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					      Wilbur Wright

      By: Seo
Wilbur and Orville Wright were two
brothers who were famous American
inventors and innovators. They are most
famous for inventing the airplane. Wilbur
was born on April 16, 1867 in Millville
 Indiana. Orville was born on August 19,
 1871 in Dayton Ohio.

The Wright brothers grew up in a big
 family. Their father Milton Wright was a
 bishop and their mother Susan Catherine
 Koerner was a housewife. They had five
 children. Wilbur was the eldest among the
 children. The other siblings were Orville,
 Reuchlin, Lorin, Katharine, and the twins
 were Otis and Ida who died when they
 were babies. The two brothers also
 helped their father to edit a journal called
 the Reliagious Telescope. The Wright
 brothers were creative. When they were
 young, they were able to make a sled.
 They tried and it was fast and good. The
 Wright brothers were having fun about
 making a new invention. When their
 father came home he always bought toys
 for the Wright brothers. That time, father
 bought toy helicopter and they promised
 that when they got older they would make
 an airplane. They didn’t go to school very
 much but they were smart enough to
 make it. When they were older Orville
 started their print shop with his friend
Latin. One day, when Wilbur went to his
brother’s printing store while Orville was
making new printing machine so also
Wilbur made it and they got the ideas
from mom’s sewing machine. It was very
good so people come a lot. The Wright
brothers printed poster and news paper.
One day, the Wright brothers’ mom died
because of tuberculosis so they worked
harder. The Wright brothers changed their
job to bicycle shop. Also Orville did a
race with his bicycle that they made but
people think it’s not good. But Orville won
the race so a lot of people went to fix or
buy at Wright Cycle Company. In 1896,
they began manufacturing the bicycle of
their own design. The name of their
bicycle is Van Cleve and St. Claire which
is taken from their ancestors. One day,
Orville was sick of typhoid so Wilbur was
very worried and Katherine attended to
him. He became well.

The Wright brothers first got their idea
 about inventing an airplane when they
 saw in a news paper that Otto Lilienthal
 died in an airplane crash. Otto Lilienthal
made 16 gliders and he flew 2000 times .
He gave everyone the idea that humans
could fly, so the Wright brothers were
more convinced that they could make an
airplane. They found a book about
animals and they got interested in birds.
Because they think that the wings of bird
and the airplane wings can be similar.
They went out and watched birds
carefully and they got more information.
One day, Wilbur heard that Smithsonian
Institution had lots of books about
airplanes. So they sent a letter asking to
borrow some books or materials. So the
Smithsonian Institution gave some books
and other things about airplanes. They
studied for a long time. They used kites
so they got some ideas about how to
control the glider. In 1900, the Wright
brothers tried to fly the glider in Kitty
Hawk, North Carolina. They chose this
place because according to the U.S
Weather Bureau it was a place where
there was strong wind. They chose an
area of sand dunes near the small town of
Kitty Hawk. Their first flight was 10
seconds because the wind couldn’t lift
 the heavy glider. But the second time they
 succeeded and flew 12 meters in 20
In 1901, they tried a second glider and also
      Octave Chanute was there. Octave
      Chanute was an engineer who gave
      them a book and gave them advice.
      He tried the glider 700 times. The
      flight was good but it was almost the
      same as the first time. So Wilbur tried
      again but he got hurt and the glider
      was broken.
Finally, they made a powered flight when
      their plane had an engine. They
      succeeded in 1903 December 17th in
      Kitty Hawk and the wind was 43km so
      it was an appropriate day for flight.
      The weather was very cold so there
      were just 4 rescue people and 1 boy.
      They flew only 36 meters in 12
      seconds but the Wright brothers were
      the first people who flew with the
      powered flight. But people didn’t
      believe that it happened.
In 1904, they tried a second flight and they
      did it in 5 minutes but their plane was
      very old so they made a new one.
In 1905, they finished their third flight and
     on October 5, they flew for 39
The brothers continued their experiments.
     In France, on August 8, 1908 Wilbur
     successfully flew for 1 minute 45
     seconds. In Kitty Hawk Orville sat
     beside Captain Thomas and the flight
     crashed so Captain Thomas died and
     Orville’s backbone and leg were
     broken. But Orville recovered again.
     Now all the people knew and believed
     the Wright brothers      airplane.
 In 1909, they opened the airplane
     company and when Wilbur died
     Orville gave-up the company. Orville,
     Katharine and their father had just
     left for other city. The Wright brothers
     didn’t marry but they didn’t give up
     and they were very tired to make the
     airplane but they were successful
     and excellent.

     The Wright brothers’ dream was
     flying and becoming pilots and their
     dream was achieved. Also they
     invented the AIRPLANE. The Wright
brother’s invention has shaped the
modern world and proven extremely
useful because we can now travel
into another country or meet
somebody who is far away quite

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