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									                                              Kindergarten Registration Requirements
                                              As you prepare for your child’s first day of kindergarten
                                              this year, you’ll want to be informed about the
                                              requirements for kindergarten registration. There is a lot
                                              to remember when enrolling your son or daughter for
                                              kindergarten including vaccinations, proof of residency,
                                              and an oral assessment. This is an anxious time for both
                                              you and your little one so you want to be prepared well in
                                              advance. Below are some of the basic guidelines that will
                                              help make the transition to kindergarten a smooth one.


One of the most important things on your kindergarten checklist will be Vaccinations. California law
requires that all children have their vaccinations completed before admitted into kindergarten. The
following vaccinations are required by state law for kindergarten enrollment in Chino Hills and other




-Hepatitis B

-Varicella (Chicken Pox)


State law also requires that parents show proof that of their child’s immunizations upon kinder
enrollment in Chino Hills. Students will not be pre-enrolled, enrolled, or admitted without proof that
their immunizations are up to date and verified. In order to get proof of your child’s immunization, you
must obtain a state record (a yellow card) from your health provider. This document will contain your
child’s name, date of birth, name and date of each immunization that was given to your child. The
immunization card will have a signature or stamp verifying the information.

Physical Exam

Each child that is enrolled in kindergarten is required to have a specific physical examination. This
specific physical exam ms be obtained within 18 months prior to entering first grade.
Oral Assessment

If your child is entering public school, a dental screening is now being required by the state. Funding for
these screenings come from the Department of Education. Be sure to check with your district on
additional details for this oral assessment.

Residency Verification

All California School districts have been advised that the State Controller’s Office will enforce Title V
and Education Code provisions for verification of residency for school attendance. Schools are required
to ask for residency verification of all enrolling students. Be prepared to complete a residency
verification form and present two original documents that show proof of residency. Photocopies of these
will be made to keep in your child’s student file.

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