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					         Stephen Player, Illustration 4:

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
Back Seat Driver
Blind leading the Blind
                                          We are publishing a book or
Caught with your Pants Down               sayings and are using 20 different
Close but no Cigar                        artists to illustrate it. The book is
Cute as a Bug’s Ear                       for adults primarily.
Devil’s Advocate
Diamond in the Rough
Dropping Like Flies                       Choose one of the sayings on the
Drink like a Fish                         left and create a Black and white
Excuse my French                          (grayscale) illustration to
Face the Music
Fly on the Wall
                                          compliment it. Your image could
Funny Farm                                be a literal representation of the
Get out of the Wrong Side of the Bed      saying or depict what it
Gilding the Lily                          represents. Your illustration must
Go Out on a Limb
High on the Hog
                                          be descriptive of the saying’s
Hit the Hay                               meaning.
Hold your Horses
Kick the Bucket                           You can use any medium. Your
Like a Chicken with its Head Cut Off
Money is the Root of All Evil
                                          painting should be a vignette at
New York Minute                           9”x12” or above. Both portrait &
One for the Road                          landscape orientations are
Pie in the Sky                            acceptable. We would like to see
Pull Out All the Stops
Run out of Steam
                                          concepts for two sayings from
Sacred Cow                                which we will choose one
Shake a leg
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child
Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
There’s more than one way to Skin a Cat
Turn a Blind Eye
Under the Weather
Wag the Dog
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
X Marks the Spot
You are what you Eat
You can’t take it With You
Your name is Mud

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