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bless yee
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            * Indicates work produced for a course at Parsons
                      Urban Bathhouse


                      This is the introductory studio course for Parson’s          Instructor:
                      Architectural Design program. Exploration of spatial         Jeremy Barbour
                      studies and skin studies were the focus for the first part
                      of the studio. The objective of the second half of the
                      studio was to design an urban bathhouse based on the
                      explorations of the previous studies. The site was located
                      on the northeast intersection of Houston and Elizabeth
                      Street in Manhattan, New York.

Process Model
Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                                                                                               bless yee | 1
Plaster Casts

Each student began by
                          By combining a 1”x 1”
choosing a particular
                          orthogonal scaffold
fruit, By rearranging
                          with our skin system,
the fruit in multiple
                          a structure that could
positions within a box,
                          contain and secure
various results of
                          the plaster pieces
the negative spaces
                          from one entire
where cast in plaster.
                          block was to be built.
Once the plaster had
                          I discovered that
hardened, the blocks
                          the scaffold system
were to be cut into
                          could hold my plaster
slices and the fruit
                          pieces more securely
was to be taken out.
                          when I rotated them
                          45 degrees.

2D Skin

From a selection          Left:
of 2D materials, a        1:1 Section Cut
structural skin system
was to be developed.
The material of my
choice was mylar.         Right:
                          1:1 Section Cut

                                        bless yee | 2
2D & 3D Catalogues
                        Spatial Sequence
Photos of the           Model
scaffolding were
taken to create a 2D    A spatial sequence
catalogue of a given    model for the
set of spatial terms,   bathhouse was
as shown on the left    then created in
column. Then a 3D       accordance to the 2D
catalogue was to be     and 3D catalogues.
extracted from the
photos, as shown on
the right column.

                        Diagrammatic Model
Spatial Terms
Top to bottom:
                        The brown represents
                        circulation throughout
Vertical Passage
                        the bathhouse, and
                        the white represents
                        water chambers.

                        Southern Facade
                        Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                                      bless yee | 3
(Section Cut) North
Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                      Floor 4

                                   Upper Left:
                      Floor 3
                                   Section: (South)
                                   Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

(Section Cut) South                Above:
Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”   Floor 2      Section: (West)
                      Saunas       Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                      Floor 1
                                   Plan: Floors 1-4
                      Entrance &
                                   Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                                                 bless yee | 4



                              Ferry Terminal


                              The objective of this project was to investigate and design          Instructor:
                              a water ferry station for New York City’s emerging water             Eunjeong Seong
                              transportation system.

                              Red Hook is located on a peninsula between two canals
                              at the southern edge of downtown Brooklyn. It is also
                              the site of a new large IKEA store which replaced a 19th
                              century dry dock. A free ferry service, operated by New
                              York Water Taxi, currently connects Pier 11 in Lower
                              Manhattan, to a dock near IKEA, the site in which the ferry
                              terminal was to be designed.

Exterior View (West Facade)
Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

                                                                                                               bless yee | 5
Panoramic Analysis       Exponential Extrusion
of Site                  As shown in the
(Red Hook, Brooklyn)     panoramic analysis,
                         when the sun sets,
Afternoon and evening    the lights turn on, and
photos were taken and    the contrast between
altered to black and     light and dark increase
white. Then the places   dramatically. This model
of greatest contrast     shows the progression
were colored.            of that contrast.

                         Movement in Time
                         In correlation to the
                         digital analyses, the
                         blocks in the model are
                         divided into vertical
                         increments of time to
                         represent different
Digital Analyses of
                         amounts of movement
Movement and Time
                         made within the same
(Pier 11 Ferry
Terminal, Manhattan)

                         With the principles of
Photos where taken
                         the previous model,
from the same
                         the bottom model
spot at different
                         is an arrangement
intervals of time and
                         of segmented
then digitized into a
                         time according
                         the functions and
                         circulation of a ferry

                                       bless yee | 6
Opposing Directions

This drawing embodies
two different types of
movement that occur
in the context of a
ferry terminal. Each
movement is formed by
its own origin point.

Type 1 is slow and
indirect: The people
waiting for the ferry.
                                                Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”
Type 2 is fast and
direct: The people
stepping off the ferry
and hurrying to go

The following models
are studies of how to
express both types
of movement in one
coherent structure. The
biggest challenge was
developing a structural
framing and roofing
system that could
reconcile the opposing

                          Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”   Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

                                                                 bless yee | 7
Exterior Wall Drawing     Section (East Facade)
Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”       Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

This drawing gener-
ates two systems from
which the degrees of
the exterior walls of
the terminal bend and
rotate. The angles
from the set on the
left change at a slower
rate (Type 1) than the
angles from the set on    From the exterior wall
the right (Type 2).       drawing, the framing
                          for the exterior walls
                          were made.

Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Waiting          1500sf   With an X-Acto knife,
Ticket Sales      250sf   the plan was scored
Concession        400sf   onto a base board.
Restrooms         300sf
Private/Staff     180sf

Waiting         30000sf
Storage           500sf

Total Area      32530sf

                                       bless yee | 8
Exterior Entrances       Process
Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”      Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

Interior Waiting Space   Exterior View (North Facade)
Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”      Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

                                                        bless yee | 9
                                   Representational Analysis of
                                   Peter Zumthor’s
                                   Caplutta Sogn Benedetg
                                   This is an in-depth investigation of Peter Zumthor’s        Instructors:
                                   Caplutta Sogn Benedetg (Saint Benedict Chapel) in           Peter Lynch
                                   Switzerland. Drawing and modelling are used to reveal       Jeremy Barbour
                                   subjective and phenomenological qualities of the building
                                   and its context. A hypothesis was then to be expressed
                                   about the building’s genesis, intentions, methods, and

Caplutta Sogn Benedetg             Sumvitg, Graubünden, Switzerland
Sumvitg, Graubünden, Switzerland

                                                                                                          bless yee | 10
Where did the shape of the plan come from?

                                             Hypothesis 1:
                                             The plan of the
                                             chapel is equivalent
                                             to a single petal of a

                                             Once the plan was
                                             overlaid on top of the
                                             bifolium, the plan and
                                             the bifolium did not

Floor Plan - Scale 1:20

                                             Hypothesis 2:
                                             The plan of the chapel
                                             is equivalent to half
                                             of the infinite symbol
                                             when it is scaled
                                             down by a factor of
                                             1.5 on the y axis.

                                             Once the plan was
                                             overlaid on top of the
                                             scaled infinite symbol,
                                             they were aligned. (As
                                             proven on the next
Bifolium Study

                                                          bless yee | 11
bless yee | 12
8am    12pm   4pm

                    Photo of Chapel Interior

9am    1pm    5pm

                    Light Section Diagram

10am   2pm    6pm   Light Studies:
                    This series of drawings represent
                    where light falls in the building through
                    the apertures on June 21st from
                    8AM to 7PM. Green indicates where
                    light falls on the floor, and brown
                    indicates where light falls on the pews.
                    (Measurements made according to a
                    sun angle calculator)

11am   3pm    7pm                                  bless yee | 13
                                        2011 Isover Tower competition

                                        2010 - 2011                                                Instructors:
                                                                                                   Harold Fredenberg
                                        The subject of the competition was to design a
                                                                                                   Kenneth A. Lewis
                                        sustainable sky scraper in a part of Lower Manhattan
                                                                                                   Alison Mears
                                        called Greenwich South. The building had to have the
                                        building physics performance of an ISOVER Multi-Comfort
                                                                                                   Group Members:
                                        House. Besides constructional, the social and economic
                                                                                                   Bless Yee
                                        aspects also had to be considered and respected as the
                                                                                                   Hiroshi Teramae
                                        building to be designed should give a new impulse in the
                                                                                                   Ken Amoah
                                        existing urban area. Apart from the building design, it
                                        was expected to propose urban space solutions for the
                                        immediate surroundings of the site.
Sail Tower - View of New York Harbour
                                        “Sail” was awarded third place for the USA, and then was
                                        able to proceed onto the international round in Prague,
                                        Czech Republic.

                                        Link to view presentation in Prague:
                                        http://www.isover-students.com/content/view/199/197/          Thank you to our friends and teachers.

                                                                                                                                 bless yee | 14
                                                                                              10 Ft Below

                                     View from Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

                   Greenwich South   Site

                                     The site is currently difficult to navigate as a
                                     pedestrian, and the new proposal resolves this access
                                     and connects the building to existing subways and
                                     pedestrian routes. As a way of taking the old city up
                                     to the new city, the bridge knits the new tower into
                                     the existing urban fabric, sorting out what once was
                                     a difficult to navigate. The tower allows the building
                                     to become a physical part of the neighborhood and to
                                     contribute to the urban life of the neighborhood.        Ground Level

                                     Program Requirements

                                     1/4    Office Space
                                     1/4    Students Hostels
                   Battery Park      1/4    Residential
                                     1/4    Hotel

                                     Lower Floors:
                                     Retail, Entrance lobby to hotel. Entrance lobby to
                                     student hostel, and Entrance lobby to residential
New York Harbour
                                     Upper Floor Suggestions:
                                     Library, Theater, Medical, Community, Exhibitions,
                                                                                              Bridge Entry

                                                                                                 bless yee | 15

The tower program
is divided vertically.
The bifurcation in
form allows for both
programmatic and                                    Bridge          Offices     Hostels        Hotels Apartments Public     Total Height: 1076ft
energy advantages.
Elevators and
mechanical rooms are
grouped together in one
core to save energy.
                                                                                 Apt Atrium

Computers and other                                                                                                  Plan
office machinery
create a lot of heat. By                                                                                             In the student
                                                                                 Apts             Hotel
orienting the offices                                                                                                hostels, community
north, solar heat                                                                                                    areas such as the
gains are decreased                                                                                                  kitchens, bathrooms,
during summer and                                                                                                    and laundry rooms
supplemented by the                                                           Hotel Atrium                           are located together
gains during the winter.                                                                                             to save energy and
Also, computer screens                             Apt. and Hotels Plan (Floor 45)
                                                                                                                     provides places for
will receive diffuse                               Scale: 1/16” = 1’-0”
                                                                                                                     people to meet. Open
light instead of direct                                                                                              office space increases
sunlight.                                                                      Office Atrium                         internal circulation.
                                                                                                                     Each set of elevators
The apartments and                                                                                                   opens outwards onto
hotels get the best views                                                                                            a green atrium.
over the harbour and                                                            Hostels          Open Office Space
uptown Manhattan. They
are oriented south to
maximize their solar gain
in the winter.
                                                                          Hostel Atrium

                            Sketch Plans           Student Hostel & Office Plan (Floor 25)
                            Scale: 1/16” = 1’-0”   Scale: 1/16” = 1’-0”

                                                                                                                                   bless yee | 16
                                  Western Elevations            Southern Elevation     3D Print
                                  Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”          Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”   Scale: 1/64” = 1’-0”

Concept Sketch (West Elevation)   Paper Models: 1/64” = 1’-0”                          Foam Core & Steel
Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”
                                                                                       Eastern Elevations
                                                                                       Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”
                                                                                                   bless yee | 17
                              On the southern façade, Photovoltaic panels are located
                                                                                             There is a split at the top of the
                              on top of the brise soleils and rotated at the best angle to
                                                                                             northwest wall of the tower to reduce the
                              absorb the most solar radiation.
                                                                                             wind force on the building and to capture
                                                                                             the prevailing winds. The winds turn the
                                                                                             vertical axis wind turbine mounted on the
                              AIR FILTRATION                                                 mast.
                              The pollution and heat created from the vehicular traffic
                              of the Brooklyn battery tunnel and subway rises to and
                              through the new pedestrian landscaped bridge and is then
                              filtered and cooled by the newly landscaped areas.

                              TIDAL ENERGY
                              New tidal turbines draws water from the harbour in a
                              closed water system. The system protects the harbour
                              fish and using the incoming tidal energy rotates and
                              powers both the turbine and activates the PVB Pollution
                              extraction system.

                              The piped water is then brought into the city under
                              Battery Park, up into the Battery park fortress, under the
                              bridge, then into the Tower Hydroelectric system. In the
                              tower, the water is filtered, pumped, and then left to fall
                              through the tower spinning the tower water turbines and
                              generating more electricity.

West Elevation   Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”                                                                                        Section / Energy Diagram   Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”

                                                                                                                                                                  bless yee | 18
Office Atria

Sail is organized around
a series of green atria,                      Operable Louvres
5- 10 stories high, each                      Operable Windows
shared by common
programs. The atria are     Summer Sun
connected by a fresh        June 21st
water system fed from       12:00 PM
rainwater collection sup-                     Radiant Cooling System
plied from the roof. The
water irrigates the plant                     Triple Glazing Insulated Frame
walls helping to increase
air humidity and improve
air quality.

                                              Sound Insulation

                            Section Through
                            Student Hostel
                                              Aluminium Frame

                                              Batt Insulation

                                              Concrete Slab

                            Winter Sun
                            December 21st
                            12:00 PM
                                              Photovoltaic Panels

Office Atria
                                              Radiant Heating

                                                                    bless yee | 19

2010                                                         Instructor:
                                                             Mellisa Freidling
This is a stop motion animation filmed with a 16mm Bolex
camera. It is a short story of two birds playing a song on   Cast:
1950s Wurlitzer Piano.                                       2 Birds - Made by
                                                             Crystal Moon
1 Min 50 Sec                                                 Track Name:
                                                             “Faye” by Yoko Kanno
                                                             Performed and
                                                             recorded by Bless
Link to View Video:                                          Yee

                                                                          bless yee | 20
bless yee | 21

The Carbon Orchard                                          Ina Archer
                                                            Jean Gardener
                                                            Joel Towers

The focus of this project is the apple, the symbol of       Group members:
New York City. And The Carbon Orchard is a visual           Susana Chen
representation of where apples in New York City             Isobel Grad
come from in relation to the environmental effects of       Esther Lee
transporting them.                                          Rachel Nolasco
                                                            Bless Yee
After visiting the Breezy Hill Orchard Farm in the Hudson
River Valley, the prime motivation behind the project was
to create an installation that could display a harmony      Location:
between art and scientific research. The installation       55 W 13TH ST
would be created in hopes of viewers walking away more      New York, NY
informed and conscious about where the food they eat
food comes from.                                            Exhibition Date:
                                                            May 5 - 8th, 2008

                                                                       bless yee | 22
What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the measurement of how much
carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere
due to human activities. Such activities include the
shipping, transportation, and packaging of produce.

Where do the apples in New York come from?

New York Apples
Transported by Truck
Travel ~ 100 Miles
79 lbs. Carbon (per truckload)

California Apples                                      The Concept:
Transported by Truck
Travel ~ 2790 Miles                                    The installation site was located on the staircase of the main lobby
2293 lbs Carbon (per truckload)                        of 55 W 13TH ST. Each side of the staircase would represent a
                                                       different location of where apples in New York City come from.
Chilean Apples                                         Apple would be hanging from each railing. The jute string hanging
Transported by Barge                                   from the apples would be representative of the amount of carbon
Travel ~ 7000 Miles                                    dioxide emitted to transport the apple to New York. The larger the
1482 lbs Carbon (per load equivalent to a truckload)   carbon footprint, the higher the apples would hang from the floor
                                                       and the longer the jute string would be. In order from right to left
New Zealand Apples                                     are apples coming from the nearest distance (the local farmer’s
Transported by Barge                                   market) to apples coming from the farthest distance. (New
Travel ~ 9000 Miles                                    Zealand) Then footprint stickers would be made and placed along
1905 lbs Carbon (per load equivalent to a truckload)   the floor to emphasize the definition of the “Carbon Footprint.”

                                                                                                                          bless yee | 23
Apples were bought        The installation was
from the local farmers’   approved to occupy
market and installed      the site from May 5th
into foam boxes. Then     to May 8th.
elastic was melted and
poured into the boxes     The carbon orchard
containing the apples.    coincided well with
                          the existing Kara
                          Walker mural and
This process resulted
in four successful
and reusable elastic
molds. Plaster was
poured into each of
the apple molds. Once
the plaster had cured,
the apples were taken
out to be sanded and
polished. A light score   The project attracted
line was carved around    many viewers. Many
the vertical axis of      thought that the apples
each apple to provide     were real. Hopefully
a non slip groove for     most of the viewers
the fishing line that     left more conscious
each apple would be       and informed about
suspended from.           where their food
                          comes from and what
                          effects their decisions
Stems made from           about purchasing
wire hangers were         food may have on the
glued into the pre        environment.
drilled holes after the
apples were spray
painted. Within two
weeks 200 plaster
apples were cast.

                                      bless yee | 24
The Carbon Orchard

During Fall 2010, Parsons the New School For Design          Curator:
hosted an exhibition called “Living Concrete/Carrot City,”   Radhika Subranium
a collaboration of Ryerson University and the New School,
that explored the intersections of design, food systems
and communities. The Carbon Orchard was invited to be        Location:
part of the exhibition.                                      2 W 13TH ST
                                                             New York, NY
This time the apples would be hung from four separate
window frames in the main lobby of Parsons located
at 2 W 13TH ST. The new location would require the           Exhibition Date:
installation to be pre assembled and then brought to the     Sept.12 - Dec.15th,
site. Because this lobby is an area of heavy traffic flow    2010
and the window sills provided a common seating area for
students, extra safety precautions had to be considered
before the installation could be approved.

                                                                         bless yee | 25
The apples from the
previous installation
were brought out of
storage and retouched.

To ensure that the
apples would not fall,
we ran fishing line
vertically through the
apples and secured
the bottom end with a

Then the apples and
jute string were pre
hung with fishing
line on fire retardant
wood beams before
being brought to the
site. The wood beams
were secured to the
window frames with C
                         Interior and Exteriors views of the 2 W 13th ST Lobby

                                                                                 bless yee | 26
   300                       Who’s
   This sculpture was
   inspired by characters
   in the motion picture,    This sculpture was
   “300.” The pose           made during a
   itself is original. The   summer program
   likenesses of the         at the Western Art
   figures themselves        Academy in Schreiner
   were created              University, Texas.
   according to movie        The program was a
   screen captures.          four week sculpting
                             and painting intensive
                             sponsored by the
                             Houston Rodeo. Each
   Plasticine                student chose his
   7”x 5”x 5”                or her own pose and
   2007                      worked from a live

                             8”x 7”x 20”

bless yee | 27a                            bless yee | 27b
   Figures                  Portraits

   Fashion Poses
                            Top Left:
   (Drawn from Magazines)
                            Portrait Sketch
   Watercolor,Ink , &
                            (Drawn from a photo)
   11” x 14”
                            6” x 4”

                            Top Right
                            (Drawn from a photo)
                            24” x 36”

   Figures 1 & 2            (Drawn from movie
   (Life Drawings)          still)
   Watercolor & Graphite    Graphite
   12” x 9”                 11” x 14”
   2008                     2010

bless yee | 28a                       bless yee | 28b
Hong Kong          Cologne,
2009 Winter
                   2011 New Year’s
Youth Hostel

Hubei,             Mbabane,
China              Swaziland
2010 Summer        2011 Summer
Farming in China   One Day Hike

                        bless yee | 29

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