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									Making A List For The Wedding

                                       If you have never planned a wedding, you may quickly feel
                                       that the process is overwhelming at best, and maddening at
                                       worst. It may not even matter if you are planning the event for
                                       yourself or for a dear friend. The following advice will make it
                                       easier for you to create a memorable wedding that will come
                                       off without any snags.

                                       Rent diamonds on your wedding day. These can help you
                                       look amazing on a budget. Renting diamonds will allow you
                                       to have the wedding look you've always dreamed of, even if
                                       you're on a strict budget.

                                      To aid in preparation for the first dance as a married couple,
                                      practice dancing together while you are wearing a long skirt
or dress. Whilst you may not have any problems dancing in different attire, your partner may find
negotiating large amounts of fabric difficult. This will ease any awkwardness that he might be
feeling, especially if your wedding dress is puffy on the bottom.

Think about your guests when planning flower arrangements for the reception. A lot of the time
flowers in the middle of the table are an annoyance. Furthermore, one or two of your guests could
be allergic to certain flowers. To give the tables a romantic look, consider using non-scented
candles as a centerpiece.

Wedding dresses can be quite an expense. You might want to consider a dress which is not
categorized specifically for the bride. You should check out the selection of bridesmaid dresses
at the bridal store. One could fit your style at only a fraction of the cost. Even with alterations, the
cost may still be less.

Those brides that are lovers of fashion and luxury can have bouquets embellished with
rhinestones, diamonds, or Swarovski crystals. Add heat-fixed crystals or adhesive ones to your
bouquet, or tie a piece of jewelery to it. To make sure it matches your entire ensemble, use
consistency with the sparkly colors, size and cut of the stones.

Your friends and family will have many well-intended suggestions, and some may be quite good;
however, in the long run, your decisions must win out. Thank them for their concern and affection
but firmly remind them that you and your spouse ultimately make the decisions. By doing this you
can reminisce on your wedding without feeling any regrets.

For example, consider a contemporary fusion menu filled with popular dishes. Add a twist with
For example, consider a contemporary fusion menu filled with popular dishes. Add a twist with
ethnic dessert options, drinks, or edible wedding favors.

Of course, the focus of your wedding should be on the person whom you plan to marry. This
choice will affect you forever, so take your time and don't rush. Be sure you carefully take into
account the traits that you require in a mate, and which ones will drive you insane.

A wedding only truly needs a few things for success. So much of the pomp and circumstance is
truly optional for the happy couple. While some can add enjoyment, they can also be sources of
stress and frustration. If you use what you've learned here, you can have the wedding you always
wanted for a price you can afford!

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