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					                       Happy Holidays
         From Your Department Line Officers

                        Department President

Department Sr. Vice President          Department Jr. Vice President

Department Treasurer                           Department Secretary

Department Chaplain                        Department Conductress

Department Guard                           Department Chief of Staff
GENERAL ORDER NO.5                                                                December, 2008
Must be read by the Auxiliary Secretary at the first meeting following receipt and filed for reference.

   1. ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: As of November 2008, the Department’s
      membership was 73%. While your efforts to retain, recruit and reinstate are working, we
      need to exert even more effort to involve more members in recruiting more new members,
      reinstating members, and striving to reach the Banner goal of 100% by December 31st. Our
      National President, Dixie Hild, has asked that we try to double the Auxiliary’s membership
      by each member recruiting one new member this year. Can the Virginia “Dream Team” do
      it? I am confident that you will do everything you can to make Dixie’s dream become a

   2. DUES REMINDER MAIL-OUT: The Department did send out Dues Reminders in
      November 2008. Please check with your Treasurer to see if you can help your Auxiliary to
      achieve the 100% goal by sending out the second notice to your members or by calling
      members who have not paid 2009, 2008 or even 2007 dues. The Department needs the
      members working together as a team to achieve our goal of 100% in membership

   3. SEC 110 – MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING: “The calendar year for the
      Auxiliary is from January 1 December 31. A member who has paid her dues to December
      31 is in good standing. She ceases to be in good standing on January 1 immediately
      following the year for which her dues have been paid. She shall not again be in good standing
      until her dues have been paid for the current year.” Many members do not fully understand
      that failure to remain a “member in good standing” impacts eligibility to remain in Auxiliary
      meetings or hold office, eligibility for cancer grants, or eligibility for cancer insurance
      benefits. Members should be encouraged to pay their dues early so that they may be
      processed by the Department and National Treasurers prior to December 31st.

   4. ATTENTION AUXILIARY TREASURERS: Please send dues to Department
      Treasurer, Deborah Martin, 539 Westwood Drive, Ruckersville, VA 22968 as soon as you
      get them. Please make sure you have your last transmittal for 2008 to Department
      Treasurer Debbie Martin, by 12-24-2008. This will give our Department Treasurer ample
      time to make sure that National has our dues by 12-31-08. Late transmittals may not get
      processed in time – but don’t delay, send dues in immediately upon receipt – use “Overnight”
      mail if necessary.

   5. SEC. 810A--AUXILIARY PRESIDENTS: The Auxiliary President “shall appoint
      a committee of not less than five (5) members, including the Treasurer, to contact all
      members during the year for payment of dues. They shall also contact those who have not
      paid dues for the preceding years. This committee shall report on all contacts made and turn
      any money collected over to the Treasurer as soon as possible, but no later than the first
      meeting following collection.” Auxiliary Presidents should monitor the committee’s
      progress and encourage the committee to continue to contact those members that did not
   renew last year and get them reinstated. The more members we have, the louder our voice
   will be on Capitol Hill when we lobby for veterans’ entitlements. And, of course, we want to
   be 100% by December 31st.

6. HOSPITAL AND VAVS PROGRAM: Our volunteers play an important role in the
   medical facilities and nursing home, especially during the holiday season. We need to
   provide something special for our hospitalized veterans this holiday season. Many of our
   veterans are hospitalized far away from their homes and families; many need a smiling face
   and a pat on the back to make their day a little better. Now is the time for your Auxiliary to
   schedule and plan your parties at the hospitals and nursing homes for those men and women
   who have given so much to our country.

7. VAVS AND HOSPITAL REPRESENTATIVES: Are reminded to account for all
   hospital funds they receive and expend. This means a Representative is to record her receipts
   and disbursements in books used for this purpose, such as books used by a Treasurer. Her
   books must be submitted for audit at the same time the books of the Department Treasurer
   are audited. The next audit will be conducted in January 2009 at Winter Council.

8. PEARL HARBOR DAY: Please help plan or participate in a program for December
   7th, Pearl Harbor Day, to honor all veterans who sacrificed so much for the freedom of this
   country. Flags should be flown flag at half-staff all day on December 7th to honor those
   veterans who went above and beyond the call of duty.

  9. ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Winter Council/Conference Meeting will be held
   January 16-18, 2008, at the Crown Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder, 6945 Pocahontas
   Trail in Williamsburg, VA. Room rates are $69.00 plus tax based on single/double
   occupancy. Room rates are guaranteed until December 24, 2008. Reservations can be made
   by calling 1(800)227-6963. Tickets for the Winter Council Banquet are $37.00. All tickets
   must be pre-purchased no later than January 9, 2008. No banquet tickets will be sold at the
   Winter Council Meeting. The price of the ticket includes the reception and banquet.

Sisters, as the end of 2008 draws close and the holidays fast approach, we all should take a
moment to reflect on how far we have come as a team rather than dwell on how much further we
must go. The support and love that we have shown one another thus far can carry us past this
holiday season and into the new year. Thank you with all of my heart for your support, hard
work, and kindnesses. May your success as a Department bring you the recognition you
deserve in the coming year! I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New

                                                             By order of

                                                             Mary Profitt
                                                             Department President

Linda DeShano
Department Secretary
Linda (Susie) DeShano
403 Lee Jackson Highway
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 886-7756                                                    December, 2008

                                 Roster Changes and Updates
   •   Correct Address: for Scottsville Auxiliary, 8169, President Dale Wood, 3062
       Scottsville Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902.
   •   Correct Address: for Winchester Auxiliary 2123, President Junie Miller, 1061
       Greenwood Road, Winchester, VA 22602.
   •   New Address: for District 2 Secretary, Gloria Klinefelter, 4403 Cornick Ave.,
       Chesapeake, VA 23325. Phone Number remains the same.
   •   Correct Address: for Bluefield Auxiliary Post Home, 131 Lovelane Street, Bluefield,

                                       Calendar updates
   • Winter Council: January 16-18, 2009, Williamsburg, VA. Crowne Plaza Fort Magruder
      Williamsburg 800-227-6963. Hotel Reservation deadline is December 24, 2008. The
      room rate is $69.00. Tickets for the Banquet are $37.00, there will be no dance following
      the banquet this year due to lack of participation.
   • State Convention: June 11-14, 2009, Sheraton Richmond West Hotel, Richmond, VA,
      Telephone 804-285-2000. Room Rates $93.00, through May 11, 2009.
   • National Convention: August 15-20, 2009, Phoenix, AZ.
                                  District Meetings Assignments

                                           District Presidents:
                        If the the date, time or place of your District meeting
                        changes, please make sure YOU Contact your
                    Department Representative and the Department Secretary
                                      of these changes.

        Date              12/6/2008                        Date                    3/8/2009
       Lunch          To follow meeting                   Lunch
1st   Meeting             11:00 AM               8th     Meeting                   1:00 PM
      Location       Post 7167 - Warsaw                  Location         Post 3103 - Fredericksburg
        Rep:      Dept President Mary Profitt              Rep:           Dept President Mary Profitt

        Date              11/15/2008                       Date                     1/25/2009
       Lunch                Noon                          Lunch                to follow meeting
2nd   Meeting              1:00 PM               9th     Meeting                    11:00 AM
      Location      Post 3160 - Oceanview                Location              Post 4667 - Marion
        Rep:      Dept President Mary Profitt              Rep:          Sr Vice President Kathy Birch

        Date               11/15/2008                     Date                     2/22/2009
       Lunch            follows meeting                  Lunch
3rd   Meeting               10:00 AM             10th    Meeting                   1:00 PM
      Location           3rd District Hq                Location:           Post 7916 - Occoquan
        Rep:     Sr Vice President Kathy Birch            Rep:            Dept President Mary Profitt

        Date              11/16/2008                       Date                    1/11/2009
       Lunch                                              Lunch                    11:30 AM
4th   Meeting             2:00 PM                11th    Meeting                   12:30 PM
      Location      Post 9954 - Victoria                 Location            Post 2216 - Staunton
        Rep:     Conductress Cathy Graham                  Rep:           Conductress Cathy Graham

        Date             11/15/2008                        Date                    1/5/2009
       Lunch                Noon                        Regisration
5th   Meeting             To follow              12th    Meeting                    11:00 AM
      Location   American Legion Hall - Stuart           Location         Post 10298 - Pennington Gap
        Rep:       Guard Laine Beckwith                    Rep:          Jr Vice President Betty Gimble
        Date             11/16/2008                        Date                      TBD
       Lunch                                              Lunch
6th   Meeting              2:00 PM               13th    Meeting
      Location      Post 7654 - Floyd, VA                Location                    TBD
        Rep:      Dept President Mary Profitt              Rep:                      TBD

        Date              12/14/2008
       Lunch               11:30 AM
7th   Meeting               1:00 PM
      Location     Post 2123 - Winchester
        Rep:      Dept President Mary Profitt
                     Department of Virginia
                 General Orders – December 2008

Robin Milewski, Chaplain           Now is a good time to take a look at your
207 Coinjock Run                   life’s map, find a better route, and move forward
Yorktown, VA 23693                 in the direction of the good things in your future.
Telephone: (757) 223-5763                                                -Unknown

“Lord, keep our servicemen and women safe, whether they serve at home or overseas.
Hold them in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us.”

Let’s all keep those currently serving and those who have gone on before, in our
thoughts. They are the reason for the many freedoms we enjoy, and let us remember the
loved ones who served also.

                                  Sympathy Cards

Betty Brown, 238 Landon Lane, Orange, VA 22960 – loss of husband
Ella Harrell, Box 644, Victoria, VA 23974 – loss of husband
Family of Emily Stine, 2 Linden Ave, Luray, VA 22835 – deceased member
Mildred Anderson, 5196 Elk Creek Pkwy, Independence, VA 24348 – loss of father
Janice Sapp, 2409 Falls Road, Elk Creek, VA 24326 – loss of father
Amy Kiracofe, 205 W. View, Dayton, VA 22812 – loss of sister
Family of Christine Mesler, 426 Southland Drive, Danville, VA 24541 – deceased
Family of Mary Patsel, 3313 Troxell Rd SE, Roanoke, VA 24004-4419 – deceased
Liz Patsel, 2512 Shamrock Garden Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23323 – loss of mother
Penny Wheeler, 11 Travis Pl, Portsmouth, VA 23702 – loss of ex-husband (& best
Family of Harriet Ewell, 428 Kellam Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 – deceased member
Family of Grace Dagliano, 3350 Sherbrook Road, Richmond, VA 23235 – deceased
Betty Boyd, 5107 Bryce Lane, Richmond, VA 23224 – death of husband
Family of Arlogene Bollinger, c/o Patsy Aaron, PO Box 306, Amelia, VA 23002 –
deceased member
Ruby Meyers, c/o The Byrd House, 1114 Cedar Hill Rd, Blackstone, VA 23824 – loss of
Henrietta Cox, 278 Evergreen Land, Independence, VA 24348 – loss of sister
Beryl Taylor, 2432 Vancover Dr NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 – loss of husband
Gaye Miller, 61 Honey Bee Lane, Elk Creek, VA 24326 – loss of brother
Family of Elesta Miller, 542 Paddy Run Rd, Star Tannery, VA 22654 – deceased
Family of Dee Dugas, 14583 Leary Street, Nakesville, VA 20181 – deceased member
Betty McGehee, 316 Harper Drive, Orange, VA 22960 – loss of husband
Violet Harding, 5747 Myrtle St, Crozet, VA 22932 – loss of husband
Family of Virginia Kirby Stinnett, 8420 Signal Hill, Afton, VA 22920 – deceased

Martha Easter, 17170 Brackets Bend Lane, Amelia, VA 23002 – surgery
Lisa Horan, 117 E. Royce Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322 – surgery
Nancy Tuggle, 848 Black Rock Mt, Independence, VA 24348 – cancer
Emelene McKnight, 977 Power House Rd, Independence, VA 24348 – surgery
Glenda Stone, 7148 Comers Rock Rd, Elk Creek, VA 24326 – surgery
Mildred Mollenauer, 22 Croatan Trail, Portsmouth, VA 23701-2415 – stroke
Brenda Horan, 117 E. Royce Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322-5425 – ongoing illness
Eva Burton, 108 Benefit Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322 – surgery
Kitty West, 12211 Genito Road, Amelia, VA 23002 – hospital

                                  Thinking of You

Jacki Wilson, 4318 County St, Portsmouth, VA 23707 – father had heart by-pass
Michell Edgell, 717 Willow Bend Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23323 – death of pet
Debra Wolfe, 1361 Binky Track Road, Bland, VA 24315 – loss of mother & breast
Amelia Vosnick, Riverside Convalescent Home, 34273 King William Road, West Point,
VA 23181
Avis Todd, 1096 Stone Mt Rd, Laurel Fork, VA 24352 – broken leg
Lake Jenkins, 1004 White Pine Drive, Durham, NC 27705 – awaiting double lung

             It is hard to understand why people are taken away from us,
       But find comfort in knowing you were a special part of a well-lived life.
                                      - Unknown
Beverly B. Abbott                                              Phone: (434) 792-4497
130 Brookview Rd                                               E-Mail:
Danville, VA 24540-3408                                        General Orders December

                     “Meet the needs of others through living a life of love”
                               And “Our dreams become rainbows”

Our auxiliaries need to initiate programs for the proper observance of patriotic days and to
assure the flag is properly respected. Work through the schools, home school associations,
nursing homes, scout troops, other civic organizations. Allow "our dreams become
rainbows" as we “live a life of love while serving the needs of others.”

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (half-staff) - On December 7, 1941, our Nation was attacked
at Pearl Harbor, America's Pacific Fleet was battered and broken, and more than 2,400 American
lives were lost. America honors those brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in
defense of our homeland on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and we recognize those
veterans who with strength and resolve defended our Nation and advanced the cause of freedom
during World War II.

Bill of Rights Day on December 15th celebrates the addition of the Bill of Rights to the U.S.
Constitution in 1791. This holiday celebrates the freedoms and rights preserved for Americans.
On the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, in 1941, President Franklin D.
Roosevelt declared the date a federal holiday.

Federal Legal Holidays in January:
       • January 1, 2009: New Year's Day [Jan. 1 every year]
       • January 19, 2009: Martin Luther King Day [3rd Monday in Jan]
       • January 20, 2009: Inauguration Day [every 4th year]

We, along with our Posts, are asked to increase visibility of the VFW Loyalty Day Program
as well as June 14th Flag Day. (1) Conduct a Flag Retirement Ceremony. Start the project on
Loyalty Day, May 1, and conclude on Flag Day, June 14 with your Flag Retirement Ceremony.
(2) Hold a rededication of a local memorial or stage a community program at a park or
auditorium. Remember our men and women currently serving on active duty and in the
National Guard and Reserve. Present citations to all participants. Enclosed is a sample letter
to the editor regarding this event.

Report your activities for Veterans Day which was celebrated on November 11. Many posts
and auxiliaries hosted or participated in parades held on the 8th and 9th. Many of you may have
participated in school Veterans Day assemblies. I would love to hear from each of you on how
you our veterans were honored in your locality.

Report support of your Post in promoting the Citizenship Education Teacher Award for
grades K-12. Deadline for applications to the Department is December 15, 2008 and to
National is January 15, 2009. Last program information stated only the January 15 deadline.
If your Post and Auxiliary hosts a special community event you can request a pictorial
cancellation through the United States Post Office. These cancellations feature wording
and/or graphics relating to fairs, conventions or various types of local celebrations and are
used only at temporary philatelic stations usually at the event. You must apply in writing at
least 10 weeks prior to the event to the postmaster of the city where the event is to take place
(by March 1, 2009 for Loyalty Day). National has a layout sample prepared for a 2009 Loyalty
Day cancellation stamp as shown here:

                                                                   Note: 9 point Goudy
                                                                   bold font was used to
                                                                   create layout

                    Remember…continue to educate others, be good role models
                         And “Our Dreams will become Rainbows.”

Awards:       best Americanism program, Patriotic Instructor education, and Loyalty Day

REPORT: Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Marine veterans, and other
promotions of Americanism and patriotism.

 Report forms are in President’s Handbook AND online. 1/3 of the way to 100% - WAY to
             Remember: reporting began in June ~ so, let’s get those reports in.
      Districts 2, 5, 7, and 11 are on the way to 100%! District 12, where are you?

  Dist.    No. of                                                                           %
  No.      Aux.            Auxiliaries    ~ NOT ~     Reported as of Nov. 10               Rptd
   1         7       176    824    6002    8252                                             43
   2         7      4411   8545    9382                                                     57
   3        12      1426   2239    4639    6364   8356    9224    9501    9808    10387     17
    4       14       637   2584    5313    7059   7166    7897    8048    8759     8902     36
    5       9       2820   4637    7800    8467                                             56
    6       8       1444   1841    2157    4522   5311    7854                              25
    7       9       2123   8613    9292    9760                                             56
    8       3       2524   7589                                                             33
    9       8       4667   6000    7136    7328 7969 9640 9696                              13
   10       8        609   7916    8241    9274 9478                                        38
   11       12      2216   2424    3136    4204 7814 9480 10826                             50
   12       9       1994   3782    6975    8652 8979 9600 9830 10298 10310                   0
   13       6       2217   7638    8436    8947 10574                                       17
  Total    112                                                                              34

  Ladies with several patriotic days behind us, we should be 100% reported…Ladies, get your
  reports in…and keep up the great work of your Auxiliary by promoting patriotism in your
                                         community and
                      REMEMBER to REPORT ALL THAT YOU DO!
                                                                    Loyally, Beverly Abbott
               Kay S. Kibler, Chairman 9652 Phillips Store Rd Broadway, VA 22815
                 540-896-5335 or 540-820-2331 (cell)

To: Department Chairman, District Presidents, Auxiliary Presidents, Auxiliary Chairmen and Members

December is the month with lots of activity! Shopping, visiting, parties, lots of baking and many more activities to
get ready for the Christmas holiday. Remember to take time to reflect on what the season is really about. The birth of
Christ! Remember those, especially our Veterans, as you are visiting, baking and shopping and drop in to see them.
Sharing Christ’s love is what the Christmas season is all about!

                                   Remember this as you celebrate this Christmas!

Ok ladies, I’m not staying near as busy as Banner Chairman as I expected! I was expecting to be getting mail every
week, with reports of who is getting closer to earning their banner. But it is not happening. Get your reports done
and sent to the right chairman so I can hear about it! I want to be able to give every Auxiliary a banner at Convention
in June.

THE FOLLOWING… I still need to hear from a few of the district’s out there that haven’t reported on District
Dues and/or Attendance at a District Meeting or Department/Conference Meeting. Your District Dues should have
been paid by September 30, 2008. By not doing so has kept you from getting your banner this year.

MEMBERSHIP deadline will be here before you know it! Your Auxiliary must be 100% in membership to get a
banner (along with the other requirements).

Ladies, I know you can do this! Let’s all try to have our Banner Requirements completed by December 31st. If you
do, the rest of the year won’t be so stressful. The Banner deadline is March 31, 2009.

                I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Have a safe and wonderful New Year!!!!
                                        REQUIREMENTS 2008-09
                             REPORTING PERIOD: JULY 1, 2008 - MARCH 31, 2009
MEMBERSHIP: 100% dues paid no later than Dec. 31, 2008
All requirements based on June 30, 2008 membership. All dues are sent to Department Treasurer, Debbie Martin,
539 Westwood Rd., Ruckersville, Va. 22968. CHECK PAYABLE TO: Ladies Auxiliary VFW, Department of Virginia.
(postmarked no later than Dec. 31, 2008)

AUXILIARY AUDITS: Auxiliary Quarterly Audits Reports must be conducted for the calendar quarters ending in MARCH
2008, JUNE 2008, SEPTEMBER 2008, DECEMBER 2008, (National By-laws Sec.814A) This report must be sent to
Department Treasurer: (SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE) The Department Treasurer will verify audit report to Banner Chairman
after each Audit.

DISTRICT DUES: Auxiliaries MUST pay District Dues (National By-laws Sec. 506) by September 30, of current Auxiliary

ATTENDANCE: An Auxiliary member must be present at either a District Meeting or Department Council/Conference, during
**District Conventions/Election of Officers DOES NOT count.

PARTICIPATION: Each Auxiliary must participate in the National Programs shown below and MUST REPORT TO
Americanism                    Youth Activities (any)          Veterans & Family Support
Cancer Aid & Research            Patriotic Art                  1. Unmet Needs              7. Operation Uplink
Community Service                 Jr. Girls                     2. MAP                       8. Adopt a Unit
Hospital/VAVS                  (report in at least2)            3. Buddy Poppy              9. Fisher House
Legislative/VFW-PAC            VOD/Patriots Pen                 4. VFW National Home        10. Wreaths Across America
 (either one or both)           (either one or both)            5. Snowball Express
                                                                6. Continuing Education Scholarship
                                                                 (must complete at least 5 of the 10 listed)
      1. CANCER FUND: $2.00 per member. Based on June 30, 2008 membership. Checks payable to Ladies Auxiliary
VFW, Department of Virginia marked for Cancer Fund. Send to Department Treasurer no later than MARCH 31, 2009.

       2. STATE HOSPITAL FUND: $35.00. Checks payable to Ladies Auxiliary VFW, Department of Virginia, marked
Hospital Fund. Send to Department Treasurer, no later that MARCH 31, 2009. DEPARTMENT TREAUSRER WILL

         3. HEALTH & HAPPINESS FUND: $0.25 per member, based on June 30, 2008 membership. New Auxiliaries based
on institutional membership. Checks payable to Ladies Auxiliary VFW, marked Health & Happiness Fund. Send to:
NATIONAL TREASURER, 406 W. 34th STREET 10th Floor, KANSAS City, MO. 64111. Postmarked no later than

         4. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE: (for your information if you choose) No funds can be derived from VFW
Post or Auxiliary membership dues or treasuries. Funds are obtained from individual contributions and/or fund raisers held by
Post or Auxiliaries. Make checks payable to VFW-PAC, and mailed to 200 Maryland Ave. N.E., Washington D.C. 20002 and
report to Department Legislative/VFW-PAC Chairman postmarked no later than MARCH 31, 2009. DEPARTMENT

Approved: Department Convention
June 2008                                                                                Kay S. Kibler, Banner Chairman
Date                           Annual      YTD    % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member    Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                    Membership                    Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid    Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 1

   176       Newport News           35       16     45.71%                             70             20      25
   824       Grafton                19       18     94.74%     35                      38    38       10
  3219       Phoebus               223      138     61.88%     35      25    10       446   466                       38       25
  5500       Hampton                15       13     86.67%     35            10        30    52       10              10
  6002       Denbigh                65       42     64.62%     35      15             130   130                       25
  7167       Warsaw                 74       74    100.00%     35     100             148   155       30    74.59    100       50
 Total (8)   District 1            431      301     69.84%                            862

District 2

   392       Virginia Beach        351      282     80.34%     35                     702   701       50     3066     25
   993       P t
             Portsmouth th          92       58     63.04%
                                                    63 04%     35                     184
                                                                                      184   182       30      500
  3160       Ocean View            307      229     74.59%     35                     614   614       50              25
  4411       Franklin               51       36     70.59%     35                     102   102                       50       50
  4809       Norfolk               330      259     78.48%     35                     660   660
  8545       Smithfield             22        5     22.73%                             44
  9382       Suffolk                61       28     45.90%     35                     122   122       40
 Total (6)   District 2           1214      897     73.89%                           2428
Date                              Annual      YTD    % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member     Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                       Membership                    Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid     Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 3
    1426      Midlothian               31       20     64.52%                             62
    2239      Colonial Heights         97       87     89.69%     35                     194    196       40
    3125      Ruther Glen               4        4    100.00%                              8
    4639      Williamsburg             38       36     94.74%     35                      76    76        45              25
    6364      West Richmond            33       22     66.67%     35                      66    66
    8046      Norge                    42       12     28.57%     35                      84    84
   8356       West Point               27       24     88.89%     70                      54    54        20   280.08     25
   9224       Richmond                 29       19     65.52%                             58
    9501      Central Garage           41       42    102.44%     35                      82    82        20
    9808      Mechanicsville          163      134     82.21%     35                     326   326        60
   10387      Petersburg               43       30     69.77%                             86
   10654      Richmond                 32       30     93.75%     35                      64     66       30             100      400
   10657      Glen Allen               33       12     36.36%     35                      66     66       20
 Total (13)   District 3              613      472     77.00%                           1226   1016

District 4
    622       Petersburg               47       20     42.55%     35                      94   108        72              25       25
    637       Hopewell                 62       46     74.19%                            124
   2584       Cullen                   37        8     21.62%                             74
   5313       Nottoway                 25       25    100.00%     35                      50    50        10
   7059       Farmville                67       51     76.12%     35                     134   134        30
   7166       South Hill               90       61     67.78%     35                     180   188
   7819       Crewe                    76       68     89.47%     35                     152   152        70
   8048       Lawrenceville            27       18     66.67%     35                      54    58        20
   8163       Clarksville              72       66     91.67%     35      15             144   144        26       20
   8759       Amelia                   55       37     67.27%     35                     110   110        10              25
   8902       Keysville                12       12    100.00%                             24              10
   9855       Appomattox               29       29    100.00%     35                      58    58                                 50
   9954       Victoria                198      200    101.01%     35                     396   396        30      465     10
 Total (16)   District 4              797      641     80.43%                           1594
Date                           Annual      YTD    % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member    Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                    Membership                    Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid    Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 5

   647       Danville              103       75     72.82%     35                     206   206       30              50
  1115       Hillsville            470      281     59.79%             25             940
  2820       Bassett                20        1      5.00%                             40
  4637       Martinsville           49       40     81.63%     35                      98    98       10   336.66     25
  7568       Galax                  30       31    103.33%                             60
  7726       Grayson               154      150     97.40%     35                     308   308       30            32.5
  7800       Stuart                 27       17     62.96%     35                      54    54       20
  8243       Halifax                64       20     31.25%     35     100             128   128       30                      100
  8467       Meadows of Dan         53       41     77.36%     35                     106   106       20      27
 Total (8)   District 5            970      656     67.63%                           1940

District 6

  1033       Covington             103       77     74.76%     35      25             206   206       30              25
  1264       Roanoke                60       61    101.67%     35                     120   126       30              20
  1444       Dunbar Roanoke         42       40     95.24%     35                      84             10
  1841       Fincastle              56       41     73.21%     35                     112   112
  2157       Bedford                56       40     71.43%     35                     112   112                       25
  4522       Vinton                 61       33     54.10%                            122   122       20
  5311       Christiansburg         46       41     89.13%     35                      92    92       20
  7854       Floyd                  29       13     44.83%                             58
 Total (8)   District 6            453      346     76.38%                            906
Date                           Annual      YTD    % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member    Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                    Membership                    Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid    Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 7

   621       Luray                 109       89     81.65%     35                     218   218       40      30              600
  1860       Front Royal           149      130     87.25%     35                     298   298       40              25
  2123       Winchester             71        6      8.45%                            142
  2447       Edinburg               87       70     80.46%     35     100             174   174       40              25      100
  8613       Shenandoah             87       48     55.17%                            174             20
  9292       Elkton                 32        1      3.13%     35                      64    66
  9660       Broadway               78       78    100.00%     35                     156   156       50
  9760       Berryville            176      124     70.45%     35                     352   352      100              25
  9872       Mt. Clinton            30       29     96.67%                             60    60       20
 Total (8)   District 7            819      575     70.21%                           1638

District 8

  2524       Culpeper               63       58     92.06%     35                     126   126       30
  3103       Fredericksburg        107      100     93.46%     35            50       214   214       40
  7589       Manassas               62       55     88.71%     35                     124   124       40      75
 Total (4)   District 8            232      213     91.81%                            464

District 9

  1184       Pulaski                37       32     86.49%     35                      74    76                       50      50
  4667       Marion                121      111     91.74%     35                     242   242                      100
  6000       Narrows               115       26     22.61%     35                     230   230       20      58      30
  7136       Tazewell               51       13     25.49%                            102
  7328       Saltville              29       23     79.31%     35                      58    56
  7969       Bland                  32       17     53.13%                             64
  9640       Richlands              42       18     42.86%                             84
  9696       Bluefield             140       77     55.00%     35                     280   300       50              25
 Total (8)   District 9            567      317     55.91%                           1134
Date                            Annual      YTD    % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member     Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                     Membership                    Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid     Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 10

   609        Alexandria             36       22     61.11%     35                      72    72                10      25
  1503        Dale City             328      253     77.13%     35                     656   656       100                      100
  3150        Arlington             158      140     88.61%     35                     316   316        55             250
  7327        Springfield           130      134    103.08%     35                     260   260       140             200
  7916        Woodbridge            105       79     75.24%     35                     210   210
  8241        McLean                 43       27     62.79%                             86
  9274        Falls Church           56       42     75.00%     35                     112    112       30    23.95     50
  9478        Sterling               22       26    118.18%     35                      44     46
 Total (9)    District 10           878      723     82.35%                           1756   1672

District 11

    632       Harrisonburg          216      197     91.20%     35    5000             432   434        40              25
   1499       Lexington              71       66     92.96%     35                     142   142        20     44.6    200
   2216       Staunton              136       66     48.53%     35                     272   272        60             100
   2424       Waynesboro             41       40     97.56%     35                      82    82        20              25
   3136       Mt. Solon              19       17     89.47%     35                      38    38
   4204       Hot Springs            42       40     95.24%     35                      84    84
   7814       Staunton               19       10     52.63%     35                      38              40
   8279       Steeles Tavern         26       23     88.46%     35                      52    52        10              10
   8644       Bridgewater           109       94     86.24%     35     215             218   218        30
   9339       Stuarts Draft          53       30     56.60%                            106              40
   9480       Craigsville            23       11     47.83%     35                      46    44
  10826       Verona                 17        9     52.94%                             34
 Total (12)   District 11           772      603     78.11%                           1544
Date                             Annual      YTD     % to Date Hospital Donations 2.00 per member    Cancer Cancer Special Operation
10/28/2008                      Membership                     Banner Other Drug Amount       Paid    Pins Donations Project Uplink

District 12

   1994       Abingdon                35        34     97.14%     35                      70    70
   3782       Haysi                   19        22    115.79%                             38
   6975       Bristol                 71        69     97.18%                            142
   8652       Coeburn                 32         5     15.63%                             64
   8979       Clintwood               36        37    102.78%                             72
   9600       Pound                   55        23     41.82%                            110
  9830        Damascus                30         9     30.00%     35                      60             26      25
  10298       Pennington Gap          14         1      7.14%                             28
  10310       Ewing                   18        20    111.11%     35                      36    40
 Total (9)    District 12            310       220     70.97%                            620

District 13

   1827       Charlottesville         73        32     43.84%                            146
   2217       Orange                  23        16     69.57%     35                      46    44       20
  7638        Gordonsville            42        27     64.29%     35                      84    88
  8169        Scottsville              0        26    100.00%
  8436        Yancy Mills             30                0.00%                             60             20
  8947        Louisa                  59        33     55.93%                            118
  10574       Colonial Beach         110        36     32.73%                            220
 Total (7)    District 13            374       170     45.45%                            674

              Member at Large         51        61    119.61%

              Dept. Total           8481     6,211     73.23%
                                CANCER AID and RESEARCH

TO:    All District Presidents, Auxiliary Presidents and Members

FROM: Lee Miller, Dept. C.A.R. Chairman
      3907 Yorktown Drive
      Hopewell, VA 23860
                                                                             December 2008

        This General Order is primarily about the men in our lives. I said in my last General
Order that in this General Order we would discuss Prostate Cancer. Most all of us have
husbands, sons, fathers and other men in our lives that are so important to us. Most all of them
are veterans and have been in foreign countries, especially in Viet Nam where Agent Orange was

       These are just a few facts about Prostate Cancer and it may help in some cases.

        The age of the men most affected by this Cancer are 65 years or older, but if there has
been a family history of this disease you should be tested and examined by the age of 45. Rarely
is a man younger than that diagnosed with this disease. It is also noted that Prostate Cancer is
more common in the African-American male.

        Diets containing a lot of red meat and animal fat are contributing factors, so eating more
fruits and vegetables can be most beneficial. Eating a very well balanced diet and maintaining a
healthy weight can help decrease the chance of getting this disease.

         As in all things, getting a check-up and at the first sign of a problem getting professional
advice can help to stop this disease. By having a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test and a
digital rectal exam (DRE) prostate cancer can usually be found in its early stages. GET A

        I hope these simple facts have been helpful. In my next General Order we will
investigate pancreatic cancer.
                           Community Service
Carol Vangi                                                Phone: 757-621-5519
1024 Hullview Ave.                               
Norfolk, VA 23503                                          December, 2008

                                Our Dreams Become Rainbows
                   Live a Life of Love While Serving The Needs Of Others
                            Educate – Communicate - Participate

Disaster Preparedness: Organize a safety seminar with the aid of local police or fire
departments to cover weather preparedness and home safety. For those members of the Post,
Auxiliary or neighbor who may need assistance provide contact information so they know there
is someone they can call on in times of need. For more information go to , or

Safety: The holidays are here and time to think about safety in the home. The following tips
along with other great information can be found at

       •   When purchasing a live tree, inspect the tree for freshness by bending a few needles
           in half; if they snap in two the tree is dry.
       •   When you take you live tree home put it in a sturdy, no-tip tree stand and be sure to
           keep it filled with water at all times.
       •   Make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any flame or heat source.
       •   Never decorate trees with candles.
       •   Try to place tree near an outlet so that cords are not running long distances. Do not
           place the tree where it may block an exit.
       •   Inspect electrical lights and extension cords for wear and tear. Replace if any cords
           are frayed on damaged. Pay close attention to outdoors lights that have been exposed
           to winter weather conditions.
       •   Avoid cluttering outlets. String no more than three strands of lights together. Make
           sure that all lights have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label.
       •   When decorating indoors use only those lights listed for indoor use. Unplug all lights
           inside and outside before going to bed or leaving home.
       •   Safely dispose of the tree when it begins dropping needles. Dried-out trees are
           flammable and should be left inside the home or garage or placed against the house.
       •   Make sure your home has a working smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector and fire
           extinguishers. Be sure to install, test and maintain according to manufacturer
       •   Develop and practice a fire escape plan and make sure your overnight guests are
           familiar with the procedures.
Outstanding Community Volunteer: 2009 will be the 10th year of the Outstanding
Community Volunteer of the year. Remember the volunteer must be a member of the Ladies
Auxiliary for at least five years, cannot be nominated for the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Outstanding
Hospital Volunteer of the Year in the same year as nominated for this award and former national
winners are not eligible to compete again. The nomination forms are available at our department
website, or I will be happy to mail you the forms.

Awards Information: At the Winter Council meeting in January, 2009, I will present each
Auxiliary with a certificate who submits a publicity item promoting your Community Service
Event. Entries must be received by December 1, 2008. A drawing will be held from the entries
for a $25.00 award.

REMEMBER: Community Service is anything a person does that they DO NOT receive
compensation, is done in the name of Auxiliary, with Auxiliary approval and is voted on so that
it is a part of the minutes and official Auxiliary business. There is no value on time that can be
reported. It is most helpful to use the reporting form and complete the summary on the reporting
form. Don’t forget to count mileage in the cost of the project. $.14 per mile for each member that
participates in the project. You can e-mail the reports or send by mail. Reporting forms are
available on the department website. Don’t forget one project maybe
counted for more than one banner category. Keep those reports coming.

Department percentage – 43.6%

  Dist      No. of                                                                            %
                       Auxiliaries > NOT < Reported as of NOV 1010
  No.        Aux
     1         7         176     824   8252                                                   57%
     2         7                                                                             100%
     3        12        1426   2239    6364    8046    9224    9501   9808 10387              33%
    4         13         637   5313    8048    8759    8902    9855                           53%
    5          9        2820   7800    8467                                                   67%
    6          8        1444   2157    5311    7854                                           50%
    7          9         621   2123    2447    8613    9292    9660   9872                    22%
    8          3        2524                                                                  67%
     9         8        6000   7136    9696                                                   63%
    10         8         609   7916    8241    9478                                           50%
    11        12         632   1499    2216    2424    3136  4204     7814  8644  9480        25%
    12         8        1994   3782    6975    8652    8979  9600     9830 10298 10310         0%
    13         6        1827   2217    7638    8436    8947 10574                              0%
   Ines Kerch
1918 Storm Drive
Falls Church, VA 22043
  703-790-8221                                                              December 2008

It has come to our attention that some Auxiliaries are using the script for conducting Auxiliary meetings
that was intended for use by District Presidents.

Ladies, the conduct of business for Districts and for the Department is different from that for Auxiliaries.
Especially notable, Auxiliaries conduct business relating to Membership and this is excluded from the
business of Districts and of the Department.

Now, Ladies, what business can be more important to our organization than Membership!!

Auxiliary Presidents, please take note of the Auxiliary Order of Business below. Use this guide to
conduct the business of the Auxiliary.

If an Auxiliary President deviates from this Order of Business, a Point of Order may be made by an
Auxiliary Member to get the President back on track with the Order of Business. This is one of the rights
of any Member.

                           Auxiliary Order of Business
                 1.    Opening according to Ritual
                 2.    Escort of National and/or Department Officers
                 3.    Introduction of Guests, who are not escorted
                 4.    Reading and referring to Petitions for Membership
                 5.    Report of Investigating Committee
                 6.    Voting on Candidates
                 7.    Initiation
                 8.    Reading of minutes of previous meeting
                 9.    Treasurer’s Report of previous meeting
                 10.   Presentation of Bills
                 11.   Reading of official and other communications
                       This means, the Secretary reads the General Orders from the Department President,
                       then any other communications.
                       At the National Convention, it was approved that the General Orders from the
                       National President need no longer be read, inasmuch as it is printed in the Auxiliary
                       Remember, the program promotional material from the Department Chairmen are to
                     distributed by the Secretary, prior to the meeting.
                 12. Reports of Committees, Standing and Special
                     The Audit Report is the only report accepted by Motion.
                 13. Unfinished Business
                 14. New Business Report of Trustees and action thereon.
                     Trustees report any bills approved/disapproved by Trustees for payment.
                 15. Suggestions for the good of the order. Provide Guests an opportunity to speak.
                 16. Closing Ceremonies.
As promised last month, enclosed are the duties of the Auxiliary President (the presiding officer) and a
quick reference for conducting an Auxiliary Meeting, as furnished by Department Secretary Susie


For more information about how Districts and the Department conduct their Order of Business, please
refer to the Podium Edition Bylaws and Ritual.


New Year’s Resolution # 1:
                                             Become a student!

                              I will learn all I can learn about our organization!

                             As an educated Auxiliary Member, I am invaluable.

                     I CAN MAKE our Department’s “Dreams Become Rainbows.”


Uh, excuse me… We have work to do! But, before I go,

                Ladies, to one and all, I wish you the very best this Christmas
                            and throughout the New Year of 2009!

                                  May your families surround you
                                     and bring you warmth
                                      as you return to them
                                   and may joy fill your heart !!
                                     PRESIDING OFFICER

The duties of the Presiding Officer (President) are those listed in the bylaws, the
parliamentary authority, and those directed by the assembly. These include:
 1. Opening the meeting on time (a quorum must be present).
 2. Following a prepared agenda.
 3. Announcing business in order.
 4. Recognizing members entitled to the floor.
 5. Stating clearly all motions properly made and announcing the results of the vote.
 6. Ruling improper and frivolous motions out of order.
 7. Giving information and explanations when necessary but not expressing an opinion.
 8. Expediting business by the use of unanimous consent ("If there is no objection .. ") on routine
 9. Keeping order and enforcing the rules of debate.
10. Responding to inquiries and deciding questions of order.

The President should:
1. Be familiar with the Bylaws and other rules.
2. Prepare an agenda (Auxiliary Order of Business), determine if there is any unfinished
business to
   be considered, and contact officers and chairmen to find out if they will have reports.
3. Arrive early and check the physical arrangements of the meeting room.
4. Bring to the meeting the agenda, a copy of the bylaws, the parliamentary authority, a
timepiece, a
   calendar and a gavel.
5. Refer to yourself as the "chair" or "your president", never "I".
6. Be impartial and fair and have common sense, tact and a sense of humor.
7. Relinquish the chair when a motion is made which refers to her alone.
8. Stand when:
    a. Calling the meeting to order and adjourning it.
    b. Stating a motion, recognizing members seeking to discuss the motion and putting the
       to a vote.
    c. Explaining reasons for the ruling on a.point of order and speaking on an appeal.
 9.Be seated (or step back):
   a. During the reading of the minutes, reports, etc.
   b. When the floor has been assigned for debate.
10. Have the secretary seated nearby for convenience.

The President may:
1. Vote by ballot or if the results will be affected by her vote. (To make or break a tie.)
2. Take part in the debate by relinquishing the chair and not returning to the chair until the vote
on the
   issue has been taken and the results announced.

The President may not:
1. Monopolize the meeting.
2. Be a comic.
3. Lose control.
4. Allow improper interruptions.
5. Resent questions.
6. Be unprepared.
                             AUXILIARY ORDER OF BUSINESS (Agenda)

The President announces the Order of Business (items below in bold font.)

Call to Order: Secretary notes time called to order.

Roll Call: Secretary calls the Roll; individuals on the Roll stand long enough to be to be recognized by
the Conductress; Conductress announces whether Present or Absent.
         President appoints Pro-tems for absent officers. Pro-tems serve in the absence of another only
for that meeting for which appointed.

Ritualistic Opening Ceremonies: Members are not admitted by Guard into meeting until Ritualistic
Practices have been concluded.

Escort or Introduction of Guests: In order, as follows: 1 - National Officers ; 2 - Department Officers;
3 - District Officers; 4 - Auxiliary Guests.

Reading and Referring of Petitions for Membership
      Secretary reads the application(s). Refer also to Booklet of Instructions. Before the meeting, all
      applications should have been given to the Secretary by the “member who is Recommending,”
      with dues attached, and reviews it for proper completion. If incomplete, it is returned by the
      Secretary to the Recommender.
      Report of Investigating Committee: If the Investigating Committee has not yet been appointed,
      the President will assign members to the Committee to examine the applicant’s proof of eligibility.
      The report may be presented at the next meeting.
      Voting on Candidates: If favorable, the Secretary passes the application and dues to Treasurer
      via Conductress. If unfavorable, the Secretary writes “Rejected” and date on application, then
      passes to Treasurer via Conductress.
      Initiation: if applicable, or desired.

Reading of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting: If no objection, Minutes are accepted with, or without

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer reads in detail receipts and disbursements. If no objection, “The
Treasurer’s Report is accepted, subject to Audit.” The Secretary notes in her minutes the balance
forward, total receipts (deposits), total disbursements (both checks or bank charges) and the ending

Presentation of Bills: All are read by the Secretary: From (name) ($ amount), for ( ,,,,.). After being
read, the Conductress gets Bills from the Secretary, takes them with a pen, to the Trustees for their
examination and approval. She waits for each to perform this, in turn. Then delivers the bills and receipts
to the Treasurer. (While this is being done, meeting continues.) Conductress returns to her station.

Reading of Official and other Communications: Read all received in this order: 1 - National, if any;
2 -Department General Orders; 3 - Department correspondence; 4 - District correspondence; 5 - Auxiliary
correspondence; 6 - thank you cards and notes from members; 7 - correspondence from non-auxiliary

Report of Committees: Chaplain, appointed chairman for National Programs; Audit Report, when due.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Business to be concluded from previous meeting(s). Secretary maintains

NEW BUSINESS: Draping of the Charter, Election of Officers, advance new projects for approval by

Report of Trustees: Pay bills presented at meeting today. Trustee (# 1, 2, or 3) will say. “The Trustees
have examined the bills and recommend that they be paid (or, “Except item relating to …. because …”)

Suggestions for the Good of the Order: Guests invited to speak and address the members.
Ritualistic Closing Ceremonies: Secretary notes time of adjournment and prompts President with next
meeting date.
                                 Department of Virginia
                                     Hospital & VAVS
                             General Orders - December 2008
Robin Milewski                                        Phone: (757) 223-5763
207 Coinjock Run                                      E-mail:
Yorktown, Virginia 23693
Dear Sisters,
         The Holidays are upon us! I know that every Auxiliary has been working hard and
planning their upcoming events around our hospitalized Veterans. I encourage all the Auxiliaries
to contact their VAVS Hospital Representative and ask for a copy of the VA Voluntary Services
(VAVS) NEEDS LIST. I have already received the Hampton VA Hospital NEEDS LIST and it
definitely makes planning easier. Also, donations for the VA hospitals may be sent to our
Department Treasurer earmarked for a specific cause such as ditty bags.

       Please remember that hosting the holiday parties at the VA Hospitals everyone needs to
be aware of the new guidelines. While serving, food servers must wear gloves and a hairnet (or
hat). There are specific guidelines for food items. Do not be caught unaware – contact your
VAVS Representative for any policy changes. We want everyone to have a healthy and happy
holiday season!
        Checks have been a little slow so, Sisters, I need to stress the importance that all of our
Auxiliaries send at least (you may send more) the required $35.00 for the Hospital Program, to
the State Treasurer, Debbie Martin, as soon as possible (NOW!). This money is needed to keep
our VFW Ladies Auxiliary Hospital Program running. To provide aid and comfort to our
hospitalized veterans is a core reason that we exist, and this token is to ensure that our VAVS
Representatives are able to perform the duties to our veterans that we have at times taken for
granted. We need to keep this Program’s heart beating, our heart beating, for the good of our
        Please remember that the Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project continues throughout the
year. This is a therapeutic writing program designed to acknowledge veterans’ experiences and
build self-esteem through creative expression and gives the opportunity of publication in
Veterans’ Voices. I encourage you to contact your area VA Medical Center or HVWP
Headquarters, 5920 Nall, Room 105, Mission, Kansas 66202-3456 or visit Veterans’ Voices is published in March, July and October.
        I hope by now that every Auxiliary (yes – I mean EVERY AUXILIARY) has requested
their copy of the VAVS AND HOSPITAL VOLUNTEER GUIDE (the pink booklet). If you
have not you can request one by writing to: Ladies Auxiliary VFW, 406 W. 34th Street, 10th
Floor, Kansas City, MO 64111. NOTE: National will not accept
requests over the telephone or fill requests for more than 1 copy at a time. It is a fountain of
valuable information that will come in quite handy.
       As I know that many of our ladies spend numerous hours volunteering at the VA Medical
Centers and hospitals, I would like the Auxiliary Presidents to start working on their choice for
the VAVS National Advisory Committee’s (NAC) Outstanding Adult Volunteer of the Year.
Please submit your nomination to me (Department Chairman) by January 1st, 2009. Nominations
must be typed and not exceed 300 words. I will judge them and the Department winner will then
be submitted to National. Remember, we have many sisters that volunteer every day and each is
deserving of recognition. I must have entries in order to forward a deserving individual to
       This is a reminder, there will be a drawing at the Winter Council in Williamsburg for
$25, for the auxiliaries that have turned in the banner requirement of $35 to the Department
Treasurer (Debbie Martin), earmarked for the Hospital & VAVS Program and turned in at least
one completed report. At the State Convention, all Auxiliaries that have turned in their banner
requirement and completed at least one project/event will receive a certificate. Auxiliaries that
have gone above and beyond will be recognized and will participate in a drawing for $50.

        Our National President, Dixie Hilde’s theme “Our dreams become rainbows” can not be
incorporated in a better way than by supporting our Hospital & VAVS program. The smiling
face of a volunteer shows our veteran’s that their dreams are not just possible, but they are within
their reach. Commitment, dedication and caring by our volunteers, is the true example of the
Department of Virginia’s President Mary Profitt’s theme “Live a life of love while serving the
needs of others”.

       A kind word and a smile can make all the difference in the world to a veteran. Start early
and report often!
                                          Thank you,
                                          Robin Milewski
                                          Hospital & VAVS Committee Chairman

It is amazing that love can transform your life forever.
Status: (not reported as of 10 Nov 08)
Dist 1: 176
Dist 2: 4411, 8545, 9382
Dist 3: 1426, 4639, 6364, 8046, 9224, 10387, 10657
Dist 4: 2584, 7897, 8759, 8902
Dist 5: 1115, 2820
Dist 6: 1444, 2157, 4522, 7854
Dist 7: 2123, 2447, 8613, 9292, 9872
Dist 8: 100% Congrats!
Dist 9: 6000, 7136, 7969, 9640
Dist 10: 8241, 9478
Dist 11: 9480, 10826
Dist 12: 3782, 6975, 8652, 8979, 9600, 9830, 10298, 10310
Dist 13: 1827, 8436, 8947, 10574
                            MCGUIRE V. A. MEDICAL CENTER
                                  DECEMBER 2008

First thing on the list is to THANK YOU for what you do for our Veterans at McGuire Hospital.
It means so much to them to know that you care about them! Your visits, the time you spend
making cakes, sandwiches and all the other goodies you bring makes for big smiles.

The second thing is the STAND DOWN FOR HOMELESS VETERANS will take place
December 17th in the multi-purpose room. We need money and new or gently worn warm
clothing. We have one “Stand Down in the fall to get them ready for cold weather and one in
the spring for warmer weather. Last fall I used donation of $1200 on long underwear, socks,
gloves and hats. Just about everything was gone in one hour. Please help me make sure our real
heroes stay warm this winter. The extra large and extra, extra large sizes are what is needed.
The XXX and XXXX sizes are very hard to find. If your Auxiliary can help us please contact

The Fisher House was dedicated in the summer and has quite a few residents at this time. They
are family members of patients at the hospital. The Fisher House is located on the grounds of the
hospital so transportation is no longer a problem.

We’re gearing up for the Holidays and thing get really busy. I wanted to be sure to wish all of
you the very best Holiday season. Best you for all you do.

                           LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH!!!!!

Dale McIntosh Bowman
V.A.V.S. Representative
McGuire V.A. Medical Center
                       Legislative and VFW Political Action Committee
                                Our Dreams Become Rainbows
                 (As we) Live a Life of Love While Serving the Needs of Others

                                      Deborah J. Branham
                                    339 Sanctuary Farm Rd.
                                       Haysi, VA 24256


What an exciting election year we have had! How wonderful to have been a part of such a
history making election! Voting ‘08 is over and Voters have spoken. Voting is a way of telling
legislators that constituents have Voices and Voting power. Having a Voice in our government
is democracy and that is what our Veterans have fought for throughout time. It is a privilege and
a right that people of other countries would love to be able to exercise. Our Votes have been
cast. Our Votes have been counted. Our Votes has been heard around the world. That is how a
democracy works and the world has witnessed it in progress throughout the ’08 elections. The
world will also see that despite differences within a democracy, it will work for the good of the

You have worked hard in this ’08 election. You have worked hard for your candidates and you
GOTV in ’08. You for Voters registered. You got Voters informed and involved. You got
Voters to the polls to Vote. Congratulations!! Thank all of you for your dedication.

Now that the Voting process is over, it is time for us to push up our sleeves and see to it that the
candidates that we voted into office recognize the agenda of the VFW Legislative and Security
Priority Goals. It is Vital that we get this agenda to the legislators and to the general public. We
know, as members of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary, what Veterans and their families may need.
But do others??

Here is where we need to contact those legislators via personal contact and media. Here is where
we need to launch a campaign to do just that. Make plans to utilize the phone tree you set up a
few months ago. Have your members to call and write these legislators that were Voted in office
in ‘08 to GTWO (Get The Word Out). I will send you a copy of the VFW Legislative &
Security Goals and an updated list of legislators and their addresses and phone numbers via your
District President at our Winter Conference along with some other materials. You may send the
legislators a letter of congratulation, introduce yourself, offer your services, and included a copy
of the VFW Legislative & Security Goals. We must encourage legislators to always keep
Veteran issues utmost on their priority list and to Vote according. Be informed and inform
others. Don’t forget to read your VFW Ladies Auxiliary magazine, VFW Checkpoint newsletter
and VFW Washington Weekly and to go online to the following websites for updates.

Remember a string (you) is stronger when combined with others (our auxiliary, our state, and our
national) to form a rope. Sometimes we feel like we are holding on by a thread but we are in a
sisterhood. As our relatives were in battles that made them Veterans, we are in battles to see that
promises made to Veterans are kept and that the VFW goals are priorities. We Live a Life of
Love While Serving the Needs of Others so that Our Dreams Become Rainbows for our Veterans
and their families.

Speaking of hard work, you all are certainly putting me to work. Reports are flooding in. I
know that many of you are waiting to send your report in after the ‘08 elections. And that is
fine!! I want to thank all of you for “bombarding” me with your reports. Many of you have sent
multiple reports. I enjoy hearing from you. I am curious to see which district gets 100% of their
auxiliaries reported. Keep them coming!! If I have omitted your auxiliary’s reports, forgive me
but let me know the oversight so that I can correct the error.

Remember I enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to write, call, or email me to file your reports or
is I can assist you in some way.

Here are the reporting auxiliaries.

District 1--824, 5500, 7167 for 43% Not to be overlooked, closing in!!
District 2--392, 993, 4809, 9382 for 57% 2nd place with sights on 1st!
District 3-- 8356 for 8%
District 4--622, 8048, 8163 for 21%
District 5--115, 4637, 7568 for 33%
District 6--1033. 1264. 2157 for 38%
District 7--1860, 2447, 9660, 9760 for 44% 3rd place and not far behind!
District 8-- 7589 for 33%
District 9--1184 for 13%
District 10--609, 1503, 3150, 7327, 9274 for 63% In first place as of now!
District 11--1499, 2424 for 25%
District 12--1994, 8979 for 25%
District 13--8947 and our latest auxiliary! For 29%
It is obvious that some auxiliaries are going for the POT OF GOLD prizes. The race is on!!
                              MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM
                                        December 2008

To:    District Presidents, Auxiliary Presidents, Treasures, Membership Chairmen
          and Auxiliary members.

CC:    Colette Bishop, National Membership Director
       Susan Simmons, Southern Conference Chairman

From: Betty Gimble, Department Membership Chairman
      12604 Harbor Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192
      Email:      703-491-9249

                  “Live a life of love while serving the needs of others” and
                               “Our Dreams Become Rainbows”

DUES     DUES     DUES      DUES DUES         DUES     DUES     DUES DUES

We are holding our round-ups so where are our dues. You have been working hard on
membership but we must work a little harder. As of October 31st the membership was
6, 214 for 73.06%. We need 1,016 members to be 85% by the end of December but if we work
hard, there is no reason we cannot reach 100% by December 31st. I know that we can count on
each of you to continue to Recruit, Reinstate and Retain as we search for our pot of gold (100%
in membership).

Now is the time to make the phone calls to the members who have not paid their 2009 dues. If
necessary make a visit to the members. Sometimes that personal contact works great. Remind
the members that to be a member in good standing their 2009 dues must be received by
December 31st. They will not be allowed to attend meetings until their dues are paid.

In order for the dues to reach National by December 31st, Debbie must have time to prepare the
paperwork and mail the dues and with the holidays, the mail will be moving a little slower. So
do not wait until after Christmas to mail your dues to Debbie.

The National Membership Director has suggested that Auxiliaries set up a payment plan for life
membership. At this time, National does not offer such a plan but an Auxiliary may have one. I
know that some of our Auxiliaries already have the plan in place and this is a very good way to
increase your life membership. Before you decide to do this, please talk to your Auxiliary
Treasurer and make sure that it is okay with her because this will cause more work for her. You
may elect to have a three or four month plan. The Treasurer will wait until she has received the
full payment before she sends the full payment to Debbie, the Department Treasurer.
Remember, when you send Debbie a check for membership, it should be made out to “Ladies
Auxiliary VFW, Dept of VA” and mailed to Debbie Martin, 539 Westwood Road, Ruckersville,
VA 22968. Do not make the checks out to Debbie Martin.

If I can be of assistance to you, please call me.

I, along with the other membership chairmen, just received an email from Colette Bishop,
National Membership Director. She wanted to congratulation us because as of October 31st the
National membership is almost 2 percentage points ahead of this time last year. She also wanted
me to extend her thanks to all of the Auxiliary Treasurers for all of your efforts in getting the
dues transmitted.

I wish for all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
                           PRESIDENT MARYS –SPECIAL PROJECT
                                    NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION 
Mary Smart 
13749 Mahoney Drive 
Woodbridge, VA. 2219 
Dear Sisters 
Thank you to the 32 auxiliaries and the Junior Girl unit for sending in your donations.  All donations to 
this worthy cause are greatly appreciated. 
Chronic Kidney disease in the U.S. has increased by more than 20% over the last decade, causing loss of 
life and the high rise cost of health care according to the 2008 annual report released by the U.S. Renal 
Data System. The increasing effect, now estimated to affect more than 26 million adult Americans. They 
say adding fish twice a week will lower the risk of kidney disease in people who have diabetes. 
Here is a recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey from the Kidney Foundation 
Roast Turkey with Fresh Sage 
1 teaspoon canola oil 
1‐12 lbs Turkey 
½ yellow onion 
1bunch fresh sage (.75 oz.) 
2 teaspoon poultry seasoning 
Sprinkle cavity of turkey poultry seasoning and place sage and onion in the cavity. Oil the bottom of 
roasting pan with the oil and place turkey in roasting pan. Heat oven to 350 degree and cook for 2 ½ to 3 
I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  
Loyally Yours 
Mary Smart 
                                    Veterans & Family Support News
                   Department of Virginia                                                2008-2009
                                         December 2008
For: Department President, PDPs, Line Officers, District Presidents, Auxiliary Presidents, V&FS Chairmen,
        Members, National Program Director and Southern Conference Program Chairman
                            “Our Dreams Become Rainbows”
              “Live a Life of Love while Meeting the Needs of Others”

               Bottom Line Up Front                                 406 West 34th Street
   December is a time when the temperatures across                  Kansas City, MO 64111.
our great state start to drop and we pull out our                  Checks made out to “VFW National military Services”
warmer, heavier clothes. Take this time to look through         allows the VFW Foundation to utilize the funds where
your closet. Do you have some winter clothing that is           needed and to transfer monies to the various funds. If
still in good shape, but you do not wear anymore? Are           auxiliaries utilize this method, they will receive
there some coats that you do not need anymore?                  credit for 2 of the areas for banner requirements.
Think about cleaning these items and donating them to           •    Assistance to veterans and their families.
the VA hospitals, nursing homes, or even the local                   With the Holidays in full swing, if the Post home is
shelters.                                                       having a Christmas dinner or pot luck meal, thing about
   At the time of the writing of this                           inviting the local military and veterans to enjoy the feast
                                                                with you. Contact you local National Guard unit or
promotion, the details for the flight                           Keep track of these hours and trips, and then report on
locations and times were not known                              them. Let me know of the generosity and helpfulness
                                                                of the sisters to our comrades and their families.
for the Snowball Express. Once
                                                                     Military Assistance Program (MAP)
they are known, the airports and
                                                                  The donations to MAP have been outstanding. All of
departure times will be posted on                               the monies donated help our Military and their families
the department website. Please visit                            to ease the pain of separation while the troops are
                                                                being deployed. Please take the time to look over the for the latest                                 MAP program and to consider working with another
information.                                                    group to complete the application and receive a MAP
•   Wreaths Across America - Mark your                                       UNMET Needs Program
    calendars for December 13, 2008 to help                        Donations to UNMET Needs can go so far to help
    with the laying of the wreaths!                             those who have and are sacrificing so much for our
 Don’t forget to publicize what you have done                   freedom. Thank you for the donations that you have
or are planning to do for our Veterans and their                made to date. Keep them coming!
families.    Print flyers, and publish in the local                If you know of a veteran family who is experiencing
newspaper! I have been getting some very nice                   some difficult times, talk to them about UNMET Needs.
articles that show that our auxiliaries are doing some          Let them know that they can get financial assistance to
great things in their communities for our veterans.             help with some of the expenses that may be piling up.
Keep it up Ladies!                                              Some of the areas that UNMET Needs help in are:
                                                                        • Infant formula              • Eyeglasses
           Veterans & Family Support                                    • Prescriptions               • Groceries
  Reports of donations are coming into my mailbox                       • Toiletries                  • Diapers
every day.     Thank you for you hard work and
                                                                        • Vehicle repair/maintenance • Home repair
generosity. Our troops and their families appreciate all that
you have done and are continuing to do.                                 • Transportation expenses     • Appliance repair
  Just remember, if your auxiliary does not want to be                  • Mortgage Assistance          • Rent
specific in sending monies to MAP, Operation Uplink,               If you know of a military family that could use
UNMET Needs or Adopt-A-Unit, donations can be                   assistance in one of these areas or others, please
made to:                                                        contact you District POC, the Department Chairman or
    VFW National Military Services                              your Post Quartermaster for the forms.
    Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

                                                           Page 1
                                   Veterans & Family Support News
                   Department of Virginia                                            2008-2009
                                         December 2008
                  Operation Uplink                                  VFW National Home for Children
  Our troops cherish the Operation Uplink cards that
they receive so they can make those special phone
                                                                                  BECOME A STAR!!!
calls home to hear the voices of their family. Please                              Are you a Star? Generous
consider donating as much as you can to Operation                             contributors to the National Home are
Uplink. This program also includes the Internet Café.                         formally recognized through the Star
Our brave men and women serving for our freedom               Donor Program. This annual program is just one way of
really enjoy and appreciate the few minutes and times         saying thank you for supporting the unique and
that they can communicate with their loved ones back          important mission of the National Home. Recognition
home. National is giving a citation to every Auxiliary,       levels are based on either individual or organizational
District, Department, and Junior Girl Unit that give at       giving.
least a $100.00 one-time donation. Make Operation                 Organizational Giving Levels
Uplink an on-going donation.                                           • Bronze - $500-$999
                                                                       • Silver - $1,000 - $1,999
              Adopt-A-Unit Program                                     • Gold - $2,000 - $4,999
   Several auxiliaries have adopted a unit or have                     • Platinum - $5,000 or more
adopted a soldier. The care packages and other                     All cash and stock donations made in either an
donations are so appreciated by our troops. With it           individual’s name or by an organization are counted
being the holiday time, try to send some holiday articles     towards a Star Donor level. Life Membership fees,
in your packages - candy, stockings, socks, and of            souvenir purchases, annuities, gifts-in-kind and
course toiletry items. Don’t forget that there are women      intended pledges are not included.
serving also and they would like to have some female               The Star Donor Program for organizations runs on
items sent so that they know they are thought about.          the VFW/Ladies Auxiliary year from July 1-June 30.
   I know there are National Guard and service Reserve        VFW Posts and their Ladies Auxiliaries, Military Order
units throughout Virginia and at least one is probably in     of the Cootie Pup Tents and their Auxiliaries, Districts
your district. Many of these units are deployed either        and Departments and other organizations all quality for
overseas or to a base/post in the country to serve            recognition. Recognition is presented to qualifying
during the War on Terrorism. Please think seriously           organizations at the VFW National Convention each
about adopting one of these units. Team up with               summer. Otherwise, the recognition will be presented
another Post/auxiliary or even do it as a District. Your      by a National Home representative or mailed directly to
District POC has the forms for adopting a local unit.         the organization.
For the families of the unit that you adopt, invite them to     To find out more about the VFW National Home and
Post/Auxiliary functions or host a special dinner or lunch    the Star Donor Program the Campbell’s product labels
for them. This will make them feel special and know           and much more, visit or
that you are supporting them.                                 contact your District Chairman.
                    Buddy Poppy                                                  Fisher House
                   Veteran’s Day has come and gone,              A Fisher House is "a home away from home" for
               but the Buddy Poppy goes beyond that           families of patients receiving medical care at major
               special day. Have a Poppy Drive during         military and VA medical centers. The homes are
               the holidays. Every little bit helps. When     normally located within walking distance of the
you go to visit the VA Hospital or the nursing home,          treatment facility or have transportation available.
take some Poppies with you and give them to the                    Donations are needed for the upkeep and
patients, let them know that the poppy stands for the         maintenance of each house and to supplement the
sacrifices they have made and that you are proud of           stays of the families that come there. Thank you for
them and their service to this great country. Did you         what you have given so far and please continue to
know that the monies collected for the Buddy Poppies          donate.
also goes to our VA Hospitals?                                        Wreaths Across America
    When you wear the Buddy Poppy, WEAR IT                       December 13, 2008 is coming this
PROUDLY! That’s the motto on each and every one of
our Buddy Poppies. We are proud of our veterans and
                                                              month and the orders for the wreaths
proud of what they have given us for our freedom.             are already in. Call you local National
Make the Buddy Poppy your daily corsage.                      Cemetery location leaders to make

                                                         Page 2
                                   Veterans & Family Support News
                   Department of Virginia                                               2008-2009
                                         December 2008
arrangements to help place the wreaths                                          Bruce Biggs, 804-932-9384
                                                                Staunton        Staunton National Cemetery
on the graves.                                                                  Lt. Greg Sykes, 540-241-4779
    Some cemeteries appreciate refreshments for the             Suffolk         Albert Horton Memorial Veterans Cemetery
participants. Perhaps your auxiliary (along with another                        Lt. Col. Dean Gould, 757-484-5760
organization) can provide drinks, snacks, and                   Triangle        Quantico National Cemetery
                                                                                Capt. Clifton Pleasant, 540-538-7999
memorabilia for the event. What a wonderful way to
                                                                Winchester      Winchester National Cemetery
support this program.                                                            Capt. C.J. Muncy, 540-551-9968
    The locations and Points of Contact (location               Yorktown        Yorktown National Cemetery
leaders) for each cemetery are:                                                 Jean Mull, 804-733-1131

     City                       Cemetery Name
Alexandria       Alexandria National Cemetery                              VFW Service Officer Education
                 Patrick Gallagher, 703-360-4543                    Your Post Service Officer is an invaluable tool to
Amelia           VA Veterans Cemetery at Amelia                 the families of our veterans. The Service officer can
                 Lt. Mike McManus, 804-897-5747
                                                                provide assistance with eligibility and helping with the
Arlington        Arlington National Cemetery
                 Wayne Hanson, Call Wreaths Across
                                                                VA system for benefits. Find out what your can do to
                 America HQ at 207-483-2039                     help him/her with obtaining the benefits and the VA
Culpeper         Culpeper National Cemetery                     Healthcare System.
                 David & Elaine Price, 703-768-0682
Danville         Danville National Cemetery
                 Tony Turner, 434-728-1968
Hampton          Hampton National Cemetery
                 Anyone who answers, 757-723-7104                   The details and information for the Snowball
                                                                Express are not known as of the writing of the
                 Hampton VA National Cemetery – VAMC
                 Anyone who answers, 757-723-7104
                                                                promotion. Once the airports, times and locations are
Hopewell         City Point National Cemetery                   known, the information will be posted on the
                 Jean Mull, 804-733-1131                        Department website. Please check there to find out
Leesburg         Union Cemetery                                 more. If your auxiliary is not near one of the airports,
                 Maj. Jeffrey can Etten, 703-808-1200           you can still contribute by sending a care package of
                                                                goodies for the children and their families to the
                 Balls Bluff National Cemetery
                                                                districts that the airports are located in. Last year the
                 Robert Dawson, 703-499-6169
                                                                two airports in Virginia were Dulles Airport (District 10)
Lynchburg        Old City Cemetery Museums & Arboretum
                 Rachel Shenigo, 434-384-7041                   and Norfolk Airport (Districts 1 and 2).
Mechanicsville   Cold Harbor National Cemetery                                 Scholarship Program
                 Anyone who answers, 804-795-1064
                                                                    Haven’t you or your spouse ever thought how great
Powell Valley    Powell Valley Veterans Memorial Gardens
                 Mrs. Joyce Palmer, 276-565-3512
                                                                it would be realtor or a teacher’s assistant. Perhaps
Richmond         Richmond National Cemetery                     you would like to complete your degree or certificate in
                 Sam Tinsley, 804-733-0808                      a particular specialty. The National Ladies Auxiliary
                                                                VFW will be offering four Continuing Education
                 Fort Harrison National Cemetery                Scholarships in each Membership Conference.
                 2Lt Kate Baird, 804-273-9877                   Members, their spouses and their children are eligible
                 Glendale National Cemetery                     for one of four $1,000 scholarships. Applications can
                 Anyone who answers, 757-723-7104               be obtained from your District Chairman.
Salem            Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium                    Deadline for submitting an application to the
                 Vicki Sword, 540-375-3004                      Department is February 1, 2009.
Sandston         Seven Pine National Cemetery
                                    Lorraine (Laine) Beckwith
                  Veterans and Family Support Chairman, Department of Virginia
                            41 Kings Point Drive, Hampton, VA 23669
                          (757) 722-0235, e-mail:

                                                           Page 3
                                Veterans & Family Support News
                Department of Virginia                                        2008-2009
                                      December 2008
Reports as of 11/5/08
  DIST      0 OF 5            1 OF 5        2 OF 5          3 OF 5        4 OF 5         5 OF 5      6+
    1    176   6002     824                              3219                        5500   7167

    2    8545           3160     4411                    392    993
                        4809     9382
    3    1426   9224    2239     6364                                                9501   10654
         4639   9808    8356
         6364   10387
         8046   10657
    4    637    8759    662              7166   8048                   7819                         9855
         2584   8902    7059
         5313           8163
    5    2820           647      4637    1115            8467          8243                         7568
                        7726     7800
    6    1444   4522    1841     2157                    1033                        1264
         7854           5311
    7    2123   9292    8613     9872    621    2447     9660                                       9760
    8                   7589             3103   2524
    9    4667   7328             6000                                                               1184
         7136   7969                                                                                9696
   10           8241    609                              3150   9274   7327                         1503
                9478                                                                                7916
   11           9480    632      7814    9339            2424          2216   8644                  1499
                        3136     8279
                        4204     10826
   12    3782   9600    1994
         6975   9830
         8652   10298
         8979   10310
   13    1827   8947    2217     7638    8436

                           OK FOLKS – LET’S GET THOSE REPORTS IN!!
                                  IS 25 CENTS PER MEMBER
                         BASED ON YOUR JUNE 30, 2008 MEMBER COUNT

                                                     Page 4

Debbie Weekley
VOD/Patriot’s Pen Chairman
595 Bowman Road
Dayton, VA 22821
Phone: (540) 879-2066

It is now too late to participate in the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen for 2008-09 at the
Post and Auxiliary level. Your Post and Auxiliary should have already picked up entries from the
schools, home-schooled students and others. This needed to be done by November 1st.

Completion of your Post and Auxiliary judging should have been done by November 15th and
forwarded on to the District Chairman for the District Judging, that needs to be completed by
December 6th. If you have not done so, please forward your first place entries in both the Voice
of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen to the District Chairman. If you do not know whom your District
Chairman is, please contact your District President or District Commander. Make sure to include
all of the information that is required to be eligible.

After the District Judging is completed on December 6th, District entries need to be mailed to the
Department Chairman for each program. Mail entries to:

       For Voice of Democracy:        Earle P. Weekley, Jr.
                                      595 Bowman Road
                                      Dayton, VA 22821

       For Patriot’s Pen:             Don Hall
                                      836 A North Augusta Street
                                      Staunton, VA 24401

Again, be sure that you have completed all of the necessary information so that your District is
not disqualified because of something missing.

I will be working with both Comrades Buddy and Don in the Department judging for these two

Department winners will be announced and awards will be presented at the Winter Council of
Administration Meeting on Saturday evening during the banquet.

All other awards will be presented at the on Thursday night at the State Convention in June are:

       $30 to the Auxiliary with the best overall entry in both the Voice of Democracy and
               Patriot’s Pen
       $20 to the Auxiliary with the best promotion and/or participation in the Voice of
               Democracy Program
       $15 to the Auxiliary with the best recognition of our Voice of Democracy Program
       $20 to the Auxiliary with the best promotion and/or participation in the Patriot’s Pen
       $15 to the Auxiliary with the best recognition of our Patriot’s Pen Program

Reports are coming in very slowly. I know that some of you are waiting until the job is done
before sending a report. I am looking forward to hearing from those Auxiliaries that have not
reported as of November 1st.

Auxiliaries NOT reported:
     2     3160    4411     8545    9382
     3     1426    2239     4639    6364    8046    8356    9224    9501     10387     10654        10657
     4     622     637      7059    7166    7819    7897    8163    8759     9954
     5     647     2820     4637    7726    7800    8467
     6     1444    1841     4522    5311    7854
     7     621     2123     2447    8613    9292    9600    9872
     8     3103    7589
   10      609     1503     3150    7916    8241    9274    9478
   11      632     1499     2216    2424    3136    4204    7814    9339      9480     10826

I have received NO reports from Auxiliaries in the First, Ninth, Twelfth or Thirteenth Districts.

                               From My Home to Yours
                            May You and Your Families
                        Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

      Just a reminder that all Ways & Means Orders
        Quilt Tickets and Monies should be sent to:

                       Mary Horne, Chairman
                       1307 Thornhill Road
                       Lexington, VA 24450

                       Telephone: (540) 463-5798

Quilt tickets and money must be received prior to January
12th to be included in the drawing at Williamsburg!

There will be a limited supply of President Mary’s red shirts
available for sale at Williamsburg, as well as shirts from
previous years. Send prepaid orders to me at the above

By popular demand, Sunshine Dish Clothes, RADA Knives
and Utensils will be available. Also, some very decorative
handmade centerpieces.

Anyone who has items to donate to the Ways and Means
table should contact me at the above number.

                                     Mary Horne
                   DECEMBER 2008

Fran Simmons, Chairman                           E-mail:
76 Eldridge Drive                                Phone: (540) 636-9235
Front Royal, VA. 22630

                               “OUR DREAMS BECOME RAINBOWS”


The Holidays have arrived. I’m sure you are busy planning activities with your friends
and family. Please don’t forget the families that may not be as lucky as you are. Many of
our troops will be away this Christmas. They will miss the hustle and bustle of the
holidays as they continue their jobs in foreign countries. With today’s economy, other
families may be struggling to make ends meet. It’s a difficult time for the family,
especially the children. If possible try to make it easier by having a party, purchasing
toys, groceries or a gift card.

I would like to encourage you to continue to work on our Programs.

    Youth Supporting Our Troops would include sending cards and letters. I’m sure
they would be delighted to hear from you especially at this time of the year.

     Outstanding Young Volunteers may be found working in hospitals, nursing homes,
churches and schools. Don’t forget to check in these areas.

   There is still time to contact your local schools about our Patriotic Art Program. An
additional $500 scholarship has been added to this year’s winners. We now have eight
scholarships to be awarded ranging from $10,000 to $500.

    Continue to nurture our Junior Girls. It’s time to begin working with the girls, ages
13-16 on their scholarship applications.

The following Awards will be presented at our June Convention.

1. Young Volunteer of the Year Award - $100.00
2. Best overall Youth Program - $50.00
3. Best Youth Supporting Our Troops Program - $50.00
4. Patriotic Art Winners – 1st place - $150.00, 2nd place - $100.00, 3rd place - $75.00

Junior Girls – I have two awards to give. Please take a moment and let me hear from you.
I know that you’ve been doing some wonderful work. Your report doesn’t need to be
detailed. Simply send me a list of some of your accomplishments.

Auxiliaries Not Reported as of Nov. 9, 2008:
District 1: 176, 6002
District 2: 4411, 8545, 9382
District 3: 1426, 2239, 4639, 6364, 8046, 8356, 9224, 9501, 9808, 10387, 10657
District 4: 622, 637, 2584, 5313, 7059, 7897, 8048, 8759, 8902, 9855, 9954
District 5: 647, 1115, 2820, 4637, 7726, 7800, 8243, 8467
District 6: 1444, 1841, 2157, 4522, 5311, 7854
District 7: 621, 2123, 8613, 9292, 9660, 9872
District 8: 2524, 3103, 7589
District 9: 1184, 4667, 6000, 7136, 7328, 7969, 9640, 9696
District 10: 1503, 3150, 7916, 8241, 9478
District 11: 632, 1499, 2216, 2424, 3136, 4204, 7814, 8644, 9339, 9480, 10826
District 12: 1994, 3782, 6975, 8652, 8979, 9600, 9830, 10298, 10310
District 13: 1827, 2217, 7638, 8436, 8947, 10574

       Wishing you the best of the Holiday Season.

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