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					                                                      Saint Vivian Parish

January 2012                        Vibrations
Photo: Carolers visit some of   Miracle of the Carolers: Youth Restored to
St. Vivian’s homebound
parishioners.                   Health Joins in Merry 2011 Reprise
                                Judy Hampel

                                A jolly group of St. Vivian parishioners,             ―I don't know if you guys will
Inside this issue:
                                students, and friends gathered in the             ever know how special that day was
Spotlight on Mr. Z        2     cafeteria on December 11 after Breakfast          for us. When you were singing, Adam
                                with Santa for a quick rehearsal before           was sobbing... he couldn‘t talk and
Autobiography of          4     starting out                                                                 communi-
Evelyn Maag                     for the an-                                                                  cation was
                                nual St.                                                                     difficult...
Students Tour Holy        5     Vivian                                                                       but it was
                                Christmas                                                                    very clear
                                Caroling                                                                     how loved
Knights of Columbus       6
                                event. The                                                                   he felt that
                                event was                                                                    day!! (We
Fr. Jack Calling          7
                                coordinated                                                                  were all in
Voiceless Humanity        8     by Jeanne                                                                    tears...
                                Stephens,                                                                    even the
National Catholic         9
                                directed by                                                                  nurses!!) I
Youth Conference
                                Mary Kent,                                                                   will love
Jumping Jupiter           10    and accom-                                                                   you all
                                panied by Greg Hogg on the guitar. Our            forever for giving him that gift… .‖
Halloween at St. Vivian   11    usual director, Brenda Gallagher, was
                                unable to attend this year, but we look           Performing members aren‘t sure how
Baptisms, New Parish-     12    forward to her return in 2012.                to interpret Adam‘s reaction, since we
ioners, In Memoriam
                                    Among this year‘s revelers was Adam       don‘t really practice much before our per-
Centennial Barn           13    Zust, St. X senior and recent stroke survi-   formances and anyone who wants to can
Labyrinth                       vor. We were pleased to have Adam join        participate—no talent required. But we
                                us, since last year he was a recipient of     appreciate Amy‘s generous take on the
Men’s Faith Sharing       14
                                our tuneful offerings while he was bedrid-    situation, and we‘re overjoyed to have
                                den after a devastating stroke that left      Adam with us this year, following his
Alumni Update             15
                                him gravely ill for many months. We           miraculous recovery.
Reader’s Corner           15    called-in a short telephone performance           After our warm-up in the cafeteria
                                to Adam‘s hospital room that day. Adam‘s      and in the spirit of the holiday, we bun-
Calendar                  16
                                mom, Amy Zust, recently shared about          dled up and headed out to visit various
                                his reaction to our outreach:                                        (Continued on page 3)
PAGE 2                                                        VIBRATIONS                                               JANUARY 2012

Back to the Future for Mr. Z
Judy Hampel
A typical school day for St. Vivian               Friends and former
Principal Stephen Zinser, aka Mr. Z,          schoolmates insist Mr. Z was
begins at 6:45 a.m. and often goes late       a typical student when he
into the evening. But however long            was attending classes at St.
his day may stretch, it‘s the hours           Vivian. He didn‘t have any
between 7:30 a.m., when he meets up           ambitions to be school princi-
with the ―Breakfast Club‖ in the cafe-        pal then, but anyone familiar
teria, and 2:25 p.m., when he sees all        with the perennial twinkle in
the students off for the day, that are        Mr. Z‘s eye would suspect
most important to this grade-school           that he might have made an
administrator.                                occasional visit to the princi-    Mr. Z and a few students from the “Breakfast Club”
    A 1965 St. Vivian graduate, Mr. Z         pal‘s office. Close friend         Photo submitted by Lauren Hampel.
recalls with pleasure how he was in-          Thom Nutting recalls that
vited to return to the St. Vivian cam-        Mr. Z liked to practice his drumming           and in Mr. Z‘s ability to say and do
pus in 2008 as Distinguished Gradu-           technique on a stack of school encyclo-        the right thing. After graduating from
ate while he was the principal at St.         pedias during in-door recess, but this         St. Vivian in 1965, Mr. Z went on to
Vincent Ferrer in Kenwood. When he            didn‘t go over very well with sixth            high school at Roger Bacon, received
heard a few months later that                                                                            his Degree in Elementary
then St. Vivian Principal Jean                                                                           Education from U.C. in ‗73,
Margello was retiring, he sent                                                                           and earned his Master‘s in
Fr. Paul a letter of inquiry. Mr.                                                                        School Administration from
Z‘s résumé was impressive,                                                                               Xavier in ‘76.
with an accumulated 39 years                                                                                Mr. Z met his wife Connie
in the field as a teacher or ad-                                                                         while he was a student at UC
ministrator for the Greenhills,                                                                          and she was attending Ray-
Forest Park, Loveland, Nor-                                                                              mond Walters. They married
wood, and Princeton school                                                                               in ‘74 at All Saints (she grew
districts. Happily for us, Fr.                                                                           up in the neighborhood be-
Paul and the hiring committee                                                                            hind the church), settled ini-
invited Mr. Z back to his future                                                                         tially in Mt. Healthy, and
here at St. Vivian School.          Mr. Z poses with his wife Connie and their five grandchildren.       eventually moved out to their
    Mr. Z remembers when the                                                                             present home in Milford.
Ursuline nuns were teaching class-            grade teacher, Mrs. Donohue. And               They have two daughters—Kim lives
rooms of 45-50 students here at St.           Mr. Z chuckled as he remembered the            with husband Jim in Loveland; Angie
Vivian. As a student then and like            jokes he and his schoolmates pulled in         lives in Columbus with husband
many of our students today, he en-            junior high, like when they would              John—and five grandchildren: James
joyed playing football with his St.           hobble one of the smaller boys into the        (6), Emma (4), Hailey (3), Kate (2),
Vivian teammates, participating in            back lockers.                                  and Sage (about 8 weeks).
school plays and productions, and at-             The mischievous schoolboy of the                   Keeping faculty, staff, parents,
tending the parish summer festivals.          50‘s and 60‘s grew into an ―all around         and students safe and happy at a par-
In 1960, his parents were the festival        great guy with a positive outlook on           ish school can be a daunting task for
grand raffle winners. The prize? A            life‖ according to Thom, and close             any school principal. Mr.
brand new set of Encyclopedia Britan-         friend Gary Glazier describes him as           Z has pulled it off while earning the
nicas!                                        ―always on point‖ in service to others         admiration and respect of all. His wife
JANUARY 2012                                           VIBRATIONS                                                      PAGE 3

Mr. Z (Continued)

Connie shared a few stories that dem-      child and the best home for their fam-         From what I have learned about
onstrate his unique gift for leadership    ily. ―That‘s his gift,‖ Mrs. Z explained.   our remarkable school principal, it‘s
and his ability to connect with others,        St. Vivian students are familiar        not unusual to see Mr. Z in the
especially with the children placed in     with Mr. Z‘s musical gifts; they often      bleachers or elsewhere on campus
his care:                                  observe him playing guitar at the all-      long after the end of the school day.
    When Mr. Z was the principal at        school church as-                                            But friend Gary also
Heritage Hill Elementary in the            semblies. But they                                           emphasized Mr. Z‘s
Princeton School District, his pint-       might not know                                               tireless efforts to en-
sized students were accustomed to          that Mr. Z. was                                              tertain friends and
walking to-and-from their schoolyard       once a drummer                                               enjoy life. Most re-
via an old, dilapidated foot bridge that   for a popular group                                          cently, Mr. Z organ-
eventually fell into such disrepair        of young musicians                                           ized a memorable
that it was no longer passable. This       called ―The Rubber                                           event—―Zinstock‖—an
situation forced the children to walk      Band.‖ This self-                                            effort to reunite mem-
along Princeton Pike, a busy street        proclaimed ―peace-                                           bers from the Rubber
where semis hurtled, strangers lurked      hippie‖ wore his                                             Band at his home in
and students had to pick their way         wavy hair at shoul- In his hippie days, Mr. Z played drums   Milford for an evening
through broken glass. When both the        der length as he    for “The Rubber Band.”                   of music and fun. Mr.
property owners and the city refused       hammered out the top-of-the-charts          Z went so far as to hire bouncers to
to repair the bridge, Mr. Z began es-      hits of the era, including the songs of     keep potential ―fans‖ from ―rushing‖
corting the youngsters home himself.       the Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and      the party and roughing up the Rock
    Mrs. Z described another incident      Young, and Creedence Clearwater             and Roll ―superstars.‖ Already re-
when Mr. Z was principal in the Love-      Revival. The band played at many            nowned for his exemplary work ethic,
land district and a realtor brought        local venues, including parish events,      Mr. Z also exemplifies taking fun to
prospective homebuyers on campus to        the Pickle Barrel in Clifton, and the       its merriest limits. He is a trivia en-
tour the school. When the couple saw       Boars Head Inn in Oxford. In 2003,          thusiast, especially on the subjects of
Mr. Z go down on one knee to greet         Mr. Z‘s wife and daughters gave him a       Rock and Roll and the Beatles, and
their kindergartner, they knew they        guitar for Christmas, and Mr. Z took        ―the biggest Cleveland Indian base-
had found the right school for their       to the new instrument with enthusi-         ball fan.‖ (His father was a scout for
                                           asm.                                        the team.)
                                                                                           If our purpose were to praise the
Carolers (Continued from page 1)                                                       modern saints and greats among us,
                                                                                       we couldn‘t go wrong by focusing our
homes in the neighborhood and resi-        this year‘s gathering was a horse-          attention on St. Vivian Principal
dents at the Mercy Franciscan Terrace      drawn sleigh and you! So please join        Stephen Zinser for his inspiration and
care facility. We skirted from one gig     us next year—nothing instills the           guidance. Commended by friends for
to the next in our cars, then sang a       warm glow of the holiday spirit more        being ―always first in prayer and ser-
variety of holiday favorites for our       than reaching out to others and bring-      vice‖ and an all-around great person
audiences, including ―Jingle Bells,‖       ing Christmas tidings to those who          who ―takes his religion seriously,‖ Mr.
―Silent Night,‖ ―Deck the Halls,‖ and a    are in hospitals and nursing homes or       Z‘s example reminds us to live a life of
creatively choreographed (thanks to        experiencing limited mobility within        faith and to act in a way that will
Mary Kent) version of ―The Twelve          their own homes.                            serve the greater good. See Page 9 for
Days of Christmas.‖                            Join us next year for some fa-la-la     one student‘s ―Living Saints‖ testi-
    The only ingredient missing from       -la fun!                                    mony to our remarkable principal.
PAGE 4                                                 VIBRATIONS                                           JANUARY 2012

Autobiography of Evelyn Maag: A Love of Scripture
Evelyn Maag
I was raised in a strongly Catholic        but for the most part our life has been    scholar and he was aware that there
family, and as far back as I can re-       very good. We have been married for        was little opportunity in the Catholic
member, I have always been inter-          55 years. We have nine grandchildren       Church, at that time, for lay people to
ested in Scripture. In grade school one    and three great-grandchildren.             study Scripture. So he organized what
of my favorite subjects was ―Bible His-        In the early 70‘s I was led to vol-    he called a Scripture Conference at
tory.‖ I was especially fond of the sto-   unteer to teach religious education to     the college where he taught in San
ries from the Old Testa-                                                                              Antonio, Texas.
ment. There weren‘t                                                                                     The conference was
many opportunities to                                                                                 conducted two weeks
study Scripture in high                                                                               each summer for four
school, so I studied on my                                                                            years. Larry and I
own. I even tried Revela-                                                                             were blessed to be able
tion, but understood little                                                                           to attend. I enjoyed all
of it.                                                                                                the classes, but my
     After high school I                                                                              favorites were The Old
considered entering the                                                                               Testament, Prophets,
convent. I sought guid-                                                                               The Gospels, and
ance of my uncle, a Fran-                                                                             Revelation. We also
ciscan priest who was also                                                                            spent a good bit of
my godfather. After much From left Evelyn Maag, Bridget Imhuse, Judy Stephens, Rosemary Eveslage     time studying the his-
discussion and many      and Barb Densmore attend Evelyn Maag’s Bible Study. Photo by Molly Daven-   tory of Israel, which is
prayers we decided this  port.                                                                       critical in understand-
was not my calling. How-                                                                             ing the Old Testament.
ever, I made up my mind that I would       the students from our parish (Sacred       It was a wonderful and positive ex-
marry only if I could find a man to-       Heart in Fairfield) who attended the       perience. We not only studied the
tally dedicated to the Lord and to the     public school. I was assigned the sixth    Scriptures, but were also taught how
Church. This was my constant prayer.       grade, and wouldn‘t you know the           the Catholic Church interprets them.
I turned down four marriage propos-        theme of the class was Scripture! I did    It was extremely helpful. We were
als before I finally met Larry. On our     my best but realized how little I really   encouraged to read the Scripture
first date he asked me to pray a dec-      knew. That began 40 years of search-       daily.
ade of the Rosary with him. I knew         ing to learn everything I could about           When Larry began to study for
my prayers had been answered. In           Scripture. I read whatever I could find    the Diaconate, I was allowed to attend
two months we were engaged, just           and attended lectures whenever avail-      all the classes with him. Many were
before he entered the military, so we      able.                                      Scripture studies or Scripture related.
did not get married until he returned          In the late 70‘s Larry and I joined    Again, they were very helpful.
two years later. This was during the       the Charismatic Renewal. This was a           After completing the Scripture
Korean War, but fortunately he was         major breakthrough. It was Scripture-      Conferences in San Antonio, I have
sent to Europe.                            based and especially encouraged the        led Scripture studies regularly. I have
     We offered up this difficult sepa-    gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was a won-    especially enjoyed doing this here at
ration, asking God to give us a son        derful experience and, spiritually,        St. Vivian. I truly believe I have
who would be a priest: we have five        very helpful. One of the leading           learned far more than those attend-
daughters. God‘s ways are not our          priests in the Charismatic Renewal in      ing. It has been my experience that
ways!                                      the U.S. was George Montagu, S.M.          God and His Word are like a bottom-
     We‘ve had our share of problems,      He was also a prominent Scripture          less well. You can never stop learning!
JANUARY 2012                                             VIBRATIONS                                                      PAGE 5

Holy Spaces: Students Tour Places of Worship
Julie Zinser
Beginning this fall, St. Vivian seventh     beautiful, hand-penned scrolls, or To-      eas of the Cathedral, as well as a be-
and eighth graders began visiting lo-       rah. We were awed by the detailed           hind-the-scenes tour of the sacristy,
cal houses of worship to explore how        artwork covering almost every wall,         dressing area, and private chapel of
our neighbors practice their faith.         ceiling and surface in the synagogue,       the Archbishop. After attending the
These trips were meant to                                                                             midday mass, our stu-
dispel myths, and give                                                                                dents enjoyed their
information about and                                                                                 lunch in the undercroft
foster respect for the reli-                                                                          and headed back up the
gious freedom that we en-                                                                             hill. Our day was to con-
joy here in the United                                                                                clude with a visit to the
States.                                                                                               Holy Trinity/St. Nicho-
    On September 22,                                                                                  las Greek Orthodox
Grade Eight visited the                                                                               church, but they had to
Islamic Center of Greater                                                                             cancel due to a funeral.
Cincinnati. We toured                                                                                 Grade Seven will visit
their facility, which in-                                                                             with them at a later
cluded meeting rooms, a                                                                               date.
                               The Seventh Grade tours St. Peter In Chains Cathedral.
museum with old-world ar-                                                                                Our teachers and I
tifacts, and the mosque itself. Every-      and left with an enriched knowledge         were very proud of the way our stu-
one had to remove their shoes, and          of our pre-New Testament religious          dents conducted themselves, as well
girls donned loose scarves upon enter-      heritage.                                   as of the thoughtful questions they
ing the worship space, which was                Grade Seven crossed over Plum           asked in each venue. Learning about
highlighted by beautiful calligraphy        St. and into the home-parish church         and respecting each other‘s differ-
spelling out the 99 Islamic names for       for all Cincinnati Catholics, St. Peter     ences is definitely a lesson we will
God (The Merciful, The Creator, The         In Chains Cathedral. We were treated        continue to offer our junior high stu-
Holy, The Source of Peace, The Pro-         to in-depth explanations of the layout,     dents in the future!
vider, etc.). Grade Eight rounded out       statuary, mosaics and functional ar-
their day by volunteering at Matthew
25 Ministries in Blue Ash. Dividing          First Eucharist: Important Dates
into groups, they disposed of excess
packaging of lotions, emptied dam-
                                           Parent/Guardian Meeting                      First Eucharist Class Photo
aged soap bags for reuse, and organ-
                                           Tues., February 7, 7 pm                      Mon., April 23, 6:30 pm
ized empty pill bottles by type and
                                           Ursuline Hall                                Church
   October 6 found Grade Seven
                                           Jesus Day Retreat                            First Eucharist Rehearsals
Downtown: first stop the Plum Street
                                           (At least one parent must attend.)           For 4:30 Mass
Temple, a reform Jewish congrega-
                                           Sat., March 24, 10 am—noon                     Thurs., April 26, 6 – 7pm
tion. We viewed a worship space not        Cafeteria                                      Church
unlike our own, including chairs for                                                    For 11:00 Mass
the presider and assistants, as well as    Presentation and Blessing of                   Thurs., April 26, 7– 8 pm
a raised altar where the Scripture is      First Eucharist Candidates                     Church
read from the Hebrew Bible, our Old        Sat. and Sun., March 24 and 25 (at
Testament. Behind the altar is a cur-      Mass)                                        First Eucharist Masses
tained area which contains the seven                                                    Sat. and Sun., April 28 and 29
PAGE 6                                                   VIBRATIONS                                             JANUARY 2012

Knights of Columbus: Know and Act Your Faith
Pat Frey

Parishioner Jeff Polly was new to being a Catholic and         more than 14,000 chapters around the world and more
looking for a way to get involved in his faith. Already busy   than 30 local chapters in the Greater Cincinnati area.
as a husband and father, working fulltime and going to             The Knights participate in programs designed for
graduate school, he was not sure what he could do.             church, family, commu-
    A friend mentioned that he belonged to the Knights of      nity and youth. Areas of            “The knights partici-
Columbus. Jeff looked into it and joined about 18 months       interest include people             pate in programs de-
ago. ―I am more of a behind-the-scenes guy,‖ says Jeff, who    with intellectual disabili-       signed for church, fam-
was happy to find a group that combined his new faith,         ties, the Pro-Life move-             ily, community and
ways to volunteer and social activities for himself and his    ment, and many parish                        youth.”
family.                                                        activities. One of the pri-
    ―I liked that the council raises money for worthwhile      mary goals of the council
causes,‖ Jeff says. He                                            is to help, financially and through prayer, those with
has worked at the Ten-                                            vocations to the priesthood or other religious life.
nis Masters with the                                                  The Madonna Council has sponsored the Mt.
Knights for the past                                              Healthy Haunted Hall for 22 years, in conjunction with
two summers. Jeff                                                 the Boy Scouts. They also sponsor a family Halloween
joined the Madonna                                                party, a turkey fest, a Christmas party, an Easter Egg
Council of the Knights                                            hunt, and countless events throughout the year as fund-
of Columbus, who have                                             raisers and social gatherings.
been meeting in Mt.                                                   Tim and Jeff feel they have found a group that helps
Healthy since 1954.                                               them to know and act in their faith, and to help others
    Another parish-                                               through their fundraising efforts. The Madonna Council
ioner, Tim Burda, re-                                             meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays
cently joined the Knights of Columbus Madonna Council,         of the month at 7700 Seward Ave., in Mt. Healthy. Rosary
as well. Tim and Jeff like the connection the organization     begins at 8 pm, with the meeting following at around 8:15.
offers to the church and the community, and that there is a        In the near future Madonna Council will be sponsoring
focus on charity.                                              a coffee and donuts weekend at St. Vivian. Members of the
    The Knights of Columbus were chartered in 1882 by          Knights will be there to answer questions and give out in-
the Connecticut state legislature as a fraternal benefit so-   formation at that time. For more information, contact Jeff
ciety. The Order is still true to its founding principles of   Polly at 513-729-4156.
charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. There are now

                                                                Photos on opposite page...
Time to register for New Orleans!
                                                                Top: The Risen Christ keeps watch over all parish events
The next parish mission trip to New Orleans will be
                                                                held in the Filippine Center. Photo by Jeanne Stephens.
February 18-25. Take advantage of this unique oppor-
                                                                Middle: Al Fluegeman stands next to the cross he built for
tunity to connect with fellow parishioners, to serve God
                                                                the Risen Christ. Submitted by Jo Ann Fluegeman..
by helping your neighbors in need, to enjoy New Or-
                                                                Bottom: Jo Ann displays her divinely inspired painting. Sub-
leans culture and to experience Mardi Gras firsthand!
                                                                mitted by Jo Ann Fluegeman.
All are welcome. We are especially in need of volunteers
with home-improvement know-how. Sponsorships are
available to cover the cost of registration. Contact to sign up.
JANUARY 2012                                            VIBRATIONS                                                  PAGE 7

Father Jack Calling

Editor’s Note: Longtime St. Vivian parishioner (58 years!)
Jo Ann Fluegeman attended the Parish Volunteer Recogni-
tion dinner in October. She was sitting near a friend in the
Activity Center when she looked up at the Risen Christ fig-
ure displayed above the stage, which made her think of Fr.
 “Did you know that Al and I made that figure at Father
Jack’s request?” she asked.
  “I had no idea,” her friend replied.
Here’s Jo Ann’s story:                                              The most amazing thing about the whole project oc-
                                                                curred just as the pieces were ready for a coat of paint. Al
    I picked up my home phone some years ago at about           continued to work in his shop while I worked in the dining
the time the parish was beginning to put the finishing          room—we never consulted each other about color. But
touches to the new Fa-                                                when he brought the cross up to the house and I
ther Jack Filippine Activ-                                            showed him the figure I had been working on, we
ity Center. Father Jack                                               found we had each chosen a burgundy color! It must
got right to the point—                                               have been divine intervention! Father Jack was
―Would you and Al make                                                happy with our work and we were honored to have
a Risen Christ for over                                               this be our legacy to the parish.
the stage?‖ With charac-
teristic insight, Father                                              You can see a number of Al and Jo Ann’s projects
Jack had decided that a                                               throughout the parish, including Jo Ann’s paintings
life-size figure of the                                               on display in the St. Francis, St. Clare Gather Room
Risen Christ would be                                                 and Ursuline Hall.
perfect for the Activity
Center, where children
would often gather. Al
and I had never worked
on anything so large, but
no one said ―No‖ to Fa-
ther Jack!
    We had to work out
the logistics first, so off we went to the lumber yard to buy
a very large piece of wood. Then, Al had to contrive a way
to extend the arms with ―biscuits.‖ Any woodworker would
know what that means. For the rest of us, biscuits are oval
-shaped discs for creating strong joints.
    After the wood was cut and finished, I drew a diagram
of the project, and we cut out the pieces. Our dining room
table became the center of activity for the figure of Christ,
while Al worked on the cross down in his shop. Extending
the Christ figure from the cross presented a problem, but
resourceful Al was able to pull it off!
PAGE 8                                                VIBRATIONS                                            JANUARY 2012

                              Voiceless Humanity
                              Tom Miller, Respect Life Coordinator

                              I had the   parishioners of St. Clarence have been     the spectrum on abortion, euthanasia,
                              opportu-    supportive since his release.              and capital punishment.
                              nity to        At the conference, I attended the           The second keynote presentation
attend the Defending Life Against the     panel presentation on the Death Pen-       was given by Vicki Schieber, Educa-
Sentence of Death Conference on Oc-       alty and Parish Respect Life Ministry.     tion Coordinator for Catholic Mobili-
tober 29, 2011 at Good Shepherd           Panelists, who included the Rev. Len       zation Network to End the Use of the
Church. Bishop Joseph Binzer pre-         Wenke, Director of Pastoral Services       Death Penalty and Board Chair for
sented the invocation. The first key-     for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sr.     Murder Victims‘ Families for Human
note presentation was by Fr. Neil         Ruth Kuhn, S.C., and Sr. Ruth Kett-        Rights. Vicki has been outspoken in
Kookoothe, pastor at St. Clarence         man, C.S.J., detailed their experi-        her opposition to the death penalty
Church in North Olmsted, and Joe          ences and showed how the death pen-        since her daughter, Shannon, was
D‘Ambrosio. Fr. Neil is trained as an     alty hurts people in a personal way.       raped and murdered in 1998. She has
attorney and critical care nurse and                                                 testified before the U.S. Senate and
serves as a spiritual advisor to a num-   Full Reconciliation                        numerous legislative processes in
ber of inmates on Ohio‘s death row.       Fr. Len has been a spiritual advisor to    states around the country.
    Joe D‘Ambrosio was convicted of       men on death row, including Michael            Vicki shared about meeting her
killing a 19-year old Cleveland           Bueke, who was executed in May             daughter‘s murderer. She detailed
Heights man in 1989. His trial was        2010. Before Michael‘s execution, Fr.      how families can be ―re-victimized‖ by
one of the shortest capital trials in     Len travelled with him on a ―faith         the ongoing appeals process and ar-
Ohio since the death penalty was re-      journey‖ and celebrated mass with          gued that the system doesn‘t bring
instated in 1981. Joe was released in     him one hour before his execution. He      closure to victims‘ families.
February 2009 after a ruling by a fed-    testifies that Michael was fully recon-        Kevin Werner, Director, Ohioans
eral judge that prosecutors withheld      ciled with God before the end of that      to Stop Executions, wrapped up the
ten pieces of evidence that would have    journey.                                   conference by describing indications
exonerated Joe. At the conclusion of a        Sr. Ruth Kuhn shared a personal        that mobilization to end the death
final legal hurdle, Joe will become the   situation that involves her niece, who     penalty is happening in Ohio: The
sixth death row inmate from Ohio to       was murdered in Dayton, leaving be-        Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme
be exonerated.                            hind small children. Sr. Ruth believes     Court has commissioned a study to
                                          in the sanctity of life and worked dili-   assess the legal strength of Ohio‘s
A Voice for the Voiceless                 gently with her family to avoid a          death penalty process, and State Rep-
At the conference, Fr. Neil stated that   death penalty ruling in this case so       resentatives Nickie J. Antonio (D-
we need to heed the Gospel message        that the ―peace of God showed              Lakewood) and Ted Celeste (D-
and avoid a mentality of fear. Fr. Neil   through.‖                                  Grandview Heights) are working to
believes that we are called to be the                                                abolish the death penalty in Ohio.
―voice of the voiceless,‖ maintaining     A Consistent Ethic of Life                     Ohio currently has 13 executions
that the men and women on death           Sr. Ruth Kettman has initiated a           scheduled through June 2013. Advo-
row are the most marginalized of soci-    working group at St. Monica–St.            cates need to raise their voices and
ety. Joe D‘Ambrosio agreed and            George Parish that focuses on efforts      get involved. For more information on
shared about the isolation and loneli-    to abolish the death penalty. Her          ending the death penalty, visit the
ness of death row.                        strategy is threefold: education, col-     Catholic Mobilizing Network online:
   Joe‘s major activity while impris-     laboration, and political action in
oned was to work on appeals to his        Ohio. She reiterated Fr. Neil‘s mes-
case. He is thankful that Fr. Neil        sage about approaching this issue
chose to speak for him and that the       from a ―consistent ethic‖ of life across
JANUARY 2012                                                VIBRATIONS                                                           PAGE 9

Mr. Z: A Living Saint
Emily Georgopoulos, Grade 7

To me, a living saint is someone who inspires you and sets             Z never lies, and obeys the
a good example for how to be a good person. A living saint             Golden Rule and God‘s
is someone who encourages you to do your best and chal-                Ten Commandments.
lenges you to go above and beyond. A living saint is some-                  Mr. Z also volunteers
one who volunteers and helps others. My principal, Mr.                 with our school activities.
Stephen Zinser, otherwise known as Mr. Z, is a living saint            During the Walk-A-Thon,
because he does all these things and more.                             Mr. Z walks with us or
    Mr. Z is a living saint because he helps others and is             helps mark off the stu-
always there to help us and answer any questions we have.              dent‘s mileage. We also do       Mr. Zinser was nominated as a
He says that if we say please, he‘ll do anything for us. If            an all-year raffle. Each         “Living Saint” by seventh-grader
                                                                                                        Emily Georgopoulos.
there is a problem on recess, he runs to the situation and             week or special day, Mr. Z
helps anyone who is hurt. He asks about the situation and              picks a ticket and an-
always solves the problem.                                             nounces the winner on the morning announcements. On
    Mr. Z respects everyone, including God, and uses his               Track and Field Day, Mr. Z participates in the ―torch pass-
talents for good. He always congratulates students who                 ing‖ and tells us when to switch activities. Our school also
have done, or are doing, great actions. Mr. Z also sings at            has family groups, where each family gets together and
Mass to show one of his talents, but he does not brag about            talks about a certain topic and usually does an activity.
any of his talents. Mr. Z puts others before himself, as               Mr. Z is a leader for one of the families.
well. He helps others and volunteers. Because of these rea-                 Mr. Z is a living saint because he models our school
sons, he is an example to all of the students and staff at St.         motto for this year: We Believe and Achieve. When he sets
Vivian.                                                                his mind to something, he is able to do it. Mr. Z is able to
    Another reason Mr. Z is a living saint is because he               finish all his work and spend some time with the students.
keeps his faith and uses God for his example of life. He               He is a graduate of St. Vivian and he is now the principal.
prays and comes to every school Mass that we have. When                He tells us how happy he is to be back.
he does something wrong, he asks for forgiveness. He for-                   A living saint has many definitions, as do any other
gives us when we do something wrong, too. He also tells                words or phrases. Even so, I can only think of one defini-
us, ―Right choice, wrong choice, it‘s always my choice.‖ Mr.           tion for this phrase: Mr. Zinser.

St. Vivian Teens Attend Catholic Youth Conference

Photos left to right: Three St. Vivian teens (Taryn Zust, Adam Zust, and Ian Eckart) board the bus to Indianapolis for the National Catho-
lic Youth Conference. Ian poses next to a cut-out of Pope Benedict XVI. The conference, held in Lucas Oil Stadium, featured inspiring
speakers, faith workshops, and Mass with more than 20,000 other Catholic teens from around the country. Photos by Ian Eckart and
Jeanne Stephens.
PAGE 10                                                 VIBRATIONS                                            JANUARY 2012

Jumpin’ Jupiter
Jane Browe
I have been in the habit of going out each evening and               Seymour was way too young for this to have happened,
morning lately to gaze at the wonder of Jupiter. Have you        and I want to help prevent this from happening to anyone
seen it? At the closest points in their orbits, Earth and        else‘s pet. So, I am going to write a bit of a public service
Jupiter are about 368 mil-                                          announcement:
lion miles apart. For com-
parison, the sun is about 93                                        Public Service Announcement #1: ACORNS CAN
million miles from Earth.                                           BE TOXIC TO DOGS. Although we took him to the
This fall, Jupiter has been a                                       vet, and he seemed to rally with fluids and antibiotics,
captivating sight, second in                                        Seymour had ingested enough to succumb to acorn tox-
brightness to the moon.                                             icity. The broader message is this: learn what can be
That bright, glittering, can‘t                                      harmful to your pets. Check with your vet. Ask for a
-take-my-eyes-off-of-it heav-                                       good, reliable, easily accessible resource to information
enly body is reflecting the                                         that can help you keep your pets safe.
light of the sun 460 million                                            Seymour is irreplaceable. He was, is, and always
miles away.                                                         will be a one-of-a-kind kind of dog. Still, the companion-
    Wow—460 million miles. This started me thinking              ship he offered was so important to all of us—Wrigley in-
about our purpose here. As we cycle through our own or-          cluded. Soon after Seymour died, Wrigley began looking
bits, are we giving back the Light, too?                         around for him, and when she couldn‘t find him, she went
    The last time you heard from me I wrote about my             into a funk like the rest of us. Which leads me to…
son‘s dog, Seymour, and the way he inspired me to be more
conscious—a lot more conscious—of all the things I have to       Public Service Announcement #2: WHAT A WON-
be grateful for. The Seymour column began as a simple            DERFUL WAY TO FIND A PET!! While there was no
email to a number of very good friends, one of whom asked        replacing Seymour, it was apparent that we needed to get
my permission to submit it to Vibrations. I appreciate the       another dog. Seymour was a rescue dog that Ken acquired
enthusiastic comments from all who called or emailed to          in Chicago. So we went to local rescue organizations to find
let me know how much that article meant to them. Since           another dog. The two or-
that time, a very, very, very sad thing has happened.            ganizations that presented          “Seymour is irreplace-
    Seymour, that little dog of boundless gratitude, has         us with dogs that best met           able. He was, is, and
died.                                                            our particular needs were           always will be a one-of-
    October 16 was a beautiful, bright, blue sky-ed, golden-     PAWS (aka People Helping             a-kind kind of dog.”
leaved kind of a fall day. I took both dogs, our faithful Ger-   Animals) and HART
man Shepherd Wrigley and my son Ken‘s little Seymour,            (Homeless Animals Rescue Team). Oreo, the newest mem-
out to the back yard to hang out while I did some clean up.      ber of our household, came to us through HART, whose
At one point I looked up, and Seymour was chewing on an          mission it is ―to rescue homeless animals, saving them
acorn. (He would do that from time to time.) I pulled it out     from euthanization, abandonment, [and] abuse.‖
of his mouth, and instructed him: ―Seymour, don‘t eat the            While we ended up finding our new pet at HART,
acorns.‖ Silly of me to think he‘d paid attention.               PAWS in Middletown also offered inspirational assistance
    We were outside only an hour, but Seymour apparently         to us as we searched. I was impressed with the staff‘s dedi-
had quite a feast of acorns when I was not looking. Little       cation to giving quality care to lost animals and to insuring
did I know then, acorns can be toxic to dogs. I was aware        that animals are placed in good, loving homes, but they
that chocolate was a problem for dogs, and I more recently       also provide an additional service by helping people find
learned that grapes can also be harmful, but at the time I       the right pet for their families.
didn‘t know acorns could be toxic and even, for Seymour,
fatal if eaten.
 JANUARY 2012                                             VIBRATIONS                                                      PAGE 11

Jumpin’ Jupiter (Continued)

    Director, Stephanie Michna writes:                                Jumpin‘ Jupiter!! Earlier this fall, I never would have
                                                                 imagined the emotional journey we were about to take.
    ―One of my passions is finding animal companions for         First in losing that terrific little Seymour. Then in finding
    people who suffer from disabilities; we had a wonderful      such a sweet little dog in Oreo. That journey brought us to
    little Yorkie mix a few months ago be adopted to a lady      the Light that these committed workers—many of them
    whose husband was suffering from Alzheimer‘s. She            volunteers—bring to animals and people.
    had come home one day to find him petting a ceramic             A final note: Marilyn of HART, who brought us Oreo,
    statue of a dog in their living room. They had recently      happens to be a St. Vivian School alumna. Her sister found
    lost the family dog to old age and with the complica-        Oreo at a pound somewhere near Cleveland where he was
    tions of his disease, she was unsure of taking on an         about to be euthanized. Marilyn‘s sister rescued and shut-
    other pet. When she met ‗Bear‘ she was smitten! She          tled him from Cleveland to the Cincinnati HART organiza-
    took him home on an overnight trial and her husband          tion, where we found him.
    immediately bonded with Bear. She formally adopted                The commitment of these volunteers! Their work is
    Bear the next day and at last check, they were insepa-       truly reflecting and spreading the Light. I am so humbled,
    rable!‖                                                      and so inspired.

Seventh Graders Hit the Halloween Runway!
Debbie Ruter
St Vivian had its first annual Halloween Fashion Show on
Monday, October 31. Seventh graders put on quite a dis-
play of their creativity and talents in a variety of costumes.
Attending the school assembly were sports figures and
cheerleaders, a lighted robot, a few Spartans (go Roger
Bacon!), some fairies and princesses, Cleopatra, a fancy
sequined lady, and even a plain box. There were so many
great looking models! The fun afternoon was kicked off by
Mrs. Kasper in her witch costume and moderated by Dono-
van Casey and Ravi Tandon. The event was a huge success
and ended with an announcement: the sixth graders get to
do it next year!

                                                                 Above: Seventh graders model their costumes at the first annual St.
                                                                 Vivian Halloween Fashion Show.
                                                                 Left: School faculty join in on the fun.
PAGE 12                                              VIBRATIONS                                  JANUARY 2012

                   Infant Baptisms
                           Reed Joseph Coleman,
     son of Joseph Fitzgerald and Andrea Michelle Rother Coleman
                                                                           Welcome New
                          William Vincent Ernst,
            son of Wesley James and Michelle Lee Rahnfeld Ernst            Parishioners!
                           Brady Kevin McCabe,
            son of Kevin Richard and Denise Marie Sensel McCabe             Richard and Rebekah Beiting
                          Clara Katherine Streets,
                                                                                  Jessica Czulewicz
      daughter of Robert James and Jennifer Marie Weaver Streets
                          Ruth Frances Schwartz,                             William and Lisa Crawford
     daughter of Christopher and Mary Frances Humbert Schwartz                Steve Bock and Catie Utz
                           Simon Alazar Naizghi,
               son of Alazar O. and Meskela E. Hamid Naizghi
                           Macie Mae Crawford,
              daughter of William L. and Lisa A. Bock Crawford
                           Olivia Catherine Utz,
           daughter of Steven Perry Bock II and Catherine Lee Utz
                       Gabriel Alexander Matthews,
          son of Christopher Brandon and Keianna Monet Matthews
                          Kayla Marie Matthews,
     daughter of Christopher Brandon and Keianna Monet Matthews
                          Alice Rosalie Clements,
      daughter of Thomas James and Crysta Lee Jensen Clements
                         Carolyn Jeanne Stephens,
    daughter of Mark Paul, Jr and Jeanne Carolyn Schaefer Stephens
                          Mikayla Marie Baldwin,
          daughter of Brad Jeremy and Jennifer Ann Vogerl Baldwin

                                                            In Memoriam
                              Richard Betz – July 29                 Joseph Geiger – September 30

                              Milton Partridge – August 9            Paul Keidel – October 12

                              Edward Knight – August 13              Donald Rutz – November 4

                              Sandy Hermes – August 14               Carole Gross – November 5

                              Earl ―Pete‖ Crable – August 14         Thomas Cunningham – November 8

                              Helen Tonnis – August 16               Robert Bennett – November 8

                              Francis Goetz – August 16              Tom McManus – November 21

                              George Hafele – August 29              Peggy Heis – November 21

                              Ruth Schwartz – August 31              Douglas Vonderhaar Sr. – December 2

                              Nick Paganelli – September 22          Joseph Murray – December 4

                              Anna Pater – September 23              John Deller – December 6
JANUARY 2012                                             VIBRATIONS                                                          PAGE 13

The Centennial Barn: Experience the Labyrinth
Maria Meyer, Centennial Barn Staff
Walking a labyrinth is an ancient            intentions, and others like to meditate       time. It is located to the left of the
spiritual practice that incorporates         on a specific word or passage or pray         parking lot, next to the grotto and
prayer, meditation, contemplation,           repetitively.                                 peace wall. It is open to the public. All
and bodily movement. Perhaps the                 Whatever your style, you are in-          are welcome.
world‘s most famous labyrinth is lo-         vited to come walk the labyrinth any-
cated on the floor of the Chartres
Cathedral in France. But you
don‘t need to travel to France to
experience walking a labyrinth,
because there‘s a new one close
to St. Vivian on Compton Road
at the Centennial Barn!
    The Centennial labyrinth
was planned, designed, and built
by members of the community at
monthly community meetings
where members determined the
size, location, and choice of mate-
rials. Hartwell resident and
graphic artist Diane Weymier
designed the labyrinth based on
the classical seven-circuit model.
The Centennial labyrinth is 50
feet in diameter, the base and
paths are built out of gravel, and
the ―walls‖ are creek stones
placed handful by handful by
community members.
    There is no right or wrong
way to walk a labyrinth; how-
ever, if you prefer clear instruc-
tions, there is a laminated article
outside of the Centennial laby-
rinth with suggestions about how
to proceed through the path.
Though it might look like a
maze, the labyrinth has no dead
ends and only one path leading
to the center and back out again.
Many find insight into their
spiritual journeys as they walk.
Some like to clear and quiet their
minds, some like to walk with      The Labyrinth is a new prayer feature at the Centennial Barn. Photo by Jeanne Stephens.
prayers of intercession or special
PAGE 14                                                   VIBRATIONS                                        JANUARY 2012

Men’s Prayer and Faith Sharing Group
Jim Meyer
In Fr. Paul‘s ―State of the Parish‖ address, he mentioned       gin with a song and an opening prayer with petitions. We
that the parish survey pointed out two immediate needs          follow that with a reading and discussion of the gospel
expressed by parishioners: Adult Faith                                                  from the previous Sunday liturgy‘s
Sharing and Adult Social Opportunities.                                                 relevance to our lives today. After
Although I‘m sure our dedicated staff                                                   the scripture discussion, we each
and volunteers are currently discerning                                                 have the opportunity to share how
new ways to meet those needs, we al-                                                    Christ has been working in our lives
ready have several opportunities that                                                   through the occurrences of the past
occur regularly, but most people aren‘t                                                 two weeks. We close with another
aware of them.                                                                          song and the Lord‘s Prayer, and we
    Since 2001, a group of men has been                                                 are usually finished by 9 pm.
meeting every second and fourth Mon-                                                       All men of the parish are wel-
day of each month to pray and share our faith. We meet          come to join us. Just show up at 7 pm with a willingness to
from 7-9 pm, usually in the Gather Room, and share our          share your faith with others. Remember, where two or
faith experiences since our last meeting.                       more are gathered in His name, He is there!
    Although we have no declared format, we usually be-

Parish Announcements
Play It To Win It                                               Computer Recycling
Submitted by Mac Reid                                           Submitted by Gary Ehling
The 2012 St. Vivian PTA fundraiser, Play It To Win It,          Do you have an old computer
kicked off November 4 with an all school assembly. The          sitting around? St. Vivian
Play It To Win It Raffle is an opportunity for ticket holders   School will recycle it. We can
to win $50 (all cash prizes are paid by check from the St.      use your computers, keyboards, printers, etc. for our Tech-
Vivian PTA) every week, plus a chance of winning one of         nology Cadaver Lab. All parts will be recycled. Teacher
12 other prizes ranging from $100 to $250 throughout the        Gary Ehling will securely destroy your hard drive (Best
year. Anyone buying a ticket is eligible to win again and       Buy charges $25 to do so). Funds raised will benefit tech-
again! Tickets are only $10 and make great holiday gifts        nology at our school. We can accept only flat screen LCD
for family, friends, and out of town relatives. Tickets are     monitors. Other monitors can be recycled at Compton Re-
available from any St. Vivian student, in the school office     cycling, 2551 Compton Road, for a charge of $3 each.
or by contacting
   The St. Vivian PTA, in addition to providing capital         Men’s Retreat at the Jesuit Spiritual Center
improvements to the classrooms, provides funding for            Submitted by Tom Miller, Retreat Coordinator
buses for field trips, Windy City Players performances,         The men‘s annual retreat at the Jesuit Spiritual Center at
teacher start-up gifts for each new school year, COSI           Milford is always a time of grace and blessing. The Infant
events, the Ice Cream Social, Eighth Grade Graduation           of Prague/Blessed John XXIII retreat this year will begin
Festivities, Track and Field Day, Faculty Appreciation          on Friday, January 20 with a social hour at 5:30 pm and
Dinner, Pumpkin Carving night, PTA General meetings,            dinner at 6:30 pm. The event will conclude with lunch on
Faculty Appreciation Luncheon, Walk-A-Thon, Spirit Wear         Sunday. The ―Called and Chosen: Our Call to Holiness‖
Sale, Santa/Jingle Bell Shop, Breakfast with Santa, and         themed retreat directors will be Fr. Glen Chun, S.J. and
much more.                                                      Mr. Jim Riordan, S.J.
                                                                   Interested men can register by calling Tom Miller at
                                                                513-931-8066 or by calling Mary Ellen Fellinger at 513-248
                                                                -3500 or go to
JANUARY 2012                                             VIBRATIONS                                                     PAGE 15

Calling All St. Vivian School Alumni!
Jim Meyer
Many talented people are proud of the education they re-          from each of the rest of the classes to serve as a contact
ceived at St. Vivian School since it first opened in 1948.        person for that class. The class contact will help Lynne,
The St. Vivian Alumni                                                                                       first by identifying
Committee like to cele-                                                                                     the names of the
brate that fact annually                                                                                    other people in
by hosting an All-                                                                                          class and finally
Alumni Gathering each                                                                                       by helping secure
summer in the Filip-                                                                                        contact informa-
pine Center.                                                                                                tion.
   We can‘t accomplish                                                                                           We plan to use
that goal unless we are                                                                                     Vibrations, Quick-
able to locate and con-                                                                                     lets, local high
tact alumni. Unfortu-                                                                                       schools, local com-
nately, the school and                                                                                      munity press, and
the archdiocese kept                                                                                        parish bulletins
very poor records of                                                                                        throughout the
class lists until re-                                                                                       archdiocese to
cently, so identifying                                                                                      spread the word.
and finding our gradu-                                                                                      That will plant
ates is a daunting task.     Seated left to right Alumni Committee members Ann Miller, Jim Meyer, Gerri     the seed, but it
We‘d like your help.         Meiners. Standing: Diane Maltry and Steve Zinser. Not shown: Linda Klein.      will take personal
   If you are an alum-                                                                                      contact to achieve
nus, are related to an alumnus, or know an alumnus,               success. That‘s why we are asking for your help.
please complete the alumni information form on the parish              Please contact every St. Vivian alumnus you know and
website. Not into computers? Call St. Vivian Parish at 728-       ask each of them to submit their contact information. The
4331 and ask for Lynne Morris.                                    relationships that are rebuilt and reinvigorated through
    Several classes have had reunions in the past two             this process make all the effort worthwhile.
years, and we have established at least one person from
these classes as a contact. We need at least one volunteer

Reader’s Corner: St. Vivian Recommends
                           Uncommon: Finding Your Path to         Editor’s Note: Have you read an inspiring or enlighten-
                           Significance, by Tony Dungy            ing book lately? Want to share it with others? Send your
                           Recommended by Zach Horstman           recommendation to Judy Hampel at
                                                         and it may be featured in the
                           What does it take to live a life of    next Vibrations!
                           significance? Super Bowl win-
                           ning Indianapolis Colts coach
                           Tony Dungy reveals secrets to
                           achieving significance that he has
                           learned from his remarkable par-
ents, his athletic and coaching career, his mentors, and
his walk with God.
Calendar of Events for the Parish and School
January                                 February                                March
1         Solemnity of Mary,            2       Eucharistic Adoration           1       Eucharistic Adoration

          the Holy Mother of God        4&5     Monthly Food Collection         2       Stations of the Cross

          Holyday of Obligation,        7       First Eucharist Parent          3&4     Monthly Food Collection

          New Year‘s Day                        Meeting                         5       Parish Reconciliation Service

2         Parish Office Closed,         12      Donut Sunday, Scout Sunday      9       Fish Fry,

          No School                     16      Parent-Teacher Conferences              Stations of the Cross

3         No School                     17      No School                       11      Donut Sunday

7&8       Monthly Food Collection,      18      Market Day Pick-Up              14      Taize Prayer Service

          Little Sisters of the Poor    20      Presidents‘ Day,                16      Fish Fry,

          Collection,                           Parish Office Closed,                   Stations of the Cross

8         Donut Sunday                          No School                       17      Market Day Pick-Up,

16        Martin Luther King Jr.        21      Baptismal Preparation                   St. Patrick‘s Day Party &

          Day, Parish Office Closed,            Workshop                                Show

          No School                     22      Ash Wednesday                   19      PPC & Education

17        Baptismal Preparation         23      Child Protection Decree                 Commission Evening of

          Workshop                      24      Stations of the Cross                   Discernment

21        Market Day Pick-Up            26      Discernment Sunday              20      Baptismal Preparation

22        Respect Life Prayer Vigil                                                     Workshop

28 & 29 St. Vincent de Paul Fifth                                               22      Child Protection Decree

          Sunday Collection                                                     23      Fish Fry,

29        Catholic Schools Week                                                         Stations of the Cross

          School Open House                                                     30      Fish Fry,

                                                                                        Living Stations of the Cross

                                                                                        Monthly Food Collection
       Vibrations is published by
           St. Vivian Parish,
          7600 Winton Road
        Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

     Editors: Judy Hampel and                Would you like to have a copy of the Vibrations newsletter mailed
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