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Airport Limousine Advice

                                   Easy answers to all your airport limousine service questions. Don't make the common mistakes, read and learn
                                   the easiest way to renta limo for airport pick up r drop off.

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                                   The most important factor to think about when renting an airport limo is to decide on how many passengers will
                                   need transportation. Airport transfers can be uncomfortable if the limo is crammed with the maximum amount of
                                   people and their luggage. For three passengers or less a sedan would be a good size, leaving enough room for

                                   There are different types of sedans to choose from sometimes. The Lincoln Town Car is not the only sedan
                                   available. If you want to ride in style ask for the Mercedes to pick you up. Having a group of up to 5 passengers
                                   you might be able to get by in a small SUV with still enough room for the entire luggage. With a group of 5-7
                                   passengers a 10 passenger stretch Lincoln would be the best bet. Remember to keep in mind even if a car is
                                   stretched, it is stretched for passenger capacity not stretched in its trunk. 8-10 passengers?max would seat
                                   comfortable in a 14 passenger stretch Lincoln limousine without feeling too crammed inside with
                                   passengers?luggage. Any amount of people over 10 an SUV would be a good size to leave comfort room for
                                   passengers and leave room for luggage as well. Keep in mind that if some passengers are children with no
                                   luggage then you may be able to add a person or more in the limousine.

                                   If there are any special requests please be sure to let the customer service agent know when booking a
                                   reservation. If any additional charges need to be made they will be discussed and added to the rate. All stretch
                                   limousines and SUV limousines come with a fully stocked wet bar available at no charge. If children/adolescents
                                   are to need transportation, please let the customer service agent know so that the driver takes the alcohol out of
                                   the limo. There will still be sodas and water provided in the limousines and SUV limos.

                                   An airport limousines can range from $100 to $400 depending on the type of vehicle, destinations, and the day
                                   the transfer is needed. Saturday transfers will typically cost more due to the fact they are booked weeks or
                                   months in advanced. Airport transfers can be booked as soon as the same day needed provided there is enough
                                   time for the vehicle to get their.

                                   Different airport have different procedures of limousines so make sure you ask where the limo will meet you.
                                   Typically being picked up at the airport is more expensive than being dropped off due to the airport fees. All tax
                                   gas, mileage, and airport fees are included in the transfer rate. If more time is needed or wanting to add a night
                                   out on the town please call customer service so they can give you the best possible rate. Also there is no charge
                                   added when an airport drop off is needed after the rental of any limousine.

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