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Phnom Da and Phnom Borei


Tourism of Cambodia

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									                                Phnom Da and Phnom Borei

   This site is believed to be the cradle of Khmer civilization. The Funanese built these temples at a time
when they controlled modern-day southern Vietnam and Cambodia. Built from bricks, sandstone and
lateritic since 4-6th century, Phnom Da is situated on a 50 meters hill, with stairs at its north eastern
corner. Take a boat there from Takeo town-the trip takes about 50 minutes in wet season, or hour and a
half in the dry. It costs about $US30. Or by road, turn off National road 2 at Phnom Chihor and follow the
road to the town with two names, Prey Lovea town of Prey Kabbas district, then go south about 35 km
along a dirt road to the town of Angkor Borei. Phnom Da and Phnom Borei are another five kilometers
from town.

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