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									          My Wishing Letter
                Sample Letter
Dear Santa,
   How are you and the reindeer? Are you well in
the North Pole?
   I like to go swimming and ride a bike on
weekends. G.M. Wang is my idol.
  Are you coming to see me this year? I’ve been
very good in school and at home.
   I want an iPod. Please. May I have one?
   Please fly carefully.


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          My Wishing Letter
              Sample Letter
Dear Santa,

   How’s everything going?
   I am 12 years old. I live in Taiwan. I’m
good at singing and dancing.
   I've been so good this year. I’d like to have
a doll for Christmas, and a watch, maybe?
   Don’t fall off the roof. Best wishes.


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My Wishing Letter



*Why & What

             My Wishing Letter

A How are you?
B Are you well?

C Are you busy?

D How’s it going?

E How things are going in the North Pole?

F   How are you and the reindeers?
               My Wishing Letter

A I’m a nice boy.
B   I’m 12 years old.

C   I live in Taipei.

D I like to play basketball and surf the internet.

E There’re four people in my family, my mom,
  dad, sister and me.
                My Wishing Letter
               Why Am I a Good Kid?

A I do the housework.
B I hand in my homework on time.

C I got one hundred on my test .

D I’m a good helper in school / at home.

E I have done my best to be a good boy/girl this year.
              My Wishing Letter
         What Do I Want for Christmas?

A I want ________.
B I would like to have___________.

C What I want is ___________.

D May I have __________?

 a PSP, a dog , an iPod , a watch, a cell phone ,
 a school bag, comic books, a camera, Wii
             My Wishing Letter

A   Best wishes.
B   Keep well.

C   Take care.

D   Don’t fall off the roof.

E   Please fly carefully.

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