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					Women's Council Michaelmas IV Agenda –
27th November

Elly Shepherd, CUSU Women’s Officer: Cambridge Rape Crisis opening on
Monday. Elly and Annie Ring went to 'Reclaim the Night' march - was
very successful.

Corrections to Minutes

Matters arising from minutes of last Council

Announcements by the Executive
Elly: Tomorrow there is a Black and Asian Women's event in Emmanuel
College at 6pm, hosted by Mavela Daley.

Natalie Szarek, Newnham Gender Matters Officer: Jane Goodall speaking

Rhian Keyse, Trinity Hall, Women’s Welfare: Ents?

Elly: Had a complaint about advertising for CUSU 'Sexy Santa' party.
Raised it to Ed (ents' officer). If you have any concerns about this
kind of advertising please mention them.

Questions to the Executive

Ordinary Motions:
Motion A Transgender Members of the University

Natalie: There's been a struggle over whether transgendered women
should be embraced in the women's movement. Cambridge has an
appalling record in terms of transgendered rights. They are part of
the movement - should fight for gender equality.

Elly: Transgendered male to female student was deliberately
victimised by her department, complaint ongoing.

Elly: Move to change word 'faculty' to 'staff'.

Move passed.

Charlene Bourliout, International Officer, Women's Executive: Do they
face a lot of harassment in Cambridge?

Elly: Yes, proportional to the number of transgendered people there

Koshka Duff, Fitzwilliam Women's Officer: Is the problem with
students or faculty?

Elly: Both.    Students encouraged by attitude of fellows.
(Votes in Favour: 11, Votes against: 0, Abstentions, 2 – Motion

Motion B Sexual Health for Lesbian Women

Annie Ring, LGBT Women's Officer: A questionnaire the NHS send out to
women over 25 about cervical cancer asks about male or female sexual
partners. Some who have had penetrative sex have only had female
partners and some with male sexual partners do not have penetrative
sex. This shows a lack of understanding of sexual diversity. This
motion gives the ability to take action in writing to Mps and sexual
health service.

Elly: Some lesbian women seem to have been advised not to have a
smear test at all!

Koshka Duff, Fitzwilliam: Are they included in a normal STI test?

Elly: No, they are not.

Laura Vignoles, Caius Women's Officer: Part of a wider issue. Women's
health issues are not given the emphasis/funding they deserve.

Annie Ring: There needs to be a general policy for STI testing.

Elly: Cervical cancer is often caused by HPV (human papillomavirus),
which is often contracted as a STI – but it isn’t the only way of
getting cervical cancer.

Annie Ring: LGBT week, doctor coming to talk about HPV.

Carol, Lucy Cavendish: Most GPs are vigorous in persuading people to
have smear tests. Some students had been invited and were very upset
at being invited! Need to be aware that cervical cancer can affect
those under 25 too.

Laura Vignoles, Caius: Smear tests do have negative connotations. As
a Union could we draw up a leaflet about smear tests detailing what
happens and what to expect? Will bring a motion about this.

(Votes in favour: 13, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: O – Motion

Motion C Student Parents

Rhian Keyse, Women's Welfare Officer, Trinity Hall Women's Officer:
Varsity brought up the situation of student parents and controversy
over University nursery which failed its assessment. Student parents
have many specific needs and lots of the assumptions made about
student facilities do not consider these. Needs to be more of a
culture of flexibility, allowing for special arrangements such as
borrowing rights for the UL. An access, welfare and a women's issue -
dissuading those with children from applying. Those who discover they
are pregnant whilst here are always encouraged to degrade which is
often not the right solution and can make it very difficult to

Laura Vignoles, Caius: Could we have a student parent rep on the
Elly: It would be difficult to find a student parent. Would be very
happy to create the position but quite difficult to fill. Could be an
open portfolio position.

Alice Cundy, Clare: Does this flexibility vary college to college?

Rhian: Yes.   There are huge differences; however, mostly it is bad.

Carol, Lucy Cavendish: Lots of students with children at Lucy
Cavendish. Even there, with a good record with supporting student
parents, they have people with clueless tutors who do not pass on the
relevant information to students who urgently need it. Need to have
consistent tutoring. Not just mothers, we should remember, but also
fathers with a tough time who experience these issues.

Laura Vignoles, Caius: Would it be worthwhile if the individual
women's officers contacted their colleges over this policy? We could
then compile this as a report.

Hannah Fair, Emmanuel: Student parents are not allowed at Emmanuel.
Fellows with children can not stay in college so presume this is also
true for students. The college has a strong anti-parenting ethos.

Carol, Lucy Cavendish: No family accommodation at Lucy Cav.
Accommodation for families in Cambridge is highly problematic.

Alys Cundy, Clare College: Who would be responsible for student

Elly: No specific member of staff allocated, mainly tutor or senior

(Votes in favour: 13, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 0 – Motion

CUSU Council - Ordinary Motions

A. CUSU Learning and Teaching Strategy

Elly: CUSU is writing a document outlining its learning and teaching
strategy. Moving towards CUSU considering long-term strategies and
issues. Don't have documents to look over, have not been given them

(Votes in favour: 0, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 13 – because we
don’t have the document yet. Elly will abstain at CUSU Council)

B. QAA Student Written Submission

Elly: Elly will be writing the part on women in Cambridge, please
email with anything academic at all.

(Votes in favour: 0, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 13 – because we
don’t have the document yet. Elly will abstain at CUSU Council.)

C. Review of Graduate Education Working Group
Elly: Continuing reviewing CUSU policy on graduate education. CUSU
wants to review the report on it that is making some very big

Rhian Keyse: Problem with the jargon used?

Elly: I will raise this informally – it’s important that people
understand the motions

(Votes in favour: 11, Votes Against: 0, Abstentions: 2 – Motion

D. Avoiding Pregnancy

Elly: Striking the word 'avoiding' and replacing with 'Pregnancy


Elly: Running out of money for pregnancy tests, need more money.

Juliet Mushens, Queens' College Women's Officer, Women's Union
Secretary: Need to have clearer instructions on the pregnancy tests!

Rhian Keyse: The instructions are intended for medical professionals.
Making new, user-friendly instructions.

Hannah Fair, Emmanuel: Have had issues with misuse of them -
difficult to understand.

Georgina, New Hall Women's Officer: The statistics need to be
clarified also.

(Votes in favour: 13, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 0 – Motion

E. Oxford and Cambridge Careers Handbook (OCCH)

Elly: Oxford have been mismanaging their part of the handbook.

Annie Ring, LGBT: Are we advertising to our students companies who
invest in Sudan?

Elly: Have very strict policies about where we invest.

Natalie Szarek: At the careers fair arms companies, Rolls Royce, etc
advertise this.

Elly: Double-check this, CUSU is very strict on who they advertise
and support. Will almost certainly be the careers’ service themselves

(Votes in Favour: 13, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 0 – Motion

F. Article C Modifications

Elly: Basically this was what we passed at Women's Council a few
weeks ago - they need to go through councils twice as it’s a change
in the standing orders.
Hannah Fair, Emmanuel: Why can't people use face book to publicise
their campaigns? At Emma there were lots of face book groups set up
by candidates and lots more people turned up because of this.

Koshka Duff: At Fitz are not allowed to set up any face book groups.
All the rules surrounding campaigning aren't supposed to give benefit
to those with lots of time/friends.

Elly: This is a debate to be had in the future.

Natalie Szarek: Doesn't like the term 'political group' for slates.
Misrepresents what they are.

Elly: Very hard to differentiate between 'political group' and a
group of people running on the same platform.

Laura Vignoles, Caius: Could we say 'interest groups' instead?

Elly:   Will raise these points/discuss them at CUSU council tomorrow.

(Votes in favour: 12, Votes Against: 1, Abstentions: 0 – Motion

G. Submission of Motions to CUSU Council: Amending Article B

Elly: Features a change to the standing orders. Very little of it is
changed. Essential change is over how long you have to submit motions
to CUSU council, so more people will submit motions.

(Votes in favour: 12, Votes Against: 0, Abstentions: 1 – Motion

H. NUS policy becoming CUSU policy

Elly: A clearing up of the rules over what is merely a motion to NUS
council, and what constitutes CUSU policy. Voting for this motion
would remove the attached motion from CUSU policy.

Natalie: Motion a bit severe and patronising, getting rid of the
previous motion. Perhaps 'strike it' but will have it stand again so
people can vote on it?

Annie: wrong for CUSU exec (except Elly) to use wanky language to
stop people understanding motions!

Natalie - should email JCR presidents about this motion if people
feel strongly about it.

(Votes in favour: 2, Votes against: 6, Abstentions: 5 – Motion

Any Other Business
Annie: LBGT Xmas party on after council.

Georgina: New Hall, women's and welfare officers, to put both
together would be wrong. JCR president trying to remove women's
Rhian: WU policy to defend women's officers -need referendum to get
rid of.

Laura: Issue of administration rather than politics. Giving too much
to women's officer.

Elly - just because of women's college, doesn't mean no
discrimination – New Hall students interact with the rest of the
university and can experience discrimination because they are from an
all-female college. Women’s Officer very much needed!

Alys - Elections would be good way of doing this - run on platform to
defend women's officer position?

Natalie - Double-pronged approach good at women's college - can have
welfare officer but women's officer more political.

Carol - this is the case at Lucy Cav.

Laura: Feels she can be more political as result


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