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					10/15/2011—It was a bright and sunny day in what was an otherwise bleak, dreary, and grey week. The
skies parted and the rain stopped long enough to permit Purdue AAA the nicest gameday weather in the
2-year history of running the Rice Bowl Flag Football Tournament.

That Saturday we witnessed one of the largest, most varied assortment of players in our short time
hosting the tournament. Old friends from last year’s tournament made an appearance at another run at
the Rice Bowl Champ title, as well as new faces from other orgs around campus showed up to put in
work for their own attempts at the heralded Golden Rice Bowl trophy.

All in all the following teams participated:
-AAA Team #1
-AAA Team #2
-Cornerstone Church
-Hawaii Club
-“The Other Guys”

Your AAA teams were participants in some of the most heated games that day. AAA Team #1 took on
Hawaii Team in a game that went down to the wire. Kelvin Lau doing what he does best, led the team in
sacks. While Aaron “F.” Pham led the team in touchdown receptions for the game. However team #1
was eventually bested in the end, understandably our President Will Leu popped an artery in his
resulting rage tantrum after the loss. AAA Team #2 fared much better than #1, as their unique, “2-
heads-better-than-1” offense led by quarterbacks Brett Bannon and Sung Choe led their team to victory
against our friends at PFA. Wenting Shen and Angela Yuan, the two females, on team #2 in no surprise
led all defenders with tackles. While Sung Choe, with no question, took home the “Look Too Fly When
Dropping Passes” award.

In our second round of games AAA Team #1 took the field against an upstart UCA team that was led by
Mr. Asia alums, Bobby Chen and Kenneth Young. The game may have been the most physical this
humble reporter has even bore witness to. It must be noted and acknowledged that our hard-working
VP, Brittany Chan was also the hardest-hitting player of the game. Continuously dishing out punishment
to the opposing team in a manner that made this writer wonder whether this was a game of football or
hockey he was watching? Perhaps bare-knuckled boxing? Our VP also led the team in touchdown
receptions for the game and of course big-ups to team #1’s QB Lance Kamiyama for leading the team to
a W. Team #2 was matched up against Cornerstone for their 2nd round game and it’s difficult enough to
play an athletic and deep team like Cornerstone, but when Jesus is your skills and conditioning coach,
well, what can you do? Team#2 fought hard, but were felled by Cornerstone to much chagrin as AAA
hopes for repeating as Rice Bowl Champs were closed off.

Fast forward to the final round where Hawaii Club squared off against the holy-pigskin crusaders of
Cornerstone where Hawaii Club was able to come out with the win. What a game, what a day. Friends
were made, noses were bloodied, and hearts were broken. Yet, in the end we all won, as events of this
magnitude where participation between clubs at Purdue are far and few, the turnout was amazing, the
games spectacular, and the people wonderful.

We’d like to thank everyone that participated, we’d like to thank those AAA members that planned and
organized the tournament, and we’d like to thank those AAA members that participated in the games
and showed up to root for their mates!

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