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									                                       The Virginia Genealogical Society

Vol. XI. No. 1                     Post Off ice Box 7469. Richmond, Virginia 23221                                                   Jan .-Feb    ., 1985
                Lordly event: honors valley
                                                                                                                    I n h b ~ ~ D o a r l d r m
      STAUNTON - ROOWtish bPramp                         hand was Lord Donrldmn of Kiag-
                                                         bridge, a refircd farmer md former
   lent rather a lordly note to a celeb*                                                                          aren'tverympnl'mdtbagarea't~
   tion Friday night in honor of thrge                   minister of the arts aod parllpmcnte-                    impwtaotandwecandulrruh
                                                        Iry undersecretary for Northsrn Ire-                      #em."
   whoaretryingtopreservetheheri-                       land, who deacribed himrell a# an
   tage of the Scottish-Irish, Cennrn                                                                               Tbe mureurn '"muat not only k a
   and English peasant farmers who set-                 Englishman of Scottish derceat.                           viroinipa venture," but a MUoa@
                                                        ' The two life peen received credit                       and intarantioool ow,Lord Doarlb
   tled the Shenandoab Valley 250 yeU8
                                                        for "plwddhg AmerlcPn rupporbrr                           roauM."W&areveryproudthtall
   ago.                                                 pf the project, pmpowd in 1W5, to
      The OCCBSion was a formal dinner                                                                            o l u ~ ~ ~ t o                           p   r
   at the Ingleside Red Carpet Inn g i 6 n              redouble eflorts to make the museum                       v i & t l l e b l o o d ~ t ~ ~
   by the b o d of directon of the Amer-                p reality.                                                marvdop~   artion."
   ican Frontier Culture Foundation                        The master of ceremonies waa Vir-                        The foundation Bu roired $1 mil-
   The aim of the foundation is "saving                 gmia Supreme Court Justice Oeofge                         Uon of the $S millha it will Wu to
   the &st frontier" through a museum                    M. Cochran of Staunton, a member of                       btlildradendcnrtkmuaeum,~
   of American frontier culture east of                 'the foundation's board.                                   isexpectedtoopeninrpriPllW6,
   Staunton in Augusta County.                          : Asked earlier about his forebeam,                       Sproul mid. A campaign to raise
      The museum concept haa been                       Cochran said he is a direct descen-                                  n
                                                                                                                  $500,000 i the                Valley b
   called "an essay on the American                     a n t of John Lewis.                                      under way.
   identity," Gen. Arch A Sproul, gener-                    "So's the governor," he said of Gov.                      Thnbers from two 17th century
   al chairman of the museum wn-                        J2harlc8 S. Robb, who announced two                       thnshing barns and a cattle shed that
   paign, told about 200 guests.                        3ears ago that the state would donate                     originallyrtoodonafarmnearthe
                                                        78 acres of the old Western State Hos-                              f
                                                                                                                  village o Northchapel in muthem
      Visitors will be able to see how                  ;pita1 f r for the museum site.
                                                                 am                                               E g a d arrived early last month and
   their ancestors lived before emigrat-               a    Like most of the early settlers,                      are stored at the museum site await-
   ing as well as the way of life they                 ,Lewis came to America because he                          ing reassembly. A reproduction of the
   established as "they settled this val-                "wasn't doing mighty well at home,"                      farmhouse that would have stood
   ley and pushed westward from this                   kochran said. "He was the one who                          near the outbuildings will be built.
   area to settle America."                              slew the Irish lord."                                       A !&)O-year-old thatched cottage
      The museum will include
   structed period farmstead6 . from                  -    Lewis got into trouble w h his
                                                      : landlord "got drunk and came down
                                                                                                                  and three farm buildings from County
                                                                                                                  Tyrone in Northern Ireland are being
   England, Germany and Ulster in                                                                                 dismantled and will be the next to
   what is now Northern Ireland, the                  : one night" to try to evict Lewis' fam-                    arrive, Sproul said. Efforts are under
   homelands of most Shenandoah Val-                  . ily from their tenant house, Cochran
                                                      : said. The landlord "attacked some of                      way to identify a farmstead from the
   ley pioneers. The museum's center-                                                                             Rhineland-Palatinate region of West
   piece will be an authentic 18th centu-             ' Lewis' family. Lewis resisted and he
                                                        killed [the landlord]. He was com-                        -.
   ry Appalachian frontier farm, the                                                                                 A visitor center, exhibit halls and
   American synthesis of the diverse                    pletely justified, of course, but he                      offices will be housed in remodeled
   cultures of the early settlers.                       thought he'd better Bee, and he did."
                                                                                                                  dairy barns while the four farmsteads
      Out of delicacy, perhaps, there was                  Years later, Lewis was given am-                       are being reassembled. The museum
   no mention of John Lewis, the first                  nesty, Cochran said.                                      will be at Interstates 81 and 64 on the
   European settler of Augusta, during                     Evidently, with the passage of 2%                      path of the Great Wagon Road trav-
   the speeches Friday night.                                                k
                                                         centuries, there a no hard feelings                      eled by the pioneers.
      Lewis settled in Virginia in 1752,                 left on either side. Toasts were raised                     Lord Donaldson had high praise for
   having left his native Ulster because                to the heads of state of the nations                      Lewis A. McMurran Jr. of Newport
   he "slew the Irish lord," accordimg to               involved in the museum project.                           News, chairman of the Jamestown-
   pne of his descendants. An Irish lord                   There were cries of "hear, hear!"                      Yorktown Foundation, who originat-
   was seated at the head table.                        from some in the audience of about                        ed the American frontier culture mu-
      Lord O'Neili of the Maine, born                   UW) when Sen. Paul S. Trible Jr., R-                      seum concept. The Jamestown-
   ~erence   Marne O'Neill in County An-                Va., a red bow tie enlivening his black                   Yorktown Foundation coordinated
   trim, was prime minister of Northern                 formal attire, raised his glass to "her                   early stages of the project wd re-
   Ireland from 1963 to 1969. Also on                   majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11."                             mains involved.
    * Richmond Tines-Dispatch,         B-1, 3 Dec. 19W.   Replblished here with t h e kind p e n i s s i o n of
      Marvin C a r r e t t e , Managing M i t o r .
                                          Spring Conference
                                    Virginia Genealogical Society
Date:        r'riday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, 1985.
Place: Hilton Hotel, itoute 29, 2350 Seminole T r a i l , Charlottesville, VA 22901, (804) 973-
   2121. Hooms a r e priced a t $55 s i n g l e , 565 double. Attendees should write d i r e c t t o
   the Hotel f o r rooms, which must be reserved by April 5th. In view of t h e f a c t t h a t Ap-
   ril 20 t o 25 is Historic Garden deek in Virginia, early reservations a r e recommended
   since many Garden Week v i s i t o r s stay through the weekend before returning home. A s is
   t h e case throughout Virginia, the Charlottesville/Albemarle a r e a features a week-long
   schedule of special events. Besides a number of t h e g r e a t colonial mansions open t o
   t h e public f o r t h e benefit of the Ca,-den Club of Virginia, Charlottesville, during the
   weekend of April 26-27, w i l l be the s i t e of such diverse offerings as an A r t s & C r a f t s
   Show, the S t . Anne's Antiques Show, the Dogwood Parade, and the Foxfield a c e s (steeple-
   chase). For f u r t h e r information about t h e above o r brochures of homes open during Car-
   den Week write to: Western Virginia V i s i t o r s Center, Route 20 South and 1-64. Charlottes-
   v i l l e , VA 22902, (804) 977-1783. In addition, commercial t o u r s in and around Charlottes-
   v i l l e a r e available through VIP Tours, 15& Trailridge Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22903,
   (804) 296-319. Please contact VIP d i r e c t l y , p r i o r + 1 April. For attendees with more
   decided genealogical t a s t e s , the Society has arranged two conducted tours t h e afternoon
   of April 26: (1) Tour of the Alderman Library, The University of Virginia, and (2) Tour
   of t h e Albemarle County Recordroom and of the Library of the Albemarle County Historical
   Society. Both t o u r s depart the Hilton Hotel at 2:30 p.m.

                                           Conference Program

 Friday, April 26:
    Afternoon: hkee time t o p a r t i c i p a t e i n t o u r s and events described above.
    Early evening: A reception sponsored by t h e Society a t the Hotel. A social hour with
       Cash B a r w i l l provide ample time f o r making o r renewing acquaintances with others.
       An ancestor name exchange, part of t h e r e g i s t r a t i o n packet, w i l l get you together
       with others a t t h i s s o c i a l hour researching names of common i n t e r e s t .
    Dinner: On-your-own, e i t h e r a t the Hotel or one of Charlottesville's f i n e restaurants.

 Saturday, April 27:
    The following morning and afternoon l e c t u r e s have been scheduled.
       Sharon B. Hamner "An Introduction t o Genealogical Research in Albemarle and Buck-
                                      ingham Countiesn
       Barbara V. L i t t l e "Genealogical Research in Orange, Spotsylvania, and Culpeper
                                      Count iesl*
       J e s s i e S. Barbour wGenealogical Research: Hw t o Beginw
       Pollyanna Creekmore "South-West Virginia and Its Importance i n the Westward M m t i o n "
       Mary M. B e l l wLittle-known Collections of County and Military Records f o r Virginia
                                     and North Carolinan
       Richard S l a t t e n "Eighteenth Century Migrations from Hanover/~enrico Counties t o A l -
                                     bemarle Countyw
       Peggy S. Joyner "The German Settlement in t h e Valley of Virginiam
                             "Northern Neck Land Office Surveys as an Overlooked Sourcew

Note: A t a later date, a l l members w i l l receive by mail a r e g i s t r a t i o n f l y e r with addition-
   a l d e t a i l s concerning the above notes. Besides other necessary instructions, t h i s f l y e r
   w i l l provide space f o r inscribing t h e a n c e s t r a l names in which attendees are interested.
   Nan-members wishing t o receive a r e g i s t r a t i o n form should write Ms Janice Abercrombie
   Box 373, Mineral, VA 23117. The Program Committee is presently negotiating t o have a
   representative from Quinsept Software Co. in attendance. This firm publishes t h e comp-
                                  ly                e
   t e r program l * ~ ~ m iRoots,11 and w hope t o have t h e i r representative demonstrate the pro-
   @;ram * This could be t h e opportunity t o discuss your computer i n t e r e s t s with t h e experts?
   Attending members who are t h e authors of books they wish t o o f f e r f o r s a l e may plan t o do
   so on a s p a c e a v a i l a b l e b a s i s . Spaces f o r vending must be arranged before 1 April by
   writing t o M r . Steven Meeks, P. 0 . Box 39, Crozet, VA 22932.
 H                         H                      IH

  Jo White LLm , C .G        .  Drake-Arringt.on, White-Turner, Linn-Brom (19&) ,467 pp., i l l u s . , in-
     dex. This immessive book--it won t h e 19% Robert Bruce Cooke A w a r d f o r t h e b e s t study
     of a N. C. family--marks t h e emergence of t h e old-fashioned family appreciation as a
     s o l i d l y respectable h i s t o r i c a l document. Democratically inclusive, wholly f r e e of ge-
     nealogical cant and unmarred by f a n c i f u l a l l u s i o n s t o princely houses, t h i s is a l i v e -
     l y human-interest document of f a m i l i e s of various backgrounds which meet i n t h e pres-
     e n t . Ms Linn s e t s t h e stage f o r a no-nonsense presentation by exposing as myth a
     long-standing family t r a d i t i o n in h e r Drake l i n e that is f i r s t - r a t e d e t e c t i v e work,
     and she follows t h i s up with equally c a r e f u l s t u d i e s of t h e Arrington, White, Turner,
     Linn, and Brown l i n e s , plus some two dozen o t h e r r e l a t e d Southern f a m i l i e s . Anyone
     with Treadwell, Slade, Lacey, Harrison, Cathey, Redwine, Krider, Wood, McNair, Peden,
     Sandefer, Tompkins, Bennett, Hodges, Goodrich, Bechinoe, W i l l i a m s , Bustin, Outlaw, Fox,
     Smith, George, Doll, and Stahle connections w i l l f i n d a considerable amount of well-
     arranged, thoroughly indexed material here c e r t a i n t o f u r t h e r h i s o r h e r own research
     e f f o r t s , a l l of it sound1.y researched, i n t e l l i g e n t l y i n t r e p r e t e d , and carefully docu-
     mented. Order from t h e author, Box 1948, Salisbury, N .C. 28144, 4 $35 p o s t p i d , N .C.
      r e s i d e n t s add $1.58.

     (l98Lc), 208 pp        .,                                                       --
  h e B. Weeks and Mary B. darren. Materials Towards a History of t h e B a p t i s t s , Vol 2
                               index. This a p p e a m c e i n print-of previously unpublished manuscript
     material prepared by Morgan &iwards (1722-1795) is a valuable contribution t o our know-
     ledge of t h e e a r l y B a p t i s t Church and its members i n MD, VA, NC, and SC. Gathered dur-
     ing award's t r a v e l s , these notes represent first-hand impressions and interviews dur-
     i g a period when contemporaq B a p t i s t records a r e scarce. Order from Heritage Papers,
     Danielsville, GA 30633 @ $15 plus $ 2 shipping (plus 4,6 s a l e s tax f o r GA r e s i d e n t s ) .
                               l Magazine --
-Genealogicala&Feb.H i19%.i c aSubscriptions ahte$ South, rC(a~rloul ls$$ t a x f o r McElligott,e ned.,
The                   stor                of t                r         Ainsworth
   Vol. I, no. 1,
                                                .   w e a                             S.C. r e s i d t s )
    a r e a v a i l a b l e from t h e M i t o r , Rt 1, Box 103, Harleyville , SC 29448. This periodical
    r e p r e s e n t s an ambitious undertaking, c a l l i n g , one supposes, f o r a balanced review of
    t h e h i s t o r y and record resources of a very l a r g e region, t h e eleven s t a t e s which com-
    prised t h e Confederacy. Whereas t h e i s s u e used f o r t h i s n o t i c e ( ~ o l .I, no. 3) w s de-
    voted l a r g e l y t o Texas material, t h e recorols were presented e f f e c t i v e l y , emplcying, save
    f o r an individually indexed number, a conventional and a t t r a c t i v e format.

                          EC M

Barbara K. Hayes                            Linda C. Stengele                         X r s . Russell B. Davis
      Jacksonville, h            Z             Fox Hiver Grove, I  L                        Virginia Beach, VA
B a r t Tammaro                             Feggy C. Peacock                          Gerald T. G i l l i a m
      Branford, CT                             Houston, TX                                  Red Qk, VA
M r s . Jean E. Strand                      Tina E. Corr                                  r.
                                                                                      M s Pamela W. McVey
      S e a t t l e , WA                       Fredericksburg , VA                          Virginia Beach, VA
Dorothy L. Palmer                                      .
                                            Mward M L ightf oot
                                               Mollusk, VA
                                                                                      Margaxet T. MacDonald
      Lacey, WA                                                                             Chapel H i l l , NC
Thomas E. Marshall, 1 1            1        Mrs. T. Bruce Tyndall                     M s Fkchel F. R a w l s
                                               Jacksonville, E   X
      Bedford, VA
M r s . Y H. Sherman
      r h y e t t e v i l l e , NC
                                            Jm y L Veal
                                             i m      .
                                               Valdosta, GA
                                                                                            Raleigh, NC
                                                                                      Louise G Jones
                                                                                            Richmond, VA
M r s . Samuel M e r r i l l                Laurence Menz                             Martha Booker
      N w Orleans, LA                          Jacksonville, ti2                            Richmond, VA
&S Ehterprises                              Virginia P. Taylor                            r.
                                                                                      Ms Shirley Bassett

      Colorado Sprs , CO
Ms Jeane B. Pruett
                        .                      Port Barre, LA
                                            Louise C. Levinson
                                                                                           Bassett, VA
                                                                                      Linda Harvey
      Ranger, TX                               Harrisonburg, VA                             Mableton, GA
Mrs. Evelyn S . Downs                       Paul C. Prose, J r .                      Charles D. Alley
      Pine B l u f f , AK                      Annandale, VA                              Lilburn, GA
Connie M. Maida
      Mechanicsville, VA
                                           N/M E. F. DeBerry, Jr.
                                                V i r g i n i a Beach, VA
                                                                              M/M John H
                                                                                   Beaumont, T
                                                                                                 .   dalker
Ms Mary Marshall
    r.                                     Mrs. John Kishman                  C. r'. Niebuhr
      Capistrano Beach, CA                      Virginia Beach, VA                  Austin, T       X
Glenda E. E s t e s                        0 . E. Pilson                      Vernon C. Page
      Dover, OH                                  Ridgeway, VA                       Key West, &L
Charles N #erguson
      O m v i l l e , OH
                                           Charles D. Payne
                                                McLean, VA
                                                                              George F. Hunt
                                                                                   hllas, T         X
Martha A l i c e Crookshank                   r.
                                           M s Georgie S. Grey                    r.
                                                                              M s Ruth R. Johnson
      St. Augusthe, L       Z                   C h a r l o t t e , NC             B l a c k l i c k , OH
M. Page Robbins                            B. L. Daniel                       L o i s L. Cook
      Dickerson, MD                             Wilmington, NC                     Manvel, T        X
M s Frances kf Coward
      Cypress, CA
                     .                     Margaret E. DeVolt
                                                Southern Pines, NC
                                                                              J a n i c e M. Sebastian
                                                                                   Reading, P         A
  cis W McIntosh
      Carona, CA
                                           M/M W. M. J o n t z
                                                r k k l i n , NC
                                                                              Dan Ogletree
                                                                                   V i r g i n i a Beach, VA
Robert T. R u s s e l l
     Alexandria, VA
                                           Ms , Dorothy J Moff e t t
                                                Mobile, AL
                                                                              Pauline A. Parker
                                                                                   Costa Mesa, CA
G. 0 . Blake                               Marie Bruce                        Irene M. Hoskins
                                                F o r t Worth, T      X            San Diego, CA
     Oklahoma C i t y , OK
Mrs. W. C. H i l l
     Rock H i l l , SC
                                           P a t r i c i a Schmier
                                                Syosset , NY
                                                                              Bernerd L 0' Neil
                                                                                   B u r n s v i l l e , MN
Thelma M. Isom                             C h r i s t i n a A. S t a l e y       r.
                                                                              M s John A . Morris
     L i t t l e Rock, AR                       Jacksonville, 2         %          Anderson, S          C
P a l e s t i n e Carnegie L i b r a r y   Mrs. I h r y D. Dunnell            Alice H. Knob
     Palestine, T       X                       S e a t t l e , MA                 Delta, CO
H e n r i e t t a J orden                     r.
                                           M s B e a t r i x B. Hamey         Russell Hensley
     Baytown, T       X                         Lattimore, NC                      Lake Oswego, 03
Emilie V. Ehgyal                                            .
                                           Mrs. J e s s e L Williams          John Vogt
     S t . Louis, MO                            Chattanooga, T         N           Athens, GA
Norma J Pennington                         James E. Morgan, J r .             Ruth B. H i l l
     Richmond, VA
M/M W i l l i a m J. Hamilton, Jr.
     Richmond, VA
                                                Sumter, SC
                                           Harvey H Jackson
                                                Grove H i l l , AL
                                                                                   Nw M a r t i n s v i l l e , W V
                                                                              H. Y Walker

Doris Y . Stone
     V i r g i n i a Beach, VA
                                           Frances 3'. Smith
                                                Montgomery, A         L
                                                                                   rlaverly, VA
                                                                              S h i r l e y L 'dilcox
                                                                                   Arlington, VA
Hichard L. Baird                           Roger H. C a r r o l l             Evelyn Lewis
     Blackridge, VA                             Norfolk, VA                          e
                                                                                   Nw Hope, I'4N
NOTICE: Amendments t o t h e By-Laws w i l l be voted on a t t h e meeting t o be h e l d on 8
  March 1985 a t t h e Garden Center, Hichmond, V i r g i n i a .

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