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Use this agreement when your Small Business wants to allow employees
the option of telecommuting instead of working full-time at the

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                            TELECOMMUTING AGREEMENT
From: [Company Name] “Company”
To     All Sales Employees and Field Engineers
From. [Company Name] (“Company”)
Date. Wednesday, August 22, 2012

       Various employees and contractors have requested to telecommute and perfect
their work at home as alternative to coming to work. In some specific instances, as listed
below, the Company shall permit telecommuting:
       1 Employees who work in satellite offices or remote areas; or
       2 Employees who achieve in a calendar year over $300,000 in services sales; or
       4. Employees who have 3 or more years of seniority with the Company; or
       5. Employees who need special accommodations, which shall be determined by
            the Company at its sole discretion on a case-by-case basis.
       Employees and contractors approved for telecommuting are referred to herein as

One-Time Costs
       All costs for equipment associated with telecommuting are the responsibility of
Company. Costs include purchase price, maintenance, and insurance coverage for all
necessary equipment. Said equipment will include.
       1.        A computer on loan from Company, including the following software:
       2.        A cell phone with answering service back to the Company
       3.        DSL service on telecommuters personal telephone line;
       4.        Paid subscription to gotomypc.com Internet service

Recurring Costs
       For all Telecommuters, Company will pay the recurring costs of:
       1.        maintenance and support of hardware/software
       2.        cell telephone bill (must be used for business only)
       3.        one standard business telephone line;

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        4.       DSL connection
providing they do one of the following and all information as it relates to Company
businesses processes is both timely and accurately documented.

        1. Achieve minimum activities via the Sales Minimum and Goals report for the
             month or
        2. Achieve minimum dollar results for the month.
        If you do not achieve one or both of the above requirements, this cost will be
reimbursed to the Company on your next paycheck. Costs are approximately $40.00 for
the DSL connection, $50.00 per month maintenance and support of hardware/so-wart and
$30.00 for the business phone line. Company will pay for the costs of all long distance
calls regardless of whether the above requirements are met, providing they are business
related calls.
        For all associates, Company will pay for the cost of one standard business
telephone line, maintenance and support of hardware/software and one DSL connection
providing they do one of the following and all information as it relates to Company and
expense and activity-related information is reported in a timely and accurately manner:

Planned Future Telecommuting Benefits
        1. AutoDial
        2. Video Conferencing
        Items number 1 and 2 above are tentatively planned to be available in the near
future. There will be a nominal monthly charge to the Associate for each. Incentives will
be created at different levels of-results to make each of these complimentary.

        During the term of this Telecommuting Agreement, or any type of employment
agreement with Company, all activities must be accurate and timely provided to
Company. lf these procedures are not followed, your employment will be terminated.
        By signing this telecommuting agreement, you hereby agree to the following
        1. The equipment listed above is the sole property of Company;

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       2. Company reserves the right to demand the return of said property at any time,
           and in good working condition;
       3. This Telecommuting Agreement is contingent upon your signing an Employee
           Promissory Note in the amount of $5,000, to reimburse Company. for the
           value of the above property, in the event your employment with Company
           terminates and said property is not returned in good working condition.
       At the discretion of your Manager, you may required to attend the following
meetings in the office or other designated locations:
       1. Month end meetings
       2. Tuesday afternoon tactics and strategies nettings or assigned similar meeting.
       3. Training meetings
       4. Any other meeting at Company's discretion.
       Telecommuting does not change your week location and you are still responsible
for all costs associated with travel to and from your work location. Your work location
may change with the re-location, expansion or closing of offices.
       You are not to conduct meetings with clients or candidates in your home.
       You are responsible for contacting local governmental agencies for required
licenses (if any) needed to maintain a home office.
       You are responsible for any costs of obtaining tax advice about a tax deduction
for a home office. You are responsible for any tax liability should you claim such an
expense and it is later disallowed by the Internal Revenue Service.
       You must maintain the security of all confidential and/or sensitive information
and other proprietary information of the Company, as if you were working in the office.
Al1 security procedures apply, regardless of whether you are in the workplace or
       You are responsible for following all safety rules. Company may conduct
unannounced visits to your telecommuting worksite, including your home, to insure that
all safety and security procedures are being followed. The ability to telecommute does
not change the performance levels expected from you.
       The Company reserves the right to terminate this Telecommuting Agreement at
its sole discretion for any reason whatsoever.

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By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the following
       1. Job Description
       2. Company Individual Commission Compensation Plan
       3. Arbitration Agreement for Outgoing Employees.
       4. Internet and Electronic Communications Policy and Agreement.

       Agreed and Accepted:

       For :Company                                          Employee :

       (Please sign above and print name and
                                                             (Please sign above and print name and
       title here)
                                                             title here)

       Date: August 22, 2012                                 Date: August 22, 2012

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