per quarter
          Motorsport Auto                                                          ½ page               $35.00 per quarter
            800-633-6331                             Victory Nissan                Full page $50.00 per quarter
                                                                                   For Sale:
10% off parts, identify as a club mem-               757-436-4900                    Members – Free
ber.                                     Michael Hemelin—Parts Specialist            Non-Members – 1-Month Free
                                         20% off Nissan parts                                           — $5.00 for 3 months
  Ultimate Appearance Limited            10% off Motorsports (NISMO) parts.
                                                                                             Membership Dues
         Toll Free (888) 446-3078                                                    Includes a subscription to Sport Z Magazine.
          Tel/Fax (757) 255-2620                    Griot’s Garage                Membership dues are as follows:
www.autodetailingrus.com                 www.griotsgarage.com
                                                                                  Individual            $40.00 per year
                                                                                  Family                $45.00 per year
Special consideration given to club           Hall Nissan of Chesapeake           Associate             $25.00 per year
members.                                             757-233-8189
                                         Stormy Barnett—Parts Specialist          The TZCC is open for membership to all Datsun
                                                                                  Roadsters and 1969-1973 Datsun 510’s.
         The Z Barn Inc.                 20% off Nissan parts
www.zbarn.com                            10% off Accessories and Motorsports

                                               Z T z c c S to r e
The Tidewater Z Car Club has the           TZCC Window decals                         “My other car is a classic Datsun”
following items for sale:                         $ 2.50                                       $ 5.00
                                           Z Mouse Pads                               license plate frame
Z Car hats with varied logo’s                     $ 8.00                                           *REDUCED*
Club Tee Shirts
        $15.00                                     Stuff to wear and Show off         Mr. K biography.
Club Polo Shirts                                     Contact Todd Wagner                      $20.00
        $30.00                                      zfixers@widomaker.com
TZCC 3-in-1 jackets

                                          W e b s i t e s to v i s i t
The Tidewater Z Car Club web site is       Car Club Council of Central Virginia
located at:                                (legislative information)
                                           Internet Z Car Club:
Z Car Club Association:                    www.zhome.com
                                           2005 ZCCA Convention:
VOLUME 11, ISSUE 7                                                                                          PAGE 11

                                  Membership Application
                     Please CIRCLE the club that you are joining and mail with your membership fee to:

    Tidewater Z Car Club or Z Car Association of Richmond
                                              P.O. Box 1941
                                          Newport News, VA 23601

Name: ____________________________________                            e-mail: ___________________________
Address: __________________________________
City, State, ZIP: ______________________,____,_____
Home Phone: ______________________________
Birth date: _________/_________/99 (the year doesn’t matter)

Z CAR #1       Year: _________ Model: __________
               Color: _________ Coupe: _________ 2+2: ____________ Turbo: _____________
               Transmission (circle one):    Auto 4-spd 5-spd 6-spd

Z CAR #2         Year: _________ Model: __________
(for you Z fanz) Color: _________ Coupe: _________ 2+2: ____________ Turbo: _____________
                 Transmission (circle one):    Auto 4-spd 5-spd 6-spd

Z CAR #3         Year: _________ Model: __________
(for you Z nutz) Color: _________ Coupe: _________ 2+2: ____________ Turbo: _____________
                 Transmission (circle one):    Auto 4-spd 5-spd 6-spd

Z CAR #4         Year: _________ Model: __________
(for the craziez)Color: _________ Coupe: _________ 2+2: ____________ Turbo: _____________
                 Transmission (circle one):    Auto 4-spd 5-spd 6-spd

                                           Area/s of interest
Tech Info: ____ Concourse: ____      Rallies: ____ Auto Cross/Competition: ____ Parties: ____
Customizing: ____     Restoration: ____            High Performance: ____

       Please list other members of your household and their birthdates (NO years):

       1. _________________________________________________
       2. _________________________________________________
       3. _________________________________________________

How did you hear about us:
       Newspaper: ____         TZCC/ZCAR Member: ____ (who: ________________) Show: ____
       Internet: ____ Other: ____ please explain: ___________________

                                     Annual Membership—$40.00
                                     Family Membership—$45.00
                                    Associate Membership—$25.00
                     (An Associate Member is one who is a Z enthusiast but does not currently own a Z)
                       Includes a subscription to Sport Z Magazine for both of the above memberships
                        Make check or money order payable to:
                  Tidewater Z Car Club OR Z Car Assoc. of Richmond

            Signature: ___________________________                         Date: __________________
                   TIDEWATER Z CAR CLUB
                             &                                                                               Place
Tidewater Z Car Club                                                                                         Here
P.O. Box 1941
Newport News, Virginia 23601-1941

Phone: 757-483-9745
Fax: 757-686-3217
Email: p.hollander1@charter.net                         Mailing   Address   Line   1
                                                        Mailing   Address   Line   2
                                                        Mailing   Address   Line   3
                                                        Mailing   Address   Line   4
              We are on the web:                        Mailing   Address   Line   5

                                         Member: Z Car Club Association—www.zcca.org
                                         Member: Car Club Council of Hampton Roads

                              This Month’s meeting

                           TZCC                                                          ZCAR
                  (Tidewater Z Car Club)                                    (Z Car Association of Richmond)
                   The next meeting is on                                          The next meeting is on
                         July 11, 2005                                                 July 18, 2005
                At Frankie’s Place for Ribs                                    Famous Dave’s Barbeque
            In the Fairfield Shopping Center                                  10201 Midlothian Turnpike
                     Virginia Beach, VA                                            Richmond, VA 23235
                         Dinner: 7 PM                                                  804-323-6114
                        Meeting: 8 PM                                                   Time: 7 PM

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