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					                      "A" quality work                          "B" quality work                       "C" or "D" quality work
                    (94-100 points total)                     (86-93 points total)                       (70-85 points total)
                  23.5-25 pts per category                 21.5-23.4 pts per category                17.5 - 21.4 pts per category
              The entire space of the paper was
                                                      Most of the paper was included in the  The entire space of the paper was not
              considered when planning the design.
Composition                                           design, however, there were some empty used well when planning the design.
              There are interesting positive and
                                                      spaces.                                There is too much negative space.
              negative shapes.

              The design was transferred to all of the                                             Not much care was taken when
                                                       The transferring was done fairly well but
              triangles carefully and neatly so that                                               transferring the design. There were a
Neatness                                               there are some broken lines and mistakes
              the overall design is consistent and not                                             lot of mistakes made when transferring
                                                       in the design.
              broken on the creases.                                                               the design.

              The colors look neat and blended.
              Time was taken to blend the colors in The coloring was done fairly well.
                                                                                             Coloring was done too quickly. There is
Coloring      order to build up the intensity. Each  However,l a few areas could use a bit
                                                                                             not enough contrast.
              triangle was colored exactly the same. more blending. More contrast is needed.
              Contrast is very good.

                                                     The amount of effort put into the artwork
              An adequate amount of effort was put
                                                     was good but a bit more time could have
Effort        into the artwork in order to achieve a                                            More effort was needed.
                                                     been spent in order to improve the quality
              high quality work.
                                                     of the finished work.

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