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Brawn GP's Clever Tires_


varying in the low grip, high endurance hard tires towards the high grip, low endurance soft tires.

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									Brawn GP's Clever Tires
F1 is among the most complex and competitive sport associated with a ever performed. Among the
primary variables, tire choice, can alter caused by any race!
Besides all of the rules and rules that is included with the game, tire choice is among the most
significant areas of a race. Bridgestone supplies tires towards the FIA, who consequently distributes
these to the different teams. Each and every track the teams receive two different tire compounds,
each of which they need to use throughout the race. Bridgestone offers a variety of tires for that FIA,
varying in the low grip, high endurance hard tires towards the high grip, low endurance soft tires.
Each circuit features its own preference tire, which needs to be found by Brawn GP and also the
other teams.
To have an example, the FIA offered the Super Soft and Medium Hard tires in the Australian GP. As
one example of the large effect of tire choice, throughout Brawn GP's maiden race, they find the
Medium Hard tires for the majority of the race, which demonstrated to become the right option, as
individuals tires were built with a sustained pace. Once the time finally found use the super soft tires,
Brawn GP had already drawn a good enough result in retain third and fourth positions.
Pressure from the tires plays as a huge role because the actual tire compound, if pressure is simply
too high you will see a bulge within the centreline from the tire, leading to less grip consequently of
less road contact, when the pressure is not high enough, the tire walls will overheat as well as result
in a lack of grip. Brawn GP analyzed this effect completely, so that as using the previous choice, they
selected an ideal pressure for his or her tires resulting, along with their advanced suspension, in
perfect grip.
The even heating of tires is crucial to the team's results, as even heating means more grip as well as
put on. The distribution of put on is dependent upon the cars overall setup and just how each driver
drives. Brawn has mastered the skill of even tire put on by achieving excellence in design and driver
Tires play a significant part in almost any Grand Prix.

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