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									Mohamed Hoelscher                                                                    11/15/11

                 The Wright Brothers and the Airplane
How I chose my topic
        I have always been fascinated with flight. I have ridden in planes since I was 6-years-old
and I am comfortable with them. I am always playing flight simulators and I dream of becoming
a pilot when I get older. Now that I am in school and asked to do a project for National History
Day, I chose to do it on flight. I started thinking and researching when I realized that the biggest
revolution in flight is the creation of the airplane. That is why my project topic is The Wright
Brothers and the Airplane.

How I researched
          I started my research by looking up some of the Wright brothers’ milestones. The most
important one I came across was December 17, 1903. That was the day they had their first
successful flight. I came across some papers written by Orville Wright himself and, after reading
a little, compiled it into my research. Also, I found a newspaper in that week that published a
story on the Wright brothers’ flight. With this article, I can find out what the media thought
about the brothers and their invention and, in the people’s opinion, if this was a good or bad

Selection and creation
         After researching about the subject, I looked at my choices. I chose the individual
website because I do not have a team and a website is simple and relays a lot of information. I
first started by making an account with weebly.com. Then, I chose a template to work with and
added a couple pages for some space. After this process paper is done, I will add it to the
website too.

       The theme for this year’s NHD is revolution, reaction, and reform in history. The Orville
brothers revolutionized the flight economy and brought it to what we have now. The world
reacted by trying to figure out what they did and how to build it. We reformed by now having
airbuses that hold hundreds of people and fighter jets that bring pain to our enemies. All
because a thought in two gentlemen’s head.

       Wright, Orville, “How We Made the First Flight”. Web 11/11/11

               This is a collection of articles by Orville Wright. These documents help me
understand the emotions they had, how they thought, and why they were so determined to
create flight.

      Dean, Ed. "Flying Machine Soars Three Miles in Teeth of High Wind Over Sand Hills and
Waves on Carolina Coast." Virginian-Pilot [Norfolk] 18 December 1903, n. pag. Print.

               This is a newspaper article first to report on the self-propelled flight in 1903. This
article gives me information as to what the press thought about the brothers and also what the
people thought.

"The Wright Story." Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co.. (2010): n. page. Web. 21 Jan. 2012.

       This is an online article/archive database that served as most of my research. It gave me
information like their birth, newspaper articles, and actual journal entries from Orville Wright.

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