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Monetized Marketing - Backing Up Your Blog
                    My Top Two Plugin Picks for Backups

                    EZPZ One Click Backup (
                    EZPZ One Click Backup(OCB) is a very easy way to do a complete backup of your entire
                         WordPress site.
                    Just one click and presto, you’ll have a complete backup stored on your server. One
                         more click and you can download the entire backup to your own computer.

There are several choices that can make your backup the way you want.

1. You can schedule backups ranging from 4 times a day to once per week.
2. With the optional Dropbox Extension you can save backups to your Dropbox account.
3. You can transfer backups via FTP.
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         4. EZPZ Restoration now features multiple redundant backups for safety.
         5. You can receive email alerts for FTP backups.
         6. The option to choose the timezone your backup’s datestamp is based on.
         7. Choose one of ten pre-defined datestamp formats for your backup or customize your own.
         8. If you’re using a shared database you can choose to backup only the tables needed for your
         WordPress installation.
         9. You can choose to exclude selected folders you don’t want to include in the backup.
         10. You can choose to completely deny web browser access to your backup.
         11. You can adjust the speed of EZPZ OCB to best match your server’s capabilities.
         12. You can enable error logging to help track down compatibility issues.

         Note: EZPZ OCB is not compatible with Windows servers
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                               Backup Buddy ( (this is what we
                               use, I met the owner at a WPWishlist (
                               event that we were both on speaker panels.)

                               This is a premium (which means you have to pay for it) plugin that does a whole lot
                               more than the free ones.

                               You can schedule whole site backups (that include site files) daily, weekly,etc. You
                               can also send your backups by email or have them automatically upload to your
                               Amazon S3 account.

                               Backup buddy comes with a software program that lets you easily restore your
                               website or even migrate it to another hosting service.

                               ** We have automatic weekly backups (daily on some sites) that automatically
                               upload to our Amazon S3 account. Just a few clicks and we are prepared
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      Here’s how to do it:
      •   Buy, download, install and active the Backup Buddy plugin to your site
      •   The first step is to take a complete backup of your site (manually).Click on “Backup
          Buddy” in the left side menu of your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Backup &
          Restore” from the Backup Buddy menu
      •   Choose “Full Backup”. It will begin backing up your entire site.

      •    After the backup is complete, it will give you two choices to download and save to
           your computer, or choose “back to backup page”.
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      •    If you choose the “Back to backups page”, there are many locations you can send/store your
           backups. Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace, FTP and sending to an email address. After you do
           your manual backup and save/send to your preferred location, the next step is to schedule
           future automatic backups.
Alicia Lyttle & Lorette Lyttle of Monetized Marketing -

       •    Go back to the left side of the navigation and click on
            “Scheduling” to choose when you want to schedule the backups
            as well as where you want to send them once completed.

                                                          •   This screen is where you schedule your
                                                              backups, what you want to backup and
                                                              where you want to send it. Then click “Add
                                                              schedule” and you are done!

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