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									                                                                           Fall 2006
   The New Jersey Historical Garden
   Foundation was established under
 the auspices of Mr. James Spiniello.
  Its board is composed of volunteers
      interested in the preservation,
                                          Pfizer Teamwork Pays Off
maintenance, and development of public,         n an absolutely gorgeous spring day in May, approximately 40 volun-
 historical gardens. The Foundation is
working with the National Park Service,
                                                teers from Pfizer came to the gardens and made a major difference in
     U. S. Department of Interior, to     the amount of work that our normal platoon of volunteers would have tried
   preserve the Cross Estate Gardens.     to do. On May 10, all areas of the gardens got attention from weeding and
                                          cutting around the front, side and rear portions of the mansion, the drive-
   The New Jersey Historical Garden
     Foundation Executive Board
                                          way entrance to the house and the walled garden.
        Founder & Chairman                   The real cream project, though, was the installation of a new fence
           James Spiniello                around Grace’s Garden*. Postholes were drilled with a “dingo” machine
                President                 that was really slick. While this was happening, other volunteers disman-
              Joan Ryder
                                          tled the old fence and posts, set the new posts and installed 90% of the new
             Pat Gutwillig                fence before they had to leave. The perimeter was moved out at least three
               Treasurer                  feet to accommodate the maturing trees and shrubs. WOW ... it was actual-
            Judy Spiniello                ly done! Now Steve Fogle is strengthening the corner posts so that this
        Membership Chairman
           Hollace Bowers
                                          fencing will last well into the future.
        Horticultural Advisor                The board and volunteers truly thank the Morris Land Conservancy for
            Helen Mageau                  organizing and coordinating with the Park Service to bring these Pfizer
          Newsletter Editor               volunteers, whom we heartily thank for their energy, willingness and
          Marge Van Ryzin
         Publicity Chairman
                                          laughter, to make all of these improvements a real gift to the public. We
             Pat Gutwillig                look forward to seeing them again next year.
        Volunteer Chairman                                                                           — Stephen Palmer
            Ruth Dittmann                 *Grace's Garden (located to the right of the meadow) is dedicated to Grace
          Grants Chairman
             Steve Palmer
                                          Steneck who volunteered for many years until she was well into her late 80s.
            Ray Andrews
            Craig Johnston
           Marge Hulstrunk
         Sonnie Reutelhuber
           Advisory Board
             Mary Bartow
             Gunner Berg
          Rosalind Dujardin
               Jean Pope
          Mary Cross Spence
             Nancy Strong
          Marion Troussoff

                                          Pfizer volunteers take a much-deserved break from their hard work.
    Volunteer Luncheon                                                            Save the
    W       e have had another spectacular gardening season this past sum-

            mer thanks to the regular volunteers who come every week to                 he plant sale in June was a
    work in the gardens.                                                                great success, in spite of
       The NJHGF Board appreciates all of the time and effort that goes           heavy rain. Weather conditions
    into this project. As a “thank you,” we are inviting all of the volunteers    apparently don’t keep interested
    to our annual luncheon to be held in the library at the Cross Estate on       gardeners away, so we were happy
    Wednesday, December 6 at 12 p.m. It's our chance to get together and          to have a fairly large group of peo-
    recognize what has been accomplished in 2006. Please put the date on          ple come to buy plants. We are
    your calendar. We promise you a good time!                                    planning to sponsor another plant
       Please RSVP by November 29 to Joan Ryder at 973-376-0348.                  sale on Saturday, June 2, 2007.
       As always, we invite anyone interested in gardening to join the vol-           We are also planning to have a
    unteers. Please call Ruth Dittmann at 908-876-4297 for more details.          30th Anniversary Celebration on
                                                                                  Sunday, September 23, 2007 from

A Special Volunteer                                                               1-5 p.m. featuring a silent auction
                                                                                  of plants and garden ornaments; an

W       ithout excep-                                   continues to work         artists’ competition of paintings
        tion, the mem-                                  together every week.      and photographs of the gardens at
bers of the NJHGF                                          Her credentials are    the Cross Estate; tours of the gar-
Board and the volun-                                    impressive. She           dens; live music; and light refresh-
teers who work at the                                   received a horticulture   ments. It’s hard to believe 30 years
Cross Estate Gardens                                    degree at SUNY            have gone by since Jean Pope
want to express a spe-                                  Farmingdale and           started the garden restoration, and
cial note of apprecia-                                  worked in the             it’s a credit to all of the volunteers
tion to Helen Mageau,                                   Education Department      who have continued the work she
who serves as our                                       at the New York           started.
Horticultural Advisor.                                  Botanical Garden for          In 2007, we also celebrate the
She has extensive                                       nine years developing     20th Anniversary of the New Jersey
knowledge of gardens and garden            programs and teaching adults and       Historical Garden Foundation
culture, which she willingly shares        children. She also worked in out-      founded by Jim Spiniello. That is
with everyone.                             reach programs for the Brooklyn        an accomplishment worth celebrat-
    In addition to working in the          Botanical Garden and was the           ing, as well, because your contri-
garden herself, she supervises our         Education Coordinator at               bution as a member of the NJHGF
intern; has scheduled garden tours         Freylinghuysen Arboretum for 19        has made a lot of garden projects
for members and the public; con-           years, where she was responsible       and improvements at the Cross
tinues to expand the plant sale; ref-      for programming at Frelinghuysen       Estate Gardens possible.
erenced old photos of the garden in        Arboretum, Bamboo Brook and                We rely on your continued
order to replant the central beds in       Willowwood.                            financial support. Please renew
the upper walled garden; is always            Her gardening skills are won-       your membership today and ask a
patient with questions; and offers         derful, and her people skills are      friend to join, too. Membership
good advice on the many jobs that          wonderful, too. It’s exceptional to    categories and more information
have to be done. Her generous spir-        find both in one special volunteer.    on how to join are provided on
it affects everyone as the group           Thank you Helen!                       page 4.

Notes from the Garden                                                                 Advice From a Tree
                                                                                         Embrace with joy
T    here is never enough time to accomplish every-
     thing we would like to do, but this year we have
made progress in several areas. Weeds in the brick
                                                            were buried. We
                                                            cut the daylilies
                                                            back to the
                                                                                       the changing seasons
                                                                                   The energy and birth of Spring
paths have plagued us for years. White vinegar proved       ground after                  The growth and
to be a successful weed killer without harming the          blooming. Like            contentment of Summer
plants in the flower beds. Even after heavy rains, the      amsonia and                The wisdom to let go
main walks have remained weed free.                         globe thistle, they        like leaves in the Fall
   There are two important “works in progress.” Fifty       re-sprout from the       The rest and quiet renewal
plant labels have been placed in the garden and 50          base and are more                 of Winter
more are in the works. Labels will aid both visitors and    manageable.                    — Ilan Shamir
the volunteers in appreciating the variety of plants in     Globe thistle will
the garden.                                                 often re-bloom on the new growth.
   The second project began last year with the removal         Color in the garden during this season is being sup-
of the tired lambs ear in the upper terrace beds. They      plied by boltonia, Russian asters and fall anemones. As
are being replanted with some of the perennials we dis-     an unexpected surprise, the franklinia in the native gar-
covered in old photographs. Although now a little           den produced a flower. It has been nursed along after
sparse, the beds will be more colorful with plants in       severe dieback. A mild winter may set it on its feet.
bloom each season of the year.                                 Next year, we hope to tackle the native meadow gar-
   Overabundance is one of the problems created by          den, which has spread out of control. We plan to cut a
our almost animal free and irrigated gardens. Crowding      path through the meadow, which will help solve the
out of choice plants by the aggressive ones such as the     problem.
daylily has become a problem. All of the fall sedums                         — Helen Mageau, Horticultural Advisor

Friends of
the Park                                  Grant Money Put to Work
O     n Saturday, September 30, 10
      volunteers from the MNHP
                                          T     he grant from Somerset Hills Garden Club went toward plant
                                                labels in the walled garden and the native garden. It is good to see
                                          this plant identification project become a reality and actually see the
offered several hours of help to
                                          first labels appear as the season begins to wind down.
our regular garden volunteers. The
                                             The Morristown Garden Club grant went toward paying our intern
projects included the removal of
                                          Letitia Clark, who helped at the end of the season in 2005 and
old, dying boxwoods in the drive-
                                          returned to us again this year. She has been a valuable addition to our
way circle and on each side of the
                                          group who labor with joy in the flowerbeds.
front door of the mansion and
                                             The Foundation is truly thankful for these generous gifts, which
planting eight Pieris Japonica
                                          help us make these gardens a real treasure.
shrubs and 15 Heller’s Japanese
                                             The New Jersey Committee of the Garden Club of America gave us
hollies in the foundation area.
                                          a grant to update and improve our website. Ann Campbell re-devel-
These shrubs were funded by a
                                          oped the site and made several improvements. You may want to visit
gift from Steve Palmer’s former
                                          www.crossestategardens.org to enjoy seeing what she has done.
Methodist Church in Flanders.
                                                                              — Stephen Palmer, Grants Chairman
                  — Gregory Smith
               Chief Ranger MNHP

Conservation Corps                                               Become a Member
A     diverse group of students from Morristown High
      School and a sixth student from Union County
comprised this year’s Youth Conservation Corps crew.
                                                                 As you know, no garden is ever finished—it is an
                                                                 ongoing process of mainenance and changes. The
                                                                 Cross Estate Gardens need constant attention. If you
   The members were younger than in previous years,              haven’t renewed your membership, please take the
but their age was no impediment to their dedication to           time to do so today. You contribution is our only
work. They understood their role and the importance of           monetary support. And we thank you for that.
the work they did in serving the park to improve the
appearance and enhancing the beauty of the Cross                 Membership Categories
Estate Gardens.                                                  Senior Citizen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15.00
   The YCC is a National Park Service Program that               Individual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20.00
provides labor assistance to parks and their partners            Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$40.00
during the summer. Funds are provided by fees paid by            Supporter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$75.00
the public when they visit the park.                             Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$100.00
   Working each Wednesday for six weeks under the                Life Member . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$500.00
supervision of the Park Service seasonal staff, the crew         Other Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$___.00
members contributed approximately 100 hours assist-              Please send your check to:
ing NJHGF projects at the Cross Estate. Once again,              New Jersey Historical Garden Foundation
they fulfilled their responsibilities admirably, and we          P.O. Box 712
thank them for their help.                                       Bernardsville, NJ 07924-0712
        — Glenn Kendall, Management Support Advisor

                                 Post Office Box 712, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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